Collection consolidating those several works at this site pointing to the numerous crimes, hypocrisies, outright lies, bigotries and murderous history of the Christians, their culture and politics. As well, there are related satires, and not least, rehabilitation of the historical Jesus, to disentangle that most lied about personage in the history of humankind from the Church and diseased mind of St Paul.

Rehabilitating Jesus:

Celebrating the Anti-Christ Lies, the church & history

The Gospel According to Ronald On the historical Jesus

Mr Chan A true story of real charity

History & Culture:

Raphael’s Paradox On male hierarchy & civilization

Francis Bacon On justice & the King James Bible

A Coward Called Machismo Machismo in Catholic Spain

Original Sin is a Hate Crime Abuse of women & nature

To Forgive is a Crime To excuse the inexcusable

Cheap Tricks for Jesus Smirking liars that proselytize

Modern Indian Society A short history of cultural transition


Thomas Paine Essay on religion

The (No) ‘Establishment’ Clause Pentagon, religion & USA law

MOSSAD and Jews for Jesus Missionary assassins

Deep State IV NATO & Gladio (the Nazi meme)

Deep State VI Opus Dei & Christian Dominion

Dominionism’s Fingers in Kiev More Vatican-USA partnership

God’s Chosen is a Dumb Idea (and why we all will likely die)

Tantumblogo Dallas, Texas, Catholic fascist

Seymour Hersh & Mythology Misreading the religious right


French Peacekeepers (and a few other poems)


Junípero Serra On house breaking dogs (Catholic style)

Who Punked the Cardinal? On Vatican Fashion

Opus Dei creavit monitor lacertae Charlie Hebdo & satire

How Jesus Gets Kicked Out Of Heaven Naughty George Carlin

Demons Anonymous Addiction to destructive fantasies

Saint Chester Prince of the Church & patron saint of boys

Thuck Norris Rated ‘S’ for SICK (parental advisory)

Michele Bachmann & Wild Indians Kerouac in drag

Dick Cheney’s Rottweiler Dog butt-sniffing rituals


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