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The CIA’s world of smoke and mirrors is coming home to roost at VICE News. In a 28 minute ‘investigative journalism’ film dripping lies and denial off the lips of ‘former’ (once CIA, always CIA) counter-terrorism officer Sabrina De Sousa…

…yours truly stumbled across some rather remarkable coincidences.

The 1st coincidence is, this convicted (for kidnapping) CIA Officer who denies any role in the actual Abu Omar (Italy) rendition, is the very same woman indelibly marked in my memory as a total stranger who smirked at me when our paths crossed when I was intensively hunted in Wiesbaden, Germany, in Summer 2008. Here is my (February 2014) short description of one of the several events I experienced that summer, provided to European Center for Constitutional and Human Rights:

One person etched into my memory, although I did not know who she was in the Summer of 2008, was then active CIA officer Sabrina De Sousa. She jumped out on account of her smirking at myself when passing on the street. She was clad partially in the casual clothing of South Asia, and gave me a knowing smile and expression that can only be considered remarkable, when encountered in a total stranger. This marked De Sousa in my memory.

Of the several attempts during this period, one attempt clearly resembled the technique employed in the ‘Imam rapito affair’, also known as the Abu Omar case, in which De Sousa was involved. I was returning from teaching class at Mainz, when I noticed an aberration (due to my training) in what otherwise would seem a normal and unremarkable event. A group of men dressed in the typical blue German workingman clothing, taking a break.

The circumstance jumped out at me as I approached for the following reasons; there was no conversation at all, they looked ‘posed’ (stiff, as if unfamiliar with acting), had American body language and what I would call ‘Delta Force’ physiques (the sort of body build you will typically encounter in hyper-physically trained special operations soldiers.) Other than clothing, they did not resemble German laborers at all. My route on the sidewalk would have taken me between what amounted to a close, half-circle of three of these ‘workers’, and the half-circle closed to the street by the open, sliding side door, to a white, windowless van with at least one occupant.

There was a fourth ‘worker’ sitting in the passenger seat (with door open) of a car pulled up closely behind the van, concealing the van’s identity plate from behind. He appeared to be a ‘backstop’ positioned in case I’d evaded or somehow came through the initial three poised to shove myself into the van. Clearly, it was expected I would walk between the half-circle and the van. I approached as if unconcerned, to get as close as possible for visual assessment and at the last moment, instead of continuing on the sidewalk into what certainly was a ‘snatch’ and ‘rendition’ trap (I could have been popped into the van and subdued in a matter of a few seconds, less than five seconds, certainly), I walked out into street and into possible oncoming traffic (and was lucky not to be run down by a car.) Evasion was simple.

The 2nd coincidence is, the European Center for Constitutional and Human Rights (ECCHR) filing a criminal complaint against certain USA personalities with the German Federal Prosecutor and offering to produce De Sousa as a voluntary ‘tells all’ witness in the Abu Omar rendition case; in a context presented in the VICE film as on behalf of De Sousa:

De_Sousa_ECCHR.jpg - 1

It was 25 months ago, on 7 October 2013, I’d initially informed the very same organization of my circumstance…

Dear European Center for Constitutional and Human Rights

Great to see you hosting Jeremy Scahill. I invite you to look into a less famous case, closer to home.

My invitation for your organization is, to challenge Germany’s government on allowing JSOC, CIA & MOSSAD to run free in Germany for years engaging in criminal acts, up to and inclusive of both; the attempted rendition and assassination of this correspondent. As well, question why it is ‘responsible’ persons at the Bundestag sit on their hands with tails between legs when they damn well should have been raising their voices. It is my own firm intention there will not be any opportunity to claim ‘we didn’t know’ after the fact, like so many Germans did after the Reich’s defeat.

All the material you need to open a comprehensive investigation is located at my webpage

Most sincerely

Ron West

…and received this 8 October 2013 reply:

Dear Ron West,
thank you very much for your email… we’re .. closely following US-activities on German territory as part of worldwide human rights violations. As you might have seen on our website, we’ve been active against Bush, Rumsfeld and many others in a number of European jurisdiction as well as against the German government regarding CIA-renditions. However, we’re not able to support individual cases, but will certainly have a look at them to include them in our comprehensive strategies. We’ll continue our work on the issue.
Best regards

Subsequent to this I had, clearly without any expectation of personal representation…

Dear [ECCHR person]

A most sincere, absolutely grateful thank you, for your reply, a first from any Human Rights affiliated group in six years of soliciting a correspondence relating to my circumstance.

I do invite a look at my case without expectation of any commitment to individual advocacy on my behalf. I will be happy to answer any questions you may have, give you permission to speak to anyone regarding myself and I waive any right of anonymity in any reference to my alleged circumstance, when referenced in any report you may see fit to include my case in.

My kindest greetings

…had gone on to provide ECCHR strong testimonials to my character & veracity, as well as a chronology of my experiences, to include my encounter with De Sousa and how she fit the overall picture. Now, it comes about the ECCHR’s “not able to support individual cases” was applicable in my case but not in the case of De Sousa, a person the ECCHR had been informed is complicit in attempted kidnap and murder on German soil. So, what gives here? I have some thoughts on that but first the next coincidence:

3rd coincidence. Between my initial contact with ECCHR and the present circumstance of ECCHR attempting the rehabilitation of a convicted kidnapper in the Italian Abu Omar case, Sabrina De Sousa, whom they’d been informed by myself is implicated in nearly identical circumstance in Germany, I had devised a legal strategy (posted online) also provided to ECCHR that appears to have been adopted by the ECCHR in partnership with the British group Reprieve. But they couldn’t have done a better job of messing it up as if that was the real intent. In short, ECCHR (together with Reprieve) sued in German court to hold Germany to account as complicit or enablers of the USA’s illegal drone wars by hosting the USA’s military. They could have made a much stronger political points case with going after the Iraq war crimes with information developed by so many sources so as to be irrefutable, using the German legal principle of Völkerstrafgesetzbuch (universal jurisdiction), for instance pursuing the torture camp/death squads set up under General Petraeus during his first tour of Iraq, information developed by the Guardian:

But instead ECCHR followed a narrow line of focus on drones where proving the German legal liability was nebulous and managed a loss; setting a precedent in German law strengthening their purported adversaries. Now, with this NEGATIVE precedent set, ECCHR has filed a criminal complaint in a larger process of rehabilitating De Sousa irrespective of information in their hands indicating she is complicit in crimes committed on German soil exterior to USA military installations in the case of yours truly, the by far stronger case to bring the USA to account in German courts. Ignoring this, instead it would appear ECCHR is following the losing strategy of the previous case; relying on the idea the plane used in the Abu Omar rendition touched down at the USA’s Ramstein Air Base, placing the jurisdiction once again where the German courts will hesitate to reach.

According to De Sousa in the VICE film, she is willing to ‘tell all’ to the German prosecutors but with a reservation; she refused to share any of this information with the VICE reporter who treats her with kid gloves throughout.

WTF are the possibilities?

  1. De Sousa resigning the CIA is a cover story and she’s actually engaged in an agency operation to shut down certain legal avenues to persons such as myself while in process of feeding disinformation to the German authorities.
  2. The ECCHR is compromised by intelligence agents along the lines of Francis Boyle’s discoveries at Amnesty International where human rights are gamed by the likes of CIA & MI6.
  3. The ECCHR is absolutely incompetent and is being gamed by De Sousa, a loose cannon the CIA is in turn gaming & perfectly content to allow run loose like a maniac and attempt to tell everything (an accomplished liar knows) to German prosecutors because the CIA can shape the course of events to shut down certain legal avenues to CIA advantage.
  4. VICE reporters and producers believe in virgin birth and report the moon is made of green cheese per the quote of former CIA Director William Colby: “the Central Intelligence Agency owns everyone of any significance in major media
  5. Some ‘the fix is in’ combination of the preceding possibilities.
  6. All of this is just a fantastic coincidence.

So, what did I do? Well, I did this:

To: Federal Republic of Germany Prosecutor
Re: Criminal complaint

Dear Prosecutor for the Federal Republic of Germany

It has come to my attention the European Center for Constitutional and Human Rights (ECCHR) has filed a criminal complaint either on behalf of, or directly relevant to, (former) CIA officer Sabrina De Sousa (see attached 1.) This communication is a cross-filing requesting 1) the De Sousa related ECCHR criminal complaint be expanded to include my alleged encounter with De Sousa in Wiesbaden, Germany, Summer of 2008 (see attached 2.)

In that I am alleging circumstance pointing to Sabrina De Sousa in collusion with the attempted rendition and/or murder of myself on German soil, it is requested all of the possible sources, whether German law enforcement, or German intelligence agencies be made to surrender their records for purposes of prosecution without regard for political considerations or alliance; in that it cannot be in the best interest of the German state to countenance attempted rendition and/or assassination in deference to political interests within German institutions, nor on behalf of state actors and alliances originating exterior to the borders of Germany but complicit in crimes on German soil.

Mr Strobele, as a member of the German Parliament intelligence oversight committee, has been apprised of my circumstance for quite some time; and has sat on his hands despite my having confirmation he is in receipt of my mails and information. As well, the several German security institutions I further allege are well informed as to the facts of my case, have failed to act previous to this; yet there is no hesitation to preemptively arrest and pursue prosecution of non-state terror actors without requiring the niceties of the intended victims/targets filing a complaint. In this instance I am also requesting the German government investigate itself per the lack of enforcing the law and insuring norms of a civilized, democratic society bound to the rule of law are upheld in future.

Ron West

“The history of the great events of this world are scarcely more than a history of crime” -Voltaire

Attached: 1 Vice News screen shot of criminal complaint in jpg format. Attached: 2 my chronology in pdf format.

Wherever direction this charade takes, it is my intent the CIA/German authorities/De Sousa/VICE/ECCHR parties will not have the idea there would be no one willing to call their charade precisely what it is:



Letter to the President of Italy

A Letter to the ECCHR

Robert Seldon Lady, CIA Slime-Bag

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Palace of Cowards



Noteworthy (dis)Information Operations

(other than Alex Jones, ABC, FOX, CNN & Co)

Marcy Wheeler at the ’emptywheel’ blog pushes ‘the Russians did it‘ disinformation

Washington Post launders (based on the historical record) what is almost certainly a CIA propaganda project to discredit legitimate alternative news outlets.

Eric Zuesse writing for the Russian site Strategic Culture posts an article that should make the Russians’ faces turn red; while fully aware it was Turkish intelligence (MIT) facilitated delivery of the sarin precursors chemicals which originated in Turkey and provided the rockets used by jihadi militants to murder 1,400 Syrians at Ghouta in August 2013, Zuesse ‘pens’ blame on Hillary Clinton via the CIA’s Libyan arms pipeline to Syria and cites Seymour Hersh as a source for his article’s assertion. Zuesse had already known (personal correspondence) the sarin did not originate in Libya but was provided by a Turkish chemicals company. The question the Russians should be asking themselves is, why frame the established international criminal Hillary Clinton, whose known crimes are many, with superfluous accusation that can’t hold up? What’s the point? The result is Strategic Culture damaged as a credible information outlet and in the meanwhile a case made Strategic Culture has been subverted to serving NATO & Turkey’s purpose; where it can be accurately stated attention has been diverted from the actual perpetrators of a NATO linked war crime.

Kick-ass Cookies publishes the official CIA history of the JFK assassination cover-up (back to the old ‘blame Cuba’ bs) as though it were gospel truth. I left the comment ‘why not just take your material from a David Ignatius novel.’ The CIA method is to publish revisionist history in classified format for ‘inside’ consumption; then ‘quietly’ declassify the same – thus appearing to take responsibility while in actuality pumping disinformation out to alleviate questions in the minds of their own agency personnel in endeavor that ultimately is intended to cover the criminal tracks of the worst of the agency’s legacy.

*; at ‘LiveLeaks‘ Paul Moriera’s film ‘Masks of the Revolution’ had been accompanied by this patent disinformation, since taken down:

“Documentary: Ukraine – Masks of revolution. Eng. Subs. VPE presents highly anticipated, contorversial (to some) documentary about so called Maidan revolution. Movie itself has been produced by high ranking agents of Kremlin inside of French Canal+ TV channel”

^ This small snippet (blatant lie, actually) is a smoking gun LiveLeaks is penetrated/co-opted by western intelligence; intent on discrediting Moreira’s work. This film has Kiev’s ‘authorities’ (empowered by CIA backed neo-nazis) squealing like electrocuted pigs, so it hit a nerve.


Vice and MI6 Example of how news outlets spawn disinformation operations on behalf of intelligence agencies in geopolitics


The Myth of Daniel Ellsberg, a mole on the left. Daniel Ellsberg is an intelligence agent fingered by a former Pentagon Liaison to the CIA, L Fletcher Prouty, as the center of a conspiracy at the CIA to shift responsibility of the Vietnam war policy failures from  CIA to Pentagon. Supports disinformation operations and its agents, notably WikiLeaks & Julian Assange:

Julian Assange manipulated by intelligence agencies, WikiLeaks is at the center of distracting from truly serious issues, deflecting attention from the most egregious criminal actors and actions behind the scene in Washington, such as the Doug Coe cult which poses the most significant internal danger to western democracies and is never touched by Assange (or Ellsberg & Robert Parry.)

Robert Parry spreading the left’s Anti-Federalist urban legend. The Poison Fruit  collection breaks down Robert Parry’s false flag journalism where Parry attacks false narrative with alternative false narrative, one of the most insidious method of disinformation.

The CIA And Nonviolent Resistance on intelligence engineered misreporting

Zero Hedge Drinks The Kool Aid Zero Hedge picks up TomDispatch and then (update) goes on to publish an article giving impression the “28 pages” will point to Saudi Arabia as the sole responsible party for 9/11 (altogether ignoring Dick Cheney’s role)

The Intercept Takes A Dive Worthy of a BBC propaganda piece

Elliot Higgins on MH 17 New disinformation? (oh yes)

On Edward Bernays & Propaganda  Critical reading

Wikipedia edited by CIA and numerous military-industrial & for profit corporations

CIA busted by Snowden leak Former DCI William Colby’s old quote “The CIA owns everyone of any significance in major media” is as true today as when he made the statement many years ago; The Intercept has published information catching mainstream media red handed vetting their stories with the Central Intelligence Agency. Related: CIA & The Media Carl Bernstein & The Intercept, then & now

The Daily Beast shill platform for noteworthy neo-con/neo liberal professional personalities like Bernard-Henri Levy, propping up the most dangerous warmongers & their policies

TruthDig slips mainstream disinformation into an ‘alternative mainstream news’ format, for instance when the egotistical social moron Donald Trump questions McCain’s (highly questionable) reputation as a war hero, TruthDig is right there to defend the neo-fascist war monger McCain. Trump being an idiot doesn’t necessarily mean he called that particular shot wrong.

Mark Galeotti intelligent, personable disinformation master, with a focus  on crime in geopolitics that is almost entirely one sided. Develops a portrait of Russia’s underworld in relation to Kremlin politics and absolutely panders to a pro-Western bias in the process. Critical insights challenging his work are disallowed in comments at his blog

Sylvia Longmire sanitizes the narrative on the drug cartels, ignores the deep and longstanding USA intelligence involvement and no mention of the rampant, related USA corruption

Robert Dreyfuss at the Nation Magazine; employing patent disinformation technique

2 paragraphs daily a sort of condensed neo-con/neo-liberal devotional to the moral inversions of empire, pretty much 100% dedicated to salvation of those necrotic ideals, policies and personalities most invested in humanitarian violence in service of greed. Articles often authored by PhDs, going to show authentic intelligence (no pun intended) is not necessarily going to be discovered in academia.

National Public Radio Launders CIA information operations

VICE News Frequent CIA friendly, professional disinformation integrated to editorials, panders to a mostly Russo-phobic conservative audience

The Moscow Times is a New York Times clone pandering to anti-Russian propagandists in area of foreign policy particularly. The fact of the site not blocked in Russia makes a lie of western media claims of draconian Russian censorship of press outlets- CIA friendly, professional disinformation aimed at average IQ of 90, articles linked to and quoting mainstream media outlets. Initial criticisms might be posted by comment moderators but trolls assigned to comments for purpose of assassinating persons with valid criticisms and moderators who do not post intelligent rebuttals

Small Wars Journal claims the following…

“We do not screen articles for conformance with a house view; our only position is that small wars are wicked problems warranting consideration of myriad views before action, to inform what will no doubt be imperfect decisions with significant unintended consequences”

but in fact panders to military industrial ‘in house’ projects to keep ‘small wars’ going with failed counter-insurgency policies:

“In spite of the rushed and uncertain character of the Afghan force development, the president chose to provide the minimum recommended mix of U.S. advisors, enablers, and counterinsurgency forces recommended by ISAF for only one year.  This, in spite of the fact that the U.S. military has consistently understated the need for advisors, aid, and prolonged effort in their past plans in Vietnam, Iraq, and other operations

…from ‘think tanks’ such as CSIS with corporate friends like Condoleezza Rice and General James Jones. and Russ Baker, putting new spin on the lies of 9/11. Having emailed Baker some perfectly reasonable tips suggesting examining his material and support…

Hi Russ

Been checking out your stuff, some of it pretty appealing. But then, (full disclosure) I notice some suspect persons on your board;

Daniel Ellsberg and his largely un-investigated relationship to Edward Lansdale, here’s a snippet

Robert Dreyfuss whose Ukraine reporting is so CIA friendly as to be disgusting. His longtime Ford Foundation (CIA) funded ‘Nation Institute’ turns out all sorts of disinformation such as the professional handwringing TomDispatch misdirecting people from the real danger zones.

As I’m typing this, I’ve been listening to your recent radio interview ‘refugees, 9/11 and more’ relating to the Saudi elements concerning 9/11 and invite a read of:

If interested, here is my story:

I would simply note many unsuspecting people are what are termed ‘assets’ in spy craft, despite the fact of a sincere belief in what they’re engaged in. The courageous ones will look deeper when apprised of certain possibilities…

Ron West

“The history of the great events of this world are scarcely more than a history of crime” -Voltaire

…I received a perfectly equivocating reply (he forbid me to share) including patently absurd advice on my mental state.

to be continued…



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