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To the DeSousa families of Goa and Mumbai, India.

This message is in regards to an untold story concerning former CIA officer Sabrina DeSousa. It is not precisely an inquiry although there is an element of request in relation to further information. There will be no follow-up to this mail except in the case of my possible reply to any person expressing a proper and constructive interest.

In the main, this is a mail to inform. I will not presume what action should be taken except to volunteer the thought this is information should find its way into the hands of those members of the DeSousa clan who might be affected. These people may, in turn, wish to correct an injustice they may have been misled into participating in. This could be perhaps be best accomplished with telling their story to a proper news outlet investigative reporter.

I encountered Sabrina DeSousa in Summer, 2008, when living at Wiesbaden, Germany. I had no idea who she was but her face was indelibly marked in my memory because I was being intensively stalked by criminal intelligence agency elements at this time and this factors in circumstance of my encounter with Sabrina. It was mid morning on my typical walk for morning coffee. I was keeping some routines (counter-intuitive) for sake of German law enforcement monitoring myself (I had set this up via a longtime contact, a German lawyer.)

I encountered DeSousa walking towards me, she was dressed partly in casual clothing of south Asia (India style shirt with long, square cut tails, split sides, western trousers), a bit unusual but what really drew my attention was she was giving me a steady sideways look with what I’d call a knowing smile or smirk. There were few people on the street and we passed within six or so meters. Some days or weeks later, when sitting at outdoor cafe, group of what appeared to be ‘tourists’ from south Asia (proper ethnic dress) wandered by, one of them took my photo while trying not to be noticed (which is why I noticed.)

It was several months later I saw Sabrina DeSousa’s photo via following up a story on the Abu Omar case I’d initially read when monitoring the AP Wire (by this time I was in Spain.) This is when I first realized who she was and there is no question it was Sabrina I’d encountered in Wiesbaden. On the possibility the other south Asians were Sabrina DeSousa’s visiting family or acquaintances from Mumbai or Goa, somehow involved by her, I am writing this letter.

I expect Sabrina DeSousa was in the role of scout and/or somehow a coordinator in attempt at extraordinary rendition or assassination of my self, for past anti-corruption work that came too close to the levers of American power. I can’t give a precise date because my laptop had died the following year, but I believe I can reasonably state the encounter with Sabrina was the cusp of August-September, 2008 (possibly July-August) with no more than a few weeks, at most, between encountering DeSousa and the south Asian ‘tourists’ used to get my photo.

My story of the larger circumstance may be read at this link:

In the event you are in a position to be of constructive help to clear up a circumstance that reflects poorly on the DeSousa family name, and wish to take some honorable action towards bringing this case to conclusion in the light of day, I will be happy to provide you with a pdf file of the information provided at the above link (you are free to share.) As appropriate, I can also provide documents attesting to character and veracity (for instance to investigative reporters.)

Also this will be an open letter to all of the DeSousa families of India posted at my website-

My kindest greetings

Ronald Thomas West

“The history of the great events of this world are scarcely more than the
history of crime” –Voltaire



^ my photo, Summer, 2008

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