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A gesture of appreciation from Ronald


For my European readers, think about this: Certain nations emptied their jails of criminals, emptied their asylums of lunatics and stirred banished religious fanatics into this hybrid vigor that became the USA. So rather than whine and complain about what should not have been an unexpected outcome, take responsibility and press your governments to prosecute American initiated international crimes under the legal principle of ‘universal jurisdiction.’

For my American readers, look at this way: Many of our citizens are Pit Bull-Rottweiler crosses with a bad case of religious rabies. Instead of engaging these dangerous cretans in debate with a liberal tolerance that comes across as a yappy-dog with a death wish (like Chihuahuas getting aggressive with Dobermans), how about waking up to the fact the USA is a world threatening entity and putting yourselves in harms way to do something about it. You could begin to change your tepid mentalities by writing your congressmen using no uncertain terms like ‘stop policies supporting domestic thugs and international criminals’ together with accusing Congress of supporting NAZIs.

Because what’s the point of having kids in a world you are standing by and howling like hurt Baboons over in debate, while otherwise merely watching the insanity of policies setting our (and everyone else’s) world aflame on the road to literal Armageddon. What a bunch of twits.

Meanwhile, I sincerely thank each and every one of you for reading at my page-