An example of the Catholic right-wing’s anonymous propaganda lies, followed by a set of links (beneath this piece) to open source intelligence analysis by this author and a few outside articles detailing some of Catholic fascism’s criminal structures and associated behaviors –

This article ‘honors’ Tantumblogo, a Dallas, Texas right-wing Catholic without the personal courage to blog under his real name; as he spews lies and hate at those who threaten his reality, notably Mikey Weinstein of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation @

My attention had been drawn to Tantumblogo on account of a misleading (lying, actually) article on Mikey Weinstein, “Crude anti-Christian thug continues persecuting Christians in the military”, here is the linked screenshot:

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Compare Tantumbloggo‘s…

Over the last couple of years, he [Mikey Weinstein] has … made his jihad against any semblance of Christianity – and only Christianity – …

To the facts:

Over 95 percent of MRFF’s clients are practicing Christians, who nonetheless reject being forced to participate in a superior officer’s Bible study or prayers, or who believe their vow to defend the Constitution bans state-sanctioned, state-funded religion, period

Is this preceding a case of right-wing Catholics do not recognize non-Catholics as Christian? What then, of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation’s clients who’re moderate Catholics? I emailed Mikey Weinstein and asked. The answer?

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as of an hour ago, 10,406 [moderate catholic clients]

It would seem, according to Tantumblogo, nearly ten and one half thousand moderate Catholic soldiers who happen to be Military Religious Freedom Foundation clients bear no resemblance to “any semblance of Christianity”, as well these moderate 10,000 + Catholic clients are in league with a man, Mikey Weinstein, who is “full of hateful invective”

I left a bit of an intemperate comment at Tantumblogo’s article:

Nobody has crude behaviors exceeding that of *some* Catholic thugs. I recommend a bit of research into “GLADIO” and former CIA director Bill Colby’s admission Opus Dei was employed to set up the cells of ‘Christians’ in Europe that murdered innocents in cold blood so it could be blamed on ‘left wing terror’ and influence elections favoring the right wing, a series of crimes acknowledged by the government of Italy. Didn’t Jesus say ‘do not judge, lest you be judged?’ Or was it don’t throw stones? Either way, it’s sound advice –

I received a very disingenuous answer from a John Nolan, who at least had the courage to post under what is probably his actual name:

How endearing to see that Soviet era KGB disinformation lives on in the minds of the gullible.

Take a pinch of truth, (NATO did have a “stay behind army” strategy with arms caches in case of Soviet invasion) and add a dash of lies – Opus Dei involvement in assassinations (the KGB was Dan Brownish before Dan Brown) – and stir in a forged US army field manual to give it credibility – thereby smearing both NATO and the Catholic Church in one clever disinformation campaign.

Ah, how such repeated historical nonsense makes one nostalgic for the old days. Did you hear the KGB tale about Pope Pius and the Jews …..?

Ok, so I knew I wouldn’t likely get away with posting links relating to GLADIO and information like this:

Banco Ambrosiano, Calvi’s massive, privately-owned bank, collapsed on the news of his death, revealing a huge “black hole” in the balance sheet amounting to $1.3 billion. A large proportion of the missing money was later located in accounts owned by the Vatican bank

But nevertheless I attempted some reference with a comment I have to (imperfectly) reconstruct here…

Good the information got under your skin; Dan Brown did the church a massive favor with writing his fantasies, you think? Now, Vatican finance irregularities can be equated with conspiracy theories. And what about the pedophilia running rampant through right-wing Catholicism?

…because Tantumblogo intervened with:

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First comment, [then] gratuitous descent into insults regarding priests raping boys – where do you stand on sodomites pretending to marry? – gets an instant ban. It indicates a fundamental lack of good will

The he deleted his (above) comment and my reply to ‘John Nolan’ but not before I had opportunity to preserve his ‘instant ban’ and he left my initial comment together with John Nolan’s propaganda reply I will not be allowed to rebut (as of this writing)

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I thought ‘well, ok, I can maybe do something with this’ and proceded to look around. TantumBlogo’s ‘about me’ is interesting:

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When you look at his ‘about me’, the ‘likes’ instantly jump out where is what appears to be a neo-Nazi symbol at 3rd from left and sure enough, when clicking on that symbol it brings up a neo-Nazi Waffen SS motto:

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What could say more ‘about’ Tantumblogo than people who appreciate his ‘good works’? (speaking of “fundamental lack of good will”)

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