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Amendment to the United States Constitution


1) All political organizations at the national level are forever abolished; nor shall any state allow monies originating exterior to its borders into the political process; as well, no one shall serve in the corporate sector at mid-level management (or above) and subsequently play any role in government, whether state or federal.

2) All states shall apply a 5% threshold for political parties representation; this shall be construed to apply to representation at both state and federal level; and representation in either case shall be proportional. Furthermore, citizens, to receive state or federal benefits, shall be required to vote at state level at least once in two years.

3) The federal government shall not exceed a 5% tax revenue on the income of individual citizens, nor may any state exceed an additional 5% income tax revenue upon the individual citizens of the respective states to an aggregate 10%; but corporations that offshore accounts to avoid taxation shall have assets confiscated and banned from business in the territories of these United States; as well the property tax is abolished in the case of a domestic residence of modest means, the small farmer and the individual cottage industry; nor shall the federal judiciary over-rule a stricter environmental standard set by any state, nor any state over-rule a more stringent environmental standard set by the individual community.

4) Any police, judiciary or other authority, whether federal or state, inclusive of the corporate sector, that colludes in ‘color of law’ or otherwise conspires to, or violates the rights of individual citizens set out in the 1st through 8th and 14th Amendments, shall have the complicit individuals charged with Domestic Treason, which shall be defined at minimum as a Class A felony in any and all cases; further, the rights of foreign nationals and the lawful process of nations in relation to extradition shall be respected; as well, the Central Intelligence Agency activities division immediately and permanently disbanded; and no authority at state or federal level shall contract with any domestic for-profit business or any foreign agency for purposes of military policing (mercenaries), civilian policing or incarceration.

5) All military shall be converted to National Guard under the authority of the several state legislatures, is restricted to the physical territory of these United States, shall not engage in domestic policing; and furthermore, all previous government held tenures expire with the adoption of this amendment; as well the Office of the President of the United States is abolished & Congress converted to parliamentary model.

6) Article Six of this Constitution shall not abridge the 1st through 10th and 14th Amendments in the ratification of treaties; nor shall any treaty be construed to be ‘non-self-executing.’

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brought to you by the free speech clown

Citizens United

A Constitutional Amendment that reads just so:

1) No corporation shall know the privileges and immunities of citizenship but its directors shall be punishable under the criminal and civil laws of the United States for any egregious behaviors detrimental to the health, welfare and security of the people of these United States or for violating the rights of citizens secured by the first through eighth amendments

2) No amendment (or clause contained therein) in this constitution shall be construed to be ‘unincorporated’ (or otherwise ignored by the judiciary) particularly noting the ‘equal protection’ clause of the fourteenth amendment, and all citizens shall be provided a paper ballot

3) Every judge or justice who had affirmed the decision ‘Citizens United’ shall be removed from office and forever barred from the practice of law in the United States of America

If we did not have treasonous Federalist Society aligned justices (Roberts, Scalia, Alito, Thomas & Kennedy) sitting on the Supreme Court with a determination to hand our republic to corporate boards and filthy lucre, this sort of thinking (and proposed action) would be entirely unnecessary-

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