Were England’s World Cup aspirations a test of national character, the British body politic should take note, as the UKIP insurgency has based itself on the continent

Some people, the Anglo-Saxon race particularly, it would appear, never learn. Blair’s gay relationship (think Bugs Bunny in drag) with Bush and torture (that was a mean wabbit) for the sake of modern corporate empire (money, it’s a drag- ‘Pink Floyd’) bleeds the taxpayer, for the sake of Canary Warf jet setters, a true case of ‘English Setters’ don’t dare think the ‘Bulldog’ Lennon had honestly castrated with a song


Now, ‘peace envoy’ Blair plays Middle East contracts like Rooney the striker, thinking himself a step up from premier play, but his closet neo-liberal fascism is entirely ineffectual, this grimace-grin legacy of failed policy smiling for the paparrazi from Silicon Valley to Tel Aviv.. oh and he embraces ‘popery’ like a Guy Fawkes embraced patriotism, all-the-while his soul-mate Rooney smolders with distemper and a stiffy’d upper lip, likely he’d bite the ‘head’ of Suarez when he ‘blows’

Anchoring the midfield of the nation, Lampard-Gerrard & Cameron-Clegg do make-nice kisses in conjugal pornography bed-set for tabloid media


All across England, wankers print their aim on the House of Battenberg, the Royal Post dripping wet fallout of pundits sucking themselves off in the mirror, oh, Oh, OH -ahhh- gushing like a BP ‘blow’-out for the camera, who will clean up England’s mess? Such world class wealth wasted on the Germans-


Oh my, England, but do you really believe yourselves? Better had British talent for blowing bubbles which burst, considering ethics, take responsibility, pensioners doomed well deservedly by a ‘privatised’ dead empire’s sacrosanct ‘investment’ (wank on that)


So, you think the USA are an average side? Not so my cousin, USA are an exceptional side, spawn of colonial yore, yet to meet its comeuppance of empire failed, sociopath collective mentality not reduced to loser/whiner retrospective, do outplay those first kicked a kings head about the battlefield. Were it Harold the ball? Did William strike and score at Hastings?


Methinks the Anglo-Saxon had learnt naught since 948 years…


The Satires