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The liberal democracies phenomenon of pretending our leaders are accountable drags on:

“If there was a trial we’re talking about years rather than months down the road. We have still never seen a French President be tried, charged and put in jail” at:

The (very much) better take (my satire) on the never-ending Sarkozy scandal at:

It’s only a matter of time before everyone is part of ‘the block-chain’…

“IBM believes that within five years minute cryptographic anchors smaller than a grain of salt will be embedded in everyday objects and devices that are linked to blockchain databases to monitor supply chain security”

…and this will be a full on ‘red pill/blue pill’ world with no doubt a ‘monitoring of the anchor-embedded human supply chain security’ at:

Shoot the messenger. Well, not, or only ‘sort of.’ Following the grotesque set of historical events that culminated in Stalin, one might say there could never be sound reason to appreciate the message of Karl Marx. But, then, that whole business is riddled with paradox; after all, it was under Stalin’s leadership Russia had destroyed Hitler’s armies to a point D-Day could be possible as anything other than a colossal defeat. Just one example. Emerging from that paradox is today’s World Socialist Website pointing us to our own Hitleresque (or Stalinesque) problem with secret ‘security’ apparatus you won’t find in mainstream; Central Intelligence Agency & Pentagon penetration of Congress:

^ “In a three-part series, the World Socialist Web Site documented an unprecedented influx of intelligence and military operatives into the Democratic Party. More than 50 such military-intelligence candidates are seeking the Democratic nomination in the 102 districts identified by the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee as its targets for 2018. These include both vacant seats and those with Republican incumbents considered vulnerable in the event of a significant swing to the Democrats…”

Part 1)

Part 2)

Part 3)

Over at ‘shit hits the fan’ its been noticed those who would rule us are flocking to survival camps:

“Each camp has a shooting range and is equipped to handle between 50 and 500 people during any SHTF scenario. The camps will have lodges, underground bunkers, and guard towers. In the event of a social meltdown, members will be responsible for manning those towers” at:

Well, what some of us know is, rationality is in short supply where the USA’s nuclear trigger is located:

My thanks to Ft Russ…

Investigative journalist Yasha Levine blows the whistle on TOR as a government spying tool:

International aid organizations amount to a humanitarian-industrial-pedophilia complex:

Democratic National Committee lawyers argue primary elections rigging is a protected 1st Amendment right:

Florida school shooting, teacher’s disturbing narrative raises more questions about the ‘official’ story:

Nazism alive and well in Germany:

Double Standard at USA Department of Justice, Jeff Sessions lets the Inspector General take on DoJ refusing to investigate Clinton abuses, a wrist slap when compared to special counsel Trump faces:

650 Spanish jurists make a case the rule of law has been hijacked by the government of Spain:

Lindsey Graham reports Trump will invade North Korea:

Featured satire:


Spain and the Catalonia independence movement; renown French journalist Jean Quatremer points to resurgent Francoism in Spain, compares Spanish Prime Minister Rajoy to Turkey’s President Erdogan:

USA reported to be stirring hostilities up in Ukraine before the Germans and Russians can get UN peacekeepers in place:


Florida shooting story doesn’t match up with student account:

Trump administration argues it can withhold, at will, any and practically all documentation on how the USA’s Food and Drug Administration decided to approve genetically modified salmon:

CIA argues it has the right to selectively leak to its media assets and deny the same information to reporters it doesn’t like:

Non-Russian criticism of ‘the Russians did it’ Mueller grand jury indictments fairly typical of people outside of the USA’s propaganda loop:

Per the immediate preceding, my own observation would be, even if the Special Counsel allegations were to be credible, the people bringing them destroy all credibility; when your lead investigator/special prosecutor’s history is framing people for crimes they didn’t commit, sandbagging & sinking criminal investigations into international narcotics & arms trafficking, protecting related money laundering & hired killers, and providing cover for the perpetrators (intelligence agencies) … why would any reasonably honest & intelligent person give two cents credibility to, and possess a rat’s ass level of sympathy for, ‘special’ counsel Robert Mueller? Why be concerned with anything other than the likely fact the entire process is a case of fatally poisoned ‘justice.’

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