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This essay of mine is originally from 2009 where it was posted on ‘myspace’ (before Rupert Murdoch’s people destroyed that platform.) A mutual acquaintance brought the essay to Russell’s attention with a request for some response, which was never forthcoming. Why I am re-posting the essay now is, I ran across an essay at Cultural Survival which extensively utilizes Russell Mean’s as an authority on the subject of fraud in Native American spiritual matters. I do not take issue with the gist of the essay posted at the Cultural Survival website (except for it’s very incomplete coverage of a complex subject, which I will take forward in upcoming assessment) but I do take issue with Russell Means as an expert authority and role model.

I know a little something about what it means to be Indian in the old ways, and it is that standard, the original Native American standard, I will speak to here.

At our age, we either have become elders, and that entails a certain kind of wisdom achieved in the native way, through a lifetime of personal evolution or, we have become ‘nothing people.’

Russell would not know me from Adam, were we to meet, is my guess. So now I will remind him of what is not forgotten.

Russell and I go back over 30 years, to the International Treaty Councils held at Fort Belknap in Montana. I was invited by the Atsina members based on my association with the old Blackfoot Confederacy, The Kainah, Sisika, Amskapi Pikuni, Skinee Pikuni, Sarcee, Atsina and particularly because of my relationship to the Pikuni peoples.

On one occasion I accepted, and generously donated considerable financial support to this American Indian Movement event. Delegations from numerous tribes attended, from the USA and Canada. My nephew, Devalon Small Legs, from an important family of Canadian AIM leaders of that time, attended from the Skinee Pikuni, I was the only Amskapi Pikuni present.

AIM had incorporated both political and spiritual movements, our Blackfoot confederated members tended to the spiritual side. The difference is, the spiritual people understand that to be Native American is primarily a way of life, a lived philosophy. I am White. But I grew up bi-culturally Native American, with relationships in the Native community from my youth. My Pikuni spiritual people had always honored this. Also my Plains Ojibwe and Cree peoples.

Russell’s AIM people did not even bother to inquire when they met me, they saw a Whiteman, judged me on that fact solely and Russell accordingly has been a fool for over thirty years. Indian people should never have to be instructed to be civil in their Native community.

On top of about $700 out of pocket to help feed the International Treaty Council event and provide some travel money, a lot of money both for myself and that community in that era, I had brought in some non-native people with open minds. I wished to create empathy, open channels of dialog and raise awareness in the outside world concerning the cruel apartheid system our subjugated tribes suffer.

Russell’s AIM delegation killed that. The only people from the Means camp to visit our camp, came to make pointed racial insults. It was so bad, my Blackfoot confederacy people and Atsina hosts had to call a special meeting simply to insist we be treated in a civil way. It never happened (civility from Russell’s people) but the worst of the insults ceased. So much for dialog.

At a subsequent meeting attended by Russell and myself in Great Falls, Montana, Russell had to be pointedly told I could participate in the Pipe Ceremony by my nephew Devalon, the AIM spiritual leader for that event. That was the last and only time I had personally met Russell, but I have kept an eye on him since.

I am related to the Gophers, a plains Ojibwe family. I am not close to all of them, I will say it is for reasons more traditional people would understand. However I did know Robert Gopher, a key International Treaty Council supporter, quite well. To be fair, I will say Robert was a well intended but bullheaded and not the brightest man. When our relative, a Gopher kid, was to be sentenced for manslaughter, a result of drinking and driving, Robert asked Russell Means for help. That was a big mistake. The kid was guilty as hell, with multiple prior offences, and instead of opening a civil dialog in the community concerning why these things too often happen in the repression of enforced poverty, Russell shot his mouth off to the press to the effect the prosecution of the kid amounted to “racism.” That was pretty rich, based on my experience with Russell. His “racist prosecution” statement was all over the Montana newspapers, it pissed off the judge and the book was thrown at the Gopher kid, he got the maximum possible sentence the prosecutor was asking for, 100 years.

When I met the author of ‘In the Spirit of Crazy Horse’, Peter Mattheissen, we had a short conversation about Russell. I told Peter that Russell is a “really big asshole” and Peter agreed with me “Yes, Russell is a very big asshole, but he is an important asshole to his people.”

I respectfully disagree with Peter. There is only one important asshole in Indian country, and that asshole is Old Man Coyote.

Russell went on to bail out of Sundance and dumped his Montana Sundancers in the middle of vows, that made the newspapers with tribal spiritual leaders pointedly upset, he rode off into the sunrise, when Russell got a call to be a movie star in Iroquois country. It would be fitting he played a bad guy.

And it came out the non-violent AIM educator, Annie May Aquash, was murdered by the Means faction of AIM, the order to kill Annie was given out of a meeting held in a Means brother’s kitchen. Like Peter Mathiassen and many others, I had believed it was corrupt law enforcement had murdered Annie, but that was Russell’s AIM faction line of bullshit. It hurt, that one. Some of our Indian people are no better than the goons who persecute us.

And then, Russell’s wife called 911 in New Mexico because he was beating her.

Finally, Russell tried to run for tribal council, the most corrupt and repressive banana republic regime you can imagine, tribal councils being completely in violation of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights and habitual offenders against Native American human rights and a mainstay of the American apartheid system for Indians.

I am not aware Russell has ever corrected himself in these matters.

In the Indian way, when you have made mistakes, they must be confessed. Russell had stated “For the world to live, Europe must die.” Russell should better look at killing the “Europe” in himself. Because the ego of the Whiteman, also known as refusing to learn and correct oneself, is fatal to what it means to be Indian- that is to be generous, gentle, kind and loving people who live in a beautiful way.

People should, in the circumstance of Russell presenting himself as a role model for our young people, question whether Russell actually is an authentic Indian who has overcome great adversity or, sadly, whether the facts point to Russell as a failed and angry trash product of the Boarding School legacy.

This is something Russell has never sorted out, he has never walked the walk. Insofar as the facts speak for themselves, in the old Indian way, Russell is a ‘nothing person.’


Life in Indian Country Essay collection

First essay in the series on the original Plains culture (matriarchy)


“The ones who complain and talk the most about giving away Medicine Secrets, are always those who know the least” -Frank Fools Crow, Lakota

I’m glad Frank stated this, because I am going to give away some ‘medicine secrets’ in this essay of what is intended to become a series (in which I will be giving away more so-called ‘medicine secrets’)

First off, there were no ‘secrets’, only a reluctance to share knowledge with people who live stupidly. In today’s world, where the majority of MANKIND is living  stupidly, including many so-called ‘traditional Indians’, the native principle of paradox comes into play. That is to say, when an old habit has come to be counter-productive, the old habit must be turned on its head.

The old native world was never ‘traditional’ in present day context or in the way people seem to think this definition applies, because the native reality was fluid, dynamic, evolving, the dream changes. New dreams revealed themselves and life adjusted accordingly. Within this context, there were some immutable rules, including exceptions to immutable rules! The rules of ‘tobacco’ were not an exception except in the case of a law-breaker chief, an accepted (but rare) phenomena. So, turning this all on its head (again) I will point out the rules of tobacco should be kept in the old way, mostly without exception. And these rules are not what many people might think.

The ‘Sacred’ is Sensual

So, tobacco goes into a pipe, correct? Well, not in every case. But in the same moment, yes, it all does, or should, sooner or later. Am I speaking in metaphor? Maybe, it all depends on how far ‘tobacco’ has taken you in understanding or negotiating reality, which is multi-layered, multi-faceted.

300 years Jesuit poisoning of Native American mentality might jolt some of you (Indians particularly) when I point out the stone appendage jutting out from beneath the bowl of the MAN pipe is your boner (that’s right, a man’s erection.) A woman’s pipe does not ‘sport’ this. So right off, sex is integral to the ‘sacred’, which has absolutely nothing to do with those modern cretans or so-called Medicine Men or Holy Men who use the power of their position to gratify themselves sexually, by preying on their female students. In fact, ‘traditionally speaking’ men did not have female students until a woman had reached menopause, and then only if a woman wished to exercise her ABSOLUTE right to enter into the male knowledge. Men did not, DID NOT, on the other hand, have any ‘right’ to enter into the women’s knowledge but only arrived there by invitation of the elder women and this invitation only extended to man reaching the women’s knowledge in a limited way and was highly restricted. Got that? The point is, this was matriarchy (which is different to matrilineal, don’t confuse these two.) The main point of these initial paragraphs are to point out the rules of tobacco originated with the women, and the man’s pipe (ancient tribal law for men) originated with women. A woman might exercise her right to smoke a man’s pipe but a man had no right to smoke a woman’s pipe. A woman smoking a man’s pipe is not recommended in these modern times because most women would not know (have the cultural teaching) how to properly do this (something where even the men often come up short, regarding the present times.)

Recalling an old Indian healer stating “the only worthless person is someone who cannot appreciate a good joke”, I’ll close these initial thoughts with a real life joke I pulled on a ceremonial leader; he is gay, no big deal, celibate gays were among our tribes most effective shamans, historically. This guy was sitting outside his sweat lodge, cleaning his man’s pipe. When he began to suck on the opening where the stem goes, to clear it, I told him, “No, the other end” and he snorted his laugh through his nose.

If you are a so-called ‘traditional’ Indian and you have a problem with these preceding paragraphs, well, indeed you do have a problem, it is called a Christian cultural mentality, pointing to the Jesuit poisoning of your cultural understanding.

The Rules of Tobacco

The ancient native world was separated into what I will call the ‘heavy’ (when the women sent their men to learn, to be healed, to war, the hunt, to council and to perform ceremony) and the ‘serene’ (which is supposed to be everything else.) Tobacco is central to the ‘heavy.’

  1. Modern people seem to think they can own a native person of knowledge (get what they want) by giving tobacco when in fact in the old way, the person you give tobacco to, actually owns you. Lets’ do a hypothetical circumstance with healing, learning or ceremony employing the old rules, as I have both witnessed or participated in, many times, here is example of seeking a healer:
  1. In the old way, when approaching a person of knowledge/healer (man or woman, if a woman is the healer you employ a woman’s pipe you will not smoke with her if you are a man, this is set in stone, if a woman recruiting a male, the reverse is generally but not always true), you bring certain gifts, typically ‘smudge’, a blanket, prints (uncut cloth) of specified color(s) and you have to ‘catch’ them. If you can catch them (find them, if they know you are coming, it is perfectly permissible to hide from you), they will sit and you must kneel and plead your case. To initiate the relationship of healing, ceremony or learning, et cetera, the prints are to acknowledge ‘spirit’ and the blanket is about ceremonial respect for the earth, or ‘sitting on the ground.’ This must be acknowledged with gifts. The tobacco itself is communion and the ‘smudge’ (typically sweetgrass, proper cedar or a special pine) is communicating through spirit.
  1. If the healer accepts (they are not required to) the pipe you have pointed at them, wedged into the blanket and prints, they OWN YOUR LIFE. You have already failed in your own knowledge to solve the problem by this time and this is why you seek out the healer. The healer will perhaps give physical remedies (especially if a medicine woman, less typically a man), and look at your life, make some changes and return it to you with a new rule or set of rules (the anthropologists might call these ‘taboos’ but they really don’t have a clue.) And you MUST live this, to honor what you have set out to do. This same ceremonial surrender is required to initiate finding a teacher, a trained ceremonial sponsor or person (for the duration of the ceremony beginning with the ‘acceptance’) and much more.
  1. What you see today, simply handing tobacco to someone, to get what you want, is patent bs. How this came about is likely mixing up the ‘giving tobacco’ ceremony (utilizing the pipe) with the sincere native ‘thank you’ gift of tobacco to someone you felt grateful to for some reason.

All that said, if you had example of someone come in looking for an elder, perhaps to ask advice, you might see something like this: an old woman in a room apart, talking one on one, alone except for the one other person. A new arrival might ask ‘are they smoking’ which is an inquiry into whether they are in deep discussion or ‘council.’ It is a figure of speech alluding to more formal proceeding on a larger scale of ceremony. If the answer is ‘yes’, they will not invade. Maybe that person only brought tobacco. This would be like ‘thanks in advance’ and is only permissible within extended family or intimate associations with close relationship of longstanding and does not apply to interaction as pertains to formal learning, ceremony and healing. And there is so much more… things are not as they were and ‘traditional’ in the modern day is a complete misapprehension of reality in too many cases to count. If by chance you know how to submit yourself to women and are culturally in contact with some strict old ladies who are willing to kick your butt until you can get it right, count your blessings… because you might become a real Indian in authentic sense of ‘traditional’


My life of many years, it is truly good-


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Life in Indian Country

Collected stories, folklore and anecdotes concerning my many years life with Blackfeet Indians and traversing Native American territories


„Oh man, Ron, the way those nuns beat us..“  Pat Kennedy

There is no such thing as an Indian in the generic sense. There are a few tribes where the aboriginal language is still fairly widely spoken, several tribes that the language is surviving but is endangered, and some tribes have lost their language altogether. In a scientific sense, language defines culture, and to be really, truly Indian, to think in aboriginal terms, it is very difficult to imagine that you could be, for instance a Blackfeet, and not speak your language. Much more true is the idea that person would be Blackfeet American, like an Irish American or Japanese American, an American of Blackfeet descent, culturally speaking. It is possible to see the world in aboriginal terms in English or other western languages, but it would not be easy or likely for most. The problem is context.

My observation, having been in Blackfeet country for twenty-five years, and most of that time associated with those Blackfeet that still speak their language, is that 80% or more  of the English speaking only Blackfeet were raised out of context of their real culture. Blackfeet blood at birth, hanging out at a few Pow-wows, even growing up dancing on the pow-wow road and being raised in Browning, does not necessarily create a Blackfeet Indian. Likewise, celebrating Saint Patrick and drinking Guinness does not an Irishman make. It would be generous to think that 20% of today’s enrolled tribal members are real Indians in the old sense. That the 80% who are not Indian actually think they are Indian, is a tragedy that reinforces the idea of the ongoing Human Rights abuse perpetrated on these peoples through the continued forced Anglo-centric education in Indian Country. The Whiteman teaches the Indians what the Whiteman wants the Indians to think. And this is what the Blackfeet learn in the Browning schools. Regardless of whether the teachers skin color is White or Red.

The Whiteman’s Social Science is fully aware these people are no longer aboriginal by definition. Language largely defines culture. But nobody has taught this to the English speaking Blackfeet in these public schools. They only learn what the Whiteman intends for them to know. Red Whitemen are teaching Indians in schools on reservations, in English, in the classroom setting of Western Civilization that they are Indians. It simply is not true, culturally speaking. So some things have not changed since the Blackfeet first came under the control of the United States. The Indians continue to be lied to.

Ten years ago I could still follow conversational Blackfeet, but my toungue was never able to shape the pronunciation. If you  wrongly pronounce Blackfeet, in the smallest way, it will more often than not  change the intended meaning and sound silly, even dangerous. So I never spoke. But one of the unquestionable masters of Blackfeet language and Oral History, Floyd Heavy Runner, was my friend and explained the language to me for many years. So I am not afraid to go into what is generally a forbidden area of discussion in the Indian world. Whether real Indians speak their language.

Speaking of who or what is an Indian is problematic these days because of language. My experience was, that to be truly Indian, in no uncertain terms, has almost everything to do with the primary language you speak.

I do have empathy for the people that have lost their language and still identify as Indian, but there needs to be some explanation of why their priorities are messed up.. why aren’t these people largely proactively learning their language rather than playing into a set of circumstances that lets the native languages, and the community of thought and behaviors associated with those languages, continue to die. One big reason for the continued death of native languages is the mandatory western education in Indian country today, the public schools, are not equipped to teach Indian languages, languages which are not predicated on the same ideas as western languages. Teaching Blackfeet in a western school setting is nowhere near as simple as teaching Spanish or German. Not even close.

Definitions of what constitutes an Indian are a major part of that problem. An Indian language definition of what an Indian is cannot be found in an English dictionary. This Indian language definition would be the non western terms in which you see and interact in this world. In short, how it is about you live your life in relation to aboriginal ideas.  If you are not recognizable as able to interact in these terms, which are largely unknown to western  educators, you are not a complete Human Being in the old aboriginal concept. You are not really an Indian in the old sense of what that meant. This is because in the native language, that is where it has not yet been christianized, people are holographic expressions of manifest nature, they are already are everything they need to be, there is only a journey of discovery through observation in the natural world. Here, there is no concept of coincidence, there is no concept of seperation, i.e. the temporal and sacred, and there is no clear boundary between dream and reality. In this world, the native speaker’s focus is allowing for personal space, self restraint, and non interference. These are the boundaries that are emphasized. And it is impossible to ask the typical western educator to teach something they have no concept of. This would include western educators that racially identify as Indian, but are not native language proficient.

Those who don’t have their thinking shaped by native language see themselves as Indian by birthright in Anglo or western terms, conceived of in degrees of blood. This perception is without validity, it falls far short of the original Indian concept, that is, if it is the aboriginal concept that gives the definition of what it means to be native. Because to be Indian is to see the world you live in, in a certain way. This has little to do with whether or not you are full blood, half breed or non native blood, if the definition of Indian stems from the language of the original peoples inhabiting the Americas.

Native membership (in the old sense) was never predicated on race, but on perceptions, especially how the community perceived you. If you think like an Indian, a Human Being, one of ‘The People’, then your actions in the community enabled you to be recognized as such. Many, perhaps most of today’s Indians, would be unrecognizable as Human from this old perspective.

Those who speak the native language fluently are more apt to approach life with great care according to laws built into the language (the stories.) Life itself is lived as an observational meditation in concert with nature in many respects. There are things these people are at great pains not to do. Ever. This is the approach that created the wise old people, the ones that can bring ceremony meaningfully to the people.

Those who do not speak Indian are much more likely to live their life carelessly from the original Indian perspective. Theirs’ is a dangerous road that damages the entire Indian nation. The result associated with this is tragedy. Oftentimes these people are too dangerous to bring into ceremony. Many of them do not know how to be quiet and listen. Frequently they cannot seem to learn the old ways in an authentic sense. Largely they do not evolve through the course of their lives as would be expected of the old way Indian.

This is because Indian Languages formed the development of the mind and shaped the perceptions of the native world. Unlike the western world, where deeper insights into truly useful knowledge are the provence of higher education, and acquiring social skills and learning the basic education are stepping stones for those privileged with opportunities for higher education, the Indian language world provided every child equally a language integrated opportunity for higher education, beginning at birth.

First, in the Indian World, the child learned to see his/her surroundings in terms of the animate. Suckling at mother’s breast, the child sees the effect, hears and feels, the movement of the breeze in the aspen groves and the language sounds associated with that natural phenomena. Already the child is learning, but not about single objects, rather that life and being alive already is an integrated whole, that all things are inter-related. Aboriginal language has already laid the foundation for an advanced understanding of physics, but not in the western abstract. From the first understanding of speech, the native language child knows already that they are a part of everything that is, that in some sense they embody everything that is. Already this child has a foundation laid that will be atypical of nearly all of the children in Anglo society. And it is only after this first great lesson of inclusiveness that they learn to differentiate. But these next lessons will differ from the Anglo concept as well.

Now the stories begin. Again in nature, the stories of Coyote, Magpie and King Fisher, with their sounds integrated into songs (Cree King Fisher song “Kay-kay, Kay-kay, Kanawa Bum), everything that is, in the natural world, is taught in stories that do not differentiate people from animals. The differentiation is in the personalities of nature of which people are an integral part. And because of those personalities, and the stories associated with them, the child is learning the difference between foolish and sound behaviors as well as risks, and how to handle risk. It is all about personal responsibility in the context of nature, with all of nature taught as a single sacred, humanity integrated social concept.

Now the native language child learned to play. And the child’s play was predicated on these stories. By the time this sort of child is ten years of age, he or she already knows how to become a Chief, Medicine Man or Holy Woman. It is all about how you live your life and personal responsibility. At this age, a mere ten years, nearly every child in Indian speaking society could, in a by far greater sense than White children ever knew at the same age, be depended upon to perform responsibly as citizens of their respective nations.

Already these native children were prepared to attend the native language equivalent of higher education, the so called (by the anthropologists) age grade societies. Now, they would be observed by their communities in their personal evolution, with a premium put on an intelligent balance between audacity and self restraint. Having lived right, and advancing through these societies and serving these communities, generally by the age of 45 or 50 years (the truly gifted might arrive at this status sooner) these native language citizens might have earned the right to speak in council as leaders of their respective families, clans, societies,  and nations.

But with the advent of the missionaries and the destruction of the language, a different Indian emerged. When the Native American populace became prisoner on their respective reservations, they were subjected to enforced Anglo educations and a super tragedy ensued.

The early western educators of the American Indian were the missionaries. Other than the basic rudiments of reading and writing, the focus was not on the practical well being of the Indian children in their charge, but their so called ‘spiritual’ well being. The rank superstition the Christian missionaries held concerning native beliefs systems, demanded that the language and associated stories of Native America be crushed in the children. And those languages were destroyed in brutal fashion, through actual physical torture, the figurative rape (and oftentimes literal rape) inclusive of systematic murder, of several generations of native speaking children in government run or approved boarding schools.

How could this happen? Christian ideologues were most concerned with advancing Christianity in native peoples. These Evangelicals, whether Catholic or Protestant, were  not primarily concerned with matters of science and education, rather rank cult superstition is what they taught, and tolerance of the language, ideas and lifestyles of other cultures was not in their curriculum. Either you knew Christ or you burned. Having known the burn of smallpox and measles, now the Indian children were subjected to this new and unnatural disease of spirit, a dark ages cult belief in man’s dominion over the earth, the conquest and control of nature, and the burn of shame in who you would now will become, a thing born in Sin, in a world that will be destroyed because of wickedness. And all Indian thoughts, philosophies and languages were suddenly wicked.

Imagine being 9 years old, not speaking a word of English, suddenly being picked up by the police without notice and delivered to a prison full of Indian children where you are beaten with an iron fire poker the first day you are there, for daring to speak in Indian: the only language you know. As a child, you have been born again in Evil. Because you are not allowed to speak, except in the terms and new language of this apocalyptic event visited upon you, you discover a new life birthed through a violence that came upon you from nowhere, and you could be trapped in this Dantean Hell for years.  Your physical torture, absolutely brutal beatings, even to death, only stops with the rote memorization of Bible verse and complete capitulation to the idea that your former life was shit.

In the original native sense, the survivors among these Indian children were drowned as functional Human Beings in this evil. The strongest amoung them died, those who were most Indian, beaten to death. Association with the original language and stories became so traumatic for the survivors, the Indian children that broke, that these individuals never passed the language to their children. Indian languages, and the knowledge of what it actually meant to be an Indian, in countless cases, died across the Americas.

But you could still be Indian in a sort of lying way. You look Indian. The civilization that physically beat the Indianess out of you still identifies you as Indian, because of the new lie of Race. So now, a generation later, you think that you are Indian, but you struggle to know what that means. You know it means you were conquered. You know it means your civilization was destroyed. You know it means your ancestors spoke, and maybe a handful of your tribesmen speak, a different language. You might believe that because you are able to dress like your ancestors and dance at a pow-wow, you are traditional. But inside you know this is not really true. And it makes you angry. Now your babies sit in front of a television and learn in English what an inanimate object is. The lie grows.

Unemployable, you sit and play Cribbage and Black Jack, endlessly, surviving on welfare and government commodities, your children grow up emulating the behaviors they see on the TV, become criminals and either die or go to prison. “Indian Love”, the beatings that were introduced to your community by the boarding school returnees, the primary lesson learned there, pass on to generation after generation. Whether because you are broke and drunk, or consequently just socially stupid, real ceremony is no longer a part of your life. But ceremony, the ritual observation of and interaction in natural phenomena, is what Indian life really is. But these beaten Indians cannot know it.

But there are the Indians that were not destroyed as Human Beings. In bits and pieces, in a handful here or there, there is a spark of life, the language, the stories, and a more real idea, a greater original understanding of what it means to be Indian, survives. And that idea, that there are still Indians, has rubbed off on some of these otherwise culturally deprived in the community.  But there are still huge problems.

Now, the third generation children of the boarding school Indians want to come home, figuratively; to become Indian in reality. But they do not speak Indian. And for that fact, they cannot easily come home. English language thought and associated Christian culture precludes this homecoming, more often than not. Because the Indian child, these days, receives a western education with both little and inferior knowledge about what it really means to be an Indian from substandard schools that are not equipped to teach language in an aboriginal context. To be westernized, to speak English only, and understand ceremony in the aboriginal Indian sense is not impossible, but is a difficult path.

The first circumstance necessary for the non native speaking Indian to become real, is the ability to realize that non-western knowledge, in this case pre-western Indian knowledge, is not superstitious evil, hocus pocus, or a beliefs system that is foolish and stupid. This is more easily overcome in the present day Indian Country than it is in the Anglo community, because the time of this pre-western knowledge is still close, even functional in some people. Some of the Medicine people can still heal. Some of the ceremony can still demonstrate an ability to manifest phenomena in nature. There is nothing like seeing is believing. Those culturally deprived Indians that have distanced themselves from the fundamentals of Evangelical Christianity and have had a look in the window at their ancestral native world, can see there is something to it. That is the first essential step to their return to being Indian.

But if they stop there and simply imitate ceremony, they are only half way home and stuck. Real ceremony requires the manifestation of natural phenomena in concert with the act of ceremony itself. Whether Buffalo Calling had brought the Buffalo, or Weather Making had brought the weather, these were the empirical proof in the old Indian way of ceremony.

But knowing it can be made to happen, and knowing how to make it happen, is not the same thing. Imitating ceremony, copying it from how it was seen or remembered, often doesn’t work, is not necessarily real. It can be seen as empty and hollow, a ‘nothing’ event. Because the necessary concept to manifest the phenomena is oftentimes not present in the ritualizing individuals. This is the missing language. The native understanding of nature, and an observed cause and effect relationship that is not limited in the sense of Newtonian physics, but is a much wider idea, is built into the language through the stories. Place, time, ritual and manifest natural phenomena, learned from what the stories teach about observations in nature, all will intersect for the real Indian.

But a copied ceremony from the past, absent the authentically trained Medicine people, only serves to reinforce a self-stereotype of what it means to be Indian, among people who only think they are Indian. They look Indian and have Indian ancestry, but reality is they are not complete Indians in the old sense of what that meant. I am not saying this is true in every case, but my own observation is that it is true for most of the Indians I had met that were not proficient in Indian language.  This would especially include the many non native speaking tribal members that actually seem to believe they are “traditional.”

A necessary circumstance to bring real ceremony, absent the language, into your life is the idea that meaningful life is an observational meditation interacting with nature. The idea that the most powerful prayer you can know is how you live your life in respect to all other life. But in English, this idea is nearly impossible to separate out from monotheistic influences because of socially permeated cultural associations and strictures attending western languages generally. The typical English language associated ideas of prayer and meditation instantly invoke separation, the sacred distanced from the temporal, and nature, seen largely in terms of economics, is centered in the temporal. How can that split be mended in a language, English, whose culture generally forbids that they mix? English language civilization acts out the idea of man taking dominion over the earth, nature is subjective and separate, not integral and sacred.

However it does happen, the English language split can be bridged, but it is rare.

A balanced, respectful personality with good observational skills and a strong education in, or a natural gift for, the natural and social sciences, together with possessing a highly conceived knowledge of non-western or pre-western thought that precludes rank superstition of the evangelical stripe, can learn natural ceremony of a high order, and manifest natural phenomena in the original native sense. But what are the chances of that in a community with a boarding school legacy, in a prairie ghetto that knows largely crime, poverty, sub standard education and little opportunity. Consider it is rare already in the educated Anglo world. Can it be made easier? A working model in the wider Indian community has not yet been demonstrated.

The answer, for Indian peoples, THE ANSWER is, can only be, properly taught native language. The lessons, laws and relationships built into native language will reduce crime. Self esteem discovered through native language will reduce poverty. Native language is the door of opportunity, not necessarily into the Whiteman’s world, but into the sense of self and lost opportunity rediscovered. Native language can transform Indian country. The present western educational model has shown it cannot.

Around 1920, the Mohawk language was nearly dead. Today, nearly all Mohawks speak their language. So there is a precedent to becoming Indian in community again through language. But to accomplish this, there must be a motivation to learn the language. It seems someone must tell the ‘almost’ Indians, the Indians who do not speak their language, that they are short, they have missed the mark. They are not really Indian in the old sense. They are truly pitiful Indians at best. I have that on the most solid authority.

When I sat and listened and watched old Mary Ground ceremonially paint the Indians that came to her for Black Tail Dance, I paid close attention. Each Indian was asked their name by Mary, quietly, in Blackfeet. All those that could not respond in Blackfeet, which was most of the people under 40 years of age in the early 1980’s, and a fair number older than that, these Indians were admonished by Mary in English: “It is a pitiful Indian that cannot speak their language” as she painted them with obvious love none the less.

In the early reservation days the Browning Blackfeet, socially speaking, were roughly split into three groups. The “Pagan” Blackfeet, the Christian Blackfeet and the Half-breeds. The Pagan followers of Three Suns were largely centered south of Browning towards Heart Butte. These people were discriminated against by the United States for the entire following century when the USA eventually placed all of the tribes resources and power in the hands of the largely Christian Blackfeet community at Browning.

These ‘favored’ Christian Blackfeet were taught that they were culturally superior to their aboriginal brethren, and eventually the growing class of mixed bloods springing from these people came to see themselves as racially superior as well. The whiter you were, the more educational opportunities you received, and the doors into power were opened for you. This legacy is largely on account of the United States policy of that time favoring Evangelical Christians as the Indian Agents overseeing the reservations. It was purposeful, forced assimilation into “Christian” society. Those Indians that voluntarily gave up their ways to become like the Whites were rewarded. That is historical fact. And this was the beginning of the erosion of the Blackfeet language. Blackfeet who still spoke their language, but growing up in these Christianized families, stopped thinking in terms of praying ‘through’ the Stones, the Trees. They were taught that this was Devil Worship, not to go there. Already, still speaking a language that was aboriginal in origin, these people were ceasing to think in aboriginal terms.

But progress in assimilation was not satisfactory to the United States. In the case of Three Suns people to the south of Browning, aboriginal language continued to be a vehicle for perpetrating aboriginal thought and belief. And this was true for groups in other tribes as well. So the Boarding Schools were instituted. In short, several generations of Indian children were slave labored, beaten, and in many cases raped into christianity, even murdered. Half of the Indian children did not survive. I know of a case of an Indian child having his mouth washed out with soap for daring to speak Blackfeet, but the child did not speak English and thought he was supposed to eat the soap, which was a fatal poison, lye, with his intestinal tract slowly dissolved, it must have been a horrible death.

Indian culture was sent by this treatment of its children on an accelerated road to destruction.

This Boarding School event was fortified by the American Indian Religious Crime Code, law making it a crime to initiate or attend aboriginal ceremony. This policy worked in some cases and in other cases it did not. It is just all about human character. The weaker among these children cracked and let go of being Indian. In the stronger, it just bred their personal resentment. These mentally stronger among them likely were mostly beaten to death, but some survived to come home and went back to being Indians, and used Blackfeet coined phrases such as still existed and I heard in the south of Blackfeet country during my times there.. admonishing little children that “The Whiteman will make you into stew” if they strayed from their parents gaze. This idea would originally stem from the alien Christian communion (reinforced by the legacy of the cannibal ‘Liver Eater’ Johnson, a mountain man terrorist of Indians) and the subsequent fact that the Boarding School generations were forcefully taken from their families, or kidnapped into these schools if found alone, out and about on their own. Half of them never lived to return. Most of the survivors had been “Broken” into Christians, in the sense you would ‘break’ a horse, and ceased to be Indians. Now, they only looked like Indians.

Still, this was not enough. There were never enough boarding schools for all of the Indian children, and the reservations had many small countryside schools where the more remote communities could send their children. The problem for the Whiteman with this was these Indian communities still continued to survive as real Indian peoples because of the nature of their social organization in these remote areas. Indian language and ways were not dying off fast enough. The answer to this Whiteman dilemma, for the Blackfeet, became a social disaster.

The Blackfeet Reservation’s country side ‘allotted lands’ had been initially assigned to individuals that wanted to be in proximity to each other. Now, a generation later, there were extended families and Clan affiliated communities in this countryside as a result. The language and culture continued to survive through these original traditional Indian community oriented relationships. From the Whiteman point of view, this had to be broken up. So the small country schools were shut down, and it was made against the law not to put your children into the remaining schools at Browning and many Blackfeet were forced to abandon their life and land in the countryside and move into town to put their children into school. The consequence was threefold. It created a crime ridden ghetto on the Southside of Browning and it caused many land related self sufficiency skills in these people to be lost. It also destroyed the social fabric of Blackfeet society that kept the clan relationships together and violence in check. The resultant social cost is staggering. High alcoholism and death rates attend this policy, crime is rampant, social values degraded, inroads have been made by gangs, and, murder, Blackfeet fratricide, almost unknown before, is now common.

The economic cost is no less burdensome. The cost of maintaining subsidized urban housing, taken together with the Busing and buildings maintenance budgets associated with this failed social experiment, the price of attempting to police this unnecessary ghetto created on the high plains of Indian country, all self cycle into draining away resources that might otherwise lift these same people from their grinding poverty.

However forced out of their family, band and clan relationships, taken out of the observational nature based context of the Blackfeet language form, and forced into a large regimented English language only school setting, the desired result of the Whiteman was accomplished. Blackfeet language, and consequently Indian ways, had finally begun to die out.

And it is from this new pool of talent, this ghetto, that we are now finally gifted with the Racist Red Indians, and also the educated Indians that turned their backs on their own people. And neither of these distinctly modern mutant social species is truly Indian, they are not aboriginal, though of aboriginal descent, they are not Human Beings in the sense of the ancient Blackfeet ways, rather they both are variants of the new Blackfeet Americans. And not only the Blackfeet. This is the case with nearly all of today’s tribes.

Let’s look at the Racist Red Indians first. These Indians make up a part of the Indians today that identify themselves as ‘Traditional Indians.’ Nothing could be further from the truth, and the pity of it is they do not even realize this themselves. They are racist because they are angry at the Whiteman. Well, who could blame them? Just review the preceding pages. This is inter-generational anger, well justified. But justified anger will not make these people into Indians.

Wearing ‘FBI’ (Full Blood Indian) baseball caps while singing at a Pow Wow drum, they believe they are traditional Indians. It’s not true. I have personally outdone thousands of these Red wannabee Indians with the sweat  equity time I have invested, given to their own elders and I did not see these people there, over the span of 2 ½ decades. Where were they? Busy impressing people with their Indianess at pow-wows. Pow-wows are not even one hundred years old. The pow-wow as we know it today, is a modern invention in Indian Country. Dance contests for money. Fancy Dance. Indian Tacos. Catholic Mass in the Arena on Sunday Morning. You think this is Indian? It’s simply not true. These people need to sober up, go home and learn their language. And then look at becoming part of real ceremony. In that case you might see someone with a Red skin become an Indian.

This is what AIM needs to do. Yes, the American Indian Movement was justified as a political movement. But now it is time to evolve. Are these people, having won the right to be Indians, now going to throw the hard won opportunity away by continuing to be angry? Many AIM members see themselves as Warriors, but they do not have the whole idea of what this term implies, many of these people did not have access to the traditional teachings of their ancestors. Warriors are not soldiers and they are not mercenaries. Warriors, in native tradition, knew violence only as a self defense on behalf of their people and protection of their territories, and in a more limited sense as a right of passage in daring, in sometimes solo encounters with rival tribes. But these latter were more like inter-tribal Olympic events and less like wars in the Anglo sense. These events were steps in a learning process and personal evolution. That process, ideally, leads to a humility and wisdom that secures the future of Indian peoples. This process of a journey in life, of which being a fighter is only a part, was intended over the long term to prepare fair and balanced leaders. Fair and balanced leaders, by definition, cannot be angry. And this is the core reason that these descendants of the Boarding School Indians did not, could not, seek out their elders. Anger.

Anger cannot learn from the winds that are spirit. Anger cannot pray through the trees. If you are angry and you think you are at Sundance, you are only fooling yourself, the gods will not see you in their dreams. Instead, your anger is reflected back and it hits you. These thoughts, from an angry person, do not go through, the gods do not look at them. And in the old ways, if the gods do not see you, there is a diagnosis. The Medicine Men would determine you have lost your shadow. In the old Indian scheme of things, that meant you were no longer a complete Human Being. Another way the truly authentic Medicine Men have described these lost Indian people among themselves is to consider they are domesticated creatures, like cattle, in the same terms as they see the Whitemen in the most general sense.. as separated from reality, devoid of the understanding of the spirit forms called ‘Naaks’, the real communications and the real dreams that come from living in a proper context with nature are alive in these people no more.

And we are, nowadays, living in a world that is nearly without shadow or the undomesticated spirit that sees the real relationship of Man to Nature through the living ceremony. What can be done about that? The answer can only be had from looking inside. Looking inside, in the Indian sense, means finding home. Go home and be Indian. Learn your language. Bring your elders a Pipe and ask what can be done about your anger. Learn to be an Indian. Discover what it means to know of the Naaks.

If you cannot do this, it means in the final sense that victory belongs to the Evangelical Whiteman.

Now, let’s have a look at the other Blackfeet American, the collaborators, the educated Indian that took his lessons from the Whiteman’s world and turned on his own people. These are the ‘Christianized’ Indians that accepted their reward for turning their backs on their culture. When did I ever see these people at ceremony? They were not there either. Since early captivity times, there has always been a privileged class of Indian, beginning with the first collaborators, the Indians that worked with the United States to subjugate their own peoples. And these people were favored with superior opportunities. Ultimately, these were the Indians that were entrusted with the wealth and power of the new, non traditional Tribal Governments imposed on the tribes by Washington, DC. These people became a new Royal class of Indian that looked down on their Indian brothers that had kept the old ways as ‘Uncle Tom Toms.’ Seeing themselves as superior in every respect, they had no respect whatsoever for the people whose lives they were to dictate for many decades.

In the case of the Blackfeet at Browning, one of these Half-breeds that saw himself as racially and culturally superior to his Blackfeet relatives, Joe Brown, cynically held the first election for a Tribal Council under the newly imposed council system at a curious time. Nearly all of the majority tribal members that would have opposed this new government imposed by the United States (and Joe Browns implementing it) were literally out of the country. Sundance was legal in Canada, and the Montana Blackfeet relatives, the Blood Indians, held this event just across the border. All of Montana’s real Blackfeet Indians were there. So this was the moment that Joe Brown held this new and foreign election for a government to replace the traditional Chiefs with the Whiteman invented Tribal Council. Under the rules mandated by the United States for this election, it required only 1/3 of the tribal membership participate. This would be the Christian Blackfeet that did not Sundance, they would be home to vote. Joe Brown, president of the election board set up to oversee this election, certified himself as the first ever elected Blackfeet Tribal Council Chairman in 1936. If Joe Brown, who supervised the ballot count, was honest when he elected himself the first modern Blackfeet leader, then 16.65 percent + 1 ballot of the tribal membership was all that was required to institute the Blackfeet Nation as we know it today.

But it is not likely at all that Joe Brown was honest. This corrupt inception of the present day Blackfeet Tribal Council persisted for at least fifty years. In the middle 1980’s I was with Pat Kennedy at the Pow-wow at Montana State University, Bozeman, Montana. Earl Old Person, Blackfeet Tribal Chairman, was the Master of Ceremonies. During a break in the proceedings he came over to our Drum, the Starr School Singers, to visit. Mickey Pablo, the Flathead Indian Tribal Chairman also came over. I had once heard Mickey state that his father had told him all he would ever need to know about tribal politics could be learned from Earl Old Person. I was sitting at the drum together with Pat Kennedy when Mickey and Earl began joking about stuffing ballot boxes, tribal elections were coming. The joking abruptly ceased when I picked up our  microphone, and held it up towards them as though I would turn it on.

These Christianized Blackfeet see themselves as a superior Indian. They were indeed a new Royal class of Indian under the protection and patronage of this new Blackfeet form of government. For decades the election process was rigged, this did not matter to the United States, these were the people they wanted in power. Tribal wealth became the personal treasury of these people. One of the plums tossed to the new class of Royals that were not actually on the Tribal Council was to be appointed to the Blackfeet Tribal Credit Program.

A partial audit was done internally for the credit committee, apparently to ‘get the goods’ on a single member. It smacked of vendetta. The terms of the audit, to a private outside contractor, was that only a certain one member of the credit committee’s accounts were to be reviewed. Also it was stipulated the result was to be provided to the committee only, per the statement of the auditor at the beginning of his written findings:

“It is understood that this report is solely for your information and is not to be referred to or distributed for any purpose to anyone that is not a member of the committee of the Blackfeet Credit Program.”

A copy of the report was given to me. This report demonstrated the tribal credit committee members loan themselves, their relatives, their “significant others”, and their friends, monies meant for their Blackfeet peoples, and that these loans among themselves are unrestricted, unsecured, and many times are delinquent or defaulted on when new loans are made to themselves, their lovers, families, and friends. Even though the audit zeros in on a singe credit committee member’s accounts, it implicated other credit officers that had signed off on these criminal acts. The audit states as much with the closing remarks:

“Had we performed additional procedures or had we conducted an audit of the financial statements in accordance with generally accepted auditing standards, matters might have come to our attention that would have been reported to you.”

The entire program is corrupt. Many loans are unrecorded, these loans add up to tens of thousands of dollars for single individuals, and I have heard first hand, countless times over the years, from Blackfeet living on the poverty side of the reservation that they were unable to secure fifty dollars emergency money from tribal credit because they had no collateral.

The hard documentation of this corruption was provided to the United States Attorney for Montana and nothing was ever done. Only when the Indians interests directly conflict with the purposes of the officials of the United States, or the USA’s friends in corporate industry, is the United States there to make certain business comes off as it thinks it should. The Blackfeet Nation is intended to starve, to live in perpetual poverty, well into the 21st Century. Amazingly, soundly governed Indian Nations continue to be perceived as a threat by the bully USA, and the cycles of poverty instituted for these peoples by purportedly the greatest nation on earth, must endure.

And it is from this Christianized class of Indian Royals, especially the mixed bloods that were taught to see themselves as both culturally and racially superior to their undeserving ‘Uncle Tom Tom’ relatives, a Royal Class created in the several diverse tribes, that the United States Bureau of Indian Affairs draws its talent pool of employees. Small wonder that somewhere upwards of an estimated one hundred billion dollars is unrecorded, and unaccounted for, to this day, from the treasury that should have served to support these starving peoples.

Relating to the several Indians suing the Department of the Interior over these missing monies in the Federal Court of Judge Royce Lamberth, this is one very salient point that will not come up because neither side will dare open the door to the judge: the fact that the billions of dollars at stake were stolen by the BIA employees in concert with the Tribal Councils and employees of the tribal administrations.

During my years working the investigative case concerning the Blackfeet tribe and looking into Human and Civil Rights abuses by the tribal council, I was familiar with the very issues represented in the lead plaintiff Eloise Cobell. I have first hand knowledge of Blackfeet poverty, and the United States dealings with that tribe, and it is clear to me the marriage between the USA’s Indian Affairs office and the Tribal Councils is incestuous, relating to and driven by control of tribal monies by these Royal criminal cabals.

The history of document shredding relating to these missing monies in contempt of Judge Lamberth’s orders over these past several years should have been red flag enough. I am amazed that the Judge has not ordered a criminal investigation under the circumstance. And has anyone noticed the largely remarkable public silence of the several tribal administrations relating to the records destruction? It is not only the political problem at Interior, that no one wants this to break open on their watch, just try to keep a lid on it until another administration is in place and let them deal with it: The other question is, the follow-up question, is what was the tribal administrations role in the missing monies?

The social history is succinct. Indian Agents in the Department of War in the 19th Century were corrupt administrators charged with creating the original bureaucracy to administer tribes on location. Utilizing for the most part Missionized mixed blood or ‘Christianized’ Indians as assistants who were completely subservient to these administrative heads, the Indian Agents, appointed to their locations by the then so called Great White Father, corruption and embezzlement learned from example became habit within certain privileged Indian families. These Christianized Indian mixed bloods were both favored with tribal administrative positions by the United States and taught to see themselves as superior to their darker, native speaking relatives with whom they no longer shared traditional customs and religion. But now they were responsible to care for these hapless Indians they despised, their ‘heathen’ Blackfeet speaking cousins. When the Department of Interior took over from the Department of War, these same mixed bloods largely moved over to the new Indian Affairs office at Interior, and in tandem with the new Royals in the tribal administrations, the Tribal Councils created by the Indian Reorganization Act of 1934, they refined the theft of their own people’s wealth to an art.

Today it is an entitlement, this theft that has sustained certain families or Cabals within the tribes and the Bureau of Indian Affairs for generations. That’s right, an entitlement. Because the idea unchristianized Indians were unworthy was taught, instilled and sustained by the USA for generations in the new Indian Royalty created in the families that have historically controlled the tribes affairs: this has become a part of tribal culture.

The devil in the argument before the court is that neither side will dare tell the truth. But the truth is, it is the old criminal cabal at the tribal local administrative level that is winning. The tribal councils long time partner in crime, Interior, will never be able to admit that it fostered the environment for its own new Royal employees at Indian Affairs to steal the wealth of the Native Nations in tandem with the new Royals that have historically controlled the tribal councils and shared the stolen wealth.

The ultimate irony is the cynical genius in the suit brought by Cobell- and her own past relationship and closeness to the Royals in her own Blackfeet tribe bears investigation. This is a tribe that has one of the worst Human Rights records in all the Americas when it comes to theft and lack of accountability of tribal wealth while keeping its own people forcibly locked in the deepest poverty.. despite this tribes considerable resources.

If Cobell, who bears the family name of the army scout Cobell that riding together with Joe Kipp, lifted his rifle and shot Chief Heavy Runner dead at the 1870 massacre of the Blackfeet on the Marias River, were to win this case relating to not only tribes accounts, but especially individual tribal member accounts and there is restitution or payout, then one (among several) of the most corrupt administrative organizations ever to exist in the western hemisphere will stand to be monetarily reinvigorated for many years, in this case the prime example given: the Blackfeet Tribal Headquarters/Bureau of Indian Affairs administrative complex at Browning Montana. Now the missing billions will be in a position to be stolen twice. Shouldn’t the head of Interior really be asking the plaintiff Cobell “Et tu Brute?” It is the only sensible question that could come before the court.

Perhaps Cobell’s former position as a finance officer of the Blackfeet tribe is a circumstance of heat that was a little too close for comfort and is what caused Chief Earl Old Person to get cold feet and disappear from this suit. Earl in fact vanished from view in this case precisely at the time he was due to give a sworn deposition and produce documents. Cobell wanted him out and asked for his removal, Interior wanted him in and fought his removal. Earl remained missing for months. What could be the real reason why?

Earl wants Interior to keep jurisdiction over the monies. If the Department of Interior had to give up the trust fund to an independent trustee, then chances are much greater that any historic and present ongoing systematic thefts of these monies would come to light.

These many billions of missing dollars will never be found. The most frustrated Federal Judge in North America, Royce Lamberth, presiding for years over the case trying to account for these monies, should offer an amnesty to BIA employees, just so the Indian Nations and the American People can understand the money has vanished, that the United States created Indian Royal Class has stolen and spent it, these monies can never be recovered. And then the United States Interior Secretary Gail Norton can quit lying to Judge Lamberth about the disposition of the plundered Indians treasury. Then Judge Lamberth could quit repeatedly holding successive Department of Interior heads in contempt of court for failing to provide a lawful accounting that in fact cannot exist. Subsequently the Congress could let Norton’s Bureau of Indian Affairs finish the job of shredding the incriminating documents. The truth would be too terrible to behold. And at least one nonsensical fight will have ended.

Unlike the angry AIM, people who can become Indian again, these Royals can never see home. They dare not look inside and go home. They have murdered by theft, through poverty, starvation and opportunity lost, entire generations of their own Peoples. They can never be Indians again.

A chapter from Penucquem Speaks, my book written at the request of Pat Kennedy. Pat had a nearly complete draft of the book read to him by Lorna McMurray, the completed work was published in 2006, not much more than a year after Pat  had died.


Lost Shadow

Life in Indian Country Collected stories, folklore and anecdotes concerning my many years life with Blackfeet Indians and traversing Native American territories

Ron Drawing

The Gospel According to Ronald


A Matriarchal, Libertarian Gospel


Jesus was a man who never claimed to be the ‘son of god’ according to the best available scholarship (the scholarship of ‘The Jesus Seminar’)

That he was an extraordinary man is without dispute, insofar as the majority view of those who actually believe he existed. My own belief in the ‘historical Jesus’ (as opposed to the ‘the Christ’ invented by St Paul and adopted by the church) is based entirely on circumstantial evidence. What had convinced myself is precisely what had convinced Thomas Jefferson, when Jefferson had stated:

“The whole history of these books [the Gospels] is so defective and doubtful that it seems vain to attempt minute enquiry into it: and such tricks have been played with their text, and with the texts of other books relating to them, that we have a right, from that cause, to entertain much doubt what parts of them are genuine. In the New Testament there is internal evidence that parts of it have proceeded from an extraordinary man; and that other parts are of the fabric of very inferior minds. It is as easy to separate those parts, as to pick out diamonds from dunghills.” -Thomas Jefferson

Jefferson went on to compile his ‘Jeffersonian Bible” in an attempt to separate the ‘diamonds from dunghills’ in the New Testament, so as to give the reader some idea of what Jesus might have actually taught. But I have gone much farther; considering Jesus had to deal with the prejudices of his era, my thesis is, were he alive today he would moreover be overwhelmed by the prejudices of this era’s make-believe ‘Christian’ religion created around his name, if certainly not his life and teachings in fact. So I put words on Jesus’ lips that he might or might not have said, perhaps what he sometimes would not dare say; on account of the prejudices of his era, because what eventually became the modern church (of all sects) had adopted a ‘scripture’ rife with words put on Jesus lips to create a necrotic fear-mongering institution. This has enslaved the minds of a large part of the world we live in. My attitude is: ‘let’s puncture the fear and let the rotten aroma out’ of what has been heaped on the name of a man history knew as Jesus.

When creating ‘The Gospel According to Ronald’, I had used Jesus teaching in the ‘Gospel of Thomas’ as the underlying foundation. The reason for this is, ‘The Gospel of Thomas’ appears to have escaped much of the church editing, revisionism and censorship which accompanied the suppression of the Gnostics. Also (I’m laughing as I type this sentence) there can be no claim I have tampered with Christian scripture, because the Gospel of Thomas never made into the Bible.

The original inspiration for this work dates back to my thirty years life with Native Americans of the Northern Plains, as elder teachers from that culture had told myself on more than one occasion, ‘Before the Christians, we lived the teachings of Jesus. It was after the Christians arrived, our people became greedy and violent.’ This makes perfect sense, because the Christians give little attention to what Jesus had actually taught; rather preferring the rules-bound St Paul who invented a murdered ‘Christ’ who supposedly died for sins in a fantasy the historical Jesus has nothing to do with. The result has been nearly two thousand years of ‘evangelical violence’ following the early church suppression of the Gnostics; exterminating the Pagans, murdering the Cathar culture, several Crusades, the so-called ‘age of discovery’ murdering entire cultures around the world, ultimately leading to what amounts to a war on Islam by the religious right in the present day.

In the end, Christian ‘blood salvation’ with ‘giving yourself to the [fantasy murdered] Lord’ is abdicating responsibility for one’s personal life. This widespread, necrotic social phenomena, is undoubtedly something the historical Jesus would have both; been aghast at and have condemned.

These following are secret sayings the historical Jesus spoke, as dreamt up by Ronald. Oh, but Jesus actually DID say something very close to most of what follows… I’ve merely revised and amplified it from an old, matriarchal Native American point of view.  And going to native humor, it was a fun thought to entertain possibility of claiming this following had been found engraved in an ancient mound I’d looted like Indiana Jones, and start a new religion. Hey! It worked for the Mormons…

This is a tribute to a wise man from long ago, a gifted teacher and healer who is almost certainly the most lied about man ever to have walked our planet. We can do better. I’m trying here.


The Matriarchal, Libertarian Gospel of Jesus (According to Ronald)

Jesus said “Whoever solves these riddles will not taste death.”

“Don’t stop looking just because you discovered something. Search until what you discover disturbs you. With the disturbing discovery, comes a marvelous understanding and ability to deflect those who would rule you”

“If the hypocrites who rule say to you, ‘Man should go to the sky’, the birds will speak something differently to you. If they say to you ‘Man belongs under the sea,’ the fish will revile you. What is important is within you and only after grasping this, will you grasp your surroundings.”

“When you know the inside, then you can know the outside, and you will understand that you depend on a living clock. But if you do not first know what is inside, you cannot know what is outside.”

“The wise old people understand a little child is more cognizant to the truth; whereas you became fooled with the image you project. How did this come to be? You must ask yourself. For there will be many losers who know only one fate.”

“When you cannot know what is in front of your face, what is hidden from you will be doubly concealed. Yet there is nothing hidden that cannot be revealed”

“Don’t be stupid and do those things that will make you look and feel bad, because the wise will see through you. To be truly blind is to fool yourself, imagining only you will know something.”

“When you eat, what you have eaten becomes yourself. And what would eat you, will become you as well.  What will you take from and give to life? You should be careful of what you eat.”

“The greedy take all of the fish,  the wise return many fish to the sea. When the peoples’ numbers are as the fish were of the sea, will you wish you had not been greedy? Pay attention to this!

“One person who understands the one half, is worth more than sixty who do not, and one who understands the whole of it, is worth more than any village of people who live in ignorance.”

“For when one should set the world on fire, should not one wait and be certain all is ashes?”

“Be certain your world will one day be ashes because the dead do not authentically walk and the truly living have no cares. Here is a riddle; the four in the two must become but one. Are you not each female and male? So what must happen when you marry?”

“Associate with those who reject self-importance.”

“I cannot be your teacher if you make me your god.”

And Jesus took Ronald and withdrew, giving him secrets. When asked [after] what had been said by Jesus, Ronald replied “You will hate me,  but you must know these things or perish. Jesus told me ‘What curses Man is men. What curses woman is Man. What curses oneself is oneself. Reject the misunderstanding of Adam, for the serpent spoke the truth and the woman brought no harm upon us.’ Then we shared an apple.”

Jesus said “If you practice humility for the sake of appearance, you can only harm your spirit. To give as a hypocrite is worse than to give nothing. To pray as a hypocrite is worse than no prayers at all. Accept yourself and be grateful. Hypocrisy is the defiler of all, for a good spirit cannot abide the company of a hypocrite.”

“When you have understood these things, become humble.”

“When an inferior understanding claims the unseen, real wisdom will be misconstrued, hated, even greatly reviled, and much conflict will arise, for is not ignorance its own progenitor?”

“And so I give to you things you have not seen to now, what had become the unknown to the human heart. Beware of him who will revile it.”

The disciples said to Jesus, “How will our end come?”

Jesus answered “There was never any beginning and there will be no end; old things will pass and new things will be known. What this will mean to you is for yourselves to determine.”

“Blessed are those who remember this understanding from their time in the womb, for the living stones will reveal their knowledge to them. What is inside yourself will be inside your child. Do not fail a child, for the penalty is severe. Who wills a child to become a vapor? But if you only will look, there are many vapors, the careless creating the careless. Woe unto the careless.”

The disciples said to Jesus, “What is Heaven like?”

He said to them, “It is a place where there is no illusion of self.”

Magdalene said to Jesus, “What do your disciples know?”

Jesus answered, “A day will come when masses of men will die of thirst for want of a cup. The weakest of mine will know a stream where one can kneel to drink with cupped hands. The greatest will know a mountain spring and prostrate oneself with gratitude.”

Magdalene was nursing his child and Jesus said to his disciples, “Because this woman has blessed me with love, this child knows from birth what none of you can you can know except with great labor.”

They said to him, “Then must we become children?”

Jesus said to them, “When the four in the two have become one, when the outside is indistinguishable from the inside, when the left knows the right intimately, and when male and female are become androgyny, only then will you enter the now. And you must to survive, for you are a part of all that you can know, and all that you can know is a part of you.”

His disciples demanded, “Show us this place!”

Jesus answered “There must be light within a light. Dispel that which is dark in yourself and find yourself there.”

“Love those who are truly worthy and in this way love yourself.”

“You see yourself in the eye of another. What kind of person would you be? For what you are is what you must discover in another. Nurture love in yourself so that you may find love nurtured in those you discover to be your friends. If you do not starve to death what is inferior in your surrounding, you will not find the blessed reality. If you do not know beauty in your associations, you cannot know love.”

“Consider the difficulty of a good spirit to walk among the drunk and the dead.  This cannot go on indefinitely,  therefore act on correcting oneself, before it is too late.”

“I marvel at how Man’s mind has come into poverty.”

“Where there are three people living correctly, there you will find divinity. Whether there are two or one, I look for myself there.”

“No prophet is recognized in his hometown, because people have a past memory of this person but this memory is not the person today; it is the same when people cannot be healed by those they have known, for they are caught in the past and cannot overcome and believe. When a known one has not shared the other’s journey, one has not grown with and no longer knows that person. The prejudice of memory is great and detrimental to perception.”

“So when building your mind, make it like a home on a hill, where there is no flood to sweep it away. Do not be caught in the canyons, but bring your sight to where you may see what is on the horizon. What you will see can be shared, this way anyone who cares to, can know. How can it do any good to put a lamp in the closet, behind closed door? Avoid the trap of the blind leading the blind, is it not assured both must come into peril? How many are the blind who believe they see!”

“With sight you will be a strong person, do not believe a crippled elder, slow of gait, is worthless. What might they see that you cannot? For the mind may become the greatest of eyes.”

“When you have found yourselves, do not worry for tomorrow, for is not that which rules our nature greater than any plan we can make? When did reality care for anything necessitated by your vanity? I assure you, this was never the case.”

His disciples said, “How do we find you?”

Jesus answered, “When you can be naked like little children who hate clothes, and are without shame, you will have found what you need. You must throw out your insecurities like clothes that are too constricting,  to find yourself. If I let you become dependent on me, you will have learned nothing.”

“Hypocrite religions serving ignorance and wealth [and their clerics promoting blood sacrifice] had taken the keys of knowledge and long since lost them. They know not the way themselves and they will not want you to know the way. You must fly above these venomous snakes, as would a dove. Tithe nothing of yourself to this evil.”

“A windstorm blew down a grove of trees. But that tree which had stood alone, was unharmed. For when one comes to depend on deeply rooted principles, challenges may be met bravely. And whoever has surrendered vanity to a greater reality, will know a superior reward.”

“Be observers. ”

His disciples said to him, “Who are you, to know these things?”

Jesus answered “I am the one who listens to the water, the trees, the stones and the moving air. If the birds bless me with a message, who will deny it? Are you not listening of your own accord?”

“Some might damn their father justifiably. But those who give no allegiance to their mother,  cannot prosper. Did she not nurse you? Else how would you be here? Only ingrates despise women with crass behaviors, and ingrates cannot know the Mystery.”

“Honor her that suckles you, even to the present day, for did she not make it possible that you might draw every breath? What she had given remains with you to this moment. With this good, you are able to discover good and if you are able to discover good, you bring greater good into this world.”

“From Adam, through the prophets, to the greatest of men in any moment, none is so great as those among you able to become worthy as a small child. The little children do not know hypocrisy and a small child knows how to be genuinely grateful.”

“Do not be two-faced.”

“If two will work in peace, they will say to a mountain, ‘Move’ and it will move.”

“Those who have come from the knowledge will find a return to the knowledge.”

“We have come from the light, let us return there.”

“We are movement and stasis.”

His disciples said to him, “When will there be rest for the dead?”

Jesus said, “There is no rest for the dead, they walk among you.”

His disciples said to him, “The prophets spoke of you.”

Jesus said, “The prophets also walk among the dead.”

His disciples said to him, “is circumcision useful?”

Jesus said, “No.”

“Are not the poor blessed with humility? Theirs’ will be a greater satisfaction. For the rich burn with anxiety that is unnatural.”

“Whoever has loved a dead body in the person of vanity, has their necrotic reward. The Mystery tolerates these inferior people only for a moment. This moment is as a moment one does another task.”

“Happy is that person who has worked to accomplish learning the Mystery, for this is authentic life.”

“If you cannot live in the now, you cannot live in the future.”

“Don’t be like a carcass that is eaten. Do not jealousies eat you?”

“Be at home within.”

Salome said, “Who do you think you are? You behave as though this were your own house!”

Jesus said to her, “My house is my presence. Should I not be comfortable?”

Salome answered, “Now, I believe you.”

Jesus said to Salome, “The Mystery will find you worthy.”

“A rich man’s plans were meticulously laid, but he died the night before he could bring them off.”

“Feed the street people.”

“A rich banker will not respect your money.”

“A humble man rebuilds from the rubble of the devastated rich.”

“Associating with vanity will yield you nothing.”

“It is a blessing if you are persecuted for the good, because you will have remembered you can live with your conscience.”

“If you have known hunger, you can know gratitude.”

“What is inside you, can save you or kill you.”

“To discover the Mystery is to have a shoddy house destroyed. After, you will know how to build intelligently.”

Someone said “Tell my brothers to divide my father’s possessions with me.”

Jesus said “Why should I do this?”

Then Jesus turned to his disciples and said to them “Remember to mind your own business.”

“Do not grow more than you need to harvest, for that day might come you seek water to irrigate and there will be none.”

“There are many suitors for a beautiful woman, but only one shall prevail. So it is to know the Mystery, many will seek but few will find, because the many only know convention.”

“To know the Mystery is to conserve what is valuable. Will you eat your money, when there is no food?”

“Be light over all other things, to know what is inside a hollow tree, to see your way in a cave.”

“Why be like a reed knocked down in the wind? Do not behave as your rulers.”

A woman in the crowd said to him, “Blessed are the womb that bore you and the breasts that fed you.”

Jesus said to her, “It is true, blessed are those who have known the Mystery from the beginning, for there will be others who will wish a womb had not conceived and breasts had not suckled them.”

“Whoever has come to know our world has discovered illusion, and whoever has penetrated illusion, is immortal.”

“A wise man who refuses to give council, will have saved no one.”

“A man who renounces power can save himself.”

“To be safe within yourself is to be truly warm. To be truly warm, one must love.”

“A light within, is in the eye.”

“If you can only look happy in the mirror, all is fear!”

“Adam came from great power but he died, as must all who embrace the illusion”

“You are model of the universe, how important that you set the example! Let the fox have its den, do not disturb the bird’s nest.”

“If you care only for your body, the soul cannot prosper.”

“Take only what is yours and surrender what is not”

“The cup you drink from is no different to yourself.”

“Master your infirmities and you will know peace.”

They said to him, “Who are you? Why should we believe?”

Jesus said to them, “Do you know your own hand, what it conceals? I did not bring you here, so why would you listen, except that you would wish to know something? Seek and you will find, but to seek, you cannot conceal what is in your hand. If I give what is sacred to pigs, do you believe they will appreciate it? Do not be like the clerics.”

“If you slap a melon just so, you will know if it is good.”

“Be generous.”

“To know the Mystery requires a woman. Her knowledge is such, she can grow and give life. What man among you can do this? But if you will learn her intelligence, I swear to you anything is possible, and this is how a man enters into real knowledge.”

“The Mystery is like a woman who was carrying a child. While walking along her labor began, and she stopped to give birth in the shelter of an Aspen grove. She didn’t know it; but she had been blessed. When she put the child to her nipple there was a great peace in the quaking leaves. Blessed is any such child!”

“The mystery is like a person who must kill someone powerful. While at home he drew his sword and thrust it into the mirror to destroy self-image. Thus he killed the powerful one.”

The disciples said to him, “Your brothers and your mother are standing outside.”

Jesus said “Those here who destroy self-image are my brothers and my mother.”

They showed Jesus a gold coin with the Emperor’s inscription and said to him, “The Emperor demands taxes from us.”

He said to them, “Give to the Emperor his vanity and give to me only what is mine”

“Damn the Evangelists! They are like a dog guarding a long dead body. Do not seek people out with your knowledge, rather let them seek you”

“Be happy when you know from which direction the attack will come, you can be certain the arrow will miss.”

They said to Jesus, “Come, let us pray, let us fast.”

Jesus said, “What have I done? Rather, when the lie has been banished from your hearts and minds, let us feast. For whoever knows the sacred androgyny will be called the child of a whore by the liar. But when you make the two into one, you will be blessed of Eve, and when you say, ‘Mountain, move’ it will move.”

“The mystery is kind to the those who slept on the mountain, for the dream came and the angel loved them.”

“Whoever drinks from a sacred woman’s mouth will become like her; I became that person, and hidden things are revealed.”

“The mystery is a hidden treasure in each of you but you cannot know it until you have searched.”

“Let one who has found the success and become wealthy, renounce success.”

“The heavens are ordered after those who have found what is truly beautiful, and their presence is immortal.”

“Damn those who depend only on the soul. Damn those that depend only on the body. You must be titans upon this Earth.”

His disciples said to him “When will the Mystery be revealed?”

Jesus replied “It will not come by waiting for it. Rather, the Mystery is spread out upon the earth, and you don’t see it.”

Peter said to Jesus “Make Mary leave us, for females don’t deserve immortality.”

Pointing at Peter, Jesus turned to the other disciples and said “Watch out for the dumb one, because that is the stupidest thing I have ever heard!”


The Satires


There is No Native American Concept of Race

A Native American concept of race never existed as we know the idea of race in the modern world.

The term for a Black man translates from Blackfoot language as “Black White Man” and the thought behind this is completely alien to modern western ideation. The Blackfoot “Black White Man” derives from interaction with the Black cavalry regiment stationed north of Browning during the military occupation of the Blackfeet reservation (into the 1930s.) “Black” is descriptive solely in a superficial sense and when coupled to “White”, points directly to European mentality or state of mind and is not primarily concerned with skin color. This is reinforced with the Cree translation for White Man being essentially identical concept: “Not like us” in a sense of thought process. This again loops back in identical sense in the proper Blackfoot term for a White Man per se: ‘Napi Kwan’ or “White Man” refers to someone who is crazy from a cultural perspective and figures in the Blackfoot proverb “Everyone knows the White Man is crazy.” All of the translations taken with the proverb point to color as superficial or descriptive only, with the emphasis on state of mind or thought process. This is clearly reinforced by the noted action anthropologist Karl Schlesier when he states:

“In the old world of the tribes skin color never mattered; what mattered were the expressions of one’s spirit and the voice of the heart”

Karl has spent most of his life in close association with the Southern Cheyenne, and is honorary son, brother and father to three generations of Cheyenne Holy Arrow Keepers and most certainly would be in a position to know this as well. Karl, like myself, is a White Indian and we are not discriminated against in the culturally intact Native community on account of our skin color. If it were a Black Man had achieved the old, culturally intact thought process, their welcome into the Native community would be no different to our own; complete, warm and integrated.

In the present times, when we see modern academics discuss Race in relation to Native America, particularly when those academics skins are Red, we are witnessing European mentality co-opting original Native thought. Were there to be an original native thought assessment of today’s politically correct arguments over race in stereotype such as team sport mascots, terms such as ‘Indians’,  ‘Redskins’ and ‘Braves’ would be patently meaningless in any sense of insult. Wilma Mankiller, past chief of the Cherokee, drove a Jeep “Cherokee Chief” and I am certain her choice would have been deliberate and taken in a sense of Native American humor. In the more traditional Native communities, you have “Redskins” memorabilia and fans, the politically correct arguments simply do not apply and in fact are never given a second thought.

The modern racial stereotypes are so patently preposterous to the original Native American mindset, the racial ideas are not worthy of consideration beyond Indian humor:

Why don’t Indians marry Blacks? Because we’d have children too lazy to steal!

Of course Native Americans do sometimes marry Blacks. The point of the humor is actually built into world-view where human experience has an aspect that is a cosmic joke, in a mental construct that does not suffer ego in a sense of the western mentality. The preceding joke is actually funny in the original Native context and its only bearing on Race is pointing out the idiocy of racial stereotype and the falseness of any cultural ego behind the very idea. The American Indian deity of many tribes, ‘Old Man’,  serves as an ego buster in a culture where ego as the western personality knows it, is historically considered to be more than undesirable, it is a mental disorder based in self-illusion:

When Old Man knelt to drink, he saw cherries over his head and forgetting he had knelt to drink, he reached for these cherries in the reflection!

Of course Old Man, fooled by the illusion and consequently wet from head to toe, looked like an idiot.

Racial affronts are grounded in the ego of non-indigenous cultures and the essential concept in and of itself, cannot find traction in original Native worldview and thought. The very idea of Race is equivalent to reaching for cherries in the reflection. The alien concept of self-importance is the ultimate underlying cultural principle in the Blackfoot proverb Everyone knows the Whiteman is crazy. Old Man the fool, Napi to the Blackfeet, and the ‘Napi’ in the Blackfoot expression ‘Napi Kwan’ that translate as White Man, are one and the same.

Were original Native thought process applicable to African origins, Chimpanzees, Gorillas and Baboons would be perceived in the community as magnificent creatures. The stupid primates would be those people who were possessed of European mentalities looking down on these sentient beings which, in Native view, possess a greater practical social intelligence than those who would consider these creatures as lesser to humans.

That all life stands on par with humanity is not exclusive to original Native American philosophy it would appear; this author has read of a Black African tribe, living in proximity to Chimpanzees, know the Chimpanzees as “people of the forest”, indicating other ‘non-mainstream’ cultures perceive their living surroundings in a similar, non-egoic light.

A different perception to the modern, for certain.

Note: Authentic Native American philosophy has, for the most part, been boarding schooled, uncle tom-tom’d (stereotyped), and ‘native studied’ out of existence (in precisely that order.) In the present time, relating to any politically correct western anthropology program with the ‘native studies’ euphemism, it is the western ideas are coming to dominate the native perception of themselves. With the loss of language & oral tradition in the original form (‘Native Studies’ in the western university system reflects this loss), these people don’t even know who they were anymore.


Life in Indian Country

Collected stories, folklore and anecdotes concerning my many years life with Blackfeet Indians and traversing Native American territories


Napi Mephisto


I’m one of the nicest and most unassuming people you’d ever meet. All I wanted was a simple life with a woman who loves me, kids, a garden, a dog, and to be happy. I’d worked hard, for years, sorting out my personal crap and the potential was there

Then, these closet-gay fuckers called neo-cons, went out of their way to louse up my journey to happiness. On account of that fact, this ‘literary endeavor’ came into being

This is an autobiographical novel assembled around various essays deliberately intended to provoke outrage, get teeth grinding, and to put really creepy bugs up stupid people’s butts. Thinking people, on the other hand, could learn a lot reading here

In a world in which 48% of adult Americans believe modern man was ‘created’ in his present form precisely in 4004 BC or alternatively, within the past ten thousand years, and Christian fundamentalism drives the wildly popular sales of Tim LaHaye’s “Left Behind” series of books in which the ‘Anti-Christ’ manifests on Earth as the Secretary General of the United Nations, not to mention the Christian fundamentalist belief  ‘Armageddon’, the Biblical war of the end of civilization set in the Middle East, must occur for the Christian faithful to advance to Heaven and now is the time… (The Economist, Special Report on Faith and Politics), one should shudder at the “The New Wars of Religion.” And particularly moving into 2011 with the USA’s military neo-cons pushing for a war with Iran

I was already acutely aware of the issues as put forward by the Economist’s writers, and I in fact have a deeper understanding of the underlying issues of Christian fundamentalism in some small regard at least, having been to Bible College as one of my several failed stops in attempts at social reintegration following my roughly one and one half years in a war zone, witnessing Man’s violence on Man. Both the war and Bible college, in retrospect, were a very American experience. The first time I put on a flight helmet and a little later reached up and flipped the ‘Nav’ toggle switch on the small console in the gunner’s seat of a Bell UH-1H helicopter, magically the Beach Boys were singing “Good Vibrations” in my helmets headphones as I watched the jungle canopy move a few feet below the landing skids on our aircraft. I was young, I was new and it was exciting, I won’t lie to you. I was thrilled. I was not thrilled, however, one and a half years after, on my departure date of November 8th, 1971, after having participated in this corporate profiteering war against “Godless Communism.” The subsequent mental violence I encountered at Azusa Pacific College (now university) seemed no less ugly, in retrospect, the student intellectual violence over matters of doctrine. To be honest, I have been sorting out both experiences ever since. Do I believe in God? No. Am I an Atheist? No. Nor am I Agnostic

It seems to me that everybody has got it wrong. At least in Western Civilization, which has overtaken the world, and I would argue includes Islam and the classic Far East cultures. Any child should be able to grasp that a Human species which harvests life sustaining nature at a pace exceeding life sustaining nature’s ability to regenerate, is pointed to a wrong direction. Let’s keep it there for a moment, child and species. The math is kinder garden. The entire Human species is complicit, or soon will be, with the destruction of the last wild habitat of a possible handful of Amazon tribes not yet assimilated, to sustained economic development. Sustained economic development is the present western economic model which has overtaken the world, stemming from the Industrial Revolution of America and Europe. To deny this is tantamount to claiming the Moon is made of Green Cheese. Like I once heard a Black woman comedian claim: “Denial ain’t just a river in Egypt”

Science and Religion, the great argument, both have it wrong. Science cannot deny it has provided the means to destroy the planet through provision of technology. Religion cannot deny it has failed to instill sustainable Human values that would prevent the planets destruction. Environmentalism as we know it, is a joke too, just more denial. Because the planet has produced a principle of cancer, Sustained Development, where we have already reached a point of no return for civilization, as we know it. To return to a balanced state in Nature, at the least in a presently unchanging social circumstance, most of Humanity must die. If the world’s leading scientists already know this, then they are lying to you by withholding the information or perhaps it is a ‘State Secret.’ Maybe none of them wants to be the first to stand up and say in no uncertain terms “It is all over for us.” If they do not know it, they are just plain stupid

This can all be covered up by arguing that Religion is even more stupid. That would be correct if something could be done about it. That is the problem. Nothing can be done about Religion except tell ignorant people the truth, everyone is almost certainly going to die on the present path. Of course to the ignorant Christian fundamentalists, that translates, yes, everyone except us, because we get to go to Heaven. They actually believe that, and that only makes them equal to those scientists that believe there is a possible ‘saved by science’ future, the greatest of oxymoron. Science put us in this circumstance and asking Science to save us is like using wild land fire control technique in the urban setting: Lighting a backfire. Set fire to the bottom of the building to take fuel away from the fire raging at the top of the building. It makes about as much sense

Here we live in an existence where Sustained Economic Development’s exploitation of nature allows a Saudi prince to own an Airbus 380 super-jumbo jet as a personal flying palace, a $300 million, 240 foot double deck fuselage with a wingspan just short of the length of a football field weighing in at 560 tons. A resource devouring colossus for friends and family that is nothing short of the western world’s greatest individual expression of what I have named “Ego Priapism.” What would be our world’s foremost collective expression of Ego Priapism?  Space exploration. What is the point of exploring Space? To create an Ark, to escape our planet wide self-destructive madness? Our Human race should be quarantined. Or we should kill the most massive ecologically destructive projects of science and technology, such as Super Jumbo jets and Space exploration and the immense resource demands of these lunacies, as an investment in intelligence. And as an argument to the Cosmos and Mother Nature that we are worth having around. It makes more sense to make that statement, than to pander to the planet-wide life threatening technological aggressions of Science or the moral aggressions of Religion. Because in the end, they are both exactly that: The same Mental Aggressions. The bed partners that screw out of biological drive and hate, they hate themselves and hate each other with the resource raping of the entire planet, attended by technologically driven wars of faith and religion. It’s all the same thing folks. I’m calling it ‘Honky Mentality’, regardless of Race. Because it all began with the Industrial Revolution, and that happened in Honkydom

In the following ‘Novel’ I am going to take a little bit of Tim LaHaye’s “Left Behind” Anti-Christ away from him, reduce this bit of Anti-Christ to a good guy that is a Devil, albeit a harmless but otherwise highly threatening to peoples common fears Devil, to make a point. That point would be that I was able to learn more about Western Civilization’s foibles of science and religion from a man that had never been to school, completely illiterate, but spoke seven (now dying) Native American languages fluently and who was able to show me reality that does not exist for most of today’s world however, a reality that was once the predominant intelligence of at least two continents: The Americas. He showed me more real intelligence than any Western education, secular or religious, by far. It is a sometimes ‘satyrically’ MEAN read. But it is lucid, something lacking in our increasingly maddened world of the faith driven politics of Religion and the equally ignorant secular god named Science. If there were actually such a thing as a Native American god, it would be androgynous and its name likely would be “Lucid.” Of course the typically paranoid fundamentalist Christians would note the first four letters of that Native god’s name and freak out at the idea of Lucifer. Fine by me

It occurs to me to say an Anti-Christ might not be such a bad thing if one were to dispassionately study Christian fundamentalism. Christianity is a schizophrenic religion and the fundamentalists have the one half of it: that half following the teachings of Saint Paul. Paul’s intolerant teachings are diametrically opposed to the teachings of the Jesus who preached tolerance. It was Paul who made Jesus into the ‘Christ’ from whom we learn our cannibalistic social attitudes: concerning deferred responsibility for our behaviors and meanwhile pursuing the destruction of our planet. It has been established in research it was Paul’s followers who put the words on Jesus lips to conform Jesus to the idea of their supremacy and disregard of living an intelligent, responsible and accountable life. These monotheists need not concern themselves with intelligent living on Earth because they all have a better place to go to. This fundamentalism, in one form or other, has been around a long time. If an Anti-Christ came along to undo a bit of Paul’s work and get people pointed more towards the original ideas of, one could say the ‘un-Christianized’ ideas of the Jesus of history, that would be a good thing

I had a Nazarene professor who had a great regard for some of the secular writers, particularly Albert Camus. He had arrived at the conclusion atheism is Christian civilization’s prodigal son, the rebellious runaway living in denial. He got that right. Because the behaviors all stem from the same mental structures, whether secular or religious, for both. What he could not experience at all, and at that time neither could I, was the thought there could be non-Western mental structures framing an altogether different reality. This is on account of the Western Ego, which in a way, can only see its-self in its ‘imprisment.’  This small book, a mere ‘novel’ of hard hitting social criticism through satire, sets out to explore framing that ‘other reality’

Each segment and character has a point. If you become caught up in either mirth or outrage at the more crude or rude assertions, you will miss those points. So, hate it, love it, but above all pay attention if you want to get it. Up front, here it what ‘getting it’ is all about. People who cannot look at their behaviors, cannot let go of their behaviors. Psychologically ‘imprismed’ mentality, i.e. the Western Ego, cannot see anything beyond the mirror image self. That image must be broken for any individual, or even the World, to be healed

This book is an experiment in juxtaposing idiocy with intelligence, callousness with sensitivity, the obscene with the sacred and chauvinism with feminine awareness. It is a twisted book, deliberately. What might have seemed sympathetic or even smart ideas are sometimes trashed by inverting roles. By the end, a thinking person should question not the intelligence of Humanity, but solely the intelligence of Western Civilization

I am only good to the Indians. Whether their skins are White or Red (or Black or Yellow.) Why?

The most recent genetic research has all sorts of politically correct Social Scientists freaking out at the idea it will be misconstrued to bear out White Supremacy in intelligence. Their own lack of intelligence is to fail recognizing there are different kinds of intelligence in Humans. These politically correct scientists measure by a yardstick that is culturally biased to Western Science which originated with Western (European) mentality or intelligence, a world-wide contagious and malevolent social phenomena

Anyone can learn this mentality to one degree or another, but how useful is it?

Perhaps other people’s genetics are predisposed to an intelligence the European cultures do not know how to measure. Or perhaps it is merely a matter of how our brains are organized differently in disparate cultures. Read and think about it

The Characters

Stone Child is raised Indian in a White skin and subsequently immersed in a strict and stratified (hierarchal) charter school with a hidden administrative fundamentalist White Supremacist Christian agenda: posing as a liberal arts prep school. Because Stone Child has a White skin he is admitted to the school despite the school’s ‘fixed’ lottery admission which normally only allows a few select minority students, to conceal it’s Christian racist/fascist agenda. Discovering he is a “Pagan” child, Stone Child, a sensitive, kind and caring boy, is persecuted with covert but extreme hostility by the Christian staff at the school

Grandpa and Natooauts are a Plains Ojibwa shaman and Blackfoot shaman respectively, both have tribal kin relationships to Napi Mephisto

Spotted Buffalo is a German and the only non-native male Napi has ever known to achieve a fluent understanding of a universal shamanic concept called ‘the timing’

Napi Mephisto, father of Stone Child, is a Devil to the Whites at the school, but in fact is a mere man on an odyssey of personal evolution seeking to discover integrity in himself. He will trust people who easily betray him, including the woman he loves, and discovers how not to hate

Pompositee Succubus is a brutal White racist woman who has risen in paternal fundamentalist Christian society by adopting a male ego to compete. She is the school principal

Bozo is an example of a man who actually believes he is a good guy with credible motivations and yet has a remarkable American ‘good old boy’ chauvinism ingrained in his character, a trait he cannot see in himself. Bozo’s character, because he is always drunk, plays in the presence of women those traits many American men profoundly manifest behind the backs of women… a typical hypocrisy and common social phenomena. Although Bozo actually believes he has views sympathetic to liberal causes, he unconsciously works to destroy those causes with his personality, attitudes and approach. This is because Bozo’s draw to the cause is to stroke his own ego, more so than to do the right thing

Bozo is also a metaphor for the ‘progressives’ on the right and the left, people who do not realize the extent to which neo-con fascists play the game for keeps

Ego Priapism is a man who exhibits every sort of chauvinist, misogynist behavior imaginable. He epitomizes evil manifest in Christian behaviors

Christine is a sensitive, highly intelligent and physically beautiful teacher at the school who struggles to be free of depression stemming from child rape, is defeated by trauma, having contracted herpes from abduction and rape again as a young mother, sees her self esteem destroyed again and again, by men rejecting her because of her rape, herpes and a subsequent mastectomy. Finally, Christine is defeated once more by her own behaviors stemming from adopting aggressive male behavior to survive at the school and consequent instinctive retaliation against Napi who is in love with her

Christine, who does not know of the school administrations secret racist agenda, plays into the fascist’s hands when she deliberately flunks Napi’s son Stone Child, while taunting Napi he can do nothing about it. She does this because of her fear based anger at men and the school’s male teachers who exploit her fear when Napi has fallen in love with her. Christine, feeling sorry for herself, descends into insanity when she subsequently discovers she is actually loved by Napi, her rape and mastectomy would never have stood in the way of Napi loving Christine, the very sort of man she had finally hoped and dreamed of meeting. Or perhaps Christine is merely a cynical act

The teachers Vance, Jack and Marcus are the best friends and protégés of Ego Priapism. These characters are part of the school’s fascist/racist agenda who exploit Christine’s fear at Ego Priapism’s inspiration, seeking to use Christine to destroy ‘the devil’ Napi and drive Stone Child out of the school. Vance and Marcus are retired CIA agents, Jack is a fundamentalist Catholic

The Plot

Vance, with assistance from corrupt law enforcement, makes Napi a target of investigation at the school and in fact masterminds Christine’s abduction and rape with a view she will be manipulated to kill Napi, when her fear is exploited to suggest the ‘criminal’ Napi is bent on doing her and her child harm. Vance went on to personally attempt Napi’s murder

Napi’s dilemma: How do you help law enforcement organizations and intelligence agencies with critical information they need, when elements of the same had been coming after you hard, on false pretenses, with a view to cover their own crimes you had been in (involuntary circumstance) process of uncovering? Who/how/when to trust?

Christine mutates into a cynical cyborg, uncovered before the end of story as former CIA working together with corrupt undercover cops exploiting her tragedies while she is playing into trying to frame Napi for trumped up crimes even as Napi is blowing the lid off the real crimes by administration at the school

A happy ending??? Those have eluded me. But Napi is supposed to have learned not to hate regardless of the outcome. That either rules him out going crazy or makes him insane in a world where hate is normal

Perhaps Christine has been institutionalized by her ‘friends’ and Napi is unaware and eventually moves on to someday discover her fate

But I cannot know, and the story does not say, because her fate is unknown to me in real life. The book has morphed from a fictionalized account of real life events, to straight-up non-fiction at the end

Napi Mephisto can be read online HERE

For a free pdf copy of Napi Mephisto you may freely share with anyone, email a request to:


There was a Whiteman that hired an Indian guide to take him through the Rocky Mountains. This Whiteman was from New York City and he had taken the train as far as the Rocky Mountain Front, but that was as far as the tracks went, in those days. He had a stereotypical idea of Indians, he did not bring food for the journey beyond that point, the Indian guide he would hire would also hunt for him, that was the Whiteman’s thinking

Most of the Indian guides the Whiteman approached did not like the fact that the Whiteman was not prepared for the journey, and he was having a hard time finding anyone to guide his trip. But he approached one of our special people, one of the Indians we always look out for, because hanging out with one of these ‘special’ ones, we know that anything can happen. But the Whiteman did not know he had hired one of these ‘special’ people. Sort of like the Whiteman saying, ‘All Chinamen look alike’, he could not tell the difference between a sane Indian and this savant idiot

So the Whiteman hired his Indian guide, Happy, and they set out together to cross the mountains without any food.

And without weapons or blankets

The Whiteman did not mind, he had read nearly all of the dime novels about the western tribes and he was confident that his Indian guide, Happy, could bring him through anything. Meanwhile, what he did not realize, was what it meant to Happy to be an Indian. Happy was used to privation. He had more often than not slept out of doors with only his light jacket to keep warm, and was no stranger to going for a week at a time without a proper meal. This was the early reservation days

The second day into the trek, the Whiteman was already becoming faint from hunger, Happy had not yet fashioned a bow and arrow, and the Whiteman began to worry. But Happy jovially reassured him about every concern expressed, Happy would make the bow and arrow, Happy would hunt, they would eat, they would have nice tanned hides for blankets so it would not be as cold that night, but in the meanwhile, they just kept walking, the Whiteman had to keep up, because Happy never stopped walking, and the Whiteman did not know where he was

Towards the end of the third day, the Whiteman was both desperate and beginning to get an inkling that Happy did not discern between wishful thinking and reality. He desperately wished Happy would make the bow and hunt, reality was setting in however, and reality was, Happy did not know how. Happy only knew how to go hungry and keep walking and be Happy

On the morning of the fourth day, the Whiteman began to cry when the perfectly happy Happy got up and started walking. He had no choice but to get up and follow. But now Happy was a little bit hungry himself. So Happy watched as he walked that day

Towards dusk, Happy suddenly grabbed up a stone and threw it into a tree, knocking a large Blue Grouse from its perch. Pouncing very quickly, Happy had the big wild chicken by its neck. He was beaming. Happy then stated, “I have a chicken for my dinner”

The Whiteman had other plans for the chicken

First he tried reason, he suggested Happy should share, but no, Happy could reason too, this was Happy’s chicken, the forest was full of chickens and the Whiteman could get his own. The Whiteman knew he was too weak to take the chicken from Happy, so he resorted to guile. He knew from the dime novels that these people were big on dreams. He made a proposal to Happy. Tonight they would dream for the chicken. The most powerful dream would win. By now, the Whiteman had finally, truly realized that Happy was a simpleton. He would have no trouble making up the winning dream. And Happy accepted the challenge

They went to sleep

In the morning, the Whiteman sat up and announced his dream. He had gone back to New York City. Arriving at the Gentlemen’s Club for dinner, there was a raffle for a Blue Grouse from the Rocky Mountains and he had won. The Mayor himself drew the winning ticket from the hat. The large wild chicken was served with salad and croutons. He magnanimously saved 1/2 the chicken to bring back to his Indian friend Happy. Looking at Happy, who suddenly, for the first time, was not looking happy, but was briefly showing genuine remorse, the Whiteman asked “What did you dream?”

Happy said “When I saw you leave in your dream, I followed, to see what you would do. When you arrived at the Gentleman’s Club, I tried to go in for dinner too, but they stopped me at the door. “No Indians allowed.” So I returned here, to eat the chicken, but I forgot to save you some.”

The Whiteman carved his initials on a rock near that dream place: “J.S. Died Here July 14 1884.”

Happy had kept walking



Life in Indian Country

Collected stories, folklore and anecdotes concerning my many years life with Blackfeet Indians and traversing Native American territories

A story of life in Bear country


I won’t say I’ve had countless encounters with bears, but I’ve met them many times. Living in countryside shared with a dense bear population, when meeting bears, you come to understand mostly, bears simply need talked to and left alone. It was the fate of Bruno, a wandering bear who died for the mere fact of stepping on German soil, causes reflection and this story. Follows are some of my encounters with bears and a lion.

Growing up in the vicinity of wilderness areas, Glacier National Park and the adjacent Great Bear Wilderness, bears were a fact of life. When I was young, my Dad would take me in his pick-up truck to park at a little distance with binoculars and we would watch the Grizzly Bears come to dine at the garbage dumpsters outside of the small village of West Glacier. Eventually there had been a policy change relating to these ‘garbage bears’ and this food supply was shut off, to force the bears back into their natural foraging habits. Years later, there had been a similar circumstance when a train with a grain cargo [maize] had derailed and spilled. The railroad had simply buried the corn and it had fermented. Bears from far and wide had been attracted, began digging up the fermented grain and became horrendously drunk. Again, we would park our vehicle at a distance and watch with binoculars. Semi-comatose, drunk bears would wake up a bit, opening one eye while lying on the ground, reach into the corn and scoop another mouthful and pass out again. Bears that woke up and tried to walk would stumble, fall and roll down the hill. Some were hit by trains while crossing the tracks close to where the corn had been buried. It became an  environmental scandal and the railroad was forced to return to the site, dig up the corn and haul it away.

We had a HUGE blonde Grizzly mother with her two very large and nearly grown cubs, clean out our apple tree one Fall season. It was not a big deal, we let the bears have the apples and the bears left us alone. If by chance we met, they always ran, preferring to harvest our (now theirs, actually) apples alone.

I nearly stepped on a napping Black Bear behind our house, it had found a depression in the cool ground, in the dark shade of a large tree and was sound asleep in the heat of the afternoon. I happened to walk nearly on top of it while out assessing another Fall season’s firewood harvesting. The bear jumped up from seeming nowhere about two meters in front of me as I walked and let out a tremendously frightened yowl, I’m certain both our eyes looked like Mr Magoo on a roller-coaster. The bear ran away from me.

I was walking in the forest with my youngest, at that time a nearly new-born infant, asleep in a baby pack strapped to my chest. I was in a creek drainage where two trails converged as I walked down a hill. I saw a Cinnamon bear walking down the other trail and realized we were on track to meet precisely where the two trails met. I understood that if I stopped and stood still, the Cinnamon would continue walking downhill unmolested. That is what happened, the bear passed us about twenty meters away.

My oldest son went into our garage one evening, from our kitchen, the large garage door was open to the outside and he saw what he thought was our large black dog eating from a big bag of dog food. Going over to give Zeus a pat on the head and scratch his ears, a black bear’s head was what emerged from the bag. He came back into the house with eyes as large as silver dollars, the bear had freaked out too, and ran precisely in the other direction.

Not far away from where we lived, near Bigfork, Montana, a 12 year old boy out playing alone, had inadvertently found himself caught between a mother Black Bear and her cubs. The mother bear had knocked the boy down and laid on top of him while she bawled out the danger call to her kids who went up trees and then let the boy go, unharmed.

I was hiking in the Bob Marshall wilderness and camped beside the Spotted Bear River, by the riverside trail. Along about midnight, a Grizzly bear that left prints as large as a size 16 men’s basketball shoe, walked past on the trail and could have cared less about bothering me in any respect.

On another occasion in the wilderness, I was resting along a hiking trail on a mountainside with one of the most incredible dogs I have ever owned, a female Wolf-Malamute cross. The was a large bolder obstructed our vision but the dog told me, without making a sound, there was a bear nearby by standing on her haunches with the hair up on her back, forelegs out, precisely as bear stands. Moments later a large Grizzly walked around the boulder, point blank, saw us, turned and galloped away.

Back at home, one day I was curious as to why cars were repeatedly slamming on their brakes in front of my house, so I walked outside to have a look. A mother Grizzly and her two cubs were grazing on dandelions alongside our house. I came back inside, told my family we would have to be alert, and not to disturb the bears. For two weeks we would look out the windows of the house to ascertain the location of the bears, before going out of doors to do chores, make a local trip in the car, or whatever. There was never any aggression or fear on any parties part, bear or human. But then one evening one of the cubs took an interest in our cat door and the dynamic had to change. I called our game warden to come and relocate them. He brought three traps, caught both the yearling cubs but not the now thoroughly enraged mother. So, a second warden was placed in a trap that was closed on him, the trap (they are like small steel jails built on trailers) was driven to where the cubs were in their traps and from inside the closed trap the warden shot the mother, who emerged to defend her trapped cubs, with a tranquilizer dart and the problem was solved. The bears were driven 70 miles away, and were back in two weeks (she had been radio collared) but avoided homes and people after.

It was in Yellowstone Park I saw a park ranger with an expression looking like it was the worst day of his life. Alongside the road were many parked cars and about a hundred tourists standing alongside the road. Between the tourists and a large male Grizzly busy over-turning rocks and logs, looking for insects to eat, stood the single, unarmed ranger, his back to the bear, about twenty meters behind him, facing the tourists to keep any one of them trying to approach any closer. We simply kept driving, Grizzly Bears being no novelty. There must not have been a problem, because we did not hear news of any incident.

Arnold was our pet duck that survived a Black Bear nearly eating him. A bear had broken into our chain link pen and grabbed Arnold, but then saw Bill, our goose, and dropped the duck to make off with the larger meal. By the time I’d gotten out of bed, put on some clothes and was outside to investigate, it was too late for Bill, he was carried away by the bear. We brought Arnold into the house, set his broken wing, stitched up a hole in his breast (he bit me the entire time) and Arnold went on to be a proud father of many ducklings. My [Native American  raised] youngest, about 11 years old at the time, although he grieved for Bill, refused to be angry at the bear, expressing an understanding: “The bear was only doing what anyone would do, getting something to eat.”

My Native American teacher, Pat, used to be contacted by the Glacier National Park rangers in the 1970s, to ‘talk to the bears.’ This would happen when bears would show up at the park campgrounds. Pat would approach the animal, explain to it in his native language that only trouble could come of frequenting that particular locale and ‘ask the bear in a nice way’ to leave. It worked, every time. Park administrators changed and after, Pat was no longer contacted to ‘talk to the bears.’

Another acquaintance, Terry, video records bears. When  asked by two Blackfeet brothers what he would do if he suddenly found himself too close to Grizzlies, Terry replied “Talk to them.” The brothers looked at each other and replied “That’s exactly right.”

At five years of age, my dog, Zeus, was a veteran, weighing in at 80+ pounds and extremely fit, he had harried numerous bears off our property including several grizzlies. Zeus technique was to dart at the bears hind end, causing the bear to have to wheel again and again to protect his backside, ultimately convincing the bear that whatever he was attracted to was not worth the bother. It was awesome to listen to the dog on bear contest, tearing up the turf and in turn making their fiercest noise after dark, alternately dog-bear, bear-dog. Most of these encounters had been in the night, due to the nocturnal habits of foraging bears near human habitation. In Winter, when bears are denned up, Zeus, a Wolf/Husky  cross, patrolled his beat mainly concerned with keeping the coyotes at bay.

At dusk on St Valentines Day, February 14th, 2001, bears being denned up, I had no great concern when Zeus put up his great display of black mane standing up in a roach and his most powerful bark to alert me to trouble. Not worried about at all about bears, I stepped outside expecting a Raccoon trying to get into the chicken house. I was without a firearm, when walking over see what the trouble was. As I approached Zeus, I saw a Mountain Lion charging directly at me from 25 meters distance. Instantly I was in full retreat back to the house but it was looking too late, a real race as to whether I would make it to the door. Looking over my shoulder I could see the lion had closed what looked like over half the distance to me and I had only covered about half the distance I needed to be back in the house. Ridiculous thoughts were flashing in my mind, I remembered you don’t run from lions or they will give chase -the lion was after me already- at what the Game Warden later would tell me was a speed approaching 45 miles per hour. But I need not have worried.

Zeus had put himself directly in the lions path and intercepted the charging predator. As I slammed the door behind me and glanced out the window as I ran for a firearm, Zeus and the lion were in what looked a like a ballroom dance pose, both up on their hind legs and embraced, contesting to bite and grasp the others head or throat. I knew at that moment that I was going to have to be fast to save Zeus, because a dog, no matter how brave and strong, is no match for a lion. At the far end of the house I grabbed an old Remington pump action goose gun and a box of #1 Buckshot, spilling shells as I ran back across the house.

Now Army training from 30 years before had kicked in like a well oiled clock- As I was moving, by the numbers, I was pushing a shell into the magazine, opening the action with the pump, locking the action, loaded, with safe off, I pushed open a kitchen window with one hand, dropped the barrel of the weapon through the opening with the other. At this point the lion had Zeus down and the only shot I could take was for the large cats hips. I fired and the lions rear legs went out from under him but he was not dislodged from the dog. But now Zeus was able to roll the cat over and was on top and had the lion by the throat- and I was able to shoot the lion through the head, ear to ear, from about five meters. It was a close call to fire buckshot that close to Zeus but it was a shot that absolutely had to be taken. The cats last move was to wave his long lion’s tail like a flag in slow motion surrender. The lion was shot dead in probably about 30-45 seconds from the time I saw it charging me. Zeus stood back from the large cat at that point, watching intently, willing to quit if the lion was done, but ready to fight some more if need be. What a dog! And what a way to begin my 50th year! Zeus was in remarkably good shape for having had a lion encounter, he had a torn ear, 3 puncture wounds to the head from the lions primary killing fangs and a slight skull fracture resulting. He fully recovered. The lion was estimated to be a five year old adult that was desperate because it had one of its four primary killing teeth broken off and badly abscessed; it was no longer able to effectively take its natural prey of elk and deer. The investigating Game Warden speculated the lion was stalking Zeus when I became the target of opportunity. We had bears, but it was a lion would have killed me.

Lion_story.jpg - 1

Bruno was the first bear to visit Germany in 170 years. Bruno killed a dozen sheep, ate two pet bunnies, a guinea pig and raided some beehives. The entire state of Bavaria was up in arms over Bruno, who’d wandered over the Alps from Italy. Mothers clutched their children in great angst over this bunny killing monster who would no doubt devour God’s little German children. If the army were not mobilized against Bruno, well, it seemed that were on the horizon. Bruno dominated the headlines, the lost juvenile bear who’d slept on the steps of a village police station as though looking for a kind soul to give him a lift back to Italy and away from all the hysteria. No one attempted to talk to Bruno. The Germans were too parsimonious to re-employ shepherds necessary to discourage Bruno’s efforts, having killed off their nation’s bears and had done with it; consequent efforts to trap Bruno looked like a Disney comedy called ‘The Gang that Couldn’t Shoot Straight’ or perhaps the ‘Keystone Cops.’

In the end, Bruno was murdered, shot dead for no reason other than the irrational fear ‘civilized’ people have of a large wild animal’s undeserved stereotype. In fact, Bruno posed less danger to humans than the many wild pigs running free nearly everywhere in Germany. Certainly Bruno was not a threat approaching the threat humans typically pose to each other. Fear and loathing killed Bruno the Bear.


Note: A wolf cross requires the mother to be a friendly variant of domestic dog to be dependable. If the mother is a wolf, you will have a dangerous dog

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