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Odds-Makers, CIA & Treason ‘the coup’

English Philos & Meryl Streep on cultural hypocrisy

The Cell on cliques vying for power around Trump

Ciao Chao taking money from an Iranian cult

The Myth of Oil geologists freak out at Russian science

Trump’s Ban: The CIA Shit Hits The Fan

Incompetent Espionage & WikiLeaks Craig Murray’s screw-up

Intercepted @ The Intercept bad advice on leaking

Trump’s DNI – A Dire Wolf for Jesus

Bin Laden and the Fourth Estate mythology and the media

Agent Assange a bad aroma surrounding WikiLeaks

A Satan Sandwich Glen Ford’s refreshing candor

Ron’s Conspiracy Theory cosmology is the conspiracy

Friedman & the ‘Narrative’ on Trump’s Israel ambassador pick

Liar, Liar, With Pants On Fire on US corporate media

Rick Perry To Run Trump’s Department of Cocaine

Craig Murray & Facebook Censorship

Narciss-O-Meter satire

Propaganda: Spy vs Spy

On Fake News

Nero Fiddles While Empire Implodes

Mike Flynn & Turkish Silver

Syria: The Pipeline That Hasn’t Happened (yet)

A Most Unlikely Story (or Soros Chickens Come Home to Roost)

Concealing Alliance With Terrorism “For the Welfare of the State”

Vice, CIA & I.R. Baboon failed CIA election meddling

If ‘The Donald’ Were a Real…  on corruption

Pentagon Papers, CIA and the Lies of Daniel Ellsberg

The Coe Cult & ‘The Donald’ Election Scam

About Those NATO Nukes Kept in Turkey

28 Pages 9/11 rabbit trail

Parting Shot on ‘alternative media’

NATO’s Most Censored Story on chemical warfare

GLADIO on ‘Deep State’

March of the Tickle Dicks pictorial (satire)

NATO’s (NOT) Free Press concealing state terror

Letter to Doctors Without Borders

Nixtamal survival tip

Vice and MI6 on disinformation

The CIA And Nonviolent Resistance

Moot Court SCOTUS satire

Seymour Hersh & Mythology

Catholic Fascism

Machine Pistol the unexplained Paris terror weapon

Friday the 13th in Paris

Defense One weapons sales relationship to terror

WTEOYFIYFF**K NATO arms Islamic State


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