Vainglorious and very dead

On Boris Nemtsov’s murder, The Saker appears to have nailed it:

“The bottom line is that in Russia this false flag is already a clear failure, not even the notorious Russian “liberal” or “democratic” “non-system” opposition wants to touch this thing”

The hit would be laundered no matter who was behind it. This almost certainly is not Putin’s people, even if they were so inclined, a murder is counter-productive precisely for reasons of opponents propaganda opportunities. If they viewed Nemtsov as a threat, they’d find some dirt on him related to his Yeltsen era activities and send him to jail. What the broader public fails to understand is, and this could include people like Nemtsov who might have actually have believed the USA was his friend, the cynicism behind the western intelligence agencies political murders is nearly beyond an ordinary mortal’s grasp.

I’ll use the example of a so-called ‘contra’ during the anti-Sandinista movement in Nicaragua’s upheaval. On the Costa Rica border there was a group led by a former Sandinista who was problematic for the CIA, Eden Pastora, and they tried to kill him with bomb blamed on Daniel Ortega and the Sandinistas in Managua. They wanted him out of the way because he could not be manipulated by the Americans. There could be a parallel drawn with the Russian opposition.

Here’s how the game is played: In the cold calculation of who might be ‘chosen’ or ‘disposed of’ in any projection towards an end game, there will be profiles created on the opposition. Anyone who profiles as unfavorable to the larger agenda, for instance a high profile but marginal personality like Nemtsov, who has little chance of success, and anyone not prone to manipulation, would be considered more useful dead to the western democracies intelligence agencies agenda with blame pinned on, in this case, Putin.

But it will be hard to trace the actual perpetrators on account of intelligence agency model of laundering political killings. For instance the Israelis in the past have hired PLO teams to make hits on targets tangential or unrelated to the Palestinian conflict; this is accomplished, example given, by Mossad posing as mafia proposing a very hefty hit fee, a business contract groups like Adu Nidal would not turn down from the (masked) Israelis simply for reasons of economics. This is likely why Swedish prime minister Olaf Palme’s assassination has never been solved.

Related to this, former Israeli intelligence operative Ari Ben-Menache’s 25 year old work, The Profits of War, is highly relevant to this day:

As counter-intuitive as it might seem, the higher profile Russian opposition figures should consider asking Putin’s people to provide their security.