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If you’re in the business I’ve been in, there can, at times, be little pleasure in being proven right. This post could be the last addition to my open source collection ‘The Arab Spring for Dummies’, with a Defense Intelligence Agency document backing my Arab Spring (Syria) assertions; little different to the House of Representatives finding the Ukrainian regime at Kiev has incorporated neo-Nazis to its’ military (see immediate preceding post ‘Kiev’s Nazis‘) having vindicated much or most of my analysis on the subject of Ukraine, and has made further attention to these subjects largely unnecessary.

‘Tyler Durden’ (what a pity Brad Pitt sold out to Chevron and blew his brilliant legacy) over at ‘zero hedge’ has reposted a damning article on the USA’s policy of utilizing al-Qaida as a ‘strategic asset’ in the effort to overthrow Assad in Syria. While the article merely reinforces essential conclusions developed with open source at this blog, what is remarkable is the fact of the article at zero hedge pointing to a Defense Intelligence Agency assessment confirming the facts from the inside.

What is confirmed is, the ‘western powers’ (USA & certain EU or NATO states) along with the Gulf states (Saudis, et al) and Turkey (Israel and Jordan play as well) funded, trained and armed al-Qaida while fully aware of the potential for this to combine several terror groups into what has become Islamic State. Specific language in the DIA assessment includes:

“the West, Gulf countries and Turkey support the opposition…

“…there is the possibility of establishing a declared or undeclared Salafist principality in Eastern Syria .. and this is exactly what the supporting powers to the opposition want, in order to isolate the Syrian regime…”

And finally, in a case of ‘chickens come home to roost, the (2012) DIA assessment predicts a spillover of the Salafist entity the western democracies essentially created (Islamic State) from Syria into a partitioned Iraq with Sunni and Shia entities engaged in civil war…

“ISI could also declare an Islamic State through its union with other terrorist organizations in Iraq and Syria, which will create grave danger in regards to unifying Iraq…”

…and that is exactly the fight on the front of today’s mainstream news, sans the preceding information.

And by way of farewell to the subject at this blog, don’t forget, if you’ve read here before, you likely read the facts here first. Meanwhile, here is the Defense Intelligence Agency document:


The Arab Spring for Dummies


In this 1st segment of a two part, 1995 interview with former CIA officer Phillip Agee, if you begin about minute 46, he’ll state in no uncertain terms how it is radical Islam had spread; with the CIA intervention in 1980s Afghanistan. The CIA had provided training, weapons and supplies to ‘volunteer’ Muslim radicals from across North Africa and the larger Arab world. The ‘Afghanis’ (as they are known in their home countries as citizens who’d fought in Afghanistan) then returned home and began applying their considerable (CIA provided) expertise to organizing what became Al Qaida and other Islamic fundamentalist ‘terror’ groups.

Denial is when those responsible for creating a problem which has spun out of control, convince themselves they are the people necessary to solve the problem, resulting in a simple process of aggravation of the very problem they’d created. Here is a flashback in history pointing squarely to the CIA and a USA in denial as we plunge into aggravating, or perhaps better said, irrigating the weeds we’d planted, now taking over the garden our planet used to be:

We all should know the rest of the story; the Taliban won Afghanistan on account of the CIA anti-Soviet efforts, ‘Black Hawk Down’ was a result as the Islamists began to get on their feet in Somalia, and it just continued to grow and spread across the globe, as far as Indonesia in the east to the North African states in the west. Not only that, the USA & ‘friends’ opened the door wide for these groups in Iraq and Libya, has empowered them immensely with the efforts to overthrow Syria’s Assad, finally culminating in the Islamic State and American efforts to suppress what the had created only seeing events spin out of control. Behind all of this, Agee very properly points his finger at a very few powerful interests (multinationals) profiting from CIA activities directly involved with the spread of terror.

For those with time and inclination, the preceding video in its entirety is a quite informative background to today’s events and the second part (conclusion) is quite interesting as well:

Every now and again, one gets away from the CIA’s hit squads, Agee was one of those and he wasn’t the last one ..

The Alpha Chronology


So, the USA had ‘liberated’ Libya, and the result? Growing Islamist control over a Libyan state in process of tearing itself apart, with al-Qaida aligned militia strengthened across North Africa. Would you think this might have imparted a lesson?

In the case of the western democracies follow-on in Syria, resulting in the rise of the IS or ‘The Caliphate’, a sensible 1st step would be for the western democracies to establish law revoking the citizenship of any ‘tourist warriors’ who serve in the ranks of the jihadis. Thinking about joining? Make it clear you will never be welcome back. Now, that said, with nearly 1,000 military bases around the world, there is a question every American should ask themselves; ‘Why is an American’s life worth more than a Libyan, an Iraqi, or a Syrian?’ Or even better, ask themselves why is it Americans are so widely hated? It’s not some coincidence:

This points to the ‘humanitarian’ aspect, or one could better say ‘humanitarian violence’, as Eyal Weizman had called it, noting Obama’s National Security Adviser, Susan Rice, never encountered a proposed ‘humanitarian intervention’ she did not approve. Consequently, it is quite fair to say ‘democracy’ has killed more Libyans, Iraqis and Syrians, by far, than Qaddafi, Saddam and Assad, left on their own, ever would have.

What the Russians had recognized in the positive for a very long time and the western democracies are discovering in the negative is, where there is no national tradition or cohesiveness in tribal groups organized by clan, particularly in state of diverse beliefs (Sunni, Shia, Marionite, Orthodox and more), and artificial or colonial borders on top of that, there is no stability and security outside the secular strongmen who’d held together what amounts to artificial nations.

And finally, what the USA appears to suffer is, a sort of self-feeding insanity similar to the mentally ill parent who insists a child is ill to a point the child (in this case, the American people) believes he or she actually is ill, to draw attention to the parents importance as a care-giver. This, I believe, best describes the USA’s leadership and obsession with ‘terror.’

IS isn’t nearly the problem, it would appear, as is the rank incompetence, one could as easily state questionable sanity, of the western democracies structures tasked with quelling a problem they only seem capable of making worse. Comparing the western democracies strategy and actions to a cartoon reality, resulting in the rise of the Islamic State in Syria/Iraq, is not really difficult:

The K.I.S.S. Principle

Recipe for creating inextinguishable, persistently metastasizing & apocalyptic disaster, known as ‘bringing democracy’ to the Arab world:

General Petraeus training and arming al-Sadr’s Shia death squads and then training and arming Sunni ‘awakening councils’ in Iraq, fomenting civil war.

Then, stop paying & leave noted Sunni ‘awakening councils’ unemployed on exit.

Arrange Sunni insurrection in neighboring Syria, where recently trained & presently unemployed Iraqis can look for a job.

Set up financing and arms to opposition in Syria via Saudi Arabia, courtesy of a subsequently Petraeus led CIA (financing by default to the Saudi favored Salafist fundamentalist groups, inclusive of al-Qaida aligned militia.)

Base your operations out of NATO’s Turkey & the western democracies’ lap-dog Jordan.

Have your ally in Qatar broadcast a call to jihad in Syria, to millions of Sunni Muslims across the world (why, thank you al-Jazeera!)

Have the CIA, in concert with MI6, DGSE & MOSSAD, contract former special operations forces to assist the opposition in Syria.

Plan for fundamentalists who source their training to initial American efforts in Iraq and recently boosted by the new endeavors of western intelligence agencies, to become the most powerful factions in Syria.

Replace psycho-killer Petraeus at CIA with psycho-killer John Brennan.

Distract people from what’s happening with the world class CIA screw-up in Syria with new caper engineered by same CIA, in Ukraine.

As Islamic State asserts control over large areas of Syria, see thousands of battle hardened fundamentalists pour out of Syria across the border back into Iraq, rout the Iraqi army and capture countless tons of American supplied weapons.

Freak out at discovery your generals anti-Islamic efforts in Iraq and Syria won’t change who will be in control if/when CIA led effort to overthrow the Assad regime is successful, Salifist fundamentalists, in this case so extreme as to be disowned by al-Qaida.

When Ukraine distraction has failed, blame Russia for everything.

Fail to realize the eventual assessment of the Christian fundamentalists running the Pentagon will be, the only sensible option is to nuke the Islamic fundamentalists, as well as Russians, Jews, Blacks, cartoonists, author of this blog, women, gays, anyone who doesn’t believe in literal Armageddon, children who don’t behave, people who sue the church (especially alter-boys that talk)

The Arab Spring for Dummies


Keep it simple, Stupid!


The Satires


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