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I noticed an attack on this letter (below) in the comments at third party media basically smearing Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors Without Borders) by association with Bernard Kouchner, a man that departed the organization more than 35 years ago over philosophical differences. I had supported Doctors Without Borders because they had been apolitical, and largely neutral in conflicts. This neutrality had begun a process of erosion in Syria. Unlike the attack on the MSF hospital in Kunduz, Afghanistan, where there was no question of which belligerent controlled the air power responsible (NATO’s USA), and where the organization called for an independent, third party investigation, those actors responsible for the attacks concerning the MSF aligned clinics in Syria are not as convincing and clear, arguably creating even more pressing demand for impartial, third party investigation.

Following these most recent attacks on clinics aligned with Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors Without Borders) in Syria, Mego Terzian, President of MSF France, immediately blamed Russia and Assad. MSF International President has gone on record also blaming Russian aligned forces, stating “It was probably carried out by the Syrian-government-led coalition that is predominantly active in the region.”  This statement of Dr Liu is disingenuous. Turkey is a major player in its support for jihadi militia in that very area and has a vested interest in information operations intended to undermine the coalition supporting the Assad regime. This is the purpose of false flag attacks.  Recent history demands if the finger of superficial appearance had pointed to the NATO aligned nations, there would be calls for impartial investigation rather than immediate trial and conviction by propaganda operations perpetrated in western media.

Relevant to this preceding, it is a fairly safe presumption all high profile international non-governmental organizations will be targets of intelligence agencies for diverse purpose. However there is a large qualitative difference between that organization and the organization which, on the whole, has been tipped by intelligence to a point of co-option; where the organization itself has become the intelligence agency operations asset. Médecins Sans Frontières would appear to be pointed towards this co-option. Here is my response:

Dear MSF

A monthly donor of many years, I feel an explanation is in order for my cancellation and further refusal to participate as a MSF “Field Partner.” I am a former military special operations intelligence professional and anti-corruption investigator of many years. Based on my expertise in open source intelligence analysis and closely following several of the ongoing conflicts, including Ukraine and SYRIA, it has become clear MSF is becoming a tool for geopolitical ends. Either you’ve been penetrated by intelligence agencies for this purpose of promoting false flag information operations or your organization is being manipulated to same effect. I cannot, with clear conscious, be a party to this with further contributions.

The several NATO intelligence agencies are in full force pursuing anti-Russian propaganda operations, which likely include the recent attacks on MSF aligned Syrian clinics; purposeful and professional operations intended to smear Russia and President Putin for purposes of generating political capital for pursuit of geopolitical manipulations. Your organization immediately pointing the finger at Assad and/or the Russians, without time taken to properly investigate, is unethical.

NATO aligned intelligence agency false flag examples provided:

NATO’s Turkey suppressing investigation into their intelligence agency, MIT, providing sarin gas to al Nusra (al Qaida) that killed 1,400 Syrians at Ghouta, blamed on the Assad regime, in August, 2013. Turkish parliamentarians complain of the suppressed facts:

Noteworthy state sponsored crimes committed to demonize Putin include but are not limited to;

The Litvinenko report by the British

The Maidan snipers in Kiev trained by the CIA according to Member of European Parliament, backed by a leaked phone call between the EU foreign policy chief and the Estonian Foreign minister revealing the snipers were aligned with the new regime in Kiev. This crime had been blamed on the Russian aligned preceding government.


The crimes in Syria against MSF aligned facilities serve the same propaganda purposes and the Erdogan government cannot be ruled out as committing them, whereas it is NOT in the Russian interest to perpetrate these attacks. Here is a list of Turkish support for bad actors in Syria compiled by Jihad Watch:

Report: Turkey collaborating with the Islamic State

It is sad to see MSF go the route of some other organizations and become a pawn of dirty players in geopolitics. I suggest your organization pursue a professional investigation to determine how, and by who, you’ve become manipulated to both a stooge and minion of evil.


Ron West

“The history of the great events of this world are scarcely more than a history of crime” -Voltaire

note: since I’d written this piece, the Erdogan administration (Turkish government) seized Today’s Zaman newspaper and killed the linked story on the gas attack at Ghouta, Syria, forwarded to MSF in the letter. Anticipating some possibility like this, I had preserved screen shots and the story’s complete text which now may be found by clicking HERE




After seeing the spin coming out of the White House, Pentagon and NATO, following a sustained, multiple strikes of the Doctors Without Borders hospital in Kunduz, Afghanistan, I decided to put this mail (below the italicized text) out for public perusal. Why were the Médecins Sans Frontiéres people blown up? Because they would treat the Taliban wounded no differently to they would treat anyone else? Or is the reason more insidious?

The bombing of the hospital in Kunduz, Afghanistan; Doctors Without Borders reporting the facts: The hospital compound was secured for the night and there were no Taliban forces engaging anyone from within the hospital grounds. Previous to this, NATO had the hospitals precise GPS coordinates on record, in both Kabul and at the Pentagon, and were apprised this was a neutral humanitarian site. Pinpoint runs from the American aircraft, precisely targeting the main hospital building, continued for an hour following NATO in Kabul and the Pentagon in Washington being notified they were bombing a hospital.

According to the USA, first it was ‘collateral damage’ from bombs dropped ‘in the vicinity’ of the hospital. Then it was Taliban were firing on US Special Forces from the hospital compound. Next, it’s ‘Afghan forces were taking fire and called in the airstrikes’ where several civilians were ‘accidentally struck.’ And then, the story is clarified but with a deceit; According to Defense One “Afghans called in the strike. That’s the long and short of it, according to Gen. John Campbell, top U.S. commander of the Afghanistan war… “The Afghans asked for air support from a Special Forces team that we have on the ground providing train, advise and assist in Kunduz,” he said, while visiting the Pentagon Monday. Campbell said U.S. forces were not fired upon and not simply returning fire. Instead, just one AC-130 gunship pounded the hospital over and over”

Do you see the deceit in this immediate preceding? The Afghans COULD NOT call in the strike, they have to ask the American Green Berets accompanying them in the battle zone to call in the strike. But because the Afghans now supposedly asked for a strike, the American team calls the strike in and that’s called Afghans called in the strike. Meanwhile, the Afghan government denies it was their forces made the request.

And finally, General Campbell, USA commander in Afghanistan, admits the entire business of attacking the hospital was taken within USA command structures. He had to have realized there was ultimately no way around this admission.

Defense Secretary Ash Carter: “There will be accountability, if that is required.” ‘If that is required’ ? Carter should have rather more honestly said ‘There will be impunity, it’s the norm’

Dear Doctors without Borders

I am a longtime donor and supporter of MSF. I am also a former military special operations intelligence professional and anti-corruption investigator. In relation to the recent NATO bombing of your organizations hospital at Kunduz, Afghanistan, I wish to draw your attention to the work of the 7 time Nobel nominated Military Religious Freedom Foundation (website) and the work of its founder, Mikey Weinstein

I regret to inform you the work of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation clearly points to a United States Air Force with little to no regard to Muslim life and/or persons sympathetic to the same. Mr Weinstein, following on years of investigation by his organization, a USA 501 C 3 non-profit civil rights group, has labelled the Pentagon “Christian Taliban” and points to radicalized Islamophobic hate as endemic to the U.S. Air Force officer corps particularly and to the officer corps of the United States Military generally.

I believe you would be well informed to contact Mr Weinstein to better understand the context of the too frequent ‘collateral damage’ (NATO & Pentagon euphemism) bombings in Afghanistan. When the Muslims you serve with medical treatments are quite likely considered less than human by those providing the strike coordinates, it may be there is no action you can take to avoid being targeted short of addressing the murderous, ethnocentric, extreme Christianity handling the combat missions.

My condolences to your organization in this difficult moment

Ron West

“The history of the great events of this world are scarcely more than a history of crime” -Voltaire

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