This is information primarily of interest to the several national security services and police of the European Nations I have been active in:

If requesting formal meeting with me or interview concerning my work, I am generally unavailable in person for security reasons, but I will consider any requests on a case by case basis. As you may well imagine, anti-corruption work can (and sometimes does) make powerful enemies, and it happens there are personalities in certain institutions of western democracies who are both corrupt and violent. Relevant to this, my work can lead to interesting circumstance, such as my present overstay in the Schengen zone of Europe, a technical violation of civil law.

I fully understand my present circumstance is illegal (overstayed non-resident) but I fully intend to remain in Schengen for the present, to work out wrapping up the ‘alpha project.’

Per a recent order from a certain national ministry of the interior, I have relocated from my previous residence on 14 March. When the present phase of ‘alpha’ is completed, and/or it is possible to deal with administrative authorities more securely, I will return and take the necessary administrative procedure to correct my technical violation of the Schengen zone rules and the relevant laws of your nation.

If perchance you are with the security services or police of the several EU nations where I have been pursuing ongoing activities, and are unfamiliar with my work, you may read the history of ‘alpha’ HERE. Presently I have the information developed in ‘alpha’ placed the hands of the appropriate committee of the European Parliament with a request for parliamentary inquiry. It would be a good thing if this were allowed to be pursued without interfering with myself as a witness; over a minor civil offense (Schengen overstay.) If, as police, you have in future, uninformed supervisors set on my expulsion from the Schengen zone, I would suggest directing your supervisor to my strategy in the event of my detention, which may be read HERE. They would be well advised to refer this strategic plan (already in the hands of a lawyer) to the political persons responsible for your agency. It is entirely possible they, not only myself, would prefer not to pursue this path.

My sincere thanks are extended to those low and mid level police of Germany and Spain who have been most helpful over these several years, with informal cooperation developing information on organized crime in NATO and other institutions (and special thanks to the brave woman agents in Spain who saved my life on two occasions.)