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Time to time I delve into the impossible subject of the psychology of ‘god’ in the western incarnation; here is my Sisyphus endeavor again, whence an (authentic) friend drew my attention to this Facebook post:


The post’s author begins:

“I really resonate with this article and the timing of its showing up in my life is interesting given what happened yesterday.

“On Thursday, June 8, 2017 (a date I will record in my diary) I had a profound encounter with the numinous and entered an altered state analogous to what I experience with psilocybin mushrooms or edible cannabis, without the assistance of such plants. This is something I’d hoped for, eventually, but was surprised that happened the first time I sat down for a serious long meditation session in a long while.

“The teacher plants appear to have opened up some kind of portal or neural pathway for me to the universal awareness that exists silently behind all things, which functions like the operating system of a computer — entraining all experience embedded in the software of this dimension. Like training wheels, the plants taught me how it “feels” to ride the bike. Yesterday I rode on my own for the first time…”

Referencing this article which includes:

“The integral SELF [emphasis on SELF is original to the article] is therefore a yoking of the ego (our time bound self) with the soul (our eternal self). The point is that there is no good reason to assume that just because forms are temporary that they are not holy. The higher-self within us often hates to be confined or defined into forms, and the material self within us often hates to be taken outside of its familiar home or trappings into the boundless freedom of the higher self.

“Freedom, true freedom, is perhaps ultimately found in acceptance and balance”

This preceding is actually narcissism underlined and emphasized; where all is focused on the ‘self’ returning to ‘god’ (my deliberate lower case g) whereas in the ancient native community (the article’s author seems to think this had influenced his upbringing) the ‘self’ is at the bottom of the ‘totem pole’ (forgive, if not overlook my irreverence.) EVERYONE was expected to integrate to surrounding reality in sense of community sans ‘self’ interest and that’s where all dwelled, except that community elevated one via path of community observation (all eyes are on you) for purpose of sharing exceptional sight. Exceptional sight in this sense had precisely zero to do with any individual path.

It was considered ‘cheating’ to do psychedelics in the tradition where I spent decades. There is no substitute for hard work on shaping the interior to opening to awareness requiring (for westerners) narcissism die or the total death of the ego-self.

Actually ‘ego’, as experienced by the westerners’ sense of self, had been in indigenous cultures, diagnosed and treated as a mental disorder.

The object sought in our tradition is a background state of awareness in which there is no entry or exit, no coming and going, an ever present state where both; you deal with mundane task or life complexity equally and persistently in a state of ‘the spirit puts into the mind of a man to know what to do.’ No high or low, all experience is to be found in a steady state of ‘level.’

As MJ Zimmerman notes in her Being in Nature’s Mind:

“Carl Jung once warned that Western people who take up Eastern spiritual practices run the danger, first, of doing those practices inauthentically, since they are not beginning with an Eastern psychic structure, and secondly, of using those practices to avoid the real psychological work they, as people with Western psyches, need to do to ever become ready for higher spiritual practice

“I believe that the same warning applies to modern urban people who take up Native American practices. I am glad that there is growing interest in Native American thought because I believe it is a deep and subtle source of wisdom which the planet needs; however, it will serve no one to have Westerners appropriate Native ceremonies or practices and act them out while staying completely within Western ontological assumptions and Western psychological experiences. A more radical deconstruction of the Western mind is required in order for Europeans to finally begin to see into another way of being and other ways of knowing” (Zimmerman’s free pdf on the web)

I had, on previous occasion, attempted to explain the ancient native perception in these precise terms:

“Our existence is Macro-Gaia (in the big picture) or all is [inter] related, from sub-atomic particle to planetary structures, with an element of Vitalism (the ‘great mystery’), taken together presenting as quasi or mimic intelligent design. The intelligent design would be ‘quasi’ because the native take on this aspect would be better described as intelligent expression, ‘design’ implies an egoic projection or attribution, whereas ‘expression’ should not. This thought goes to the native persona of humility: There are some things one simply cannot know”

This why (in our native view) we cannot know ‘god’ except as a projection where man has created god in man’s image. The mystery of our existence cannot be individuated except in a sense of arrogant projection of self, or the ultimate false perception.

Our creation is named a “mystery” for the very fact of its’ indecipherable nature; and when we accept this, as a community in its entirety, the mystery opens at several levels but always with a caveat: none of us can know absolutes; as ‘reality’ is an elastic thing with frequently shifting parameters and any related ‘truths’ are often of fleeting relevance.

This is why, example given, Indo-European ‘civilization’ has a habit of rising and falling; wherein this western civilized perception ‘truths’ can become absolute, leading to a brittle construction when the elasticity of reality shifts away from any particular society’s foundation in the Indo-European family of nations. Brittle constructions imply impending collapse as the given society’s parameter of ‘perceived reality’ which is actually a state of inter-generational perception in stasis, becomes farther and farther removed from shifting reality in actuality.

I somehow doubt the major Indo-European enlightened figures, whether in the historical order of Krishna, Buddha, (or the adopted) Jesus and Mohammed, made any pretense to embody the entirety of the Great Mystery of our existence but it didn’t matter, lesser men were certain to falsely confer this upon them; insuring lesser ideas became fixtures of those respective cultures. These are example of the Indo-European stasis or inter-generational inflexibility of thought pointing to collapse, of which there is likely no greater coming probability than that of Europe and Plato.


Notes on the preceding: I’m not aware of whether any motive for the (South America) Native Americans providing Ayahuasca to European and North American Whites is a great source of amusement as might be expected in more northerly Native communities (how many crucified Jesus joke did I hear over the decades? Countless.) But no doubt it has been a source of revenue to the Native communities that is much appreciated. Do the Natives have a real grasp of how the European mentality is constructed and the fact any Ayahuasca experience provided in a ‘spiritual’ context to these people is almost certainly worthless from the indigenous perspective? Probably not. Little different to Brant Secunda‘s self-deceits the Huichol way is appropriate to the numerous Americans and Europeans he has ex-filtrated that peoples’ ceremony to. I use the especially harsh term ‘ex-filtrate’ on account of the multiple deceits involved in superimposing a Native ceremony on non-Native community without multiple disclaimers concerning absence of contextual validity. The native thinking and world view just isn’t there.

What approaches criminal in the preceding, is the dearth of understanding of the indigenous mentality from which numerous co-opted practices derive. It should be the responsibility of the teachers to explore (deeply) how it is those practices might mean entirely different things to the separate communities, indigenous & western, and challenge the western (particularly) to understand if these practices are to become anything resembling a healthy, valid practice, it will require (noting the previously mentioned work of MJ Zimmerman) a radical deconstruction of the western mentality; in effect, doing what westerner’s simply do not do – take responsibility for the damage western culture is inflicting not only on the other cultures, but on life itself. This should require, at minimum, a radical departure from pursuit of wealth in a context of success per the western modality. How many would do it? Certainly Brant hasn’t. You probably couldn’t count the number on one hand, of westerners practicing the co-opted ceremonies that have (zero.)

Altogether separately, anyone inclined to believe the Peyote experience of the Native American Church is somehow an ancient cultural phenomenon could not be more self-deceived. Today’s Native American Church is a Native American version of evangelical Christianity created from an amalgam of the ancient Ghost Dance as reinterpreted by the Paiute, Wovoka, incorporating Evangelical Christianity and a southern Native Peyote ceremony. It is not yet 150 years old.



Here you’ll find out (links beneath this introduction) why our intelligence agencies are worse than useless, they are a threat to our well being and to the well being of peoples around the world. Here you’ll find things criminal and beyond that you’d never wish to imagine (if you’re someone like myself who believes real life horror movies are not healthy.)

While a ‘truth commission’ might be a good thing, there can be no pardons or forgoing prosecutions for CIA and military war crimes under international law. I mention this just to be crystal clear on where I stand in relation to what certainly must be many thousands of culpable personalities. And it couldn’t hurt to point to the National Security Act of 1947, the law that sent our republic off the rails. In regards to this, it has been the body of de facto law springing from the consequent ‘national security state’ which has allowed for the supplanting of constitutional principles with a rule by corporate oligarchy .. wherein Monsanto, Raytheon, Chevron, et al, have a greater influence over institutions of government than any constitutional principles ‘of, by and for the people.’ In other words, we no longer live under a rule of law, rather by dictat under ‘color of law’ where patently unconstitutional laws are in force by process of legislative, executive and judicial fiat.

And there is the social psychology factor; wherein the people attracted to careers in the ‘national security state’ are often mentally deranged by narcissism, to a point of stupidity. This can be determined with simple math; the 1st example would be the number of ‘civilian’ (under cover) renditions aircraft (123) and flights (11,000) during the acknowledged renditions program versus the number of ‘black site’ (under cover) prisoners. There are more known ‘renditions’ aircraft than there are acknowledged ‘black site’ prisoners (123 aircraft versus 119 prisoners.) Much investigation remains to be done to determine why there are such glaring apparent discrepancies on the face of events as exposed to now. And where is the accounting for any women renditioned to ‘black sites’ ? Are we to assume there were none? (that would be foolish.)

But the math gets even worse when it comes to having used information extracted by torture having caused an official (wild goose chase) investigation into ‘Black Muslim al-Qaida cells’ in Montana. Montana has 0.6% Black population in a total population of one million. Of 45 million American Blacks, it is estimated 632,500 are Muslim. If 10% of those had al-Qaida sympathies, the chance of finding one of those in Montana is statistically near zero. Y’know, even if I were on the side of the CIA on the issues of our so-called ‘national security’ as presently pursued, I’d have a problem with the people running a program that behave as stupidly as they have at the Counter Terrorism Center.

It’s accurate to more than make inferences comparing American leadership to Nazis, and bringing up Hitler, Pol Pot and Mao to compare our leadership to, is not at all far-fetched; considering how many have died in Iraq as direct consequence of the USA’s action and more actions in too many nations to mention in a short introduction.

The point of assembling these assessments in a different order than they’d been presented in my other collections, is to create another perspective of what is essentially the same territory dealt with in articles throughout this site. This collection, carefully perused, should show an overwhelming ‘preponderance of the evidence’ a criminal cabal embedded within our institutions security apparatus has gained control over our lives; with the Orwellian twist of its morphing over time into a necrotic religious cult.

Here is summation of how CIA information engineering has co-opted democracy in the immediate present; and the question every person of democratic persuasion should ask themselves of the direction we are taking:

The CIA and a Liar’s Fastrack

This next open source assessment/analysis is a short history of the cabal of Protestant extreme religious conservative American businessmen who managed to embed their corporate interests into the USA security apparatus. As it happens, they’d been busy doing business with Hitler’s Reich in the 1930s, prior to making post WW II integration of American corporate interests to the CIA their priority:

America’s Deep State

This next assessment points to where we have consequently arrived at behind the scenes; with a focus more or less on the Catholic chapter of what amounts to a criminal religious cult:

Sociopaths & Democracy

This third assessment (with a brief but significant point of psychology made with satire) points to CIA criminal elements continuing efforts at consolidation of operational model to their advantage; sacrificing efficiency for greater ability to operate with impunity, away from oversight & outside the law:

Reorganizing Murder Incorporated

People who conceal crimes will, quite naturally, work to limit exposure when their crimes nevertheless spill into the light of day. Such would be the case of renditions and a clear case of the math not adding up:

Square Pegs in Round Holes

Reinforcing the preceding would be the stupidity generated when narcissism allows for not only pursuing leads generated by torture, but failing to grasp how simple math defeats the so-called ‘information’ gained. The satire aspect of the following goes only so far as to illuminate how far removed from reality the CIA has become:

  Alfreda Bikowski & the Definition of Stupid 

Reflecting on the preceding three pieces particularly, the facts of the matter point to these people have not only gotten away with infamous crimes but have in several cases managed to see themselves promoted to the top of the CIA bureaucratic food chain. This, despite what anyone with a relatively decent education would consider highly unintelligent actions in numerous circumstance of gravity, begs an exam of oversight; that is, we should examine the oversight that has allowed what amounts to malevolent stupidities to simply go on and on:

“We Tortured Some Folks”

It follows, the incredible behaviors we see must benefit a wide range of interests, to be sustained. Otherwise, there could be no rational explanation for what amounts to a persevering model of irrational behaviors:

Economics & Counterinsurgency

In the case of an socio-economic trap (immediate preceding analysis) depending on a culture of crime rooted in state secrets, entire societies must be manipulated, if only because common people would never put up with where we are degenerated to, corrupt ruling classes are historically the social motivator behind social upheaval and revolution. Does this salient fact make a corrupt ruling class and smarter or temper their behaviors? The simple answer is NO. If that were the case, empires would sustain, as opposed to rise and fall. A ruling class never ceases to move towards greater consolidation of power and that is its downfall; because a tipping point comes they’ve become so filled with arrogance and greed, their very right to exist is questioned. When a ruling class becomes desperate to cling to this power, desperate measures are entertained, in the present case to sustain rule through the consolidation of control with sleight of hand and the related social fear ‘terror’ generates. What’s actually happening certainly isn’t rocket science, it only needed enough information to assemble a picture and bring it into focus, 13 years on 9/11:

Fear of Minor Debris

Now, if you were able to wrap your head around the fact over 2,200 certified architects & engineers have signed on to form a non-profit organization disputing the official narrative on 9/11 in relation to the WTC Building 7 collapse, consider in intelligence parlance, an ‘asset’ is not necessarily someone who is aware of how they serve the organization(s) that utilize them. AND, it stands to reason the political left would be a target of manipulation, any purported and in some cases self-annointed leadership, particularly, would be coveted as assets. Consequently, ask yourself: Why would Julian Assange state “I’m constantly annoyed that people are distracted by false conspiracies such as 9/11.” Or, let’s step up a notch, to a so-called real journalist: Robert Parry, who is NOT a professionally trained architect or engineer, in an incredibly unprofessional and denigrating article, pointing to loons rather than facts, states “every hour wasted on this strange parlor game means that real crimes and government wrongdoing get neglected” in the face of 2,200 certified architects & engineers stepping up; to state government wrongdoing includes covering up the facts surrounding a deliberate implosion of a modern, 47 floor concrete & steel structure. What should this say to you? Now, we can go deeper down the rabbit hole, to an era of etymology when the word ‘decadent’ referred to more than something so benign as a box of Belgian chocolates. It would come as no surprise if the CIA were to edit Wikipedia in relation to 9/11, but other things they attempt to cover up would make the orgies of Rome seem mild by comparison:

Intelligence Agencies & Wikipedia

So now, tell me why Daniel Ellsberg, a trained intelligence officer who’d spent two years in Vietnam working for the CIA’s great master of propaganda and covert special operations, Edward Lansdale, does not seem to frequent the real danger zones? Because the actuality is, Ellsberg, as former Pentagon liaison to the CIA, L. Fletcher Prouty had pointed out, had been at the center of a CIA information operation intended to shift the colossal policy failures in Vietnam from the CIA onto the Pentagon? Prouty had not only authored many of the so-called ‘Pentagon Papers’, he’d called them “official lies.” Who would know better? Ellsberg gets plenty of media attention and I’ve yet to see him take us to the actuality of the evil detailed in this articles incorporated essays, evil he should have been aware of. It follows, one should have a look at the blinding power of deliberately cultivated political myths:

Laura Poitras’ Myopia

Now, tell which of these following so-called ‘whistle-blowers, pundits, and journalists’ has shown the necessary gumption to take on the Doug Coe cult in relation to this essay’s introduction and expose American leaders who admire Hitler, Mao and Pol Pot? You’ve never seen Ray McGovern, Robert Parry, Julian Assange or Daniel Ellsberg take this perverted filth on, the courage to do this comes in the main from the center-right and began with L Fletcher Prouty. Meanwhile, related closet religious extremist criminality runs amok:

Hillary Clinton in Four Short Paragraphs

With Hillary and Jeb Bush, both of whom dine on swill from the same ‘family’ religious cult trough, the very same CIA and Pentagon embedded religious cult that is sponsor of the so-called National Prayer Breakfast, are your likely choice for the 2016 election, what should that tell you? Where is this necrotic social phenomena taking us as a nation, while the left is fixed on a social justice mania that is an utter misapprehension of reality? These satires, solidly based in social psychology, go to the point:

1) Liberals

2) Michele Bachmann

So, while the criminally insane behind the curtain had run away with our republic, everyone on the left is fixated on the likes of WikiLeaks and injustice to ‘Chelsea’ Manning, which has done precisely NOTHING to penetrate the lunatic religious cult embedded at the CIA and Pentagon, allowing a cabal of criminals to rush us headlong over a cliff because liberals think it’s more important we all should be ‘tolerant’ … despite the fact any ‘Reality Fairy’ would know about the cult that rules us: “Just follow the money and you’ll know about all you need to know, whether you’re impoverished Black, downwardly mobile White or anyone whose circumstance is approaching poverty regardless of race, the bottom line is, these people, none of them, give a rat’s ass about you, because they’re all hypocritical, in one way or another prejudiced, backstabbing & evil, and they’re all the same, whether White, Black, liberal or conservative, many of them are closet racists, they include Blacks that aspire to be privileged Whites, they’re all greedy, narcissistic & vain, they all screw each other behind closed doors, either figuratively or literally, they’ll all tell you what they think you want to hear; tell any lie regardless of their intentions, and above all, they’re all power hungry, they’re all killers and left to their devices, they’ll get us all killed” … and speaking of following the money, where do you suppose international narcotics trafficking plays in funding CIA black budgets and the ‘family’ cult cabal with its insane geopolitical ambitions?

Heroin, Bags of Cash & The CIA

And about those insane ‘black budget’ ambitions CIA and ‘friends’ use to pursue false flag terror and other murders around the world, salient historical examples one, two, three and four, here’s about all you’ll ever need to know about the ‘why’ we all will most certainly die if this madness is allowed to go on so much as another two years, through the next so-called ‘election’ cycle:

God’s Chosen is a Dumb Idea 

Do I have an ax to grind in these matters? You better believe I do, in fact Condoleezza Rice would appear to have personally attempted to oversee my ‘disappearance’ and when that didn’t work, she’d have settled for covert assassination along lines engineered by people who’d worked for Bush and many of them continue working for Obama…

The Alpha Chronology

…and apparently psycho-killer Bibi Netanyahu has had more than a passing interest in the same:

Death of a MOSSAD Agent

History of CIA mischief & the rise of terror:


Ari Ben Menache (former Israeli intelligence officer) exposé of MOSSAD operations partnered with the CIA’s Robert Gates:

Profits of War

You all have a *lovely* 2015


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