This has been sent on in modified form as an open letter to German parliamentarians –


This post is intended to be updated time to time with short blurbs on hypocrisies, possible legal conundrums, myopic political acts and general oxymoron in geopolitical events. A sort of thumbnail sketches amalgamation of modern democratic idiocy in the circumstance & lives of spies. This has been inspired by my own case, which began as a more routine police investigation of what had been initially assessed as attempted murder of myself in Germany, relating to a attempted corruption cover-up originating in the USA. When investigation had begun, it came in the ‘wrong door’ so to speak, as there was assumption this was a more normal criminal case, as opposed to a geopolitical case involving what appears to have been an authorized ‘extra-judicial’ attempted assassination by close German allies. This is almost certainly when things became sticky for the German authorities, upon realization by police investigation, following leads developed in my case, the principal actors very clearly pointed to CIA & MOSSAD. But there is more:

On 17 June 2014, the western news spits out the fact a former high ranking Yugoslav spy will be tried in Germany for ordering the murder of a German resident Yugoslav dissident in 1983. The charge is “accessory to murder.’ This raises an interesting point.

My own case points not only to a refusal at the very top of German politics to prosecute (as well as German politicians displaying rank cowardice), but indicates collusion at the top of the German intelligence agencies in attempted murder of the person [myself] in a case their own police had been investigating. This is not only a case of demanding extradition for crimes ordered carried out in Germany from foreign soil, the question arises if the three German interior ministers, over the span of these past seven years, have blocked prosecution of the principal actors in my case, even as it became clear this was ongoing effort to silence a witness [myself] by allied intelligence, should they be, based on the present prosecution of the former ranking Yugoslav spy, be prosecuted as well? Does blocking the issuing of warrants by refusing referral to a prosecutor, failing to make extradition demands, arrests & prosecutions (even on the pretense of ‘ongoing investigation’ that may be deliberately intended to drag on forever, so to evade acting) as the attempted assassination stalking had gone on, constitute ‘accessory to murder’? These are questions that should be put to prosecutors as regards to German Interior Ministers Wolfgang Schäuble who was on watch in my case beginning with initial assassination attempts of October 2007 and did not act through his time in office to 28 October 2009, also Thomas de Maizière, 28 October 2009 to 3 March 2011, Hans-Peter Friedrich, 3 March 2011 to 17 December 2013, & again Thomas de Maizière, 17 December 2013 to present (2nd term)

Spies, Grotesque Reflex & Geopolitical Cynicism

to be continued…