Recalling A + B = C:

A: “The safest general characterization of the European philosophical tradition is that it consists of a series of footnotes to Plato” -Alfred North Whitehead


B: ”The [Plato’s] doctrine that the world is made up of objects whose existence is independent of human consciousness turns out to be in conflict with quantum mechanics and with facts established by experiment” -Bernard d’Espagnat


C: nouns or millennia destructive process ‘objectifying’ language, projecting individual identity onto pieces of one’s surroundings, or dis-integrating environment; a result of the isolated projection of self or (ego) individuation by Western humanity exclusive of integration to a sentient, aware surrounding, where all environment had been/should be, social.

Here follows are example of ‘Five Rules of Indigenous Understanding’ adapted to this circumstance:

1) I don’t know anything (no one can know what to expect)

Here is western thought’s first hurdle – in a culture that craves absolutes (‘truths’), a result of our world having been ‘objectified.’ Per d’Espagnat’s statement that reality, according to Quantum Mechanics, disallows Plato’s ‘objective’ interpretation, and European thought primarily stems from Plato’s idea of the nature of reality (human consciousness independent of individual objects), if d’Espangnat is correct, it follows the entire European foundation of perception is itself a misapprehension of reality, inclusive of so-called ‘natural law.’ In this case, a rule of ‘I don’t know anything’ is apropos. But this is quite scary to the Westerner because it accurately implies ‘no one can know what to expect.’ That’s likely why, example given, despite science’ best efforts, computer models often fail when applied to nature (for instance global warming), one of the many, extensive, one could say pervasive, failures throughout Western (or ‘Westernized’) cultures’ (Plato’s) presumption ‘to know.’

2) Never lie to yourself.

Here is the necessary follow-on rule. But it seems impossible to achieve already because if it were possible to accomplish and Western scientists were of a proclivity to be honest, they’d have (a majority) ’stopped the press!’ (re-framed the story) already, based on d’Espagnat’s observation, and the entire construct of European based (Western) mentality should have come under scrutiny as a misapprehension of reality in total. That (clearly) didn’t happen/isn’t happening. What in fact we DO see happening is, a sort of ‘if we pretend it isn’t there (overlook the greater implication) we don’t have to deal with it.’ This ‘scientific’ escapism (denial) is little different to what we see in a so-called religious experience or  ‘paradigm shift’ ‘away from negativity’ sans actual sight; where responsibility for environmental destruction is so simple as flipping your everyday light switch; when one traces the wiring back through the grid to the energy source and all of the destructive acts [to sentient ‘objects’] necessary to initiate the energy at its source. It’s not only a matter of simply too much to swallow for any culture shaped by Plato, where self-deceit is pervasive, it is a matter of selfishness arrived at in physical comfort when there is no sense of a deep gratitude that comes of the intense prayer related to making necessary survival fire in ancient way.

3) Practice invisibility.

This would be a consequent, necessary rule of practice for any person (or community) who dare not expose themselves to ‘the violence of projected ego’ (the Western mental construct, as ‘appreciated’ by numerous indigenous cultures.) However this practical ‘invisibility’ is also related to ‘the ability to listen and observe’ which are valued indigenous cultural phenomena in contrast to the loud, incessant, intra-species conversation of the Western social construct and lack of awareness nature is a wider, sentient environment surrounding it (the so-called objects.) This goes to the ancient (Plains Indian) rule of pipe-making (where pipes are used for communal bonding) which did not allow for ‘just anybody’ to make a pipe; An ignorant person would create an ignorant pipe, a dishonest person would create a dishonest pipe, a deceived person would create a deceived pipe, a dangerous person would create a dangerous pipe, a vindictive person would create a vindictive pipe; because sentient awareness transfers through touch. This is also why the Indigenous peoples would refrain from molesting nearly everything encountered (anti-archaeology) except that it were actually necessary. Quantum Mechanics should eventually sort this as well (also likely to be overlooked and ignored.)

4) No fear.

Fear is different to survival instinct but these two are often conflated in Western culture. In fact ‘fear’ as we know it, did not exist in the pre-Western world, this phenomenon was not endemic but expressly limited and it was the introduced ego concept (a greater, imperative separation) is largely responsible for the inroad of alcohol to native culture; the difference is stark. Common sense is the better description for survival instinct, fear attends uneasiness of spirit and one (Native observation) presumes this to be separation’s alien sense of ego understanding it is not real but an artificial construct built upon a lie (Plato’s objectivity as applied to self or ego-individuation.) This ego or pseudo-awareness fears death (senses it is not real) whereas survival instinct can be overcome without fear per necessity (self-sacrifice for a greater community good.)

5) Paradox is in everything (there can be a exception to any rule)

1) Sometimes one intuitively ‘knows’ and it works out correctly, 2) a seeming false perception can ultimately manifest as reality, 3) visibility has its place and time, for instance calling out a warning, 4) people absolutely should fear mistaken ideas (e.g. Plato) and 5) some laws are immutable.


Whether the individual holding ‘you’re one with your divine self’, or the collective ‘you’re one with mankind’, these are examples of Plato’s ‘objective’ exclusivity in the extreme. This is actually isolation from a larger reality per the observation of d’Espagnat. It is this foundation underlying the lie separating the ‘divine’ humankind from a ‘greater’ divine expressed throughout creation where humans are in actuality but one aspect. In fact, humans are no more ‘divine’ than the environment they prey upon. This false sense of ‘light’ (ego-individuation) actually is what promulgates a phenomenon of dark or evil. This is seen where ‘rationality’ is the progenitor of chaos. Without the one, you cannot know the other. This inextricably intertwined or larger, collective phenomenon of self-deceit allows the individuated ‘divine’ (ego) aspect to ‘flip a switch’ (so to speak) and not experience so much as a flicker of awareness and related sense of accountability as they contribute to destructive process by the unsustainable collective they are part and parcel of (illusion of any ‘new paradigm’ notwithstanding.) In short, if the larger environment is sentient/aware and we are but one aspect of that larger expression or consciousness (d’Espagnat’s observation), then ‘objectivity’ must be construed to initiate a cannibalism/cancer where one aspect of the organism (humanity) has gone out of sync. Until this meta-dilemma of ‘Plato is the cancer’ (originating with a light-dark paradigm pervasive in Indo-European thought) is faced, there can be no relevant or efficient problem solving. A case of ‘humanity no longer knows its place.’

Relevant to this preceding, Einstein nailed it: “Problems cannot be solved with the same mindset that created them.” This necessitates solutions for the Western world will not be derived from any culture overtaken by the objectivity of Plato (that is any of the many cultures of the Plato influenced modern, neocolonial, post-colonial infected or ‘global’ world.)

This European mentality which has overtaken us should end in one of three ways, likely in this order of possibility; 1) we will see this culture blow itself to bits, together with the rest of humanity, 2) social-environmental related collapse will bring it all down, no matter individual role or intention (includes a greater sentient awareness brings it all down) or, 3) intelligent self-dismantlement. Our duty is to work for this third, most remote possibility. To accomplish this, the first priority, via radical decentralization, is to point as many people/communities as possible to disconnecting from the grid while respecting a greater sentient environment’s self-sustaining method and process of healing (authentic intelligence.) To disconnect via avenue of intelligent self-dismantlement will absolutely require recovering from the poison of the Western culture’s (Plato’s) thinking and that can only begin with ‘I don’t know anything.’

A former Sergeant of Operations and Intelligence for Special Forces, Ronald Thomas West is a retired investigator (living in exile) whose work focus had been anti-corruption. Ronald is published in International Law as a layman (The Mueller-Wilson Report, co-authored with Dr Mark D Cole) and has been adjunct professor of American Constitutional Law at Johannes Gutenberg University, Mainz, Germany (for English credit, summer semester 2008.) Ronald’s formal educational background (no degree) is social psychology. His therapeutic device is satire.


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