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How common sense is concealed as a state secret:

kill switch
a computer function for disabling software or a device remotely: 100 percent of the French high-tech arms exports concealed a kill switch which could render the weapon useless

“Senior MPs have called for an inquiry into claims that France deliberately withheld secrets about missiles that killed 46 British sailors in the 1982 Falklands War

“The Telegraph has been told that French-made Exocet guided missiles contained a “kill switch” that could have disarmed them, but that France denied such a device existed

“Three Royal Navy ships were hit by Exocets during the Falklands conflict, two of which – HMS Sheffield and the merchant vessel Atlantic Conveyor – sank. Sailors died on all three ships

“The missiles were made by the French firm Aerospatiale and, as the Royal Navy task force sailed south to retake the islands from their Argentinian occupiers, Britain appealed to its ally for information about how they worked and whether they could be disabled

“British experts believed the Exocets contained a kill switch, which arms manufacturers sometimes secretly build into weapons so they can be disabled if they fall into the hands of a hostile state

“According to a highly-placed source, France denied that the kill switches existed, but British officials became convinced it was not telling the truth, partly as a result of investigations carried out on an earlier variant of the missile that had been bought by the UK”

knucklehead |ˈnəkəlˌhed |
noun informal
a stupid person

“Serbia plans to purchase Rafale multipurpose fighter jets from France, President Aleksandar Vucic said  … which experts saw as the latest sign of Belgrade distancing itself from its traditional military supplier and ally Russia

“”We have been negotiating this purchase of 12 new jets for a year, and we are also looking at buying another 12 used (Western) planes from another country,” Vucic told Reuters. He did not specify the type of the used planes.

“Serbia and Dassault Aviation discussed the purchase of the 12 Dassault Rafale jets, France’s La Tribune weekly reported last week

“In 2019 Serbia bought France’s Mistral surface-to-air missiles and in 2016 it acquired helicopters from Airbus

“Croatia, which is an EU and NATO member and Serbia’s wartime foe from the 1990s, also operates Rafale jets”

Right. So, Serbia will be ‘BFF‘ with Croatia & NATO and, never a worry shall arise that, when a Croatian/NATO Rafale fighter jet takes on a Serbian Rafale fighter jet, the Croatian/NATO plane will be, in every case, ‘a winner by Dassault’ .. er, excuse me, I meant winner by default (it’s the kill switch for the knucklehead with a short attention span)

So, about those Mistral missiles Serbia purchased which likely won’t touch a NATO jet; Serbia is arming up with systems that will (maybe) work against a single entity and that entity would be Russia.

And then, the preceding brings up the countless shoulder launched anti-tank & anti-aircraft missiles abandoned on the field of battle in Ukraine by Kiev’s forces as though they were useless as the NATO states pour thousands of new man-portable missile systems into the conflict and suddenly the Russians get serious about taking out the NATO supply lines. Did a Russian ‘hack’ driven software change become necessary?

A plausible WWIII footnote would be, if the French made Exocet of 1982 possessed a ‘kill switch’ and it almost certainly did, it stands to reason nearly every subsequent high-tech generation weapons system would be adapted to this ‘furtive’ technology, no matter the geo-political alignment of the manufacturer. Example given, should Russia be concerned about the S-400 system it sold to Turkey in case of hostilities with the double-dealing & back-stabbing Turkish President Erdogan? Probably not.



Luis Suarez should be allowed to play again, but only with a rabies vaccination & dog muzzle. The muzzle should not be removable except by the referee, after the match. Now, if there were to be an internet campaign to ‘muzzle’ Suarez, it might get FIFA’s attention and we would see some of the more imbecilic behavior’s curbed, for instance:


The Colombian knee into the back of Brazil’s Neymar, fracturing his vertebra, should earn the offending player a lifetime ban. But no serious disciplinary action will be taken, for all of the anti-racist rhetoric read by players from both sides to the crowd prior to the match; because, well, they’re not ‘White’ people and can be expected (by the Euro-centric mentality that is FIFA) to behave like beasts. Noting there was not a ‘White’ victim, so no pressing need to take dire action by FIFA, the anti-racism campaign is simple ‘high morals’ cover for the corruption rotting FIFA to the core. Huh. Maybe Suarez was punished not so much for biting (see preceding note 1), but for biting a ‘White’ man…


Real football (that’s soccer to Americans) should absolutely not be a thespian event. Arjen Robben’s ‘flop‘ to win a penalty with a cheat eliminating Mexico, should earn the Dutch a ‘World Cup Poopy Play’ award, not only Robben, but the entire nation, because of the Dutch obsession with all things scatological, producing shitty mentalities willing to stink up a ‘beautiful game’


Yellow & Red cards should be introduced for the game’s (BBC) announcers. Ok, so it’s true some footballer’s past their prime would have valuable or practical insights to the action on the field and cannot be expected to comment as though they were literature professors, but …“He ruined his missed opportunity”…? Yellow card.


Award the Croatians a ‘world cup whiner’s’ honorable mention… by establishing a new award for biggest World Cup cry-baby (team citation)


Force reality on the English, they SUCK at real football (soccer to the Americans) .. no matter William’s knights invented the game with kicking Harold’s head about Hastings battlefield after the fight .. required reading for the English national team & sponsors: ENGLISH FOOTBALL


And Team USA? POTUS will keep them home four years hence, as a political statement, on account of the next tournament located in Russia … a precedent set with the 1980 Olympics, reinforced in 2014 at Sochi, a precedent which should actually have been applied to NSA, CIA, DIA (and the additional thirteen or more USA intelligence agencies creating havoc across the globe), keeping them home on account of their rather ugly sportsmanship and underhanded play…



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