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20 February 2022 update: Just as stated on 5 December, the Russian “red lines” message has become an epic communication fail.


“The Ukrainian Armed Forces are increasing their forces and gathering heavy equipment and personnel. The number of Ukrainian troops in the conflict zone has already reached 125,000, which represents half of the total composition of its Armed Forces” -Russian Foreign Ministry [1]

“We don’t know whether President Putin has made the decision to invade. We do know that he is putting in place the capacity to do so in short order should he so decide” -Antony Blinken [2]

The Russians fail to grasp how this second quote should be countered in media. In short, Russia is prepared to counter the upcoming Ukrainian invasion of the separatist (ethic Russian) region of Ukraine. Purely in terms of English language semantics, as employed to now, the propaganda art favors the NATO states. When Ukraine attacks the separatist region of Donbass, and Russia responds with a counter attack, the NATO states will call this a Russian invasion of Ukraine for the simple fact of so-called ‘de jure’ international boundaries, never mind the fact of the anti-ethnic-Russian bias and related criminality in this matter should be lain squarely on the shoulders of the NATO supported ultra-nationalist-neo-nazi infested Ukrainian side. [3], [4], [5] & [6]

Russia, meanwhile, has propagated three separate, and when taken together, confusing messages, the first is Russia has no intention of invading Ukraine and the second is, what Russia’s armed forces do on Russia’s territory (no matter in proximity to Ukraine’s borders) is solely Russia’s business and third, there are “red lines” the NATO states should not cross in Ukraine that counter Russia’s security interests.

This is clearly a Russian propaganda fail, and when Ukraine DOES attack the breakaway (ethnic Russian) Donbass region of Ukraine, and Russia counter-attacks to protect the ethnic Russian population, Western (NATO) propaganda will flood the Western liberal democracies’ media platforms with the (technically correct) fact Russian armed forces have ‘invaded’ Ukraine’s territory. Meanwhile in the events leading up to this highly likely scenario, with aggressive NATO exercises playing out in the Baltic region, and especially the Black Sea, Russia is losing its’ opportunity to reach the Western audience with effective message.

In short: Russia should be presenting a single, integrated message:

1) If Ukraine adheres to the Minsk accord (grants the Donbass autonomy) together with excluding NATO and there is no attack on the (ethnic Russian) separatist region but rather Kiev initiates sincere developments towards a cooperative relationship, Russia will have no interest in military intervention in Ukraine; BUT if there IS an attack on Ukraine’s ethnic Russian region and/or NATO continues developing Ukraine as its’ military platform on the border of the Russian heartland, there is NO QUESTION Russia will militarily intervene in Ukraine to protect the ethnic Russian populated areas of Ukraine and/or to fence NATO out, full stop.

This is a message that would resonate with people concerned with the related, increasing political tensions across Europe, by putting NATO squarely on the spot.

Meanwhile, going to Russia’s propaganda weakness on the Ukraine and NATO issues, revisiting Putin’s recent Valdai appearance is in order:

Putin, Valdai & Bloody Talons

“I have long observed one rule which prevents any inconveniences from such practices. It is simply this: to be concerned in no affairs I should blush to have made public, and to do nothing but what spies may see and welcome. When a man’s actions are just and honorable, the more they are known, the more his reputation is increased and established. If I was sure, therefore, that my valet de place was a spy, as he probably is, I think I should probably not discharge him for that, if in other respects I liked him” -Benjamin Franklin

This preceding statement concerning the infestation of 1780s Paris by spies during the American revolutionary alliance with France, attributed to the American Minister-Plenipotentiary to France, Benjamin Franklin, goes to his [Franklin’s] driving the French Foreign Minister, Charles Gravier (Count of Vergennes), out of his mind on a single point: Franklin refused to fire his valet who was known to be a British spy. Expanding on the quote (from reading history) Franklin’s attitude (and refusal to fire his valet) stemmed from his conviction that, given the British knowing that Franklin knew the man was a spy, everything the valet reported from Franklin’s conversations would be taken for disinformation.

We’ll come back to this.

Putin’s 2021 annual address to the Valdai Discussion Club struck me as showing a profoundly disillusioned man (in contrast to Putin projecting an oftentimes humorous, lively self-confidence in past.) Waxing philosophical, he seemed a man disabused of any notion he could believe in the olive branches offered in his polite habits of speech regarding the West, did not seem convinced in (his past conviction) a longstanding support for the primacy of international law will prevail, and seemed at a loss when advancing avenue to reasoned, stabilizing solutions when confronted with the malfeasance of NATO, and NATO’s rhetoric versus NATO’s actions (and much more.) His self confidence seems seriously eroded, or alternately stated, Putin seems resigned to understanding his many years proposed solutions of reason has been wasted and must inevitably be discarded in relation to the confounding behavior and intractable nature of those powers confronting Russia.

In a nutshell, his speech impressed as though Putin understood he were wasting his breath, finally accepting principled behaviors will find little reciprocity from the West in the 21st Century play of the “Great Game.”

The Great Misapprehension

Those embracing the misnomer “Cultural Marxism” will be jubilant at Putin’s comparing today’s Western values to the Soviet experiment at its formation. His characterization of this, although not without merit in defending a “healthy conservatism”, nevertheless embraces a cultural myopia; inter-generational socialization determines the shape of societies and Karl Marx’s utopian socialism had been birthed in Christian culture and features (however perverted in practice) early Christian ideal. Denuded of ‘God’, socialism carried secularism to extreme in application of Christian social principle where science was substituted for the mystic experience in humanity; if Marxism aspired to become the great enforcer of Jesus’ teaching “It would be easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom” in matters of social equity, it must be stated (in short) why this experiment failed. There was no nurturing of the Human spiritual dimension. Marxism, as put into practice in the 20th Century, originated as oxymoron; a faux, inter-generational, culturally Christian shaped cult in denial of God. As a matter of fact cultures cannot easily overthrow their social origins. Marxism, and V.I. Lenin’s launching of this phenomenon on what was to become the Soviet Socialist Republics, was, culturally speaking, a Western ‘Christian’ event from inception to demise. It was, perhaps, the greatest example of denial in modern history (and in some respects, probably still is.)

Be that as it may, Putin is spot on in his defense of a “healthy” social conservatism, and despite his (probable) lack of understanding of the Western Christian cultures’ inter-generational socialization shaping Marxism, his comparison of Soviet experiment, to the one hundred years later (today’s) Western experiment, is not that far off the mark. Both are devoid of the necessary traditions feeding the need of the human spirit. What he appears to struggle with, however unaware, is the Western cultures’ spiritual necrosis originating with Calvinism, the ‘predestination’ infection inviting discarding lived morality as a rewarded experience. This is an infection which, mutated to one form or another (like a certain virus), has crossed every social boundary and buried the ‘do no harm’ axiom across the societies of Capitalism. The root at the evil Putin senses but does not (yet) fully grasp is not actually “Cultural Marxism” but is a Calvinism rooted, Western phenomenon of society-wide psychopathy.*

“I don’t know what to do”

The “I don’t know what to do” statement by Putin about the circumstance in Ukraine concerning NATO is likely the most telling remark revealing a palpable sense of helplessness. This is where one might have expected something along the lines of a ‘zero-sum’ push-back (at the least) but that’s not what we saw. While conceding NATO showed no sign of backing off a military build-up in a context of Ukrainian citizens having little to no say over the (German & American intelligence agencies installed) Bandera putsch regime opening the door to a spear-point aimed at the heart of Russia, Putin openly admits his hesitancy. His dilemma is understandable; NATO ‘all or nothing’ approach shows no inclination whatsoever to back off incorporating to itself a military development of Ukraine and the only recourse to prevent this developing threat would be to fence NATO out with resort to combat arms. This avenue would require Putin violate international law by launching what amounts to illegal ‘preemptive war’ and it is international law Putin has been trying to rescue from obliteration by NATO and NATO aligned states. His choice? Wait the “years” it will take for the Ukrainian people/state to sort putting their house in order (defaulting to the NATO military build-up) or take Eastern Ukraine to the Dnieper river based on international law’s presumptive right of the majority ethnic Russians located there to “Self-Determination.” Putin clearly does not wish to initiate the inevitable war NATO is thrusting upon Russia; but to wait “years” (even just a few years or a year or two) is to give up strategic advantage that could cost Russia dearly. With NATO states pumping arms into Ukraine, each month that passes insures any forthcoming war will be bloodier. No doubt Sergei Shoigu will have a strong opinion in regard to NATO forcing the burden of taking this decision onto Putin.

Bloody Talons

Here we’ll conclude with the too often under-examined point of taking responsibility. It is here yours truly comes closest to outright criticism of Vladimir Putin, relating to the information wars.

This point goes to the cynicism of awarding the Nobel Prize to Novaya Gazeta’s Dmitry Muratov for “defending free speech” in the context of Russia’s recent law (mirroring USA law) requiring organizations receiving funding from abroad to register as “foreign agents.” In fact Muratov’s newspaper, Novaya Gazeta, panders to the Western political lies undermining Russia and its designation as a ‘foreign agent” is absolutely well deserved. Muratov is certainly not a Russian patriot when, as editor-in-chief of Novaya Gazeta, example given, that yellow rag publishes a hit piece pushing ‘the Russians did it’ DNC hack lie. [7], [8]

Nobel Prize for political lies? The cynicism of using non governmental organizations to embed and/or recruit agents and manipulate persons, in this case Muratov, to undermine one’s own country, is certainly nothing new in the world of espionage, where there are three basic means of penetrating and/or using an organization to one’s advantage:

1) Turning an employee through some means such as blackmail, sex, bribery or appeal to a psychological weakness such as working on someone’s conscience or ideology and convince them to become your organization’s asset (agent/traitor)

2) Using psychology and/or disinformation to convince an organization’s staff to work to your advantage and/or commit acts against its own [in this case, national] interests (false flag/sale)

3) Placing your own officer within the organization as an employee (spy)

Novaya Gazeta’s editor-in-chief Muratov STRONGLY profiles as manipulated using method 2) of the preceding, although method 1) cannot be ruled out. Coming up through Russia’s security services and fully aware of these facts, when questioned by the ‘nobel laureate’, why didn’t Putin call Muratov out at Valdai? Is it because Russia has its own filthy players in the information wars? [9], [10]

Bloody Talons

In the embedded Valdai video, Muratov questions Putin at about 1:16:00, followed by Margarita Simonyan at about 1:28:00.

Putin should have detailed why Russia hadn’t (yet) gone far enough in shutting down the poison of Western style ‘free speech’ in the information wars; but instead he deferred to the ugliest player on his team, Russian master propagandist Margarita Simonyan. What is remarkable beyond Simoyan’s obvious lust for the rank fool Muratov’s blood is her stark familiarity in her interaction with Putin on a world stage; gloating in her sense of power. Simonyan is no patriot either, Russia’s well being is not the priority here, her argument doesn’t go to the underlying facts, isn’t well thought out & reasoned, rather her first instinct is to go for Muratov’s throat. At a meta level, the premier Russian propaganda attack dog, Simonyan, profiles as a psychopath killer.

Going to the Franklin quote that introduces this essay, Putin doesn’t only carry responsibility for keeping his personal character clean, but carries responsibility for keeping a clean character within all of Russia. Putin’s professional liar, Margarita Simoyan, makes a mockery of this. A clean house does not conceal a deadly black mold in the pantry.


*A warning to Russia: A single generation of children left by their parents to be raised by an unfiltered internet in the 21st Century and you could be there too; it won’t require the 400 years it took John Calvin’s social dementia to overtake and finally poison the wider Western cultures’ mentality beyond redemption. It’s a different world now.












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By Russell Bentley


Recent developments on both sides of the Donbass War illustrate the obvious – the war in Donbass will continue and escalate until Russia finishes it by force. There is no diplomatic solution, the Russians now (finally) accept this fact, and they must now prepare to defend the Donbass region which is inhabited by almost a million Russian citizens, and to liberate the part of Ukraine populated primarily by ethnic and Russian-speaking Russians. The US/EU/NATO and Ukraine have all been pretending since 2014 that ” Russia invaded Ukraine”. Of course, it never did. But now, it’s finally time to give them all a taste of what that will really be like. And so,…

The provocations by the Ukrainian military for almost 8 years now, but especially in recent weeks, amount to de facto war crimes – the kidnapping and torture of a Russian ceasefire monitor in Lugansk, an attack on, and “filtration” of, Staromaryevka, a settlement of 180 civilians in the de-militarized “Grey Zone”, which included the kidnapping of 8 more unarmed civilians (who were also Russian citizens) by neo-nazi terrorists, and the use of a Turkish Bayrakter attack drone against Donbass defense forces. All this in addition to the usual shelling of civilian areas and infrastructure, which are also war crimes, along with a hardening of war rhetoric by the Kiev regime. This has all been instigated and spurred on by the Biden regime, by the continuing supply of lethal weapons and a recent visit to Kiev by the US Secretary of War, Lloyd “Uncle Tomahawk” Austin.

A Slave & His Master

Russia now understands and has publicly stated that there is no further use in direct talks with the Kiev regime, as it is under the complete control of Washington, and all decisions are made there. These public statements therefore correctly put the blame for the entire war and its every atrocity right where it belongs, at the feet of three successive US regimes. Thus proving what I have said since 2015 – that this war is not a Ukrainian civil war, nor is it a war between Russians and Ukrainians. It is a war by resurgent international neo-nazism, led by the USA against all decent human beings, a genuine war between good and evil that can only end with the complete defeat of one side or the other. The ignition points of this war have been Donbass and Syria for many years now, and have now expanded to include Taiwan as well.

Taiwan is the most recent, and so far, the least “kinetic” of these flash points, and US and Western provocations there have not (yet) reached the intensity they have in Donbass or Syria, but that can change very quickly, and understand, there is a direct connection between them all. If the West forces a military confrontation with Russia in Ukraine, it can be sure it will face one with China over Taiwan simultaneously, neither of which it has any chance of winning. The Russians and Chinese have forged a partnership against Western (primarily US) aggression in the political, economic and military spheres, which is, in fact, invincible to any Western aggression, other than all-out nuclear war.

In Syria, the Turks (a NATO member) have in recent days directly threatened Russian military installations and troops, and should they actually carry out attacks on Russians in Syria, Russia has made clear it will fire back. Turkish troops are now also on the ground in Ukraine, involved in combat operations against Donbass Defense Forces. This too, is a major and recent escalation. [1]

But it is in Donbass that the situation is the most incendiary. In response to recent Ukrainian provocations, war crimes and acts of terrorism, Russia is again sending a military task force to its border with Ukraine, as it did in the spring of this year, which stopped the planned US/Ukrainian offensive in its tracks. After the offensive was scrubbed and the situation de-escalated, the Russian troops withdrew from the border, but now are again forced to return. This time, indications are that the Russian formations are preparing to, at minimum, come into Donbass as Peacekeepers, and perhaps go as far as Kharkov and Odessa as Liberators. Maybe even to Kiev.

As the recent words of Putin, Lavrov, Medvedev and others have made clear to all competent and intelligent people, the Russians have now decided that the time for talking is over. There is an old saying about Russians that applies perfectly well to the current situation – “The Russians are slow to saddle their horses, but when they do, they ride very, very fast.” Those horses have now been saddled.

The Russians have a moral right and an existential imperative to take matters into their own hands at this point, and by doing so, they would not be doing anything the US and NATO have not done themselves on more than one occasion. Russia has not only the right to protect its citizens, it has the responsibility to do so, under international law –

The “R2P” or “Responsibility to Protect” concept is based on three “pillars” [2]

Pillar I – “Each individual state has the responsibility to protect its population from genocide, war crimes, ethnic cleansing, and crimes against humanity.
Pillar II – ” States pledge to assist each other in their protection responsibilities.”
Pillar III – ” If any state is “manifestly failing” in its protection responsibilities, then states should take collective action to protect the population”, in a “timely and decisive response”.

The UN Security Council has recognized and reaffirmed its commitment to the R2P in more than 80 resolutions. R2P does have the force of international law. And while one of the requirements of R2P is a UN Security Council resolution approving its implementation, (which will never happen in the case of Ukraine), there can be no doubt that Ukraine is, in fact, guilty of all the crimes that R2P was created to prevent. Namely, genocide, war crimes, ethnic cleansing, and crimes against humanity, all of which have been, and continue to be, committed by the Kiev regime and its criminal military on a daily basis. Therefore, Ukraine, as a state, has proven itself “manifestly failing” in its protection responsibilities for Ukrainian citizens living in the Donbass Republics.

Does not Russia have the right under both R2P and Humanitarian Intervention to protect its own citizens as well as other innocent civilians being terrorized and massacred by the forces of the Kiev regime? Both the UK and Belgium (NATO HQ) have defended the legality of military force for humanitarian intervention, and while 77 UN member nations (plus China) have rejected the legality of humanitarian intervention, neither the USA nor a single EU member state is among them. While it is not actually international law, per se, it certainly seems to fall under what western regimes like to call “the precepts and norms” of (actual) international law. [3], [4]

That the actions of the Kiev regime, (controlled by the USA) the Ukrainian military and the neo-nazi volunteer battalions constitute war crimes is beyond any reasonable doubt, and these actions actually include virtually every single war crime listed under international law – from denial of water to almost 2.5 million civilians in Crimea, to the intentional targeting of civilians, journalists and medical personnel by artillery and snipers, as well as random terror attacks on civilian areas, to kidnapping, rape, torture and murder, the US-backed Kiev regime has committed literally every war crime in the book, and continues to do so after 7 years of war. The Russians have over 2,000 specific war crimes cases open against the Kiev regime and its minions, and more are being opened daily. Even the USA has opened war crimes investigations into at least seven US citizens who fought on the Kiev side in the war. These investigations into kidnapping, torture, rape and murder are based on eyewitness, video and forensic evidence, and would clearly not be happening unless there was irrefutable and compelling proof. In fact, it will be the first time the US has prosecuted anyone under the War Crimes Act since its passage into law in 1996, a quarter century ago. [5]

What else can you call the Ukrainian military’s massacre of at least 10,000 ethnic Russian civilians, besides “genocide”. What else can you call house to house searches of civilian homes by heavily armed ukrop soldiers wearing nazi insignia on their uniforms, searching for DPR and Russian passports and the kidnapping of those who have them, other than “ethnic cleansing”? And when you combine war crimes, genocide and ethnic cleansing together in an ongoing and systemic manner, what else can you call all of that, other than what it actually is – “crimes against humanity.” And more specifically, crimes against the almost 1 million residents of Donbass who now hold Russian passports and who are now, de facto and de jure, Russian citizens. And war crimes against a million Russian citizens require a harsh response. After all, we have been down this road before. And everyone on both sides of this conflict should never forget how it ended. Because history repeats itself. Our cause is just, victory will be ours. Again.

Active duty Ukraine Army terrorist in Staromaryevka, 26 October 2021, PROUDLY WEARING PATCH OF SS NAZI GALICIA BATTALION IN TV INTERVIEW [6]

That Russia has the military power to force a stop to these crimes is also obvious to any person with the least understanding of the military and mathematics. Though some have said Russia’s reluctance to use its military power to resolve the Ukraine Crisis on its own border has been due to weakness or cowardice, the truth is that Russia has tried and used every possible diplomatic and peaceful alternative to military confrontation to end these crimes against its own citizens on its own borders, for more than seven years. All to no avail. At this point, all diplomatic means have been exhausted, and yet the intolerable criminal acts continue. What other options are there, other than either a peacekeeping force to defend the citizens of Russia and the Donbass Republics against continued Ukrainian aggression, or a liberation force that will liberate at least the eastern half of Ukraine, on a line from Kharkov to Odessa, (which is majority ethnic Russian) from the US/NATO occupation and their quisling puppets? Perhaps the liberation of Kiev is required as well…

I was recently asked to read an essay by a self-styled “expert” who proposed a “no fly zone” and Russian “political recognition” of the Donbass Republics, as a way to fend off further Ukrainian aggression. Both these ideas are both truly laughable and absolutely useless. There has, in fact, been a “no fly zone” in effect in the airspace over the Donbass Republics since July 17th, 2014. On that day, after two Ukrainian Air Force jets shot down the civilian MH-17 jet liner, the Russian Air Force shot down both Ukrainian jets and delivered an ultimatum to Ukraine against any further use of military aircraft in the Donbass region. And that decree has been enforced to this day. (Which is exactly why there has not been a single manned airstrike by Ukraine ever since, and why the recent attack by the Bayraktir drone is such a serious provocation.) But the decree against the use of combat aircraft has not stopped Ukrainian terrorism and war crimes by every other method available, so the time has come for Russia to lay down the law and stop all Ukrainian attacks by force, just as they stopped the airstrikes. [7]

As for “political recognition” of the Republics, it takes a special kind of genius to come up with an absolute 100% “Lose/Lose” situation, but this would certainly qualify as one, which would guarantee further economic sanctions and political isolation against Russia, with exactly zero benefit to Russia or the Donbass Republics, none whatsoever, being absolutely useless in stopping Ukrainian military aggression against the people of Donbass.

As I write this, in late October 2021, all military units of the DPR are on full combat alert. Ukraine continues to reinforce its troops along the Front, and heated rhetoric continues to spew from Kiev. Provocations continue and escalate. Ukrop shellings intensify by the week. When my Mom was dying of cancer, I asked her nurse how much time we had. The nurse’s answer also applies to the upcoming war – “When the changes come over months, you have months left, when the changes come over weeks, you have weeks left. When the changes come over days…” It seems, in Ukraine, once again, the changes are coming over weeks, and increasing in frequency and intensity. “Early winter” is coming. Soon, we will have days left.

Meanwhile, news reports and videos have appeared of Russian armor, including “hundreds” of heavy combat vehicles, and 80,000 to 90,000 troops, moving towards the Ukrainian border from the Bryansk, Voronezh and Rostov military districts. [8], [9], [10]

This covers the entire Russia/Ukraine border. Bryansk is much closer to Kiev than it is to Donetsk, and the troops from that region are not coming to Donbass. However, it is a 4 hour (250 Km) drive along a main highway from the Russian border at Novy Yerkovich to Kiev, and Novy Yerkovich is where the Bryansk troops will be. (A Kaliber cruise missile can deliver 1,100 lbs of TNT over that distance in about 5 minutes.) The Voronezh Task Force will no doubt be set up along the border near Kharkov, a major city with a large Russian population, which lies a scant 30 Km from Russia’s border. The soldiers of the Rostov Southern District (the second most powerful Russian military district after only the Moscow District) will again be deployed along the Russian border with the LPR and DPR. Then, if provocations continue, (or even if they don’t) Russia has multiple options – real, possible, and actually effective strategic military options – here are three:

The first option, the Donbass Plan – The Russian Army can roll into Donbass as Peacekeepers, along the current contact line from North of Lugansk to Mariupol, after publicly announcing it to the world a few hours ahead of time, in order to warn the Ukrainian military against resistance, and to explain and justify its Humanitarian Intervention to the “international community”, and that they come in peace to stop the war crimes and the war, but that any military resistance from any source will be instantly eliminated, with the warning, “If you shoot at us, you die.” This ultimatum would be non-negotiable and backed up by Russia’s full military power, including air and missile forces, and applied not only to Ukrainian military units, but to US and NATO troops in Ukraine and US and NATO ships in the Black Sea, as well as anywhere else. It can and should also include a reminder of Putin’s previous quote that “Russia will respond to any attack by the destruction not only of the source of the attack, but also the source of the orders for the attack.”

This option would stop all terrorist attacks against Donbass, permanently and completely, and would hopefully give time for a diplomatic solution based on new political realities to be found. It would also not entail the taking of any territory under Ukraine control, only that which has long been alleged to already be under “Russian occupation”. Once it is seen that the Russians really are coming, and they really do mean business, it is unlikely that the Americans, NATO or the Ukrainians will fire a shot. This is the least confrontational and least risky approach, as it could be accomplished in a matter of 24 hours, with minimal bloodshed. This may seem to be a pragmatic solution, but it has the least chance of finding a political compromise or permanent solution, in either the short or long terms. And while it would stop war crimes and protect Russian citizens, it would fail to resolve the overriding geopolitical problems Russia faces in Ukraine – belligerent war criminals on Russia’s borders, the critical Crimean water security issue, foreign enemies in control of a neighboring state, etc. One advantage to this plan, however, is that could be used as a first phase of the Novorussia Plan.

The second option, the Novorussia Plan – the Russians can liberate the area known as Novorussia, about one third of current Ukraine, with majority ethnic Russian populations, running along a line from Kharkov to Odessa (inclusive). This not only protects the vast majority of ethnic Russians (not just those in Donbass) from Ukrainian depredations, it solves the critical humanitarian water crisis in Crimea, and cuts Ukraine completely off from the Black Sea, which will eviscerate all that is left of the Ukrainian economy and begin the process of the dismantling of Ukraine along ethnic lines, and eliminate it as a state and as a threat to Russia once and for all. It will also serve as an example to the world of the new political reality that Russia reserves the right to defend itself, unilaterally, if need be, and that the nation with the most powerful military in the world also has the political will to use it, if it has no other choice and if it is forced to defend itself. This scenario has the best hope of long term stability for the region, and even the possibility of a future re-integration of some parts of central Ukraine with Novorussia. Unfortunately, the vast majority of war criminals would probably escape to the west, at least for a while.


The third plan, the Kiev Plan, would be to go to Kiev, which may or may not involve engaging in a major war. Indeed, it is already clear that in the face of a real fight, the US and NATO would immediately desert Ukraine and leave them on their own. And even if Ukraine did not capitulate in the first few hours, any actual conflict would be finished in a few days, and the process of de-nazification and war crime trials could begin. The outcome of the open combat phase of the war would be along the lines of the First Iraq War, (with 80% – 90% of Ukrainian soldiers surrendering without firing a shot) but the subsequent “occupation” would actually be a real liberation. With the removal of neo-nazis and corrupt oligarchs from positions of power, and the improvement of life quality and life chances for a vast majority of the population, most Ukrainians (with the exception of the rabid fascists in Galicia, who can all go to hell or Poland) will see the Russian Army as their grandparents saw the Red Army, as heroes and liberators from foreign occupation. Which is exactly what they would be. This may be the least viable and least attractive of the three scenarios, but it is an option, and it would have the required effect of stopping the war crimes against Russian citizens and eliminating Ukraine as an existential threat right on Russia’s doorstep. It would also have the benefit of the capture a large percentage of war criminals (Ukrainian and otherwise) as well as documents and evidence that might be of great interest to history, Russia and the world. Which makes it an option worthy of serious consideration.

Of all three of these plans, the second, the Novorussia Plan has the most benefit at the least cost. Only going to the contact line in Donbass is not sufficient to resolve the festering Ukrainian problem, and going all the way to Kiev may well cost more than it is worth. The Novorussia Plan resolves all critical issues at an acceptable cost, and can be implemented, if need be, as a second phase of the Donbass Plan.

With the Voronezh troops coming in through (or around) Kharkov, Airborne and amphibious troops landing in (or around) Odessa, the Rostov Army coming up through Donbass, and the Crimean Army and Black Sea Fleet working along the coast, along with the Bryansk Army waiting in reserve and ready to take Kiev if required, the 700 Km Front, running from Kharkov to Odessa could be formed and held in a matter of days. Once Russian fuel and human aid start to flow to liberated Novorussia, grateful citizens will not only not oppose Russian “occupation”, they will support it as genuine liberation, and even be ready to defend it themselves from the cold and hungry Ukrainians who will be begging to be allowed to immigrate to Novorussia. Incorrigible nazis and war criminals will be rounded up, tried, and sentenced to work battalions in Donbass, to repair every single thing destroyed or damaged in the war, including the monument at Saur Mogila and all monuments to the Red Army Liberators in the newly liberated lands of Novorussia. The majority of Russian soldiers will quickly be free to return to Russia, and leave the administration and protection of the newly liberated lands to their inhabitants. A true “WIN/WIN” situation!

The key to all these plans is to prepare the troops, and then make a public announcement about the move into Ukraine by Russian Peacekeepers or Liberators to the UNSC and to the world, with just a few hours advance notice. To not ask for permission or a UNSC resolution, just simply inform that it will be done. And then, of course, to actually do it. A few hours is a long time in combat and war, but not enough time for Ukraine or NATO to make any moves that would change the strategic balance, or the inevitable outcome. And it should be clear that the EU will refuse to become involved in a war with Russia, in or over Ukraine. The US will (or should) know that a full scale war with Russia means a full scale war with China too, one that even the most deluded neocons can have no illusions about winning or even surviving. All that is needed is for Russia to have the political will to use its military power to defend itself against an existential threat on its own doorstep, and to defend its citizens against ongoing and increasing war crimes.

Whatever political fallout from a unilateral move by Russia can easily be dealt with. Anti-Russian propaganda is already at a fever pitch. Western politicians have been saying for years that Russia “invaded” Ukraine, and acting and sanctioning as if this was actually true. How will they act differently once it really is? Russia has insulated itself from the impact of further sanctions – Russia has the economic, energy and food resources, as well as enough allies to weather whatever political storm may follow. When the rulers of the EU have to choose between siding with a defeated Ukrainian regime and the declining US empire or energy from an ascendant Russia that will keep their economies alive and their people from literally freezing, if they do not choose the latter, their people, cold, broke and hungry, will certainly rise up and force them to, which will only further decrease the US’ political reputation and credibility. Of course, these political considerations will apply now or at any given time in the future, but there will never be a better time than now to take the decisive step that must be taken. Any delay will only postpone the inevitable at a greater cost of treasure, infrastructure and blood.

All diplomatic avenues are now closed. Closed by Ukrainian puppets and their US masters, and by their crimes. There is only the language of force now, as the final and only option, and Russia’s victory is a foregone conclusion. It is only left up to our adversaries to decide how painful their defeat will be. The war is inevitable, and so is our victory, so the sooner we get it over with, the better. Vladimir Putin has more than once recounted a lesson that he learned as a youth on the tough streets of Leningrad, a lesson that I hope he remembers today – “If the fight is inevitable, it is best to strike first.”

The fight IS inevitable, and the time to strike is now. The EU will be paralyzed by fuel shortages this winter, and Russia is their only resource to avoid a genuine humanitarian crisis. They will not, they can not, take sides in a conflict against Russia this winter. The USA may have enough fuel for itself, but they face a food and supply crisis of epic proportions, and will need the bulk of their military to deal with their own domestic uprisings at home. But with each passing week, the Ukrainian war criminals are becoming better armed, better trained, and more emboldened. The longer the delay, the harder and more dangerous it will be to do what must be done.

The liberation of Ukraine by Russia will mean the opening of fuel supplies and pipelines, (under Russian control, of course) and humanitarian food aid for hungry Ukrainians who will literally freeze and starve without it. A quick decapitation fait accompli will prevent needless destruction, suffering and loss of life on all sides, but especially for the Ukrainian people. The Europeans will not fight, they cannot afford it. The Americans will not fight, they cannot risk it, and they never intended to anyway. For the Ukrainians, a Russian “occupation”, which in reality will be a liberation, is the best deal they could possibly hope for.

For all decent humans, the use of force is an abhorrent task, but when there are no other options, it simply must be done. Ukraine will remain a deadly enemy of the Russian Federation and the Russian People for as long as it is under US/NATO occupation and control. The threat will remain and only continue to increase, until it is neutralized, and there is now only one way left to do that. There is no dealing with those who are “agreement incapable”, their words are meaningless and their promises are lies. There is no negotiating with terrorists, and Ukraine is a terrorist state. It should be dealt with as such, and dealt with now, for the good of Russia, and for the good of the good people of Donbass and Novorussia, and the good people of Ukraine, and for the good of all Humanity.













Mass graves in 21st Century Europe? This story is not only important but a story vanished from mainstream press not only in the Western democracies but is also under-reported (and misreported) in Russia for the fact the Russian state is not altogether immune to a Machiavellian realpolitik.

By Russell Bentley:

“Past is prologue” – William Shakespeare, The Tempest

First of over 200 bodies being exhumed from Lugansk mass grave.
17 October, 2021

I recently witnessed the exhumation of human remains from a mass grave that contains over 200 bodies. It was a profound and profoundly disturbing experience. Each body in this grave represents an unnecessary and unjust death, a murder, and each of these over 200 murders can never be forgotten or forgiven. There is a message that cries out from these bones that must be heard and understood, and acted upon by all good people in the world. Otherwise, history will repeat itself, and again, the killers and the killing will continue, and more mass graves will be filled.

After seven years of war, a war that continues to this day, these 200 bodies are being exhumed from the mass grave that the war forced them into back in the summer 2014, during the heaviest attacks and siege by the Ukrainian “punishers” against the people of Lugansk. In those terrible days and nights of constant shelling and ever present danger, there was no water or electricity, no safe place to process the bodies, no chance at all for a regular funeral. Only now are conditions and resources finally available to put these peaceful and innocent civilians, along with some of their heroic Defenders, to rest with a proper burial.

All decent people must ask how mass graves (this is not the only one) came to be here, in Donbass, on the edge of Europe in the second decade of the 21st century. They must ask exactly who did this and why, not just who pulled the triggers, but even more importantly, who gave the orders, and they must demand to see justice done, to respect and understand history, and to prevent more mass graves from being filled with innocent civilians, not just here in Lugansk, but throughout Europe and the world.

“There, but for the Grace of God, lay I”

When the Obama regime orchestrated the coup d’etat against the democratically elected Yanukovich government in Kiev in early 2014, they used a grisly assortment of secret agents, ultra violent neo-nazis and oligarch traitors to depose Yanukovich and install a quisling gang of collaborators, whose primary traits were boot-licking fealty to their US masters, swinish avarice, and a willingness to terrorize and murder their own civilians while ruthlessly suppressing even the slightest resistance or even peaceful dissent . And all these same vile traits are shared by the US gauleiter, the self-described “point man”, who from the very beginning was the man in charge of Obama’s “‘Project Ukraine”, the man giving the orders and calling the shots of the US occupation, and of course, taking the big dog’s share of the looted billions – none other than Joe Biden.

Though today Biden is simply a senile puppet, back in the days of his Vice-Presidency, he was a ruthless gangster and a very dangerous man. He ruled Ukraine with an iron fist, like a true warlord or mafia chieftain. His word was law, and his law was obeyed by the groveling parasites and bloodthirsty sycophants he put into power. His orders to crush the legitimate uprising in Donbass including by war crimes and mass murder gave his ukrop henchmen no pause, and they scurried to fulfill their master’s orders, just as the Bandera collaborators had done for their German nazi masters 70 years before.

Vice-President Biden personally made six trips to Ukraine, half of them in 2014. This was during the heaviest attacks of the Ukrainian armed forces and the neo-nazi battalions against the people of Donbass, and Biden’s visits preceded by only a few days or weeks, the worst crimes of the war. There can be no doubt these crimes were done not only with Biden’s permission, but on his orders. These crimes include the murder of over 100 protestors and unarmed Berkut police by snipers at the Maidan in Kiev, the mass murder by burning to death scores of peaceful protestors in Odessa on May 2nd, the airstrike in Lugansk on June 2nd, and the false flag attack that murdered 298 innocent civilians on MH-17 on July 17th.

From Nuland and Pyatt hand-picking the new, unelected Ukrainian government, to every legal, political, economic and military decision, Ukrainian lapdogs jumped every time their US masters said “jump”. The orders were clear – suppress the uprising in Donbass by every means, legal or illegal, and the more brutal and ruthless, the better. And the attacks were brutal and ruthless, and now, Biden is back again.

Although Biden’s recent mental deterioration has clearly made him unqualified to drive a bus, (much less be President of the USA) his hubris and hypocrisy and his absolutely immoral obeisance to his masters, continue to make him a truly evil and dangerous man. Not just for Donbass or Ukraine, but for the world, and naturally, that includes the citizens of the USA as well.

Biden’s abandonment of Afghanistan should be a lesson to Ukraine, not just to the common people, but to the marionettes he put in power there. Just like the Afghan puppets the US appointed, the Ukrainians too are absolutely expendable at the slightest indication they are no longer useful. And just as the fate of Afghanistan should be a lesson for Ukraine, the fate of Ukraine should be a lesson for the people and countries of the EU. The blatant hypocrisy and double-dealing self interest with which the USA has handled Europe is now clear for all to see, as are the fatal consequences for those who have allowed it.

And all of the above must be a lesson for US and UK citizens as well. What goes around, comes around, and here it comes, now it’s your turn. Unless you stop it. The crimes of empire your rulers have committed against other people around the world, with nary a word of protest from you, will look and feel much different when they are happening to you yourself, to your family and your friends. You will be astounded and dismayed by the deafening silence and indifference the world will show for your suffering, just as you did for theirs.

But, if you stand up for yourselves and for Humanity, all good people in the world will stand with you, and support your courage and effort every way they can. It is up to the American People to liberate themselves, we can’t do it for you. If you continue to willingly submit to fascist oppression and criminal misrule, you will deserve what you have coming. Stand up now, while you still can!

“We do not forget. We do not forgive”

People get the government they deserve, and EU, UK and US citizens, for decades too long, have turned a blind eye to the crimes of their rulers, both at home and abroad. And now the buzzards come home to roost. The choice is yours, and the time is now. Inaction, pretending things will be OK, this is also a choice, and a fatal one. Choose wisely.

The people of the USA can still save their country and themselves. Only you can redeem yourselves and your country. The rest of the world is watching and waiting to see whether you have the wisdom and courage to do so. We support you and wish you well, but the responsibility is yours. Do it! Or be lost as Germany was lost in 1945, and deserved it.

This message from the grave also speaks to the citizens of the Russian Federation. From here in Donbass, an area flooded with blood, many times over, and even again today, we send to you a lesson, a reminder and a warning. It was not so many years ago that mass graves were being filled on your land, filled with your families and friends. Filled by the exact same kind of criminals that fill them in our land even today.

Two trenches, 200 meters long. Filled with human bodies.

Many people here in Donbass never could have imagined a war here, not in the 21st century. If someone had told them in 2013 that war was coming, they would have laughed in disbelief. Russians, remember your history! In 1945, the enemy was defeated, but not destroyed, and now they have returned to attack Russia and the world, to exterminate and enslave Humanity. It is a battle to the death, them or us. Either they will be destroyed, or we will. Do not fall for the siren song of Western liberalism, it is a lie. Look at how the US and EU have self-destructed in only 20 years. The same can happen in Russia if you let it, if you fail to support those who have defended and saved Russia.

Remember who it was that has saved Russia, brought it back from the edge of extinction and made it into a great power and the greatest force for good in the world today. Do not fall for the words of clowns and imposters who offer a false illusion of prosperity without time or work. This is the real world, and there is no free lunch. The current Administration is the best there is, for Russia and the world. In comparison, all other contenders are pygmies at best. Support those who have protected Russia from every attack, with courage, wisdom and skill. Be thankful, be patient, and be realistic. A new and better world is coming, and Russia is leading the way. Those who defend Donbass, defend Russia, and those who defend Russia defend Humanity. As goes Donbass, so goes the world.

Good luck to all good people. May God protect the innocent, and may the rest of us get all we deserve.



[2] Poroshenko verbal tongue bath for Biden over the phone: 

Biden threat to Poroshenko – “Economic and physical security”

Update 15 January 2022: I’m not so optimistic now. Anything could happen including Russia initiating a preemptive strike and the entire business spiraling out of control per the more recent assessments and escalating hostility of Russia in the face of NATO’s perennial (and disingenuous) ‘let’s talk’ stalling tactics as Russia is backed up against the wall by NATO advanced weapon systems deployments in Eastern Europe. Nevertheless, this article is still worth a read:

“We see 100,000 ukrop troops on the Front, scores of trainloads of troops, armor, ammo and fuel moved into the Donbass region, we hear the heated rhetoric, the preparations for war on both sides of the info sphere”

Or so states my well connected source in Donbass, speaking of activities on either side of the (momentarily) ‘frozen’ conflict. Never mind the Ukrainian military has been shelling the ethnic Russian ‘separatists’ with heavy artillery for weeks (a small detail neglected in Western press.)

When the shit hits the fan on the Donbass (Eastern Ukraine) battlefields again, it will be  a ‘surprise’ and no doubt posed in Western press as a pre-planned ‘act of treachery’ by the ‘Perennially evil Putin’ in the next gambit of the ‘Great Game’ by empire (NATO.)

NATO actually doesn’t give a rats ass for Ukraine other than to use the dumber than f**k nazis (they’d put in charge in the 2014 coup) as cannon fodder to injure & make Russia into a boogeyman. Götterdämmerung? Well, the Western states running with a 19th Century empire mentality in a highly unstable 21st Century always poses the possibility but probably not (yet.) The European NATO states are in no shape to take on Russia, never-minding Russia has no inclination to reoccupy Europe. Of course, as well Russia cannot stand by and allow Kiev to run over the ethnic Russian majority East of the Dnieper river and open to NATO a corridor on the border of Russia’s European heartland. Russia WILL defend the Donbass.

Everyone knows (West & East) that Ukraine is not a viable state as constituted; the Western (Ruthenian) people (especially along the border with Poland) have been long subverted away from their Orthodox roots and are unrecognizable as the same ethnic people (Rusyn) in Belarus, Hungary, Serbia and trans-Carpathia in Ukraine. These people (Ruthenian-Rusyn) have been targeted by cultural subversion for a couple of hundred years in Catholic associated empire (Habsburg, et al) efforts to wrest their identity away from Kievian Rus and ethnic/cultural kinship with Russia. There is  really little new in this; a historical inheritance predating the Nazi proper invasion and predating Napoleon’s invasion of Russia back to the Swedish invasion at the beginning of the 18th Century. Western empire in several incarnations have coveted Russia for over three centuries, and the Western Ukrainians (ethnic Ruthenians, actually) would be naturally aligned with the Polish who’d Catholicized them and it should come as little surprise these people sided with the Nazis (proper) in WWII because they cannot be rehabilitated in any sense of coexistence with Russia and Russians.

It is in the region of the Polish border where the Ukrainian (Nazi collaborator) Stephan Bandera nazi element/legacy is absolutely entrenched (formerly Orthodox but now ‘Eastern Rite’ Catholics answering to Rome), a community deeply saturated with antipathy to Russia and these ‘people’ (if they can recalled that) will never integrate to a Ukraine of the East with its majority ethnic Russian (Orthodox) population. Both sides (NATO/Russia) know this.

Rather than negotiate a reasonable divorce that would split Ukraine into two states with the Dnieper River as the rough boundary (Kiev and Odessa should be in the East) along ethnic lines, NATO simply intends the inevitable Ukraine breakup will happen in such a way as to make Russia into the Western Press’ boogeyman.

I doubt it’s going to lead to WWIII, Europe isn’t ready for this war, it’ll likely just work out as an expensive exercise to make Russia into the villain, little more than that. How much territory Russia will take will depend on kinetic developments to some extent… but I expect Kiev and Odessa could easily be annexed to Russia (perhaps later divided between Russia and a ‘proper’ Ukraine.) There’s possibility of a triple partition; in general terms an ethnic Ruthenian Western (Poland border area) ‘nazified’ sector nobody will want, a central sector populated in majority by proper ethnic Ukrainians and East of the Dnieper which is largely ethnic Russian majority.

The nazis (literally represented in Azov Battalion et al) will begin their offensive and the Russian army will outflank the Donbass front and cut off the Ukrainian supply lines (taking Kiev in the process) and NATO, after having pumped in enough weapons and munitions to insure a bloodbath, will allow the Ukrainian military to be crushed. This will be the West’s convenient means of disposing of the most radical (out of the closet) nazis, a big no-no (the 21st Century’s nazi meme in the guise of NATO disallows flying any flag except the false flag of democracy.)

No matter the immense amount of casualties this will cause, ‘the more blood the better’ from the Western intelligence agencies propaganda apparatchiks point of view as the entire Western world is propagandized concerning ‘Evil Putin’ and ‘crude Russian aggression.’ Thus, the de facto split of Ukraine is accomplished in a comic strip written by Satan where Western Ukraine (what Russia won’t care to absorb) will be propped up by the West with psychologically infantile territorial claim over a Russian population they had terrorized since February 2014.

Russia will be compelled to defend the Donbass, but for appearances (international law) sake, will have to let the nazis initiate the war, resulting in much higher casualties. ‘Preemptive War’ is an international law oxymoron embraced solely by lawless regimes and adhering to the law is a disadvantage Russia will overcome in it’s impatience that finally decides the most economical means of settling the issue is to evict the nazis altogether from territory East of the Dnieper. Of course the West’s propagandists will take this opportunity to convince its gullible populations ‘Russia’s aggression’ justifies immense, new and limitless armaments purchases in a spiraling out of control geopolitical tension that must inevitably lead to the West’s Götterdämmerung after all.


A former Sergeant of Operations and Intelligence for Special Forces, Ronald Thomas West is a retired investigator (living in exile) whose work focus had been anti-corruption. Ronald had lived over thirty years in close association with Blackfeet Indians (those who still speak their language), and is published in international law as a layman: The Right of Self- Determination of Peoples and It’s Application to Indigenous People in The USA or The Mueller-Wilson Report, co-authored with Dr Mark D Cole. Ronald has been adjunct professor of American Constitutional Law at Johannes Gutenberg University, Mainz, Germany (for English credit, summer semester 2008.) Ronald’s formal educational background (no degree) is social psychology. His therapeutic device is satire.


“Non-cooperation with evil is as much a duty as cooperation with the good” -Mahatma Ghandi

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