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Satirist & unprejudiced hater of neo-liberal and neo-conservative alike

small print: former military special operations intelligence professional


I am of that force which always the evil will, and yet creates the good” 

The Satires

-Mephistopheles (Goethe, Faust I)


“The extension of the empire has meant the growth of private fortunes. This is nothing new, indeed it is in keeping with the most ancient history” -Gaius Asinius Gallus (The Annals of Imperial Rome)

Deep State Exposés

Employing open source intelligence analysis method, this ‘Deep State’ series explores the inter-relationships of corporate boards to politics, corrupt law enforcement, organized crime in intelligence agencies, military and military contracting. Here you will find threads between powerful corporations and associated personalities to the bottom line (profit) and death squads, international organized crime, arms & narcotics trafficking, connecting the dots from the CIA special activities division to heroin and cocaine funding the Tea Party (and much more)

Deep State I Foundation article

Deep State II FBI complicity

Deep State III CIA narcotics trafficking

Deep State IV NATO & Gladio

Deep State V Economics & counter-insurgency

The Alpha Chronology my narrative as Deep State survivor

Deep State Related :

Above Top Secret How (not) To Leak

Poison Fruit Robert Parry’s journalism

Intelligence Agencies & Wikipedia You are what you think

Obama’s Ukraine History of the new regime’s neo-fascism

The New Great Game A motive in Ukraine

Victoria Nuland’s Wedding Allied with Christian al-Qaida

Germany’s Martyrs of the Maidan Nazi collaboration

Dominionism’s Fingers in Kiev The Vatican-USA partnership

The Washington Post & Double Think Geo-political insanity

The Disinformation Nation Propaganda on Ukraine

The Ascension of The Morons Ukraine-EU Association

Black Boxes, Dark Arts & Geopolitics Flight MH 17 shoot-down

Tactical Nuclear Weapons for Dummies Pentagon fantasies

Overview Egypt, Libya & Syria

Egypt Round Two The Generals take it back

Syria Part One Al Jazeera (Stooge TV)

Syria Part Two Chemical Madness

Syria Part Three  Obama-McCain-al Qaida alliance

Syria Part Four Syria, al Qaida & Iraq

Syria Part Five Syria & Iraq updated


Guest Exposés

C Street The ‘Christian Al Qaida’ behind the scene

The Christian Mafia Wayne Madsen’s excellent research

Drone Strikes for Jesus 28-34% of US military “Christian Dominionist”

Blackwater Holy Crusades Prosecutions derailed by ‘state secrets’

The Last Lie of an Air Force Cadet indoctrination

Liars for Jesus The rewrite of American history by neo-conservatives

Operation ‘Gladio B’ ongoing NATO based ‘deep state’ terrorism

Narco News Bulletin Ongoing narcotics trafficking revelations

Planet Ponzi Exposé of the world financial crisis

Guardian/BBC Arabic Exposé Gen Patraeus’ torture centers & more

Conspiracy of Silence White House pedophilia (banned documentary)

Hacking Democracy Diebold computer vote fraud

Fear of Minor Debris Engineering experts on 9/11 WTC Building 7



Military Sock Puppets, NSA Trolls & CIA Shills (collected links)

Kerry’s neo-nazi Snipers Leaked conversation bombshell

JFK Was making amends with Castro against CIA wishes when shot

2013 Secrecy Report by Open Government (openthegovernment.org)

Intel Veterans on 9/11 41 informed voices dispute the official narrative

Intelligence Agency Dissident Voices Rejecting policies & more

Dirty Wars The war on terror is “a self-licking ice cream cone”

Military Religious Freedom Foundation on our Pentagon Taliban

WikiLeaks and Spy Agencies Probable information operations

Our Men in Iran? USA trained Iranian dissident terror group

The Mojahedin-e-Khalq A lethal pawn in geo-politics

The Fraud of Amnesty International Front for MI6

CIA Front ‘Freedom House’ Rogue CIA officer Phillip Agee

Council of Europe on Renditions Breakdown of flights & countries

Gorilla Conservation & Guerilla Warfare USAID in Central Africa

USAID in Ethiopia U.S. Department of State egregious (official) lies

Militias & Genocide On the employ of extra-judicial military

When Heads Roll Assassination/Decapitation study (pdf)

A Time to Kill? State sponsored assassination & international law

Israeli Intelligence & Security CIA Analysis in the Public Domain

The CIA & Non-Violent Resistance  Stuart Bramhall on Gene Sharp

On Edward Bernays & Propaganda Breakdown of control method

The Secret Team Pentagon liaison to the CIA: Col Prouty’s analysis

Transcendent Warfare Assessment US Marine Corps War College

The BCCI Affair Unredacted senate report

Dissent or Terror Analysis of USA corporate/police fusion

Spy Craft for Hacks FBI veteran’s tips on clandestine meetings


Miscellaneous Rants

The Left’s Anti-Federalist Urban Legend A ‘Progressive’ lie

Evil Cynics, Stooges & Dupes Wake up, Glenn Greenwald

Noteworthy Information Operations (PsyOps)

Empire & Blow-back Paying the piper

Erik Prince & Pedophile Priests A world class killer’s new venture

The NSA’s Egregious Liar Obama & surveillance

Robert Seldon Lady, CIA Slime-Bag Lies in his pardon application

Cheap Tricks for Jesus Smirking liars that proselytize

The Economics of Moonshine Whiskey Two half-wit capitalists

Celebrating the Anti-Christ Lies, the church & history

To Forgive is a Crime To excuse the inexcusable

A Spy in the House of the Unloved Refuting Anias Nin

A Coward Named Machismo Observations on Machismo

Enlightenment: The Automated Death Machine

Napi Mephisto Essay on failed modern civilization

Snowden & Snooping Speech by retired ambassador Chas Freeman

CIA vs JFK Corporate boards still profit from JFK’s murder

Uncle Sam, Dominionist Puppet U.S. Air Force Academy extremists

Of Nukes, Courage and Cowards Bibles infecting NATO

The Navy Yard Reporting Smells Wrong A ‘Deep State’ caper?

Outline of a Snowden Legal Defense Throw Pvt Manning under the bus

Color of Law, Star Chamber, FISA & PRISM Congress to SCOTUS

The Greatest Criminal Endeavor War profiteering cycle

Our Vital National Interests Euphemism for corporate rip-offs

How to Make Powerful Enemies in Three Short Paragraphs SCOTUS

If  The Left Are Sheep, The Right Are Fish Divide & conquer

The (No) ‘Establishment’ Clause Pentagon, religion & USA law

North Carolina’s 2nd Secession From the Union Neo-con middle finger

EXBERLINER (1) Blogging a magazine for expatriates



EXBERLINER (4) Konrad Werner pops a hemorrhoid

Post Modern Teutonic Vision EXBERLINER addendum


World Class Stupidities

MOSSAD and Jews for Jesus Missionary assassins

Death of a MOSSAD Agent 1st hand account of a blown operation

God’s Chosen is a Dumb Idea (and why we all will likely die)


Spy Novel Reviews

David Ignatius’ Body of Lies Langley’s premier propagandist

John Le Carre’s A Delicate Truth Refuting Ignatius’ neo-conservatism

Robert Littell’s The Company A CIA revisionist history (book of lies)


Sundry Political Crap

Spies, Grotesque Reflex & Geopolitical Cynicism Letter of 17 June 2014

My Schengen Zone Overstay A note to EU national authorities

Brief to the European Court of Human Rights Posted 9 March 2014

Letter to the ECCHR Mailed on 7 October 2013, updated 8 October

Letter to the EU Parliament Mailed 30 September 2013

Letter to U.S. Senator Jon Tester Mailed 6 September 2013

Letter to Hans Christian Stroebel, MP Mailed 9 July 2013

Reflections on a Snowden Rally Berlin, 4th of July 2013

PRISM & My Exile Democracy a front for corporate whores

Letter to German Parliament 18 June 2013

Complaint to the International Criminal Court Updated 18 June

Crusaders and Complicity Germany complicity in international crimes

Letter to the Supreme Court Asking the Supreme Court direct: WTF?



The Gospel According to Ronald On the historical Jesus

Should I be a Spy Novelist? Probably not

Ron’s Conspiracy Theory Cosmology is the conspiracy

You’ve Got Apes! European cultural mentality

How I rose from the dead (40 years after)



Free Speech Clown Gallery


Intelligence Blogs

Narco News Hard  hitting on CIA connected drug lords

The Intercept Glenn Greenwald, Jeremy Scahill & Co

The Most Revolutionary Act Stuart Bramhall

@LISSNUP Iran’s domestic terror policies (frequently updated)

In My Head Israel’s domestic terror policies(frequently updated)

Long Strange Journey Patrick Eddington (former CIA)

Ian56 Compiled articles bursting reality bubbles

Gentle Seas Military/geo-political stuff (Australia)

Unredacted USA centered intelligence information

Public Intelligence Website

Secrecy News Website

Madsen Report Some free content

Boiling Frogs Post Bashes anyone (& charges $)


Life in Indian Country

The Stick Game Native quantum mechanics (the witches)

The Legend of the Blackfoot Titan Mik-api

Happy the Indian Guide Indian stereotypes

Raven and Thunder Blackfoot Law of Matriarchy

Strawberry Medicine Men and a Stellar Jay

Life in Blackfoot Country Learning how to go hungry

Napi in the New Age A ‘red apple’ story (satire)

Essay on Native American Humor Why I’m not politically correct

The DIA and Shamanism Failed exploitation of indigenous knowledge

Native Americans and Race Race is BS to authentic Indians

Losers A Native perspective of Plato & western science

Tobacco First in a series of essays on matriarchy

War Second in the series on matriarchy

Women Third in the series on matriarchy

Conflict Fourth in the series on matriarchy

Birds Fifth in the series on matriarchy

Apple Indians & Anthropology Anthropology as a faith-based initiative


Folk Stories

Mr Chan

Bruno the Bear



Collected Poems

Retort of the Iceman


Links to my (free) online Books

The Time Travel Essays (on Native American Quantum Mechanics)

Stupid is as Stupid Does (15 Political Essays)

The Satires (out of bounds prurient social satire)

Queer Chicken Dinner (a rip on Jack Kerouac’s ‘On the Road’)

Napi Mephisto (autobiographical Anti-Male Hierarchy Manifesto)

Penucquem Speaks (biography, 30 Years Life with Blackfeet Indians. It makes sense to mention here I am more Native American than anything, culturally speaking)


The Satires

World Cup Scribbles Rabies & dog muzzles

English Football International competition

Thuck Norris Rated ‘S’ for SICK (parental advisory)

Democracy Now! State secrets & the war in Liberacestan

Michele Bachmann & Wild Indians Kerouac in drag

Dick Cheney’s Rottweiler Dog butt-sniffing rituals

Maison de l’Histoire de France Fellatio, Sarkozy & French history

The Great Phuc Uuus Massacre Propaganda trained CIA lizards

Bozo’s Handcock U Speech George Bush & Tony Blair in love

My Life as a Joke Personal Ad (women only please)

The Pachuco Stare Decisis SCOTUS = SCROTUM

The Moron Bernard-Henry Lévy He truly is a moron

How Jesus Gets Kicked Out Of Heaven Naughty George Carlin

NOT My Last Tango in Paris The NSA & cyanide suppositories

Demons Anonymous Addiction to destructive fantasies

Saint Chester Prince of the Church & patron saint of boys

A Conversation With Jon Stewart Barack Obama is a White man!

Scooby Doo is Lyndon LaDouche ‘Rut a retard’

Salinas vs Texas U.S. Supreme Court self inflicted lawyer joke

Life’s Little Surprises A devil teaches law

Mother’s Day and Male Dopes Moms & cannabis

Breakfast at a Pizzaria Hungover babes with beautiful bums

Recreating a Hot Spring in Your Bathtub Girl Scouts & Eve’s Serpent

Our Gang rascals too big for their breeches


All original work and art (c) copyright by Ronald Thomas West; for profit and mass paper media redistribution prohibited


I am that power which always the evil will, and yet creates the good -Mephistopheles

I’ve written folk & human interest stories, political & social satire, and developed analysis/exposés concerning the crimes of state actors and the power corrupt. Co-author [with Dr Mark D Cole] of the Mueller-Wilson Report [International Law & Human Rights], lecturer at Johannes Guttenberg University [symposium on Native American Rights & International Law 1998 & adjunct professor of United States Constitutional Law 2008], author of Penucquem Speaks [ranked five stars by Howard Zinn at Amazon.] Professional background includes military special operations intelligence experience, open source intelligence analysis, social and developmental psychology, technical training in law (paralegal) with focus on anti-corruption, environmental & social justice.

I’ve published in the past with paranoiamagazine.com, BookSurge, Paranoids Online, Subversify, Scribd, Alternet and decided on a new venue (WordPress) looking to taking my work forward with a change of focus, away from exposés, politics & satire. Hopefully that day will arrive sooner rather than later. As much as I’d like to focus on folk and children’s literature as my ‘day job’, I’ve been involuntarily preoccupied with trapped in international intrigue.

Lately I’ve been reading: Lao Tzu ‘Tao Te Ching’, Jeremy Scahill ‘Dirty Wars’, Jeff Sharlet ‘C Street’, Jeff Stein ‘A Murder in Wartime’, Eyal Weizman ‘The Least Of All Possible Evils’, Samuel Clemens (Mark Twain) ‘Life on the Mississippi’, Washington Irving ‘The Sketch Book’, John Cooley ‘Unholy Wars’, Jonathan Safran Foer ‘Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close’, Chuck Palahniuk ‘Fight Club’, Marimba Ani ‘Yurugu’, Mikey Weinstein “No Snowflake in an Avalanche”, Anthony Turton ‘Shaking Hands with Billy’, Anne Cameron ‘Daughters of Copper Woman’, Tacitus ‘The Annals of Imperial Rome’, Anias Nin “A Spy In The House Of Love”, Hunter S Thompson ‘Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas’, and Aleksander Wat ‘Lucifer Unemployed’

In any world-view of simplistic notions and polarization inculcated via media lies, what you think you see might not be what you get. At first sight I am not a black & white personality. I am essentially conservative but the mortal enemy of neo-conservative and neo-liberal alike. And I am solidly on the side of the radical left on *some* social issues. A ‘prima facie’ description of my politics would be left of center libertarian, but it is more complicated than this. If you read at this site, the fog disperses; essentially a free agent, beholden only to my ethics.

My social and political lampoons are best explained this way: The devil on the one shoulder and the angel on my other shoulder climb into my head to make love and a satire is born .. having little to do with morality and much to do with ethics. As a writer there is no fear, no guilt, no shame in my approach, only accountability demanded of the public personas who presume to lead with lies as our world burns around us .. and making people laugh at the hypocrisies of western culture in a way steals the power of those lies and reduces their influence.

My present primary interests are the arrest and prosecution of George H.W. Bush, Barack Obama, George W Bush, Joe Biden, Dick Cheney, Hillary Clinton, Ed Meese, Condoleezza Rice, Susan Rice, Robert Gates, Jeh Johnson, Douglas Feith, Frank Gaffney, John Bolton, William Graham, William McRaven, Mike Sulick, Stephen Kappes, Valerie Caproni, James O’Dea, William Kristol, Mark Grossman, Michael Morrell, Eric Holder, David Addington, John Rizzo,  Michael Mukasey, Sabrina DeSousa, Erik Prince, Peter King, Sylvia Maruffi, Stephen Hadly, John Brennan, Keith Alexander, Victoria Nuland, Spencer Abraham, Gale Norton, John Ashcroft, Theodore Olson, Alex Acosta, Bradford Berenson, Ralph Boyd, Michael Chertoff, Paul Clement, Daniel Collins, Viet Dinh, Noel Francisco, Sarah Hart, Brian Jones, Brett Kavanaugh, Thomas Sansonetti, Eugene Scalia, Larry Thompson, Edward Whelan, James Comey, Antonin Scalia, John Kerry, James Woolsey, Clarence Thomas, Diane Feinstein, Cofer Black, Dennis Blair, Donald Rumsfeld, General James Jones, David Barron, Michele Bachmann, John Kerry, Tom Donilon, David Walter, Vince Langan,  David Patraeus, James Clapper, Robert Mueller, Gary Berntsen, Jose Rodriguez, Ted Cruz,  John Ashcroft,  Chuck Grassley, Jim DeMint, Lindsey Graham, James Inhofe, John Thune, Pete Domenici, Don Nickles, Joe Pitts, Frank Wolf, Zach Wamp, Robert Aderholt, Ander Crenshaw, Todd Tiahrt, Marsha Blackburn, Jo Ann Emerson, John R. Carter, Mike McIntyre, Mark Pryor, Charles Schumer, Joe Lieberman, John McCain, George Tenant, Samuel Alito, Michael Hayden, John Yoo, Jay Bybee, Shannen Coffin, Samatha Power, John Roberts, Nancy Pelosi, William Burns, Orrin Hatch, Richard Epstein, Frank Easterbrook, Kenneth Starr, and many more, for conspiring in, aiding and abetting, ordering, facilitating and/or covering up Color of Law (extra-judicial) murders .. and fantasizing the collapse of male hierarchy come true: utilizing sorcery, quantum mechanics, or any other medium .. such as literature.

Link to my story of exile HERE.


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public email: penucquemspeaks@googlemail.com



The More Important Blessing

“Is the time and respect you invest in being beautiful and loving to those you share your space intimately with; To live in a Beautiful Way is to make the time for loving them, often” -Ronald Thomas West

“All formal dogmatic religions are fallacious and must never be accepted by self-respecting persons as final” -Hypatia of Alexandria

“Fables should be taught as fables, myths as myths, and miracles as poetic fantasies. To teach superstitions as truths is a most terrible thing. The child’s mind accepts and believes them, and only through great pain and perhaps tragedy can he be in after years relieved of them” -Hypatia of Alexandria

“The ones who complain and talk the most about giving away Medicine Secrets, are always those who know the least” -Frank Fools Crow, Lakota

”The ’scientific view’ is inadequate to explain … how man is to find and know a road along which he wishes and chooses to make this said progress, unless Manitoo by his spirit, guides the mind of man, keeping human beings just and generous and hospitable”  -Rising Sun, Chippewa

“The women are right in their way of breaking the rules, because men made them without asking women” -Montaigne

“The history of the great events of this world are scarcely more than the history of crime” -Voltaire

“It is impossible to calculate the moral mischief, if I may so express it, that mental lying has produced in society. When a man has so far corrupted and prostituted the chastity of his mind, as to subscribe his professional belief to things he does not believe, he has prepared himself for the commission of every other crime” -Thomas Paine

“All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others” -George Orwell

“The creatures outside looked from pig to man, and from man to pig, and from pig to man again; but already it was impossible to say which was which” -George Orwell

“The most dangerous man to any government is the man who is able to think things out for himself, without regard to the prevailing superstitions and taboos. Almost inevitably he comes to the conclusion that the government he lives under is dishonest, insane, and intolerable” – H.L. Mencken

“Is it not absurd when a human being tries to find happiness somewhere outside himself, and thinks that wealth and birth and the influence of friends is of the utmost importance?” -Emperor Julian (the apostate)

“In a controversy, the instant we feel anger, we have already ceased striving for the truth, and have begun striving for ourselves” -Buddha

“It’s never too late to have a happy childhood” -Berkely Breathed

“To be beautiful is to be grateful” (for this life) -Ancient Native American philosophy of many tribes

“It is a lot of hard work to be complicated and unhappy. I’m opposed to hard work” -Ronald Thomas West