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^ M92 machine pistol – Srđan Popović photo

According to a ‘cut out’ is:

Cut out; A mechanism or person used to create a compartment between the members of an operation to allow them to pass material or messages securely; also an agent who functions as an intermediary between a spymaster and other sub-agents.

Well, ok for lay people and beginners, but it doesn’t win a cigar with the real spooks. Let’s say the people over at NATO’s ‘deep state’ GLADIO headquarters needed to pass weapons on to a cell prepared to initiate an act of terror to justify pursuing geopolitical acts on a grand scale. The cell’s actors are bonfide Islamic State combatants, veterans of the Syria conflict, and have no idea their arms suppliers are rogue western intelligence officers. These intelligence officers would need a ‘cut out’ to pass weapons from the NATO aligned covert operations people to the ‘terrorists’ preparing to attack Paris, without the attackers or subsequent police investigators knowing the source of the guns. The weapons provided must be laundered.

Meanwhile, a Department of Defense contract employee from Academi had been providing private security in Afghanistan and decided to purchase an M92 to take with him in 2013. This short, easily concealable, modified model based on the famed Kalishnikov combat automatic rifle, is nothing short of a machine-pistol capable of (designed to) shoot a lot of people in any surprise attack at close quarters. In Afghanistan, the Academi contract employee sells his M92 to a CIA liaised Special Forces team member who desired it for an upcoming special operation run into Tajikistan. In 2014, the CIA liaised Special Forces team rotates out of Afghanistan. Their flight lands at a highly secured CIA compound within a military base in the USA. The Green Beret, without thinking, drops the M92 into the ‘recycle unauthorized/unassigned theater weapons’ bin. The M92, together with a mishmash of untraceable 1980s & 1990s AK type weapons are sent on to the CIA’s secret armory at Camp Stanley, Texas. The M92 doesn’t particularly stand out from the rest of the weapons in inventory. It looks like just another AK 47 clone with folding stock.

The following year, over in Brussels, Belgium, NATO’s rogue intelligence team GLADIO, when preparing an upcoming operation, utilize a GLADIO aligned double-agent who’s a Sephardic MOSSAD officer posing as an Arab black-market arms dealer, to arm the Adelhamid Abaaoud terror cell planning the Paris attacks. This man will be the ‘cut out.’ A CIA member of NATO Team GLADIO in Brussels has access to weapons shipped to the Syrian ‘moderate opposition’ when these shipments transit Brussels. A planeload of AK type weapons departs Camp Stanley, Texas, bound for Incirlik Air Base in Turkey, to be delivered to Hakan Fidan who’ll deliver the arms to Islamic State, a “western powers” project dedicated to the overthrow of Syria’s Basher al-Assad. The plane stops for overnight layover to refuel and change crews in Brussels. Meanwhile our NATO team GLADIO man has perused the cargo and selected several weapons of Serbian manufacture, to make it look like they originated with Europe’s Balkans wars of the 1990s, including the M92 chosen for its ease of concealment. All of the weapons are presumed to be untraceable.

Post Friday the 13th in Paris, a linked M92 machine-pistol is discovered to have been recently made in Serbia and exported to the USA*

“Milojko Brzakovic of the Zastava arms factory told The Associated Press that the M92 semi-automatic pistol’s serial number matched one his company delivered to an American online arms dealer in May 2013. It was not clear how the gun got back to Europe”

Whether you believe the preceding story is plausible or not, one thing is certain; the M92 used in the Paris attacks was very, very unlikely to have been imported to Europe by some terrorist having it mailed to him via the several parcel services delivering from the USA. It is equally unlikely the weapon transited multiple borders from USA to Islamic State in Syria to Brussels and then Paris. The more likely explanation would be something closer to the story preceding. It is actually likelier some intelligence service provided that particular weapon to the attackers in Paris and it was a snafu, because it looked similar to any number of older models and the fact it was a newer and traceable weapon is information that had been somehow been missed in the false-flag laundering process.

If I were the honest cops of Belgium and France, there would be a line of investigation opened into the known to exist NATO ‘deep state’ structures; with particular attention given to CIA and (Turkey’s) MIT operatives in Brussels, as well MOSSAD and any contacts in Paris.

Insofar as any ‘official’ American explanation or NATO related investigation that might be spawned as a result of the M92 turned up in the Paris attacks, only a naïf would trust the result.

* the original AP story has been taken  down and replaced with an unconvincing explanation the weapon whose serial number turned up (according to INTERPOL) in the Paris attacks had been recovered at a crime scene in Mexico and is in the custody of the Mexican government. INTERPOL subsequently declined provide any information on how the very same weapon was identified as employed in Paris.


11 March 2016 update: Band Front-man on security absence at the Bataclan when the concert began… “it seemed “obvious” why they didn’t turn up to work”



Fletcher Prouty and The Secret Team (Today)

Counterfeit COIN

Sociopaths & Democracy

I left this as a comment at Phill Giraldi’s Unz Review column. Time to time my comments are inspiration for my blog but this is the first one I’m bringing over here verbatim:

When the middle east was ‘decolonized’ (in name only) there were artificial boundaries left behind resembling those of the American Indian reservations where tribes with a long history of mutual animosity were forced into cohabitation. Secular strongmen kept a lid on the religious animosity between Shia and Sunni (the main and most problematic rivalry) in a region with an otherwise naturally decentralized body politic represented in various tribes and clans with local tradition of authority. There is no nation state tradition per se in the sense we know in ‘the west.’

The folly of attempting to impose western style (liberal) democracy on what amount to artificial entities to begin with (‘states’ comprised of arbitrary, colonial era drawn borders, incorporating peoples with longstanding differences and simmering animosities) is certain to see profound consequence. As much as it might be an undesirable short term and self-centered interest of less than noble parties to break these artificial entities up, the reality is any previous delicate balance has been so deeply compromised and poisoned, and the historic animosity between the areas indigenous rivals so stirred, there is no going back to the old status quo. ‘All the king’s horses and all the king’s men won’t put this humpty back together again.’

In the short term, America’s neo-cons (and neo-liberals) have, in a sense, won. But what? No one can predict where, when or what is going to come of this incredibly stupid gambit where the attempted overthrow of Assad was so great a fascination of converging, short-sighted interests, to go so far as to knowingly allow, nay, actually make that fostering, the rise of Islamic State.

Sunni Iraq is de facto broken off from Shia Iraq, Sunni Syria is effectively broken off from Alawite and Christian Syria and the Kurds, the largest stateless ethnic group in the world, is a wild card determined to have what they should have been allowed in the beginning, their own nation-state. Most Kurds are in Turkey with sizable populations in Iraq, Iran and Syria. Kurd national aspirations trump their largely Sunni religious affiliation. Erdogan, reflecting a long time Turkish chauvinism in relation to other ethnic groups, has destroyed what little rapprochement had been accomplished with not only Turkey’s own Kurdish population, but has alienated the Kurds of Syria and Iraq.

Phil [Giraldi’s] ‘destroying ISIS but how?’ has to take the long view where all of these complications are in play. Turkey, Israel, Saudi Arabia and Qatar all might give lip service to reasonable solution but the only solution they actually desire is Assad’s ouster and a compliant puppet to replace him. Meanwhile, the western powers have so much ego invested, they can hardly stand to turn a new page if they can’t write the script, although the ‘chickens come home to roost’ in Paris might have slapped some sense into Hollande, but we won’t know this for certain right away.

That sole, overarching fact is, international law and the United Nations, based in western traditions, are no match for the forces released with the meddling in this region by the no less than incredible stupidity of the western powers leadership. When the dust settles, let’s just hope it’s not radioactive –



Today’s media, FOX being the poster child, is exploiting the ignorant and narcissistic hate endemic to the uneducated White lower class in the USA, while parroting the official line. There is a deep and abiding fear underlies this hate, a social-cultural phenomenon rooted in a history of class exploiting race, whether the racism of ‘manifest destiny’ in relation to considering Native Americans sub-human to justify theft and murder; or the ‘White trash’ whose racism had been historically fed and exploited by the ‘southern aristocracy’ for political and pecuniary purpose.

Social phenomena being what it is, it follows there is the inter-generational aspect where the ignorance is sustained within family and community. ‘Mean people make little mean people.’ This ignorance is, in turn, exploited by the politics of fear mongering in the present.

Whether it is the fairly straightforward lies of the Rupert Murdochs (FOX News) in our world or the more insidious Hasbara of Israel, example given, posing as White, racist, anti-Semites in the article comments at Unz Review to smear authors like Phillip Giraldi with a false flag generating guilt by association, it is old tactic in play.

Now, Arabs (and Brown anybodies) are the new Native American to be feared as ‘savages’ in the 21st century edition of empire (manifest destiny) and, of course, there is underhanded play aplenty to radicalize just enough of the new ‘savages’ to insure a few will behave shockingly enough for media sensation. Meanwhile ’empire media’ will present ‘White Europe’ as the model of civilization under attack by barbarians, never mind we prop up the likes of ®Saudi Barbaria™.

Saudi Arabia, whom the USA has just sold another billion dollars plus in arms, exports Wahabi Islam that crucifies, beheads and delivers lashes in increments of 50 over years of torture as the victim is allowed to heal between the last fifty and next fifty to the number of 1,000. This cruelty is reflected in the close Saudi connections to, and support for, al-Qaida and Islamic State and with the Saudis financing mosques across Europe, what would one expect? That Brussels, example given, would become Europe’s ‘jihadi’ hotbed? The result is bringing discredit on ordinary, law abiding people of Muslim heritage everywhere, secular and religious.

This matrix of evil is all interconnected in the USA’s so-called ‘vital national interests’ where intelligence agencies, backed by corporate co-opted media, geo-engineer entire societies, whether via ‘color revolutions’, coups d’état or in the present ‘Arab Spring’ attempted overthrow of Syria’s Assad.

This immediate preceding case is where the so-called ‘Arab Spring’ had been prostituted in a case of converging interests; Saudi Arabia and Qatar looking to overthrow Assad to essentially to poke Iran in the eye with a sharp stick. Turkey to quash its paranoia of the Kurds exercising of any right of self determination exterior to its borders. Israel supporting al-Nusra to remove a thorn its side constituting the Golan Heights where they will be looking for a surrender of sovereignty in a weakened and compliant Syria broken off from Iran and Hezbollah in Lebanon. The USA appeasing Israel, and as well, appeasing ally (oil supplier) Saudi Arabia at odds with Iran also plays into the equation, as well USA, France, Germany and Britain play if only because they’re addicted to the profits from weapons sales propping up corporate neo-colonialism.

The result has been establishing (by the CIA in concert with Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Israel and to some extent the British, German and French intelligence agencies) the so-called ‘Free Syrian Army’ which has served as little more than a front to train and arm Salafist (extreme Wahabi) militia represented in al-Qaida and the emergence of Daesh (Islamic State, IS, ISIL, ISIS) as a device to overthrow the secular regime of Syria, noting any ‘real’ moderates are fighting on the side of the secular regime.

The result has been several fold; the flood of refugees out of Syria, the Paris massacre, the accelerated rise of a police state in the so-called ‘free world’ and not least, the overall increase of the value of stocks in the so-called ‘security industry’ (includes the profit margin increases of armaments producers across the board.)

All of this can be accomplished in the case of manipulating press to insure an ill educated and misinformed populace is thoroughly fear mongered; terrorists here, terrorists there, terrorists everywhere:

They see you when you’re sleeping (CNN)
They know when you’re awake (Al Jazeera)
They know when you’re out to dine (Le Monde)
So stay home for safety’s sake! (Der Speigel)
So you better watch out (The Daily Mail)
You’d better not fly (Canadian Broadcasting Corp)
Al-Baghdadi is coming to town (The Jerusalem Post)

Now, if any of you have any doubts as to the preceding, take a look (again) at what I’ve been hammering on at this site; we have a bonafide, (no doubt mistakenly or incredibly courageously) declassified intelligence report from the Defense Intelligence Agency that says in no uncertain terms the rise of Islamic State, as stated by the boss of the Defense Intelligence Agency when that very report was written, and speaking to that very same report, was “willful” and “a policy decision”

Now, ask yourselves, who is to blame for the attacks in Paris? I’ll name the names at the top: USA’s Obama, Turkey’s Erdogan, the House of Saud, the rulers of Qatar, France’s Hollande (and Sarkozy prior to Hollande), Britain’s Cameron, Germany’s Merkel and Israel’s Netanyahu.

Now, ask yourselves the more difficult questions; what western democratic constitution allows for intelligence agencies to engineer the rise of terrorist organizations for sake of geo-political manipulations? The plain answer is none. If Iran is the world’s premier sponsor of state terror as alleged by the USA Department of State, what are the so-called western democracies by comparison? It wasn’t Iran butchered the Parisians, it wasn’t Hezbollah and it wasn’t Assad either. The massacre in Paris is the direct result of the USA, in concert with Britain, France, Germany, Turkey, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Israel deliberately creating and feeding the conditions that saw the rise of Daesh (Islamic State, IS, ISIL, ISIS.) A secondary, but no less malignant result, will be the rise of the far right and nationalism in Europe, breeding fear, loathing and Islamophobia with growing radicalism on all parties part.

It should come as no surprise that those nations arming a dark ages regime such as Saudi Arabia would be criminal regimes in their own right, particularly noting in addition to the USA, France, Britain and Germany. Meanwhile, the criminal leadership of the western democracies has been cutting their own people’s throats. In every nation named, the actions of their respective intelligence agencies is directed from the executive level.

This is the real intelligence on our leaders and it’s not rocket science:



Note on the preceding: This essay, in slightly modified format, has been sent as a letter to eighteen German federal parliamentarians (BCC addresses omitted)

Hans Christian Stroebele <>,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

“We’ve seen an outrageous attempt to terrorize innocent civilians, this is an attack not just on Paris, it is an attack not just on the people of France, but it is an attack on all of humanity and the universal values we share” -Barack Obama

Better had Obama truthfully stated ‘our clandestine agencies employing state terror to overthrow Assad has backfired’


Speaking directly to the above intelligence report, the western powers enabling the rise of Islamic State, according to the former boss of the Defense Intelligence Agency, General Mike Flynn, “was willful” & “a policy decision

Why didn’t Obama, Hollande and company consider their clandestinely promoting the rise of Islamic State as a device to overthrow Assad was “an outrageous attempt to terrorize innocent civilians [and] an attack on all of humanity and the universal values we share” ??

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