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The numbers dropped for 2020 which was expected; the work output had been less prolific, it still doesn’t matter if the blog insults either party to the duopoly and very likely my turning attention to attempt translating ancient Native American concept to modern put some readers off. Well, this last is the tooth fairy culture’s thin skin.

Lost Shadow is the year’s most read piece, I have to laugh at this because I’ve sorted it is on account of some cheesy Western TV drama, ‘Godless’, generating the hits. Probably the writers (this is a guess) had stumbled across my “Modern Indian Society” piece a few years back (the search term ‘lost shadow’ relative to Native Americans had been directed to this) and mentioned the idea in their script. Not realizing this, I decided to expand on the brief mention of the concept of ‘lost shadow’ in the Modern Indian Society piece with a new piece named exactly that (Lost Shadow) that now is the most read article these past two years and I discover it is a soap-opera driven popularity. What a great cosmic joke!

Alfreda Bikowsky & the Definition of Stupid  is the second most read piece for 2020, that is important for the mere fact the piece devastates the argument for torture in the so-called ‘war on terror.’ It uses known so-called ‘information’ derived from actual torture, combined with government statistics, to prove the absolute impossibility of the CIA’s (failed) conclusions that had been (unbelievably) acted upon from the torture derived ‘information’, in a satirical format. Talk about stupid!

If this were a X-Rated blog when it comes to satire, I’d put torture fans Alfreda Bikowski & Gina Haspel in a CIA honey trap’s lesbian porn video scene, produced for intra-agency blackmail purpose and…

Bill Barr: Whoa!! Look at the size of Haspel’s [redacted] !!!

Liz Kimber: Ooooh…

Mike Pompeo: Holy Jesus! What do you call one that big?!

Ricky Prado: Nuestra Señora de Atocha!

Pompeo: What’s that?

Kimber: A sunken Spanish treasure galleon, good call! Bikowsky’s face will require a diving bell with oxygen line to find Haspel’s [redacted], er, I meant the pleasure jewel in that!!

The immediate preceding has been made into a stands-alone piece, BCHP, meanwhile, rounding out the top ten for 2020:

3. The Powell/Haspel CIA/USA Election News (2)

4. The Powell/Haspel CIA/USA Election News

5. Chip Tatum & His Odd Internet Afterlife

6. Agent Assange

7. The Coe Cult & ‘The Donald’ Election Scam

8. Trump’s DNI – A Dire Wolf for Jesus

9. Saint Chester

10. Pentagon Papers, CIA and the Lies of Daniel Ellsberg

All time most read 2012-present:

1. Alfreda Bikowsky & the Definition of Stupid

2. Black Boxes, Dark Arts & Geopolitics

3. Lost Shadow

4. The Coe Cult & ‘The Donald’ Election Scam

5. Sociopaths & Democracy

6. Modern Indian Society

7. Trump’s DNI – A Dire Wolf for Jesus

8. Agent Assange

9. A Whistle-Blower’s Odyssey of Survival

10. Military Sock Puppets, NSA Trolls & CIA Shills

Per always, it is not necessarily how many read but who reads, is important. As well, greetings to the spooks, be certain to check out the quotes on the front page, if  you’d spend the rest of your lives dedicated to learning how not to lie, it be a better endeavor on behalf of humanity than just about anything else you could do… it’s long past time (and probably too late) to insist on an international convention governing the criminal behaviors of spies –