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I don’t doubt Soros funds (and more) are behind fanning the flames of the USA street violence over the murder of George Floyd, there’s no doubt in my mind societal anger is cynically manipulated in what amounts to a deep state internecine war that could lead to civil war. But there is another side of this story, the story of the USA’s endemic racism. Here are three voices:

Dave Chapelle:

Glen Ford:

John Oliver:

In fact, I am not aware of any egalitarian deal inclusive of Blacks in American history other than the pirate culture where escaped slaves, both Black & White (Whites were slaves under the euphemism of ‘indentured servants’), elected their own ship captains and equally shared the spoils.

Think about it.


Throughout the late 19th century, and well into the 1950′s, Africans and in some cases Native Americans, were kept as exhibits in zoos. Far from a relic from an unenlightened past, remnants of such exhibits have continued in Europe as late as the 2000′s. Above photograph is from Brussels, Belgium in 1958

I stumbled, quite inadvertently, across an interesting, complete misreading of Franz Kafka’s “A Report to an Academy” by those ivory tower ensconced pundits that so love to interpret (project themselves into) the working of a great mind.

Kafka’s short story is of an ape captured in Africa and details (in the ape’s own words) the process of his assimilation to European culture.

According to the several pundits:

Walter Herbert Sokel has suggested that the story speaks to a conflict “between internal and external continuity in the ape’s existence”

Nicholas Murray briefly suggests in his 2004 biography of Kafka that the story is a satirization of Jews’ assimilation into Western culture.

The story’s references to the protagonist’s “apish past” (“äffisches Vorleben”) have led some literary theorists to associate the story with evolutionary theory.

Kafka may have been influenced by German psychologist Wolfgang Köhler’s The Mentality of Apes, also published in 1917.

Gregory Radick suggests that a more likely inspiration for Kafka was the work of the American psychologist Lightner Witmer. In 1909 Witmer staged a widely publicized test of the mental abilities of a vaudeville chimp named Peter. This test, conducted in front of a panel of scientists, included a demonstration of Peter’s ability to say several words, including “momma.”

Other than Kafka likely incorporating element of Witmer’s ‘panel of scientists’ as the ‘academy’ and borrowing the name ‘Peter’ for his ape’s sobriquet “Red Peter”, all of the above are clear fails. In fact Kafka gave away (in plain sight) in his short story the fact ‘A Report to an Academy’ is a lampoon of European cultural mentality based on the 19th & 20th centuries commonplace phenomenon of ‘The Human Zoo.’

From the later 19th Century history of the ‘human zoo’…

Carl Hagenbeck of Germany ran exhibits of what he called, “purely natural,” populations, usually East Asian Islanders, but in 1876, he also sent a collaborator to the Sudan to bring back, “wild beasts and Nubians.” The traveling Nubian exhibit was a huge success in cities like Paris, London, and Berlin

From Kafka’s ‘Report to an Academy’…

A hunting expedition sent out by the firm of Hagenbeck—by the way, I have drunk many a bottle of good red wine since then with the leader of that expedition—had taken up its position in the bushes by the shore when I came down for a drink at evening among a troop of apes

Kafka’s legacy is detailing the cruelty and ugliness of European culture and mentality, whether in ‘The Penal Colony‘ or ‘The Metamorphosis‘ in works where cruelty is indulged in a culture that prefers appearances conceal the real nature of things, and where those concealed things are discovered behind the many hypocrisies employed to mask the European ugliness and violence.

A Report to an Academy is in this mold, where Kafka posits the real nature of freedom and all of its beauty must be surrendered and be conformed to the White anthropomorphic expectation … to escape The Human Zoo. But this escape is at best superficial because of those physical traits Black people possess that White Europeans interpret as relating Blacks to apes. Blacks, like apes, in Kafka’s quite accurate perception, can never be peer to the European whose prejudice is an innate, immutable cultural supremacism based in a superficial narcissism of a White appearance.

The pundits can surmise Kafka’s story is about whatever they please, Jewish assimilation, apes and ape mentality, evolution or whatever else their idle imaginations fancy, but at the end of the day it is clearly about the Carl Hagenbeck in every White person shaped by the too frequent primitive prejudices found in European cultural mentality. No matter the ape, the White European cultural metaphor for Black, had made every demanded conformity, the members of the academy only see an ape:


In 1906, the amateur anthropologist Madison Grant, who was the head of the New York Zoological Society, put a Congolese pygmy Ota Benga, on display at the Bronx Zoo in New York City. The display was in the primate exhibit, and Ota was often made to carry around chimpanzees and other apes. Eugenicist and zoo director William Hornaday labeled Ota, “The Missing Link.” The public flocked to see the display –

A Report to an Academy, in which Kafka’s sympathies are with the ape throughout, is about the racism endemic to White Europeans and fits the psychological mold of a people inclined to colonialism perfectly; whether the Belgian of the Congo in Kafka’s day or those White Europeans occupying today’s Palestine:

“I admire Zionism and am nauseated by it”Franz Kafka



Luis Suarez should be allowed to play again, but only with a rabies vaccination & dog muzzle. The muzzle should not be removable except by the referee, after the match. Now, if there were to be an internet campaign to ‘muzzle’ Suarez, it might get FIFA’s attention and we would see some of the more imbecilic behavior’s curbed, for instance:


The Colombian knee into the back of Brazil’s Neymar, fracturing his vertebra, should earn the offending player a lifetime ban. But no serious disciplinary action will be taken, for all of the anti-racist rhetoric read by players from both sides to the crowd prior to the match; because, well, they’re not ‘White’ people and can be expected (by the Euro-centric mentality that is FIFA) to behave like beasts. Noting there was not a ‘White’ victim, so no pressing need to take dire action by FIFA, the anti-racism campaign is simple ‘high morals’ cover for the corruption rotting FIFA to the core. Huh. Maybe Suarez was punished not so much for biting (see preceding note 1), but for biting a ‘White’ man…


Real football (that’s soccer to Americans) should absolutely not be a thespian event. Arjen Robben’s ‘flop‘ to win a penalty with a cheat eliminating Mexico, should earn the Dutch a ‘World Cup Poopy Play’ award, not only Robben, but the entire nation, because of the Dutch obsession with all things scatological, producing shitty mentalities willing to stink up a ‘beautiful game’


Yellow & Red cards should be introduced for the game’s (BBC) announcers. Ok, so it’s true some footballer’s past their prime would have valuable or practical insights to the action on the field and cannot be expected to comment as though they were literature professors, but …“He ruined his missed opportunity”…? Yellow card.


Award the Croatians a ‘world cup whiner’s’ honorable mention… by establishing a new award for biggest World Cup cry-baby (team citation)


Force reality on the English, they SUCK at real football (soccer to the Americans) .. no matter William’s knights invented the game with kicking Harold’s head about Hastings battlefield after the fight .. required reading for the English national team & sponsors: ENGLISH FOOTBALL


And Team USA? POTUS will keep them home four years hence, as a political statement, on account of the next tournament located in Russia … a precedent set with the 1980 Olympics, reinforced in 2014 at Sochi, a precedent which should actually have been applied to NSA, CIA, DIA (and the additional thirteen or more USA intelligence agencies creating havoc across the globe), keeping them home on account of their rather ugly sportsmanship and underhanded play…



At the sports desk…


The Satires


Werner Pops a Hemorrhoid

EXBERLINER (4) is limited to correcting Konrad Werner’s stilted English and decidedly amateur political ideation. The reasoning behind this is, I am not presently in Berlin (or Germany) and had neglected to arrange having the paper copy (EXBERLINER January issue) sent on to my purported new location (Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia.) Consequently, I cannot blog the entire issue but fortunately, for Konrad Werner’s edification, I can blog him, because his most recent is printed in its entirety at the EXBERLINER website. This negligent circumstance spares the otherwise often competent (and truly sweet) people at EXBERLINER the tongue-in-cheek wrath of this lampoonist’s pen. Sighs.

So, Konrad Werner opens his latest with a ‘salvo’ (fyi, this is a metaphor referring to firing of cannons, Mr Werner)

Now would be the time, Merkel. This would be the moment. There are municipal elections coming up in March in Bavaria. You can finally call the CSU’s bluff and field CDU candidates in Bavaria. This is your chance to rid yourself of these turbulent priests

The problem with Werner’s salvo is, 1) Merkel dumping the CSU is the farthest possible stretch of reality. It’s like saying Werner could write intelligently on German politics with his head out of his ass. The thing with this is, if Werner had his head out of his ass, he would realize he cannot write intelligently at all, and I would have to find someone else to lampoon.

The second problem with Werner’s salvo is, 2) Werner lacks this thing called ‘teutonic vision.’ Or perhaps Werner is unfamiliar with Bavarian culture, where in the southern German slang, a peculiarly shaped noodle is referred to as a ‘little boy’s penis.’ In this case Werner should have stated to Merkel this would be her chance to rid herself of ‘pedophile priests.’ But what of the habits of the CSU parishioners? You can’t wish this away Werner, just go to any palace in the Berlin vicinity and look at the statuary of little boys worshipped by generations of warmongering Kaisers. Or ask recently unemployed Guido Westerwelle what it is like to be a gay exporter of deadly armaments. Talk philosophy with him. Maybe too many little (never grew up) Bavarian boys to count are still upset over having been imprinted for life by this metaphor for ‘noodles’ …. think that anger might translate at the ballot box? Oh yes, but probably not in any nice way…. you see Werner, inter-generational violence is a cultural phenomena and de-nazification never really gained much traction in the south of Germany, speaking of a certain German brand of ‘pedophile priests.’  For your edification Werner, the NAZI problem wasn’t with gays, it was mainly with ‘out of the closet’ gays, if only because this threatened the denial of a certain ‘noodles’ metaphor along the lines of Pinocchio.

Nazi Eagle

 ^ NAZI Reich Eagle at Lindau, Bodensee (2008)

Homework assignment for the political writers at EXBERLINER: Read ‘The Arms of Krupp’ with special attention given to the passage (this is for you, Werner) relating the story of how a German field marshall dropped dead (mid-pirouette) wearing only a ballerina tutu at a party attended by Germany’s military-industrial elite (other than ‘out of the closet’ some things never change, eh, Guido Westerwelle?) I hate to inform you Werner, Merkel’s CDU is a ‘kinder, gentler’ (remember George Bush saying this?) version of the CSU and there is going to be no separating the ‘sisters.’

Then, Werner goes on to ‘elucidate’  in impossibly stilted English (gag)

The Christian Social Union, often called the “Bavarian sister party to Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union” by baffled Anglo journalists who can’t understand why they exist, has again presented a policy that isn’t just entirely independent of its supposed sibling, but is obviously just a blindingly obvious attempt to outflank anti-European parties in advance of the local council elections in Bavaria. And once again, a Bavarian party that never stops going on about how much it loves being a Bavarian party and how great Bavaria is (“Bavaria first” a slogan on its website proclaims, or “a strong Bavaria in Berlin”) is allowed to determine the national political debate for a whole bloody week

Other than redundancy (“obviously just a blindingly obvious”), what Werner misses in the preceding is, the electorate makes up the the party, the party does not make up the electorate. In fact some ‘Anglo’ (this is a word referring to White Americans, pointing this out in case Werner thought it meant British) journalists perfectly understand the CSU is Germany’s mainstream anti-european party (relating to a certain metaphor of ‘noodles’ pointing to statues of little naked boys and a certain ‘past century’ or historical ‘export’ of the German armaments industry.)

Drawing a distinction between the CDU & CSU is little different to claiming a ‘kinder, gentler’ conservative German politic ‘a la George Bush.’ The CDU merely keeps German miltarism’s historic affinity for youngster’s ‘noodles’ a bit deeper in the closet, and are happy for the CSU to take on the dirty work, is all the difference. So, Werner, rather than draw a distinction that does not in actuality exist, as your much loved ‘pro-Europe’ Chancellor buries the Greek people with draconian fiscal policies, why not research Angela Merkel’s history championing ‘democracy’ & ‘human rights’ and juxtapose this to the facts of a NATO ‘deep state’ caper in Ukraine (western intelligence agencies inciting ‘color revolution’), as well the disaster that became Syria? (actually, do NOT do this Werner, because I’d feel responsible to untangle the mess you’d made of it.) And Werner goes on:

This week it banged a worn-out drum, warning that eastern Europeans would take advantage of EU expansion to flood into Germany and start working here and/or claiming Hartz IV. This time it was Romanians and Bulgarians – a couple of years ago it was Poles and Slovakians, in a few years’ time it’ll be Croatians. The CSU’s brand new policy paper was leaked to the press this week, and caused much debate with its not-properly-rhyming slogan “Wer betrügt, der fliegt.” “Anyone who cheats gets kicked out.” In other words, the CSU wants to make sure that any foreigner who falsely claims benefits gets sent home. This IS ALREADY THE LAW. That’s right, the CSU has managed to cause a big fucking media debate by calling for something that ALREADY EXISTS. WHY? Who knows? Why has my spaniel got bollocks? Why am I writing about it? I could be getting stoned and eating weird German Kaktus Eis and watching a 3D movie on IMAX. IMAX!! In 3D!! Imagine. It’s so big and so deep. 

Werner could be “getting stoned.” I think we’d all be better of if this were the case (as in Werner getting too stoned to write or perhaps “stoned” is Werner’s real problem) considering his stilted “not-properly-rhyming-slogan” (‘improperly’ would be the better English, Werner, or you might have given the higher ‘ill-rhymed’ a go.)

But no, because these fucking regional cunts are so worried about losing votes to the Alternative für Deutschland in March and they just couldn’t think of anything with a lower denominator than a slightly-racist fear mongering slogan about all the Romanians, I now have to sit here and join all the other commentators to point this out:

So, Werner pops a hemorrhoid with his pretense and mocked up outrage (profanity), while using the ‘c’ word, which is a favorite of gynophobes worldwide, the British particularly (Werner, profanity only works in highly creative format and you don’t appear to have a creative bone in your body, so stop emphasizing your lack of intelligence, is my advice) and then his “sightly racist” is absolutely myopic view of the endemic German racism. Oh, and you don’t “have” to demonstrate anything Werner, although it be nice if you’d demonstrate you’d pulled your head out of your ass and quit writing… because yes, many have said these things already and so very much more intelligently than yourself Mr Werner (go to Der Spiegel English for these political stories dear readers)

Right. There. Everyone else has said it and I’ve said it too. Can I go to the IMAX now?

Yes, Werner, you can go get (more) stoned now-


^ metaphor for Konrad Werner’s journalism (it’s the frog)





Post Modern Teutonic Vision (a.k.a. Werner blogged me!)

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