The Intercept Takes A Dive, Episode 2

Call this one ‘the Iranian (Pierre Omidyar) who owns a Jew (Glenn Greenwald) that pimps a Polack (Marcin Mamoń)’ in a case that is, prima facie, an information operation. With focus having come to the fact of Pierre Omidyar, The Intercept’s bankroller, has funded elements in Ukraine leading to the overthrow of the Yanukovich regime, a de facto support contributing to the present civil war, clearly Omidyar has been supporting the side of those now constituting the regime in Kiev. How will The Intercept spin it’s bending over to take billionaire ‘Shah-man’ Omidyar’s shaft from behind?

The Intercept previously hosting Askold Krushelnycky (see ‘The Intercept Takes A Dive‘) struck me as similar to The Nation hosting Bob Drefuss or the Washington Post providing a platform to David Ignatius; a professional liar does not add a ‘fair and balanced’ perspective (recalls FOX NEWS) but merely tosses a monkey wrench into the gears of truth.

Now we have some famous Polish journalist (famous in Poland, in any case), Marcin Mamoń, has been taken on by The Intercept, and he somehow manages to screw Greenwald while in the same moment giving Omidyar a blow-job:


This newest one reads as though it’d been scripted by the brighter minds of western intelligence; following initial references to “Russian backed [ethnic Russian] separatists” suddenly the language changes:

“When Kolomoisky saw that the Russians might capture Dnipropetrovsk”


“When the Russians stopped approximately 120 miles short of Dnipropetrovsk, Kolomoisky suddenly lost interest and stopped paying the volunteer battalions”


“There are suspicions that his location was betrayed to the Russians”


“They came to a small village called Chernukhino, where they stumbled upon Russian soldiers. There was shooting, and the Chechens killed a few Russians — the rest of the Russians withdrew. The Russians, however, managed to give the village’s coordinates to their artillery, and soon all hell broke loose”

So, it goes like this: Russians, Russians, Russians, Russian soldiers, Russians, Russians, Russians.


Proof? Or is everyone on the side opposed to Kiev “Russian” for the sake of Mamoń’s journalism? The bias (at the least) is palpable; the forceful point in subliminal psychology being driven home is ‘these are Russian soldiers.’ The CIA psy-ops people have to be high-fiving over at Langley. The Intercept just morphed Ukrainians who happen to be ethnic Russian separatists: into Putin’s army in the Donbass region of Ukraine.

Notable neglect  in the coverage is; even if his volunteer troops are not expecting to be paid, how does the Chechen commander feed, transport and keep his 500 man battalion provided with ammunition, if his benefactor had dumped his force months previous to this? War is an incredibly expensive business. Villagers handing out cabbage and sausages just won’t get the job done. There has to have been serious alternative financing, and that is skirted with a vague reference to ‘help’ from the ‘Ukrainian people.’

Insofar as the point of the Kiev aligned volunteer battalions, Mamoń’s thesis is, these are a case of ‘the chickens come home to roost’ for Putin. Their ties to Islamic State coupled to the Ukrainian authorities at Kiev not only tolerate them, but somehow must be logistically supporting them, doesn’t really enter the picture. His article imparts a sort of strange rehabilitation worthy of those western Ukrainian fascists who worship Stephan Bandera. A kind of ‘they were justified’ rationale overlooking these are rank criminals and committed terrorists.

At the end of the day, I don’t give a rat’s ass if Marcin Mamoń is on easy terms with Chechen militants & big-shot Islamic State personalities, and neither should Glenn Greenwald be impressed; this Mamoń guy smells BAD and his ‘Eau de Omidyar’ is distinct in the air; if everyone on the Donbass region’s separatist side is Russian, we can just as easily make the case (more accurately) many, many fighters on the Kiev side are Nazi, that is with the exception of certain Chechen fighters, hosted by Kiev, and at least some apparently provided courtesy of the Islamic State.

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