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Robert Parry’s Journalism, Part Two

With a triumphant ‘cock-a-doodle-doo!’ in his recent “Re Shootdown Of Flight MH-17—–German Intelligence Concludes Missile Was Ukrainian, Not Russian” Robert Parry plays lick-spittle to intelligence agency spittoon, taking the bait of a deliberately engineered information operation (disinformation ploy) hook, line & sinker. Alternatively, Parry took a prepared script from his intelligence agency handler and ran with it. In either scenario, the unwitting or the complicit, Robert Parry is what is known in the business of spies as an ‘asset.’

First, let’s have a look at the ‘German Intelligence’ behind Robert Parry’s sudden YEAH! (with no doubt a fist-pump)

Bundesnachrichtendienst (BND) or Federal Intelligence Service (Germany) reports directly to Angela Merkel. This German counterpart to the CIA had been born out of the USA’s rescue of Nazi intelligence at the end of World War Two. Initially organized by the OSS and subsequently CIA as the ‘Gehlen Organization’ under Hitler’s veteran Soviet spymaster (Nazi war criminal) Reinhard Gehlen, the BND came into existence when the Gehlen Organization, staffed with Nazi Party & SS veterans, as well as more than 100 former Gestapo officers, was transferred by the USA to the Federal Republic of Germany (then so-called ‘West Germany’) to be under the authority of Chancellor Konrad Adenauer. And so it was Hitler’s top intelligence people became Germany’s post-war CIA. One can only imagine Reinhard Gehlen’s smirk when he’d stated his organization employed a lower percentage of former SS & Gestapo than most ministries in Adenauer’s Federal Republic of Germany government.

Nazi’s don’t shed their spots, folks. Simple social psychology determines an agency staffed with Gestapo that is historically, closely wedded to Angela Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union (and especially the CDU’s ‘sister’ party, the Christian Social Union) will have kept a certain proclivity or sympathies intact. It’s like any exclusive club at the top, you are hired based on the people controlling the interview process (Gestapo) and promoted to the top because of your willingness to ‘play the game’, insuring a particular mindset will perpetrate itself (similar to inter-generational violence.) This will certainly be  the case of the Bundesnachrichtendienst (BND) in relation to Angela Merkel’s political support structures in the Bundestag (German Parliament) and its numerous Nazi founders. To see Merkel’s minions (and by implication BND) fingerprints supporting the CIA initiated putsch installing a neo-nazi regime in Ukraine, one need look no farther than Merkel’s CDU aligned Adenauer Foundation:

“According to press reports, the German government would like to have boxing champion Vitali Klitschko run for president and bring him to power in the Ukraine. It would like to enhance the popularity of the opposition’s politician by staging, for example, joint public appearances with the German foreign minister. For this purpose, a meeting is also planned for Klitschko with Chancellor Merkel at the next EU summit in mid-December. The Konrad Adenauer Foundation is, in fact, not only massively supporting Klitschko and his UDAR party. According to a CDU politician, the UDAR Party was founded in 2010 on the direct orders of the CDU foundation. Reports on the foundation’s activities for the development of Klitschko’s party give an indication of how Germans are influencing the Ukraine’s domestic affairs via UDAR. Berlin’s use of Poland in its policy toward the Ukraine is also increasing. Berlin and Warsaw are cooperating with the Ukrainian ultra right-wing Svoboda (“Liberty”) party, which stands in the tradition of Nazi collaborators, who massacred 100,000 Christian and Jewish Poles during WW II”

Now, back to the gist of Robert Parry’s cock-a-doodle-doo in relation to the BND ‘intelligence finding’ reported to parliament, and how Parry’s reporting serves the purpose of an information operation (disinformation campaign.)

The USA had been stupid enough (John Kerry, particularly) to claim Russia was behind the shoot-down of Flight MH-17. This media hype calculated to stir the ill-informed American masses into a Russophobia frenzy, put Germany’s Angela Merkel between a rock and a hard place. Merkel, despite her Nazi derived support structures, has to balance the reality Germany has a solid Russia aligned core in its left political wing, Germany’s business world has significant investments in Russia, and not least, Germany’s populace is not entirely, or even for the most part, so ill informed as to come off as stupid (as rank and file Americans.) Mix this into the pie of Angela Merkel’s CDU & CSU party cadres and intelligence personalities, with strong Nazi tendencies, are little more than USA policy sycophants and there has to be a ‘middle way’ discovered to both; please ‘big brother’ (USA) and avoid appearing to both Russia and domestic press  to be as solidly insane as the Obama administration in relation to Ukraine (despite the fact they are.)

What is certain is, it was not a Ukrainian ‘rebel’ controlled Buk (surface to air) missile brought down Flight MH-17, there are simply too many professionals have examined the evidence and found it to be more than unconvincing, rather the so-called ‘evidence’ comes off as disingenuous. We know the ‘rebels’ had a captured Buk. We know both Kiev and the rebels had stated the Buk launcher was inoperable. The rebels had invited outside observers to examine the Buk in their possession, abandoned by Kiev’s forces, to determine the Buk could not have been used to shoot down MH-17 (an offer declined by the western democracies.) Angela Merkel’s intelligence people (in consultation with the CIA no doubt) have to come up with a Solomon solution to this dilemma, and they do so by offering to cut the disinformation by half. The solution? Blame the rebels, but exonerate Russia. This is accomplished by presenting ‘evidence’ (that was not made public) to the German parliamentary committee overseeing foreign affairs in a closed meeting and then inform Der Spiegel. This is how the disinformation game is played in mainstream media folks.

Now, in relation to alternative media, with a carefully engineered false line of information published on behalf of the intelligence agencies, CIA asset Robert Parry has his chance to cock-a-doodle-doo to the heavens, crowing IT WASN’T THE RUSSIANS! (we already knew that) delivering a BND engineered escape route to the Obama Administration’s CIA despite the more reliable facts point to Kiev as the actual perpetrators of the MH-17 shoot-down NOT with a missile but with a COMBAT JET. The BND’s ‘Sorry, it wasn’t the Russians put up a surface to air missile, it was the rebels’ twisted by Parry into a ‘out of control Ukrainian nationalists by far more likely than rebels used a Buk’ falsehood gets coverage in alternative media. That will have to do as a fallback position for DCI John Brennan’s people wanting ambiguity to be sustained. Except that we know it wasn’t Parry’s accused ‘rogue nationalists’ or the BND’s accused ‘rebels’, it was Kiev’s interior ministry, and it wasn’t a Buk surface to air missile, it was a military jet shot down MH 17. By leaving open the door to a rogue nationalist or rebel shoot down with a surface to air missile, rather than foreclosing on the Buk surface to air missile reporting on what has been nothing more than a ruse, helps kill the chances there will be a serious exam in media of the facts convicting Kiev (quite likely with assist from CIA or ‘other’ agencies covert ops) use of a military jet. This is Robert Parry’s professional disinformation engineering method; substituting false narrative with alternative false narrative, and it’s not the first time.

How is it Robert Parry can claim reliable sources to feed supporting disinformation into his story lines? Look no farther than his bosom buddy, ‘disgruntled & retired’ CIA analyst Ray McGovern. A ‘mr insider’ as a close associate will make anything Parry claims in relation to ‘reliable’ inside sources look credible. If indeed Parry had sources spilling information the Obama administration did not want in the public purview, they’d be all over Parry like flies on stink and McGovern and related ‘other’ sources would be sitting in a cell next to John Kiriakou.

Meanwhile, the steadily growing trail of verifiable facts back up the Russian investigation of events:

If Robert Parry were peddling honest materials, he’d have long since foreclosed on any surface to air missile scenario; where in fact all his reporting serves is to provide escape mechanism for the perpetrators of the murders of 298 innocent international air travelers in a false-flag intelligence agency caper intended to frame Russia for a heinous crime-

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