Hey everyone, remember Rupert Murdoch bought the Wall Street Journal? So, being interested in and keeping track of certain international criminals, it was eye opening (but no surprise) the Wall Street Journal would set out to ‘rehabilitate’ Frontier Services Group (nee Academi, Xe Corp & Blackwater’s) Erik Prince with an article that gives Prince by far too much leeway as on the up & up, straight & narrow (barfs/laughs.)

The 24 January 2014 Wall Street Journal article on/interview with Erik Prince details Prince’s new joint venture with the People’s Republic of China. Hey, so birds of a feather flock together, gun runner Prince who the Obama administration got off the hook for (among other charges) capital murder with (probably deliberate) bungled prosecutions, the ‘state secrets’ doctrine, & ‘national security’ rationale are events described in the WSJ as:

“several federal prosecutions involving Blackwater employees, most of which fizzled…”

How can Obama Attorney General Eric Holder’s Department of Justice federal prosecutors making sweetheart deals letting Blackwater executives off the hook be construed to be ‘fizzled’ prosecutions? Eric Prince’s criminal legacy is not merely gun running and murder but murder of witnesses:


So, who is tucking their tails and running here? Obama’s prosecutors? Or is it the Wall Street Journal afraid to go after an at large, crusading Christian dominion assassin with a proven track record? When Prince was running Blackwater, he was employed by Dick Cheney, Condoleezza Rice, Department of State, CIA and friends on a worldwide assassination program, making him a super multi-millionaire in the process:


Now Prince whines the USA let him down. Who is the loser who runs from cowards here? Obama and his ‘look forward, not back’ policy of letting international criminals run free? Or Prince, who bailed out of the USA to the Gulf Emirates to set up a Christian Janissaries mercenary force and got ‘cold feet’ when his dedication to ‘eradicating Islam from the face of the Earth’ beliefs were spilled into the open and he had to ditch his hideout in the Islamic world? Meanwhile, Prince’s lowest level hired killers are the only ones prosecuted for a murderous killing spree in Baghdad and only one of those is charged with straight-up murder (and will likely get off on technicalities with an appeal.)

Now, China, who has blocked access to every western media outlet who has reported on the database revealing its leadership to be involved in international banking related corruption, is the new Erik Prince ‘joint partner’ in its Africa centered enterprises. China doesn’t mess around when it comes to welcoming proven killers into its’ financial and business world, eh? Nothing like hiring a proven CIA para-military asset that spearheaded covert murders around the world to manage ‘risk’ a-la a CIA veteran Joint Special Operations Command clone, to add a bit of muscle to African ventures propping up regimes whose leadership is wanted at The Hague for crimes of genocide… all the while our Murdoch owned Wall Street Journal’s tepid reporting cannot bring itself to detail Obama’s administration covering up the actual Prince legacy of mass murder for hire in support of our Pentagon’s drive in pursuit of ‘Christian Dominion’ throughout the world. And, of course, the WSJ doesn’t touch Prince bankrolling the USA’s religious right… that’d touch too close to home insofar as the uber-right-wing Murdoch’s ‘Gott mit uns‘ Journal parrots a proven killer’s denial of any further mercenary interests even as Prince is moving around the global mercenary scene like a pedophile priest is moved from parish to parish to conceal his ongoing crimes spree .. perhaps the ultimate ‘Christian mission’ to the proletariat in Mad Magazine’s geopolitic of ‘Spy versus Spy’

There is no rational ‘rationale’ in this world people, only ‘In God We Trust’ also known as ‘show me the money’