Author’s note: this article does not indicate  a return to regular blogging but is an exceptional instance, and is merely some notes on a bit of arcane American history.

Gun ownership is written into the American constitution, a legacy of the ‘anti-federalist’ founders. The point of the 2nd Amendment’s ‘right of the people to bear arms’ in the anti-federalist historical context was meant to be a check of last resort on central government. This came about as a compromise to get the constitution out of convention; the anti-federalist founders only agreed to sign off on the document if a separate ‘bill of rights’ (first ten amendments) were submitted to the states for ratification. These amendments were adopted and came into force subsequently.

In a historical context, the federalist/anti-federalist ongoing struggle has seen both sides in state of ebb and flow; examples given, the American Civil War saw a strengthening of the federalists with the industrialization of the North on a war footing, the Sherman Anti-Trust Act of 1890 saw the federalists power somewhat rolled back, where a state of corruption and corporate influences backing the federalists represented in central government was out of control.

The debate had never been settled; the federalist partisans (corporations & supporting minions) refused to accept the checks on central government from the beginning. Accordingly, intellectually dishonest federalist jurists came up with the ‘incorporation’ doctrine. Here they tried to subvert the the bill of rights by claiming the judiciary held the right to determine just when and under what circumstance the first eight amendments came into force in the several states. Eventually there were pressures brought where most of the amendments had to be honored. However one might note many of these rights have been severely curtailed since the National Security Act of 1947 came into being and related, subsequent developments such as the secret FISA Court in fairly direct contradiction of the citizen rights set out in the 4th, 5th & 6th amendments particularly.

Meanwhile, the 2nd amendment is a thorn in the side of the modern federalists; where in the oxymoron of the USA two party system (both co-opted by identical ‘special’ interests) it is the gun control advocates on the American neo-liberal left uphold the value the neo-conservative right dare not admit is in their core interest: advancing the police state control initiated by Bush with the so-called ‘war on terror’ (carried on by the sublime actor Obama in what amounts to a Bush 3rd & 4th term with neocon core interests preserved ‘in situ’)

The neo-conservatives will never be able to admit to their core constituency, the American conservatives, they are solidly on the side of Obama with their own secret agenda for the removal of the American people’s “right of the people to keep and bear arms”, in which case they have a strategy nevertheless; that is to refuse any sane balancing act where the right to keep arms is somewhat restricted: for instance one assault rifle per ‘militia of the people’ member which is any person of ESTABLISHED good standing in the community, no record of domestic violence and with brains enough to pass an 8th grade constitutional ethics test, weapon stays locked up in the home… and use of ANY firearm in a crime consequently be made a statutory case of domestic treason for violating a fellow citizen’s civil liberties. Denying any act of sanity per preceding example, the neocons in actuality contribute to a growing opposition to weapons possession, with what amounts to a practical support for removal of the American people’s right to own and possess weapons. When this groundswell of opposition to assault rifles circulating freely in the market becomes overwhelming to point of banning ownership altogether, the neocons at the Federalist Society will shed crocodile tears for media circulation and pop champagne corks behind closed doors.

Did law against weapons ownership derail the terror attacks of the past two years in Brussels & Paris employing assault rifles, that is the Jewish museum, Charlie Hebdo, and the Bataclan? No. What would have happened if Omar Mateen had attacked a country-western honky-tonk bar instead of a LGBT night club? He could have been almost instantly shot dead by the owner of a legal handgun. In a society of freely marketed military assault rifles, perhaps that’s what America’s Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual and Transgender community should be looking at – getting up some gumption and arming themselves; or that is to say adopting a conservative value of self defense.

Update 14 June 2106: It didn’t take long for a group of neocons, made up of mostly generals and Pentagon associated intelligence personalities, including those most responsible for stripping our civil liberties set out in the 4th, 5th & 6th amendments, to step out of the shadow and call for restricting, or even stripping the 2nd amendment right of Americans to keep and bear arms, including but not limited to former CIA Director General David Petraeus (unprosecuted war criminal), former CIA and NSA Director Michael Hayden, General Stanly McChrystal, Admiral Eric Olson (SEAL, CIA associated special operations), Rear Admiral Jamie Barnett, Brigadier General Stephen Cheney and Lieutenant General Norman Seip. These are absolutely the wrong people to trust with arriving at any common sense solution. As well, former Director of the CIA, John McLaughlin opines: “It is way past time for an assault weapons ban”

The new police state normal coming out of the closet?

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