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Phil states:

<blockquote>More than fourteen years later it is perhaps past time to reveal what exactly the FBI knew and currently knows about both the scale and modus operandi of Israeli espionage in the United States. Did Israel have critical intelligence either in broad outline or possibly in specific detail about 9/11 and let it happen to bind Washington more closely to it in a “global war on terror?”</blockquote>

We’re not going to find out from the FBI and here’s why; James Comey’s trajectory was from HSBC board director, where he’d been brought on to plug leaks concerning that banks activities (includes laundering international narcotics trafficking and gun running monies) to FBI director.

Following a several years series, here’s a partial list of the leaked activities:


From earlier, here’s a bit more:


Here’s Comey’s former HSBC board director position:


^ FBI Director Comey “served on the Financial System Vulnerabilities Committee”

Not exactly the guy you’d like to see in charge of the FBI but it follows a precedent; former FBI director Robert Mueller had been the point man at the DoJ who sabotaged the prosecution of HSBC guns and narcotics trafficking money laundering predecessor BCCI (and was rewarded with becoming FBI director)


^ Deep State is written all over these guys

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A bit more I’ll add here is, HSBC and BCCI have been terrorism money laundering operations with links to western intelligence agencies, inclusive of MOSSAD and CIA in relation to arms trafficking, narcotics trafficking and funding insurgencies. Are the people shielding these activities who you would want to see heading up the FBI? Not really. But that’s what we’ve got. And it’s what we’ve had for quite a long time. Here’s a screenshot of Comey’s HSBC position:

Comey.jpg - 1