The Pentagon knew the CIA had been assisting Salafist militia in Syria since 2012 and our generals sat on their hands and said and did nothing to prevent the rise of Islamic State. These are same generals who’re now proclaiming Russia is the #1 strategic threat to the United States even as they lobby to provide arms and already provide training to Ukraine with neo-Nazi & Salafist (Chechen Al-Qaida & Islamic State veterans of the Syria conflict) elements incorporated to the Ukrainian military. So, who’s threatening who? One more iteration of the insanity and I’m out of here with no promises of when or if I’ll be back. Good luck to you all in our universe where Alfred E. Neuman is practically God –

What would you all think in the case of a ‘smoking gun’ (document) pointing directly to the USA’s involvement in efforts to empower Salafist militia (includes Al Qaida) resulting in the rise of Islamic State?

There is a 2012 Defense Intelligence Agency document had come into the public domain in June that mainstream media and almost all alternative media won’t touch. As WikiLeaks sensationalizes what amounts ‘old news’ in the intelligence community, ask yourselves why mainstream media will pick up those stories and run with what consistently points away from the most immediate and pressing danger and none of it touches the DIA document I will leave embedded here:


This damning information from a Defense Intelligence Agency assessment that had found its way into the public domain is also missing from what I now call ‘alternative mainstream media’

The circumstance of the information’s release appears to have been what amounts to raw political agenda combined with incredible ineptitude.

Judicial Watch, an organization with more in common with the religious right generals at the Pentagon than with actual judicial accountability, went after documents it wished to use to undercut Hillary, focusing on her tenure as Secretary of State. This is straightforward motivation in American politics, it’s a dirty game and Hillary’s tenure as head of the Department of State had been one of the most aggressive, criminal and incompetent in the history of United States foreign policy, the present basket-case that is Libya is evidence prima facie. So, Judicial Watch went after whatever documents a lottery by lawsuit might produce. But whoever was in charge of document selection and redaction, in their desire to please (a lawsuit from the left would never turn up the forthcoming information), overlooked (as did Judicial Watch) the full implications of a few sentences of a 2012 Defense Intelligence Assessment on CIA initiated policy (we’ll come to that) in Syria:

“the West, Gulf countries and Turkey support the opposition…

Ok, so that’s no big secret, this has been common knowledge but then you get the larger context:

“…there is the possibility of establishing a declared or undeclared Salafist principality in Eastern Syria .. and this is exactly what the supporting powers to the opposition want, in order to isolate the Syrian regime…”

Whoa! Alternatively stated, this would also accurately read ‘we’ll create a supportive circumstance handing Eastern Syria to Al-Qaida to bugger Assad.’ And then the kicker; the DIA assessment accurately predicts the outcome:

“ISI could also declare an Islamic State through its union with other terrorist organizations in Iraq and Syria, which will create grave danger in regards to unifying Iraq…”

Which is exactly what happened, all on Hillary’s watch and what better dirt to pile on Hillary’s (very desirable) political grave than the fact she had initiated  policy directly responsible for the rise of Islamic State and consequently Iraq coming apart at the seams (again.) But wait, let’s not jump to a sole, simplistic conclusion. When Department of State wants a hatchet-job accomplished, whether a ‘color revolution’ initiated, or an insurgency created, they turn to their Siamese twin, that is the CIA. Department of State decides what needs done, the CIA decides how to go about it. Enters the scene, stage (hard) right, the CIA’s David Petraeus setting up the geopolitical play with his Saudi intelligence counterpart:

Frequently the man who carried out dirty jobs, Bandar bin Sultan surrounded himself with strict regulations in relation to the royal family and its allies, especially the US. It should be remembered that Bandar was absent from major political decisions on more than four occasions since being appointed as general secretary of the National Security Council in 2006. His absence each time was due to a conflict within the royal family or the failure of a mission warranting the suspension of his political activity. His return in July 2012, alongside former CIA Director David Petraeus, was his final bet on the success of his political future.

Bandar had been bold enough to invest all his cards, including al-Qaeda, to win the deal of his life by overthrowing the Syrian regime.

In fact this joint USA-Saudi training, arming and supplying Salafist militia to bolster al-Qaida in Syria has been based out of Jordan and Turkey since the logistics had been pulled together by the CIA in 2012. The Syrian ‘moderate opposition’ had been a front to launder Salafist militia all along, when handing the East of Syria over to what became Islamic State. Any authentic ‘moderates’ would be fighting on the side of Assad, after witnessing the outcome in Libya. Maybe, that’s why, when rewriting history for public consumption, General Petraeus’ buddies at the Pentagon can come with no more than sixty (60) ‘moderate’ fighters in what amounts to a cover program for what has actually gone on?

Figuring this stuff out isn’t rocket science, so how’s our ‘alternative mainstream media’ been doing to now? Keeping you all informed?

Meanwhile, I recommend my readers getting their current information at Sibel Edmonds ‘Boiling Frogs Post.’ It’s not that I would agree with Sibel in every detail, it’s about Sibel turned down a multi-million dollar settlement from the USA to not talk about her experiences and discoveries when working as an FBI translator in the USA’s so-called ‘war on terror.’ Nobody has been able to buy her. Another excellent source of information would be ‘The Corbett Report.‘ As well, my readers might find zerohedge most interesting.

16 October 2015 update:, more often an excellent source of intelligence, buys into an information operation meant to conceal the facts of the CIA’s liaison with Salafist militia in Syria. Read up on this media manipulation at Zero Hedge Drinks The Kool Aid


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