What People Are Reading

This site is not one where you’ll find thousands of followers but that isn’t a concern because it is the quality of the readers is paramount. I have intelligence veterans read here (and by inference, intelligence agencies), ‘alternative’ journalists (some who come to steal), friendly entities & absolute enemies or that is to say angels & devils, as well curious innocents (who might well lose their innocence.) Roughly 1/2 my readers originate in the USA, with the rest scattered across the world with only a few nations not having visited, notably Iran, North Korea and a handful of African states.

This sites all time most read intelligence assessment is on Flight MH 17: Black Boxes, Dark Arts & Geopolitics.

In any given month, one or another article out of the past might suddenly become popular; a testament to the durability of the intelligence assessments (or satires, as the case may be.)

Of the 300+ articles (front page and indeterminate archives included), these are the top fifty recording hits from 5 July 2014 to 4 July 2015:

What’s behind the spies & political lies? 9,630
Black Boxes, Dark Arts & Geopolitics 4,960
Home page / Archives 2,544
Sociopaths & Democracy 2,122
Military Sock Puppets, NSA Trolls & CIA Shills 1,768
Alfreda Bikowsky & the Definition of Stupid 1,576
America’s Deep State 1,235
“We Tortured Some Folks” 874
Intelligence Agencies & Wikipedia 866
Ukraine for Dummies 858
A Whistle-Blower’s Odyssey of Survival 773
Obama’s Ukraine 742
Heroin, Bags of Cash & the CIA 732
‘God’s Chosen’ is [worse than] A Dumb Idea 696
Liberals 606
Hillary Clinton In Four Short Paragraphs 557
NATO’s Three Chihuahuas 523
Demons Anonymous 509
Obama’s Speech to Skull & Bones 488
Victoria Nuland’s Wedding with Christian al-Qaida 458
On Edward Bernays & Propaganda 453
Michele Bachmann & Wild Indians 442
Above Top Secret or How (not) to Leak 432
Fear of Minor Debris 422
The Satires 397
You’ve Got Apes! 393
Reorganizing Murder Inc 393
Thuck Norris 367
Germany’s Martyrs of the Maidan 347
The New Great Game 345
The Intercept Takes A Dive 326
The Ascension of The Morons 320
Poison Fruit Encore 1 315
Saki & Barf: Killer Women of the State Department 314
Stupid is as Stupid Does 306
The Islamic State for Dummies 302
Democracy & the Nazi Meme 300
America’s Deep State II 296
People Who Behave As Stupid As They Look 282
Francis Bacon 280
A Conversation With Jon Stewart 278
Saint Chester 267
Raphael’s Paradox 253
Tactical Nuclear Weapons for Dummies 252
Death of a MOSSAD Agent 252
Profits of War 245
Apple Indians & Anthropology 242
Dominionism’s Fingers in Kiev 231