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the oath and the oaf

Trump recently whined over a law passed OVERWHELMINGLY by Congress, tying his hands in dealings with Russia. Trump’s right (or his lawyers got it right.) But then Trump SIGNED the law, knowing full well the law was unconstitutional, with the lame excuse his veto (he didn’t exercise) would be overridden by a wide margin. Now, before we go into Trump’s missed political opportunity of his life, based in an exceedingly simple constitutional question, let’s examine why this blog has a specific category for “morons”, closely related to, if not synonymous with, ‘oaf’

oaf |ōf|
a stupid, uncultured, or clumsy person.
ORIGIN early 17th cent.: variant of obsolete auf, from Old Norse álfr ‘elf.’ The original meaning was ‘elf’s child, changeling,’ later ‘idiot child’ and ‘halfwit,’ generalized in the current sense

President ‘grab em by the pussy’ Trump had already made a case for being ‘uncultured’ and only a half wit could wonder what attracts ‘cultured’ women to an oaf. For Trump’s fan base (which are likely math-challenged half-wits) the answer is precisely $$$,$$$,$$$,$$$,$$$.00¢

Then, reinforcing the definition of our oaf through his actions (for The Donald’s fan base of half-wits, or people too stupid to understand they’re stupid) becomes slightly more complicated, with a ‘constitutional question’ recently raised. Except for this question was strictly implication (tip for those half-wits willing to read on: we are not  discussing ‘constitutional’ in the vulgar slang, defined as ‘taking a shit’, also known as the act of defecating, noted 2nd instance for the uninformed cultured)

A 98-2 vote in the Senate, a 419-3 vote in the House of Representatives for a law that is unconstitutional on its face where Congress infringes on the executive prerogative and Trump signed away his presidential gonads rather than veto it. What’s wrong with this picture?

Screw-Russia-&-Trump-Act - 1

If The Donald had not been castrated by whatever it is castrates every president’s arrival in DC since JFK (Pentagon liaison to the CIA L Fletcher Prouty called it “The Secret Team“, closely related to what the CIA’s George H.W. Bush designed to be “The Enterprise” and also related to what has been extensively documented by investigative journalist Jeff Sharlet as “The Family“), The Donald could have turned Congress on its head with this simple statement:

Of the 522 members of Congress who voted on the “Countering America’s Adversaries Through Sanctions Act”, 517 violated their oath to uphold our Constitution. Only 5 members of Congress have upheld their oath. I am proud to make their number 6, with my resolute veto of this constitutionally faithless law

But no, our 71-going-on-5-years old President ‘The Donald’ joined in with a violation of his own oath, when he signed the act into law; missing opportunity to put 517 of his political enemies in a compromised position with their constituents … when, due to Trump’s statement, they would have been faced with casting a very high profile, second vote in violation of their oath, to override Trump’s veto.

Taking a shit Trump - 1

Trump’s ‘constitutional’


Hale - 1

The Lynching

The current political lynching in DC reminds one of Tom Horn‘s hanging more than a betrayed alt right’s ‘Nathan Hale’ fantastically dressed in patriotic spin. The congressional mob lynching Donald Trump is absolutely complicit in Trump’s crime of a $350 billion arms sale to the Saudis even as Trump is being lynched for daring suggest talking to the Russians concerning geopolitical cooperation. The actual rationale behind the mob hysteria can only be Trump talking to the Russians poses a problem for the Saudis daring to use those weapons in the White House generals’ upcoming war with Iran. Meanwhile, never-mind the present and ongoing Pentagon-Saudi proxy war on Iran (Yemen) violating every human rights standard up to and including using banned cluster munitions. Not only Mike Pence and the generals but likely Bibi has his fingers in this military-industrial pie/racket. Netanyahu nearly has what he wants, an apocalyptic Pentagon owned President Pence en route to a proper war with Iran and cheapening of the male prostitute Uncle Sam:

pence |pens|
plural form of penny.
penny |ˈpenē|
1 N. Amer. informal a one-cent coin equal to one hundredth of a dollar.
• (pl. for separate coins pennies, for a sum of money pence |pens| ) With inflation, prostitute-President Pence wasn’t worth a penny.
ORIGIN Old English penig, penning, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch penning, German Pfennig, also to pawn.

The simple math: following on the CIA overthrowing a democratically elected government in Iran (for the oil), Uncle Sam propped up the Shah of Iran for decades, an absolute asshole who spent lavishly on both; buying American arms and (with competent MOSSAD help) brutalizing his own people. The radicalized ayatollahs coming to power had been a direct result of that chain of events, a case of what Malcolm X would likely have very accurately called another ‘case of the chickens coming home to roost’ for the USA.

Meanwhile, the stupid fuckers at the apocalyptic bible prophecy worshiping Pentagon, rather than apologize to Iran for the undeniable history and thank the ayatollahs for the nuclear non-proliferation arrangement, make moves that can only serve to convince every nation refusing to bend over for a USA butt-fucking they should acquire nukes.

The preceding is why this blog has a category specific to “Morons”


Why is the USA media, intelligence agencies and congress in hysteria over “Russian propaganda”? Because the Russians have,  for quite some time, had the absolute upper hand in the growing field of alternative media. How is that?

What the Russians appear to have clearly recognized is how to take advantage of the corrupt nature of the western ‘mainstream’ press, an institution which has been co-opted by western intelligence agencies for a very long time.

The Russian method? It could not be more simple; report the actual facts in the geopolitical contest and when this is inconvenient, practice lies by omission. Here is an example: Both NATO (an extension of the USA) and Russia are contesting Syria over competing energy pipelines, primarily. One from Iran transiting Syria, favored by Russia; the other from Qatar transiting Syria, favored by NATO.

The disadvantage NATO has faced in this competition is Syria controlled by a Russian ally, that is, the government of Basher al-Assad.

Because NATO sponsored Salafist militants to effect ‘regime change’ (the preferred NATO model since 1980s Afghanistan), a large number had, not surprisingly, gone out of control (e.g. Islamic State is a direct result.) Paradoxically, NATO aligned states have pitched the anti-Assad endeavor in terms of a ‘war on terror’, and there are so many NATO lies (and lies to cover lies) in the co-opted western media, the Russians only need to stick to the facts (omitting the pipeline) to ultimately win the propaganda war. What’s more is, Russia further only need stand back and allow western dissident journalists to dig up the real facts on the ground:

  1. NATO’s ‘moderate’ rebels are aligned with al-Qaida…………….. ✓
  2. NATO policy created the conditions for the rise of IS…………… ✓
  3. Western ally Saudi Arabia bankrolls the Salafist extremists……. ✓
  4. NATO member Turkey has protected & supplied IS…………….. ✓

Depending on the geopolitical reality of the day, for instance whether the paranoid ego-maniac Sultan Erdogan of Turkey is behaving well or not, the stories by western dissident journalists that will withstand a close scrutiny are run in Russian or Russia friendly media outlets. The result? Odds are 100:1 you’ll get more reliable information from Russian state TV or Russian sponsored websites than from ABC, CBS, CNN or NBC.

Shoot the messenger

 At the end of the day, the only solution NATO’s main sponsor, the USA, can come up with to protect it’s colossal efforts to deceive and manipulate the western public is to silence dissident journalists by cutting off access to alternative media. Zerohedge on the present proposal:

“On November 30, one week after the Washington Post launched its witch hunt against “Russian propaganda fake news”, with 390 votes for, the House quietly passed “H.R. 6393, Intelligence Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2017“, sponsored by California Republican Devin Nunes (whose third largest donor in 2016 is Google parent Alphabet, Inc), a bill which deals with a number of intelligence-related issues, including Russian propaganda, or what the government calls propaganda, and hints at a potential crackdown on “offenders.”

“A quick skim of the bill reveals “Title V—Matters relating to foreign countries”,  whose Section 501 calls for the government to “counter active measures by Russia to exert covert influence … carried out in  coordination with, or at the behest of, political leaders or the security services of the Russian Federation and the role of the Russian Federation has been hidden or not acknowledged publicly.”

“The section lists the following definitions of media manipulation:

  • Establishment or funding of a front group.
  • Covert broadcasting.
  • Media manipulation.
  • Disinformation and forgeries.
  • Funding agents of influence.
  • Incitement and offensive counterintelligence.
  • Assassinations.
  • Terrorist acts.

“As ActivistPost correctly notes, it is easy to see how this law, if passed by the Senate and signed by the president, could be used to target, threaten, or eliminate so-called “fake news” websites, a list which has been used to arbitrarily define any website, or blog, that does not share the mainstream media’s proclivity to serve as the Public Relations arm of a given administration [see the immediate preceding post, ‘On Fake News‘, at this blog]

Russian victory enhanced

The reactionary moves by the NATO/USA propagandists to having been bested in the game by Russia only sweetens the Russian victory; similar to Erdogan’s over-reaction in cracking down on anyone who doesn’t follow the ruling party line in Turkey, the USA governing elite is sowing ever deepening dissent in the psyche of those Americans actually inclined to think, understand and know for themselves what is actually going on. The sort of reactionary behavior embodied in the color of law [anti-constitutional order represented in the ‘national security state’] governing the United States and its allies destabilizes any society.

Propaganda budget

The USA media mouthpieces are not going to broadcast the American propaganda budget, so let’s turn to Russia’s Sputnik to get the facts:

“Last year, the Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG), the US federal agency responsible for Voice of America and Radio Liberty/Radio Free Europe, among others, requested a substantial budget increase. Seeking a boost of $30 million, the BBG’s budget soared to $751.5 million.

“That was, evidently, not enough money. President Obama’s newly proposed budget for fiscal year 2017 proposes another massive increase in spending for the BBG. If granted, the agency will receive nearly $778 million, a roughly $27 million increase” [over the $30 million boost]

The Russians are willing to broadcast the factual news the USA’s intelligence agency co-opted media mouth-pieces will not. Point made?

Western press propagandizing Americans

How much of the USA’s propaganda budget is actually aimed at Americans?

The newest version of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) includes an amendment that would legalize the use of propaganda on the American public, reports Michael Hastings of BuzzFeed.

The amendment — proposed by Mac Thornberry (R-Texas) and Adam Smith (D-Wash.) and passed in the House last Friday afternoon — would effectively nullify the Smith-Mundt Act of 1948, which explicitly forbids information and psychological operations aimed at influencing U.S. public opinion

Huh. And yeah, that was made into law.

Odd bedfellows

Glenn Greenwald’s related, and otherwise excellent piece ‘Washington Post Disgracefully Promotes a McCarthyite Blacklist From a New, Hidden, and Very Shady Group‘ throws a bone to one of the very worst propaganda prostitutes extant on the world-wide-web: Elliot Higgins of Bellingcat. WTF.


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A Ronald Thomas West assessment


Here you’ll find out (links beneath this introduction) why our intelligence agencies are worse than useless, they are a threat to our well being and to the well being of peoples around the world. Here you’ll find things criminal and beyond that you’d never wish to imagine (if you’re someone like myself who believes real life horror movies are not healthy.)

While a ‘truth commission’ might be a good thing, there can be no pardons or forgoing prosecutions for CIA and military war crimes under international law. I mention this just to be crystal clear on where I stand in relation to what certainly must be many thousands of culpable personalities. And it couldn’t hurt to point to the National Security Act of 1947, the law that sent our republic off the rails. In regards to this, it has been the body of de facto law springing from the consequent ‘national security state’ which has allowed for the supplanting of constitutional principles with a rule by corporate oligarchy .. wherein Monsanto, Raytheon, Chevron, et al, have a greater influence over institutions of government than any constitutional principles ‘of, by and for the people.’ In other words, we no longer live under a rule of law, rather by dictat under ‘color of law’ where patently unconstitutional laws are in force by process of legislative, executive and judicial fiat.

And there is the social psychology factor; wherein the people attracted to careers in the ‘national security state’ are often mentally deranged by narcissism, to a point of stupidity. This can be determined with simple math; the 1st example would be the number of ‘civilian’ (under cover) renditions aircraft (123) and flights (11,000) during the acknowledged renditions program versus the number of ‘black site’ (under cover) prisoners. There are more known ‘renditions’ aircraft than there are acknowledged ‘black site’ prisoners (123 aircraft versus 119 prisoners.) Much investigation remains to be done to determine why there are such glaring apparent discrepancies on the face of events as exposed to now. And where is the accounting for any women renditioned to ‘black sites’ ? Are we to assume there were none? (that would be foolish.)

But the math gets even worse when it comes to having used information extracted by torture having caused an official (wild goose chase) investigation into ‘Black Muslim al-Qaida cells’ in Montana. Montana has 0.6% Black population in a total population of one million. Of 45 million American Blacks, it is estimated 632,500 are Muslim. If 10% of those had al-Qaida sympathies, the chance of finding one of those in Montana is statistically near zero. Y’know, even if I were on the side of the CIA on the issues of our so-called ‘national security’ as presently pursued, I’d have a problem with the people running a program that behave as stupidly as they have at the Counter Terrorism Center.

It’s accurate to more than make inferences comparing American leadership to Nazis, and bringing up Hitler, Pol Pot and Mao to compare our leadership to, is not at all far-fetched; considering how many have died in Iraq as direct consequence of the USA’s action and more actions in too many nations to mention in a short introduction.

The point of assembling these assessments in a different order than they’d been presented in my other collections, is to create another perspective of what is essentially the same territory dealt with in articles throughout this site. This collection, carefully perused, should show an overwhelming ‘preponderance of the evidence’ a criminal cabal embedded within our institutions security apparatus has gained control over our lives; with the Orwellian twist of its morphing over time into a necrotic religious cult.

Here is summation of how CIA information engineering has co-opted democracy in the immediate present; and the question every person of democratic persuasion should ask themselves of the direction we are taking:

The CIA and a Liar’s Fastrack

This next open source assessment/analysis is a short history of the cabal of Protestant extreme religious conservative American businessmen who managed to embed their corporate interests into the USA security apparatus. As it happens, they’d been busy doing business with Hitler’s Reich in the 1930s, prior to making post WW II integration of American corporate interests to the CIA their priority:

America’s Deep State

This next assessment points to where we have consequently arrived at behind the scenes; with a focus more or less on the Catholic chapter of what amounts to a criminal religious cult:

Sociopaths & Democracy

This third assessment (with a brief but significant point of psychology made with satire) points to CIA criminal elements continuing efforts at consolidation of operational model to their advantage; sacrificing efficiency for greater ability to operate with impunity, away from oversight & outside the law:

Reorganizing Murder Incorporated

People who conceal crimes will, quite naturally, work to limit exposure when their crimes nevertheless spill into the light of day. Such would be the case of renditions and a clear case of the math not adding up:

Square Pegs in Round Holes

Reinforcing the preceding would be the stupidity generated when narcissism allows for not only pursuing leads generated by torture, but failing to grasp how simple math defeats the so-called ‘information’ gained. The satire aspect of the following goes only so far as to illuminate how far removed from reality the CIA has become:

  Alfreda Bikowski & the Definition of Stupid 

Reflecting on the preceding three pieces particularly, the facts of the matter point to these people have not only gotten away with infamous crimes but have in several cases managed to see themselves promoted to the top of the CIA bureaucratic food chain. This, despite what anyone with a relatively decent education would consider highly unintelligent actions in numerous circumstance of gravity, begs an exam of oversight; that is, we should examine the oversight that has allowed what amounts to malevolent stupidities to simply go on and on:

“We Tortured Some Folks”

It follows, the incredible behaviors we see must benefit a wide range of interests, to be sustained. Otherwise, there could be no rational explanation for what amounts to a persevering model of irrational behaviors:

Economics & Counterinsurgency

In the case of an socio-economic trap (immediate preceding analysis) depending on a culture of crime rooted in state secrets, entire societies must be manipulated, if only because common people would never put up with where we are degenerated to, corrupt ruling classes are historically the social motivator behind social upheaval and revolution. Does this salient fact make a corrupt ruling class and smarter or temper their behaviors? The simple answer is NO. If that were the case, empires would sustain, as opposed to rise and fall. A ruling class never ceases to move towards greater consolidation of power and that is its downfall; because a tipping point comes they’ve become so filled with arrogance and greed, their very right to exist is questioned. When a ruling class becomes desperate to cling to this power, desperate measures are entertained, in the present case to sustain rule through the consolidation of control with sleight of hand and the related social fear ‘terror’ generates. What’s actually happening certainly isn’t rocket science, it only needed enough information to assemble a picture and bring it into focus, 13 years on 9/11:

Fear of Minor Debris

Now, if you were able to wrap your head around the fact over 2,200 certified architects & engineers have signed on to form a non-profit organization disputing the official narrative on 9/11 in relation to the WTC Building 7 collapse, consider in intelligence parlance, an ‘asset’ is not necessarily someone who is aware of how they serve the organization(s) that utilize them. AND, it stands to reason the political left would be a target of manipulation, any purported and in some cases self-annointed leadership, particularly, would be coveted as assets. Consequently, ask yourself: Why would Julian Assange state “I’m constantly annoyed that people are distracted by false conspiracies such as 9/11.” Or, let’s step up a notch, to a so-called real journalist: Robert Parry, who is NOT a professionally trained architect or engineer, in an incredibly unprofessional and denigrating article, pointing to loons rather than facts, states “every hour wasted on this strange parlor game means that real crimes and government wrongdoing get neglected” in the face of 2,200 certified architects & engineers stepping up; to state government wrongdoing includes covering up the facts surrounding a deliberate implosion of a modern, 47 floor concrete & steel structure. What should this say to you? Now, we can go deeper down the rabbit hole, to an era of etymology when the word ‘decadent’ referred to more than something so benign as a box of Belgian chocolates. It would come as no surprise if the CIA were to edit Wikipedia in relation to 9/11, but other things they attempt to cover up would make the orgies of Rome seem mild by comparison:

Intelligence Agencies & Wikipedia

So now, tell me why Daniel Ellsberg, a trained intelligence officer who’d spent two years in Vietnam working for the CIA’s great master of propaganda and covert special operations, Edward Lansdale, does not seem to frequent the real danger zones? Because the actuality is, Ellsberg, as former Pentagon liaison to the CIA, L. Fletcher Prouty had pointed out, had been at the center of a CIA information operation intended to shift the colossal policy failures in Vietnam from the CIA onto the Pentagon? Prouty had not only authored many of the so-called ‘Pentagon Papers’, he’d called them “official lies.” Who would know better? Ellsberg gets plenty of media attention and I’ve yet to see him take us to the actuality of the evil detailed in this articles incorporated essays, evil he should have been aware of. It follows, one should have a look at the blinding power of deliberately cultivated political myths:

Laura Poitras’ Myopia

Now, tell which of these following so-called ‘whistle-blowers, pundits, and journalists’ has shown the necessary gumption to take on the Doug Coe cult in relation to this essay’s introduction and expose American leaders who admire Hitler, Mao and Pol Pot? You’ve never seen Ray McGovern, Robert Parry, Julian Assange or Daniel Ellsberg take this perverted filth on, the courage to do this comes in the main from the center-right and began with L Fletcher Prouty. Meanwhile, related closet religious extremist criminality runs amok:

Hillary Clinton in Four Short Paragraphs

With Hillary and Jeb Bush, both of whom dine on swill from the same ‘family’ religious cult trough, the very same CIA and Pentagon embedded religious cult that is sponsor of the so-called National Prayer Breakfast, are your likely choice for the 2016 election, what should that tell you? Where is this necrotic social phenomena taking us as a nation, while the left is fixed on a social justice mania that is an utter misapprehension of reality? These satires, solidly based in social psychology, go to the point:

1) Liberals

2) Michele Bachmann

So, while the criminally insane behind the curtain had run away with our republic, everyone on the left is fixated on the likes of WikiLeaks and injustice to ‘Chelsea’ Manning, which has done precisely NOTHING to penetrate the lunatic religious cult embedded at the CIA and Pentagon, allowing a cabal of criminals to rush us headlong over a cliff because liberals think it’s more important we all should be ‘tolerant’ … despite the fact any ‘Reality Fairy’ would know about the cult that rules us: “Just follow the money and you’ll know about all you need to know, whether you’re impoverished Black, downwardly mobile White or anyone whose circumstance is approaching poverty regardless of race, the bottom line is, these people, none of them, give a rat’s ass about you, because they’re all hypocritical, in one way or another prejudiced, backstabbing & evil, and they’re all the same, whether White, Black, liberal or conservative, many of them are closet racists, they include Blacks that aspire to be privileged Whites, they’re all greedy, narcissistic & vain, they all screw each other behind closed doors, either figuratively or literally, they’ll all tell you what they think you want to hear; tell any lie regardless of their intentions, and above all, they’re all power hungry, they’re all killers and left to their devices, they’ll get us all killed” … and speaking of following the money, where do you suppose international narcotics trafficking plays in funding CIA black budgets and the ‘family’ cult cabal with its insane geopolitical ambitions?

Heroin, Bags of Cash & The CIA

And about those insane ‘black budget’ ambitions CIA and ‘friends’ use to pursue false flag terror and other murders around the world, salient historical examples one, two, three and four, here’s about all you’ll ever need to know about the ‘why’ we all will most certainly die if this madness is allowed to go on so much as another two years, through the next so-called ‘election’ cycle:

God’s Chosen is a Dumb Idea 

Do I have an ax to grind in these matters? You better believe I do, in fact Condoleezza Rice would appear to have personally attempted to oversee my ‘disappearance’ and when that didn’t work, she’d have settled for covert assassination along lines engineered by people who’d worked for Bush and many of them continue working for Obama…

The Alpha Chronology

…and apparently psycho-killer Bibi Netanyahu has had more than a passing interest in the same:

Death of a MOSSAD Agent

History of CIA mischief & the rise of terror:


Ari Ben Menache (former Israeli intelligence officer) exposé of MOSSAD operations partnered with the CIA’s Robert Gates:

Profits of War

You all have a *lovely* 2015



A real world assessment by Ronald

12 September update: On 6 September, shortly after Obama had been reported not to have agreed to anything on Syria with Putin, I’d sent this article in letter form to 150 persons, including federal legislators of four nations. It appears Russia’s Putin had suggested a plan for isolating and destroying Syria’s chemical weapons to Obama at the G-20 meeting in St Petersburg and Obama had flatly turned the offer down. The following Monday Russia made the plan public. By Tuesday, 10 September, Obama and the western powers had abruptly reversed course and agreed to the Russian proposal in principle. Meanwhile Obama has backed out of asking for a Congressional vote on attacking Syria, where these issues would have been debated. That imminent attack is forestalled is a good thing, the congressional debate called off is not.

Whoever helped to bring pressure to forestall any attack on Syria, my thanks to you all and this goes to show some people have their heads properly attached. But the issue of the USA attacking Syria is far from resolved. Corporate and national intelligence agencies continue to be a real threat to the region and those with agenda to ultimately take down Iran (with Syria as a stepping-stone) will not easily give up-

You don’t have to be a conspiracy theorist to get this one. Prior to the most recent chemical weapons incident in Syria, the USA had opened the door to its allies Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Kuwait to pour weapons to jihadi ‘rebels’ and then looked the other way as though it were not happening. Meanwhile Al Jazeera has a radical Sunni cleric that can reach 60,000,000 Muslims; preaching jihad and exhorting young men to fight for the ‘rebels.’ The result? Hard-line Al Nusra Islamists are the largest and most effective group of fighters in the western allies gambit to overthrow the government of Assad. A result is an entire new generation of trained, motivated and seasoned veteran Al Qaida fighters.

A previous chemical attack had implicated the so-called ‘rebels’ as perpetrators. Meanwhile western pundits ‘doubt’ the ‘rebels’ have the technical capacity to manufacture and deliver chemical attack, something any bright American university chemistry major could accomplish in reality.

The Al Nusra front in Syria is Al Qaida. Al Qaida has been running research labs on radiological, biological and CHEMICAL weapons for at least two decades. Modifying a small rocket to deliver is not any big technical feat.

Assad had gained the upper-hand in recent months and the rebels need western intervention to swing the pendulum back in their favor. Suddenly there is a chemical attack that can only benefit the rebels (Assad knows better than to do this) and the western powers go crazy in a push to punish Assad.

Was it Assad? Least likely.

Was it Al Qaida? Quite possibly.

Was it intelligence agencies on behalf of the ‘rebels’? Highly likely.

The western democracies (includes Israel) have a vested interest in taking down Syria, a stepping stone to taking down Iran. For Israel, it has to do with the obsession of Iran attaining a nuclear bomb, something Iran would be crazy NOT to do from an Iranian point of view. Iran has been under assault from the west since 1953 with the USA overthrow of it’s legitimate government and propping up the murderous Shah of Iran as a puppet/proxy .. resulting in Iran becoming radicalized and since, the USA in a cold war with the ayatollahs.  Whether Israel is a proxy of the USA or vice-versa via AIPAC, is immaterial. We created a boogey-man for both in Iran with OUR POLICIES (MOSSAD was right there with us, training the Shah’s secret police that terrorized the Iranian people.) That Iran would want the bomb as a deterrent should come as no surprise to anyone. Syria is an Iranian ally with a common border with Israel. So Syria must be taken down from the western democracies point of view.

Iran going down is in the logical progression of an ultimate goal of isolating Russia, a threat to western democracies corporate hegemony (with umbrella groups like Builderberg and Council on Foreign Relations and a plethora of subservient political action committees pulling the western democracies puppet-politicians’ strings via lobbyists and limitless corporate campaign contributions thanks to the USA’s supreme court and the decision ‘Citizens United’.)

Now, in the grand campaign to overthrow Assad, on top of having arranged, organized, armed and trained ‘rebel’ (Al Nusra/Al Qaida) forces, resulting in a sectarian war in Syria responsible for 100,000 dead and millions of refugee lives destroyed, Obama is now lobbying Congress to do Al Qaida another HUGE favor by attacking the Syrian military. John McCain is right there holding Obama’s hand in this effort, with his inserting language into the senate resolution calling for an official USA’s policy to support the ‘rebel’ overthrow of Assad.

There is a fake ‘rebel’ government in exile the USA recognizes and in fact this government in exile is fake because it has precisely ZERO control over the Al Nusra front (Al Qaida), the most powerful opposition to the regime in Syria. If Assad is overthrown, who comes into control of Syrian chemical weapons stockpiles? The most well armed, largest and effective group of fighters among the ‘rebels’ .. that is Al Qaida (Al Nusra.)

So, my question is, just what the fuck is the USA thinking, with delivering Syrian professional manufacture, military grade chemical weapons stocks into the hands of Al Qaida? Think about it. Berlin. Paris. Rome. London. Madrid. New York. Tel Aviv. Are all American leaders absolute idiots?


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