Ascension |əˈsenSHən|
noun [ in sing. ]
the ascent of Christ into heaven on the fortieth day after the Resurrection.
ORIGIN Middle English (referring to the ascent of Christ): via Old French from Latin ascensio(n-), from the verb ascendere (see ascend)

Germany is at the center of the European Union’s economic engine, Germany’s Angela Merkel’s Christian Democrats are narcissistic in the extreme about the European Union and now Germany is at the center of one of the greatest ‘bait and switch’ acts in political history; with Ukrainian candy oligarch Poroshenko signing the Ukraine-European Union Association Agreement.

‘Ascension’ should be the word of choice used by the western democracies in regards to offering ‘temptation’ and baiting struggling nations like Ukraine with fantasies of heavenly rewards relating to a common human desire to improve one’s lot. But what you see isn’t what you get.

Ethnic Ukrainians are looking more and more like some gullible, hillbilly cousin of the ethnic Russian Ukrainians who smell a rat in the European Union association agreement:

“The true cause of the eurozone crisis is cumulative loss of competitiveness by peripheral countries, not fiscal indiscipline. Germany has won the competitive race within the EMU by keeping its unit labour costs almost flat for nearly two decades. This has led to large current account deficits for the periphery, mirrored by large German surpluses. The deficits were financed for many years by cheap credit because of lax ECB monetary policy, causing the vast indebtedness of the periphery. The peripheral states are to all intents and purposes insolvent”

In other words, Germany has milked Greece dry and Portugal, Spain, Italy & France are not far behind. What is needed to pick up the European Monetary Union [EMU or Euro Zone], also known as artificially propping up the German economy at the expense of others is, a blood-bank for its vampires. Ukraine is the new victim intended to be drained of its life force and here is how in simplest terms:

Feed common Ukrainians patently false hopes of a magic-wand-like better life that will arrive with a pending (but absolutely not true) EU integration and membership:

Yulia Tymoshenko, the former prime minister who was sprung from prison on Saturday after Yahukovych took it on the lam – and whose own years in office (ending in 2010) were far from corruption-free – told the Kiev crowds shortly after her release that she’s “sure that Ukraine will be a member of the European Union in the near future and this will change everything”

Next, after having ridden the coattails of USA (Zbigniew Brzezinski’s) neo-liberal geopolitical policy of isolating and cornering Russia, with Germany supporting a putsch in Ukraine (with ample closet support from American neo-conservative personalities) and see what happens in actuality; loss of Ukraine’s largest export market (Russia) for heavy industrial exports, with the attending collapse of Ukraine eastern industrial base whose product does not meet EU standards:

“we [Ukrainians] have little reason to believe that signing an association agreement would bring Ukraine closer to fully-fledged EU membership .. Prime Minister Mykola Azarov had said last October that Ukraine would have to come up with €165 billion over the next ten years to upgrade its economy to meet EU standards”

Come up with 165 billion Euro? The IMF and EU combined won’t fork 1/2 that much over in the next ten years, Ukrainian owned heavy industry will die out, but consequence of taking the money the western democracies do lend, will be to watch the western democracies wolves move in and implement model where Ukraine is become a slave to debt; requiring ‘privatization’, also known as selling assets and natural resources on the cheap to the very western democracies where Ukraine cannot export industrial goods to. Germany (particularly) will make money from the very resources the Ukrainian industry base can no longer develop. Meanwhile this will require ratcheting up ‘austerity’ so the interest on Ukraine’s massive, consequently un-repayable debt can be serviced- where mortal blow to already deeply troubled economy precludes expenditure on social programs (because you cannot afford pensions & social programs like unemployment, and service debt as well.)

Then, the little bit of borrowed cash and pittance remaining from selling out the nation’s resources that hasn’t been skimmed off by corruption, will be given back to the western democracies military-industrial corporations, used to buy weapons to hold a mounting insurgency in check; by increasingly alienated and desperate people-



^ Ukraine’s end of the deal

‘Ascension’ to the European Union for Ukraine, beginning with the ‘association agreement’, is when you will no longer find toilet paper in the shops… an ‘ascension’ that’s certainly not very ‘christ-like.’ To the morons who sucked into this, particularly the neo-nazis the western democracies’ leaders will use and abandon like stooges, enjoy the diet handed to Ukraine by Merkel (it’s in the illustration.)

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