Spoiler: The short conclusion of this assessment is, Saudi Arabia had to accept & swallow being set up and framed for the murder of longtime intelligence asset Jamal Khashoggi. This reporting had been developed in real time as the so-called ‘facts’ were ‘developed’ in media. None of the msm reporting added up, nevertheless there exists metadata enables sorting through much of the smoke and mirrors:

Jamal Khashoggi’s Turkish Wrap

What will be written one can believe? MSM is so pervasively lied through, in the course of the information wars, we are informed the Russians have committed all attributable acts of evil since Eve took a bite of the apple, example given. That is, until Erdogan’s people accused the Saudis of murdering Jamal Khashoggi. What will the history books say?

As of this writing, one can order “Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion” (weasel words excusing its sale notwithstanding) at Washington Post owner Jeff Bezos’ amazon.com but you cannot order ‘How to Get Away With Murder in America’ by Evan Wright, an account of a high ranking CIA official, Enrique Prado, who is demonstrated to have doubled as a serial contract killer throughout his career, as detailed by a crack, award winning reporter citing government records no less.

Evan-Wright-Amazon - 1

Why the ‘Saudis did it’ line just doesn’t make sense: However the Saudi regime is undoubtedly brutal by any sensible standards, not only Western standards, their intelligence operatives are not unprofessional and so stupid as to lead the bloodhounds directly to their door by murdering Khashoggi during a known appointment that that he would not return from. This would include rogue agents necessarily needing to conceal the murder from not only the Turks but also the Saudis, impossible within the consulate. It really is as simple as this. In the event the murder were actually a state sanctioned Saudi act, the Istanbul location would have staff who’re Saudi intelligence professionals and would have options to assassinate Khashoggi exterior to the consulate with little opportunity to trace the murder back to the Saudis. That’s the black and white of ‘what’s wrong with this picture.’

In a case where it had actually been Turkish state actors had murdered Jamal Khashoggi, there is no way the Saudis could win the ‘he-said-she-said’ information war and they’d have to cave in and play the game.

No doubt there will be many, falsified future accounts, made available at Amazon Books, of the so-called ‘journalist’ Jamal Khashoggi’s murder, especially those ‘agency approved’ narratives steering the reader away from certain inconvenient facts; 1) Khashoggi’s most recent employer, the Bezos owned Washington Post, is the CIA’s number one (top) information operations laundering organization (front), 2) Khashoggi had intelligence ties to CIA in Afghanistan going back years and profiles as a CIA asset, 3) the murder account is crude enough to pass muster as a false-flag information operation engineered by Turkey’s intelligence chief, the long time al-Qaida aligned (actual member) Hakan Fidan, eliminating a CIA asset and aiming to bring less liberal Saudi players into power who’d be more favorable to the interests of the Erdogan regime’s clandestine relationship with its takfiri allies, 4) any real exam of the facts would notice the main difference between Turkey’s regime and the Saudi regime is Erdogan and his people have to finesse the fact of their actual nature (Salafi) in regards to a strong secular political opposition and NATO membership.

Insofar as the Western leadership howls of outrage at the disappearance of Jamal Khashoggi, they have little choice but to play along for the fact alternative admissions are too destabilizing, for instance NATO’s Turkey employs an intelligence chief, Hakan Fidan, an al-Qaida member since the 1990s, who amounts to a laundered and state employed al-Baghdadi.

Mike Pence declaring Gina Haspel has been sent to Turkey to ‘get the facts’ is cynical to place of surreal. Recalling Haspel is a veteran of the USA’s own ‘disappearing people’ (the USA’s renditions program with 100 or so declared ‘detainees’ but 11,000 known flights, do the math, meanwhile Haspel had run a ‘black site’), it is anybody’s guess as to why she might really have made the trip. To finger wag at Turkish intelligence?

Other possibilities would include but not be limited to, the NATO states having decided MBS (the Saudi Crown Prince) had become a liability and the operation was carried out as a sop to the liberal democracies. In this case Haspel would be running damage control; wanting the Turks to all get on the same page and improve their story line, from ‘the body has been found in a well’ at the Saudi consul’s residence but that didn’t work because the body would already be demanded for exam, to ‘we have permission to look for the body’ in the well, and ‘we can’t find the body’ that ‘was smuggled out in a carpet’ (if you know that, you should know where the body is), all on top of if the Saudis have honestly admitted the dirty deed, they should be able to locate the body (a week on and they haven’t been able to.) In other words it appears to be the typical liars fest when guilty people don’t know what to say when confronted with demands for information. The Turks’ story lines come across as messed up as the Saudis’ story lines, that’s what happens when both parties are in circumstance of making things up. If the body is found in the well, oh well, now you’d have to examine how it actually got there, or consider if it had been merely asserted it had been found there, this whole thing is hostage to what amounts to a criminal regime’s liars playing off the liars of a criminal regime with its’ back to the wall.

Did the Saudis actually do it? It’s possible. People do incredibly stupid things and that includes the Saudis but I’m not convinced the Saudis did this one. The narrative (information war), as presented in mainstream media, details circumstance absolutely too stupid to be the planned intelligence hit Erdogan and his people would have us believe.

In the paradox that is today’s global reality, faced with soap-opera mentality level of propaganda (what people are prepared to believe) the escape strategy for the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia could be to absorb the accusations framing him with an ‘it was rogue players!’ defense and hope to weather the storm, but it’s not likely without major concessions.

This is consequence of the immense amount of ill will Saudi Arabia has accumulated over decades of extreme intolerance and radically brutal punishments insuring people around the world will put nothing past the Saudis when it comes to the information wars. Maybe they DID do it.

26 October 2018 updates: According to Craig Murray, Khashoggi filmed his own murder with Dick Tracy’s 2-way wrist TV:

I have not seen the video from inside the consulate, but have been shown stills which may be from a video. The most important thing to say is that they are not from a fixed position camera and appear at first sight consistent with the idea they are taken by a device brought in by the victim. I was only shown them briefly. I have not heard the audio recording

Guess what Craig? That’s absolutely an asinine assertion and if that’s the line being circulated out of Turkey, it means Saudi intelligence was not only stupid enough to kill Khashoggi during an appointment at the consulate pointing the finger direct to themselves, it also means they did not confiscate and shut down Khashoggi’s electronic device but let it broadcast instead. The Turks need to upgrade the level of novels they take their inspirations from; this is just too cheesy. If there is photos  extracted from video, as well as audio of the killing in the hands of the Turks (will we ever see them?), it follows the most simple explanation is Khashoggi was in the custody of the Turks when he was murdered. Or someone very close to Turkish intelligence, bringing up this next:

Over at the Spectator, Matthew Brodsky brings up two very salient points ignored in this story by MSM: Khashoggi’s longtime al-Qaida relationship including access to bin Ladin and how it looks very much like CIA issued Khashoggi’s Green Card before he even relocated to the States last year. This would be consistent with Hakan Fidan’s fraternal brothers, al Qaida, having an interest in interrogating and disposing of Khashoggi, with an assist from the Turks (Fidan.)

29 October 2018: Over at zerohedge.com, ‘Tyler Durden’ dissects a Financial Times article (pay wall) where the USA spooks lay out their disinformation line however the author dissecting the Times, seemingly astutely, notes the intelligence agencies are extending what amounts to…

“… a public invitation for MbS to save his own ass by becoming “triply loyal” to the CIA and MI6″

…except the problem with this is, the very nature of the ‘invitation’ (public) is inviting a palace coup. As well, the Financial Times article’s intelligence ‘sources’ states the prince who’d been ousted by MBS, that is Mohammed bin Nayef, had been the “darling” of Western intelligence. That’s a second public kiss of death by the CIA, indicating they certainly don’t want him back. The spook disinformation math (psychology) is simple: when a so-called ‘credible’ source (i.e. Financial Times, where English literate wealthy Saudis read) lays out a case that the CIA has what amounts to geopolitical consensual relationship with a player (Mohammed bin Nayef), that’s a means of making that player’s position impossible within the (in this case Saudi) hierarchy for the very important reasons of perception. If your proposed leader is in bed with CIA, MI6 and/or MOSSAD, the domestic perception is possessed of rather deadly potential. The more likely scenario is, Mohammed bin Nayef was pushed out with an assist from CIA, MI6 and MOSSAD but his replacement, MBS, is hopelessly damaged goods and it’s necessary to get other fish to rise to the bait. Directly relevant to this, Le Figaro is reporting a secret conclave of senior Saudi royals to determine who will replace MBS (who will be discretely retired.)

Meanwhile, across the pond in Britain, the stupidity of the disinformation line grows exponentially; supposedly British intelligence had foreknowledge of the planned Khashoggi kidnap and/or murder, had monitored the Saudi intelligence team’s movement and “begged” the Saudi’s not to do it. But they apparently forgot to tip Khashoggi, the Turks and the CIA… quoting MI6 “we’d done what we could” which indicates this new line in the story is methane generated noise from the MI6 arse.

Recap of the NATO intelligence agencies’ line: Saudi intelligence is so dumb they kill Khashoggi at a known appointment he won’t return from, pointing the finger direct to themselves, an event broadcast with Khashogggi’s own electronic device, ON TOP OF the Saudis having been tipped off the British are monitoring what they’re up to BEFORE the killing. My pet squirrel monkey could do better than this (if I had one.)

As this soap goes on, the Turks demand the Saudis produce a body the Saudis don’t seem to be able to find, and one wonders if the body is being ‘pre-soaked’ by the Turks to point of non-recognition so any remains (perhaps recovered from al-Qaida) can be convincingly be ‘found in a sewer’ (near the consulate, where the Turks are reported to be searching.)

1 November 2018: Who Ate Jamal Khashoggi?

“When you invite cannibals to dinner you can expect to end up as the main course”

The renown cannibal takfiri-salafi terrorist, however originating with Saudi-Wahabi theology, is not allowed in Saudi Arabia. You join, it’s exile for life, ‘don’t come home, ever’ or ‘thwok, thunk’ is the sound of the sword & head roll. It was Hakan Fidan and Recep Erdogan welcomed the takfiri-salafi terrorists into NATO via Turkey with open arms and now there are over a thousand cells there. It follows, where Turkey  continues to shield al-Qaida members in Syria’s Northwest Idlib province, counter to the Turks’ agreement with the Russians, we should recall when an al-Qaida commander “was denounced … for his descent into cannibalism on camera” (note he was not denounced for cannibalism per se) later was ambushed and killed by another group, and Hakan Fidan’s fraternal brothers (the al-Qaida group in Turkish controlled Idlib) went to immediate battle to avenge their cannibal commander’s death.

Who would cut up Khashoggi while still alive? The Saudis? Or the Turk’s allies with a documented (video, no less) reputation for cannibalism?

Jamal Khashoggi was a triple agent reflecting his long time relationships with al-Qaida, Saudi intelligence and the CIA. When it comes to Syria, Saudi intelligence and CIA’s consensual relations have been rather smooth for quite some time. The Turks and al-Qaida, on the other hand, despite a common animus held towards Assad with the Saudis and Americans, would jump at opportunity to interrogate and butcher a CIA asset, especially if there were opportunity to frame a 3rd party. Al Qaida likes the Saudis even less than the Erdogan regime who sees the the House of Saud’s Arabian desert kingdom as a renegade Ottoman province. As well, for the Turks, they won’t forget the CIA has already tried to take Erdogan out. Saudi intelligence might be a bit more reticent in carrying out the killing of a CIA asset, given the close nature of their relationship with the CIA. Then, it should be looked at whether Khashoggi’s fiance, a Turkish “36 year old doctoral student” had been a Turkish intelligence or al-Qaida aligned ‘honey pot.’

The Insurance File

When Gina Haspel flew to Turkey to ‘review evidence’, no doubt she compared notes with Hakan Fidan on who has the better ‘insurance file’ where national players represented in the intelligence agencies heads do business based not only on common interests but also liberally blackmail each other. In this latter case, the Turks could easily point out ‘if we take the hit for this and go down as result, the Western (read NATO) nations will discover who had been deep in the oil for weapons business with ISIS, you know it wasn’t only us.’ This would be a big concern for British and French, especially, not only the Americans.

FINALLY, it comes down to there is no body any of the parties are able or willing to produce. The (plausibly blackmailed) NATO nations would have us believe the Saudis butchered Khashoggi alive but that seems much more like a Turk allied al-Qaida narrative or what happens when you encounter people who prefer to think of their dinner as ‘long pig.’

What happened to Jamal Khashoggi? We’ll probably never know. But it could as easily (or more easily) be the Edogan regime’s al-Qaida actors murdered him with Fidan’s blessing and the Saudis had to take the hit.

Despite the much deserved worldwide reputation for brutality in matters of state punishments, the Saudi regime was never so bloody as the people Erdogan’s regime rub shoulders with everyday.


A former Special Forces Sergeant of Operations and Intelligence, Ronald Thomas West is a retired investigator (living in exile) whose work focus had been anti-corruption. Ronald is published in International Law as a layman (The Mueller-Wilson Report, co-authored with Dr Mark D Cole) and has been adjunct professor of American Constitutional Law at Johannes Gutenberg University, Mainz, Germany (for English credit, summer semester 2008.) Ronald’s formal educational background (no degree) is social psychology. His therapeutic device is satire.

Contact: penucquemspeaks@googlemail.com

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  1. Zara Ali says:

    Thank you for this post. It did not seem right, something was amiss all the way… yesterday someone mentioned his fiance is one of the Fethullah Gulen’s people… and was a CIA planted figure in the story… so I guess there is much more to the entire operation but essentially it is yet another assassination conducted by the CIA with more than one international players involved.

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    • The rank aromas only continue to grow, the Turkish regime’s leadership insists there is no need for any international investigation and any trials must be conducted in Turkey, indicating imperative to control the narrative. Meanwhile “Bloody Gina” (Haspel) has supposedly met with Hakan Fidan’s people and reviewed audio & video of the killing, I doubt we’ll ever see what is produced by the spooks (if indeed these recordings exist) that could then be subjected to independent analysis.

      “Professional standards require intelligence professionals to lie, hide information, or use covert tactics to protect their “cover,” access, sources, and responsibilities. The Central Intelligence Agency expects, teaches, encourages, and controls these tactics so that the lies are consistent and supported (“backstopped”). The CIA expects intelligence officers to teach others to lie, deceive, steal, launder money, and perform a variety of other activities that would certainly be illegal if practiced in the United States. They call these tactics “tradecraft,” and intelligence officers practice them in all the world’s intelligence services” -Hulnick & Mattausch, “Ethics and Morality in U.S. Secret Intelligence”

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  2. Zara Ali says:

    Thank you Ronald. Its such a privilege to have your highly insightful and informed input … as always. I am waiting to see how effectively Erdogan plays this to his benefit… he must be itching to put Turks back on top above the Sauds… looks like ancient rivalries do not die down with time… for the same reason it will be a big one when Russia goes after the British.


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