What the western press will not report; United Nations General Secretary Ban Ki Moon stating:

“The future of President Assad must be decided by the Syrian people. It is totally unfair and unreasonable one person takes the whole political negotiation process hostage

“The Syrian government insists that President Assad should be part of [the transitional government]; many countries, particularly the West, say that there is no place for him

“Because of this we have lost three years, with more than 250,000 dead, more than 13 million people, over half of the population, is displaced inside Syria in urgent need of humanitarian aid, more than 50% of hospitals, schools and infrastructure have been destroyed”

Now, how does one read this? If you carefully look at the context indicating Assad’s future is up to the Syrian people in the first sentence, the second sentence of the 1st paragraph only makes sense if Moon is referring to the 2nd paragraph’s western demands Assad must go is how it came about one person ‘takes the whole negotiation process hostage.’

Time, CNN, Washington Post, New York Times and the lot of America’s CIA media whores…

“The Central Intelligence Agency owns everyone of any significance in the major media” -William Colby, former CIA Director

…will never report the United Nations Secretary General has pointed his finger squarely at the Western democracies as responsible for the train wreck that is Syria –