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2017 Blog Stats & more

Military Religious Freedom Foundation End of Year Message

A Don Rumsfeld & Dick Cheney Christmas satire

Gen Neller’s “Big-Ass Fight” With Russia category: cultural moron

The Hypocrite John Brennan whose ‘sovereign rights’ ?

Incompetent Espionage & WikiLeaks (IV) spooks dupe the FBI

Hired Killers, CIA & The New York Times NYT fake news

Saakashvili Rolls his Rrrs (& Stammers) satire

The Western World’s Joke decolonization

Jerusalem on war between civilizations

Bitcoin Doesn’t Exist on cyber currency & your imagination

Useful Idiots are Still Idiots Saakashvili assessment

Fly Face versus Mucous Face Poroshenko v Saakashvili

Spartacus history links

Fall Notes on the ‘white’ IQ

The Oath and the Trash Bin on (not) upholding the constitution

President Dotard’s Knuckle Draggers on North Korea

Maidan Snipers Italian investigative journalist Gian Micalessin

Another Confederacy of Dunces more on ‘the Russians did it’

Cyber-War & Google Robots on ‘the Russians did it’ meme

Why I Do Not Use Weed a Montana marijuana folk story

When The Moon is Made of Green Cheese The Intercept’s journalism

Catalonia Paradox on impunity, fascism and assassination

June Notes, Week Four ‘disappeared’ suspects (WOT)

June Notes, Week Three the 3rd soap installment

June Notes, Week Two spooks & USA infrastructure

The FBI’s Fae Wray the new closet drag queen in charge

June Notes, Week One weapons sales, media whores & more

Pineapple Face Dead Noreiga obituary (satire)

The Joke & The Punchline on the warlock Brzezinski’s death

The Lynching criminals hang their crook (poem & notes)

Deep State Reprise Special Counsel Mueller’s FBI subversion

The Coup Progresses President Pence will be bad news

Comey’s Letter what he could have written

On Trump Firing Comey circus maximus

The Sultan’s Sleaze Circus more beating the dead Erdogan horse

All In The Mix: Of Sultans, Spooks & Sarin beating a dead horse

No Alliance is Too Obscene NATO bed-partners

Calling Out Corbett Report on Syria & sarin

Mighty Mouse on Zionists and WWIII

The New Ten Commandments al-Qaida & NATO in love

Lenny Bruce & George Carlin on Jews for Jesus concerning idiocy

When a Rooster Thumbs its Nose on deep state internecine war

The U.S. Deep State Rules by Glen Ford at Black Agenda Report

Jack at 95 a rebuttal of Kerouac’s ‘On the Road’

Truth Telling Perversions on Robert Steele’s myopia

The CIA’s Amazon Books how to own a billionaire

Watch Your Back Closely Shahin Najafi on assassinations

The Poisonous Toad on CIA social engineering

Web Filters & Google ‘just be evil’

It’s The Sauce on pedophilia in politics

Steve ‘rosie’ O’Bannon a ‘Team Trump’ sexuality satire

Odds-Makers, CIA & Treason ‘the coup’

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