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Decolonization as envisioned by the United Nations is (in real effect) little more than a self-serving Western propaganda ploy; assuaging ego where there is in fact little wider social consciousness of what (and what has not) been accomplished. To achieve de facto (authentic) decolonization, to begin, this should require the decolonization of the psyche of those ‘indigenous’ populations educated into Western way of thinking. This would be no mean task!

When the colonizing powers ‘withdrew’ and ‘lip-serviced’ (should sound like political fellatio) ‘the right of self determination of peoples’ … they left intact unnatural colonial borders that in any case DID NOT respect the purported right of self-determination, rather put in place multiple Western infected national psyches within so-called ‘indigenous’ leadership determined to (more often than not) behave like Whitemen (Western European mentality.) This has further created numerous cases of social friction across the globe, particularly concerning so-called ‘minorities.’

The related ‘meme of democracy’ has accomplished the following few examples of too many examples to list in one short article:

The largest stateless ‘minority’ in the world (5,000,000 compared to ‘sovereign’ Montenegro’s 500,000), that is the Kurds, are in (varying degrees of) conflict with Iran, Iraq, Syria and (not least) Turkey, due to persisting colonial borders. This leaves the Kurd population open (across several vectors) to murderous geopolitical (read intelligence agency) manipulations in endless iterations (most recently by the USA & Israel.)

In the so-called ‘international law’ (a Western developed concept) Azerbaijan is allowed an Azerbaijani majority exclave, Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic, separated by the territory of Armenia, but Armenia is NOT allowed an Armenian majority exclave, Nagorno-Karabakh, separated by the territory of Azerbaijan. Common sense calls this hypocrisy. Common people adhere to common sense and the Armenian common sense is cynically exploited in Ottoman imperial style geopolitical machinations:

So, what would be the point of common sense (a gift of our creator) in the view of those who propose to rule us? I doubt they could answer this question in any sensible (read honest) way for the fact there is no sensible or (especially) altruistic justification of the preceding. Any honest answer would have to take in account incompetence, greed & political-cultural narcissism (imperial arrogance) often prohibits the de facto right of self determination of peoples, any pretensions of decolonization at the United Nations notwithstanding.

In light of the preceding, just suppose (a laughable fantasy) the West were to take up Russia on an offer to repeat the plebiscite in Crimea with international observers; a plebiscite is the most democratic of all democratic principles. The obvious outcome would be (and why the ‘democratic’ West would never agree to this proposition) Crimeans would overwhelmingly (again) exercise their right of self determination to join the Russian Federation. Furthermore, the whole (majority ethnic Russian) East of Ukraine might then demand equal right to determine its own future and wellah, suddenly Putin’s Russian borders extend West to the Dnieper River. The Western states insistence Crimea remain a part of Ukraine is a case of the West maintaining a stance of ‘democracy for me, but not for thee.’

Meanwhile, the crude Spanish judicial system (dominated by judges aligned with the Popular Party, a political legacy of Franco) has jailed and continues to bring to trial those Catalan separatists who dared do what? They held a plebiscite (that most democratic of all democratic principles) to separate Catalonia from Spain (a state that has historically treated the Catalans as lackeys only fit to lick the Spanish boot.)

To keep this short, we’ll jump to Kosovo; where the Western states (NATO & the EU) has determined Serbia is not fit to govern a minority (of ethnic Albanians) on their own territory but the now purported (by the West) independent Kosovo is fit to govern a minority (of ethnic Serbs.) Never mind the inconvenient fact that recent Kosovo ‘leaders’ are being arrested and delivered to international tribunal for crimes against ethnic Serbs (includes organ harvesting), also not to mention the 250,000 Serbs driven from Kosovo in an ethnic cleansing pogrom following the NATO bombing of Serbia. Hey! Isn’t that just the sort of act the bombing was supposed to stop? NATO ‘just allowed’ that to happen when they’d grabbed control? Huh. Maybe that Albanian ‘majority’ wasn’t statistically big enough to justify an independent Kosovo (and secure Kosovo a ‘right’ to host Camp Bondsteel.)

All of this follows on a few historical facts overlooked by the Western propaganda machine; Eastern Orthodoxy’s majority Serbian population in the region of Srpska Krajina recently (90s Balkan Wars) ethnically cleansed from Catholic Croatia by “Operation Storm” (never mind the Serbs have been made the boogeyman for everything that went wrong with the breakup of Yugoslavia), as well the fact unnatural ethnic borders have been enforced in relation to Republik Srpska, ensuring there will be ongoing tensions within Bosnia on the border of Serbia and not least, the remnant Serb majority region in the North of Kosovo is denied their right of self determination to join with Serbia, ensuring perpetual inter-ethnic conflict that serves only to weaken the institutions of state via ongoing radicalization of both populations, Orthodox Christian Serb and Muslim Albanian. Europe couldn’t do a better job of promoting a war of civilizations if it had actually tried, if one were to presume it is mere incompetence derived from ego-narcissism has birthed this circumstance into the present. But maybe it is more than that, a weakened state with artificial borders is ‘low hanging fruit’ posing possibility of consolidating control over a region culturally tied to Russia (as well historically coveted by the Catholic headquarters at Rome.)

Finally, it must be noted that, similar to the Sioux Indians had founded their culture upon a spiritual relationship to the Black Hills of South Dakota from which they had been expelled, Serbia’s relationship to “Old Serbia” (Kosovo) is little different; but imperial ambition had seen the Serbs ethnically cleansed by the Albanians on multiple occasions, first under the ‘patronage’ of the Ottoman Turks, then the Albanians were backed in further pursuing pogroms against Serbs by the fascist Axis powers of World War II (similar to Croatian Ustasha persecution of Serbs during the war) and finally a coup de grace of sorts was delivered by communism under Tito, who forbade ethnic Serbs to return to their homes in Kosovo following 1945. [1]

The epilogue to all of this would be the colonizing of Serbia by the European Union at the point of a gun:

saint hoax dresses political leaders for war drags you out

^ Ursula von der Leyen

Maybe the title of this piece should have been ‘Recolonization.’


“In any democracy, ethics, self restraint, tolerance & honesty will always take a second seat to narcissism, avarice, bigotry & persecution, if only because people who play by the rules in any democracy are at a disadvantage to those who easily subvert the rules to their own advantage” (Ronald’s Maxim)



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“Rekao sam Ne”
Samoobmana i (sopstveni) poraz Aleksandra Vucica

“Nemoguće je izračunati moralnu štetu, ako mogu tako da se izrazim, koju je patološko laganje nanelo društvu. Ukoliko je čovek pokvario i prostituisao čistotu svog uma, da bi svoje profesionalno uverenje pripisao stvarima u koje ne veruje, onda je spreman i na svaki drugi zločin” – Tomas Pejn

Srpski Predsednik Vučić sastao se sa Trampom u Beloj kući odakle je izašao sa ‘malom pobedom’. Ili bar on tako misli. Ovom samozvanom, nadobudnom vladaru treba novi Vezir:

“Rekao sam ‘ne’ na najtežem mestu na svetu.

Sada zvanično mogu da kažem da sam to što sam rekao za priznanje rekao na najtežem mestu na svetu. U prostoriji u kojoj sam sedeo stajali su Pens, Kušner, Džonson, Grenel, O’Brajan, stotinu puta moćniji ljudi od mene. To je njima bio problem. Mene forma i stolice ne zanimaju” -Aleksandar Vučić

Dakle, mislim da Vučića treba da zanima vizuelna poruka ‘stolice’ koju je poslao širom sveta kada se njegovo “Ne” (zapravo) pretvorilo u ‘Da’ kroz sve ostale tačke sporazuma.

Ukratko, Vučić je igrao daleko iznad svoje lige i ‘nadigran’ je. Sada mora svuda da objašnjava šta je to potpisao.

Ono što je Trampov tim zlotvora savršeno znao kada je pozvao Vučića u Vašington je to da će Vučić apsolutno morati (što je stvar unutrašnje politike) da kaže „Ne“ na eksplicitno priznanje Kosova kao nezavisne države, koje mu je zabranjeno Ustavom Republike Srbije.

Nakon što su Amerikanci upravo to (priznanje Kosova kao nezavisne države) stavili u prvobitni nacrt, primenjena je taktika „štapa i šargarepe“; Vučić se izborio za izbacivanje ’Tačke 10’, odnosno eksplicitnog priznanja nezavisnosti Kosova, da bi mu odmah potom uručili dokument sa jedva prikrivenim priznanjem Kosova kao nezavisne države ili (to jest) dokument sa implicitnim priznanjem nezavisnosti Kosova u više tačaka. Tad je našem nepromišljenom vladaru Vučiću toliko laknulo što je Tačka 10 uklonjena, da je potpisao. Njegovi Veziri su ga izneverili.

No, hajde da sve ovo malo bolje sagledamo.

Implementacija sporazuma o zajedničkoj infrastrukturi (autoput, železnica, itd.) sa političkim entitetom Kosovom, koje trenutno ima vlast i traži svoju nezavisnost, jednaka je implicitnom priznanju nezavisnog Kosova; pravna poenta je u tome što ovaj akt daje legitimitet političkoj sili koja krši srpski ustav, a ipak stavlja Srbiju pod nadležnost međunarodnog prava. Mnogo toga što sledi potpada pod isti princip gde se ne može obavljati bilo kakav „de jure“ posao sa nekim entitetom, a naknadno tvrditi da taj isti entitet nema nikakvu pravnu nadležnost („princip reciprociteta“ međunarodnog prava).

Udruženo upravljanje ‘zajedničkim prelazom’ Merdare će se tumačiti (u budućnosti) kao snažan pokazatelj da Srbija priznaje Merdare kao međunarodni granični prelaz po principu izloženom u prethodnom pasusu (reciprocitet), zbog proste činjenice da administracija na kosovskoj strani
sebe smatra nezavisnom državom.

Pristupanje Srbije i Kosova „Mini-šengenskoj zoni“ je otvoreno de facto priznanje Kosova kao nezavisne države. U slučaju da Srbija NE priznaje nezavisnost Kosova, Kosovo bi moglo ući u „Mini Šengen“ samo kao deo Srbije, pri čemu bi se Mini Šengen sastojao isključivo od Albanije, Makedonije i Srbije. Mini Šengen je osmišljen kao trgovinska asocijacija nezavisnih država. Pristajanje Srbije da potpiše pristupanje Mini Šengenu kao ravnopravni subjekat sa Kosovom je praktično priznanje nezavisnosti dato Kosovu.

Prihvatanje da američko Ministarstvo energetike izradi planove za „deljenje“ jezera Gazivoda je snažno implicitno priznanje nezavisnosti Kosova, jer zapravo jedna nacionalna država ne ‘deli’ svoju vodu ravnopravno sa nekom teritorijom, osim u slučaju kada je ta teritorija jedna nezavisna država. Da je Srbija suverena nad Kosovom, ne bi „delila“ već „dodeljivala“ vodu toj pokrajini.

Pristajanje da se uzdrže od bilo kakve aktivnosti kojom traže od drugih naroda da ne priznaju Kosovo kao nezavisnu državu govori samo za sebe.

Ostale tačke:

Diverzifikacija snabdevanja energijom, na primer, ostavlja mogućnost oduzimanja koncesija od korporacija koje kontroliše država poput Gazproma i davanje krajnje nekontrolisanim i nemilosrdnim, odmetnutim od zakona, zapadnim korporacijama poput Chevrona (ova tačka je sročena neodređeno i može se uopšteno tumačiti).

Saglasnost sa „Stalnim prisustvom američke Finansijske korporacije za međunarodni razvoj u Beogradu, Srbija“ omogućava dve stvari, od kojih nijedna nije dobra za Srbiju. 1) To će korporacijama američkih oligarha pružiti uvid iznutra o privatizaciji onoga što je ostalo od srpske državne imovine i 2) daće Centralnoj Obaveštajnoj Agenciji paralelni trag da prodre u svaki aspekt srpske privrede; ukazujući na Američku međunarodnu razvojnu finansijsku korporaciju koja je podružnica USAID-a pod okriljem američke vlade. USAID je u sprezi sa američkom politikom „revolucije u boji“ i čvrsto je utemeljen u istoriji CIA gde tajno „Odeljenje za operacije“ NE podržava američke demokratske principe (za šta se USAID javno izdaje), već zapravo podržava sticanje i kontrolu resursa i tržišta od strane velikih američkih korporacija.

Zahtev da Srbija ukloni 5G mrežu je način da SAD iskoristi Srbiju da Kini gurne prst u oko.

Pojačana kontrola avio putnika i razmena informacija sa prištinskim kriminalcima koji bi trebalo da su u ćeliji u Hagu, zajedno sa entitetom (američkim obaveštajnim službama) koji je stvorio Al Kaidu, nije ništa drugo do neslana kosmička šala. Sa kojim će se kriminalnim grupama te informacije deliti? Koliko će to ugroziti bezbednosne strukture Srbije?

Još jedna neslana šala je ideja da može biti iskrenog “međuverskog dijaloga” sa salafističkim i vehabijskim radikalima, koji se trenutno slobodno kreću po Kosovu i preobraćaju narod.

Pasus zvani: ‘Još jedna neslana šala’ se ponavlja: tiče se lociranja nestalih tela, da li je iko i pomislio da će ‘Priština’ da otkrije lokaciju i vrati u domovinu tela nestalih etničkih Srba sa izvađenim organima? Ko bi još u to poverovao? Drugi problem sa ‘pomirenjem’ je ideja da će Srbi koji su napustili domove biti dobrodošli nazad i da će im njihova imanja biti vraćena; ima već dve decenije otkad je UN postavio ovaj zahtev sa praktično nikakvim pomakom osim neprestanog zlostavljanja onih Srba koji (još uvek) nisu napustili Kosovo.

Zapadni model za legalizaciju homoseksualnosti praktično zahteva „gej propovedanje“ koje radikalizuje konzervativna društva u opoziciju. Srbija bi trebalo da pripazi sa omiljenom tačkom Ričarda Grenela; jedno je biti tolerantan, a drugo je baciti homoseksualnost u lice jedne kulture, što je običaj brojnih zapadnih društava. Srbija rizikuje nepotrebno otuđenje drugih nacija ovom tačkom sporazuma sačinjenom sa pištoljem prislonjenim Srbiji u leđa. I jedan šaljivi element: koja bi budala poverovala ijednog trenutka da će sve brojnije kosovsko salafijsko društvo učiniti sve osim da de facto homoseksualnost učini nezakonitim u stvarnoj društvenoj praksi?

Svakako loša reputacija Srbije koja trguje oružjem sa zastupnicima terorističkih organizacija ne može biti od koristi Hezbolahu (ili na bilo koji drugi način biti od koristi nekoj de facto zaraćenoj strani na Bliskom Istoku), ali ima nečeg veličanstveno licemernog u zahtevu SAD-a da Srbija zabrani Hezbolah, jer upravo su SAD stvorile Al-Kaidu (koja se raspala, a jedna njena frakcija je postala Islamska država), pri čemu SAD sada diktiraju koga označiti terorističkom organizacijom.

Konačno, srpska nagrada koja je stigla uz Vučićevu saglasnost da preseli ambasadu Srbije u Jerusalim uručena je u roku od jednog sata od njegovog potpisivanja; kada je Izrael priznao Kosovo kao nezavisnu, suverenu naciju, i time je poniženje bilo potpuno.


Ekonomska normalizacija

Srbija (Beograd) i Kosovo (Priština) su saglasni da načine korak napred u ekonomskoj normalizaciji prihvatajući sledeće:

Obe strane će primeniti sporazum o autoputu Beograd-Priština potpisan 14. februara 2020.

Obe strane će primeniti sporazum o pruzi Beograd-Priština potpisan 14. februara 2020.
○ Uz to, obe strane se obavezuju na zajedničku studiju o izvodljivosti rešenja za povezivanje železničke infrastrukture Beograd-Priština sa lukom na Jadranskom moru.

Kosovo (Priština) i Srbija (Beograd) će sarađivati sa američkom Finansijskom korporacijom za međunarodni razvoj (U.S. International Developement Finance Corporation) i EKSIM (Uvozno-izvoznom) bankom SAD na memorandumima o saglasnosti radi ostvarivanja sledećeg:
○ Autoput mira
○ Železnička veza između Prištine i Merdara
○ Železnička veza između Niša i Prištine
○ Obezbeđivanje sredstava za finansiranje zajmova potrebnih za mala i srednja preduzeća
○ Dodatni bilateralni projekti
○ Stalno prisustvo američke Finansijske korporacije za međunarodni razvoj u Beogradu, Srbija.

Obe strane će otvoriti i održavati funkcionalnim zajednički prelaz Merdare.

Obe strane će pristupiti “mini-Šengen zoni”, koju su Srbija, Albanija i Severna Makedonija najavile u oktobru 2019. godine i u potpunosti iskoristiti njene prednosti.

Obe strane će uzajamno priznavati diplome i profesionalne sertifikate.

Obe strane će sarađivati sa Ministarstvom energetike SAD i drugim odgovarajućim institucijama američke vlade na izradi studije izvodljivosti za potrebe deljenja jezera Gazivode/Ujmani, kao pouzdanog izvora snabdevanja vodom i energijom.

Obe strane će diverzifikovati svoje snabdevanje energijom.

Obe strane će u svojoj komunikacionoj mreži zabraniti upotrebu 5G opreme koja je nabavljena od nepouzdanih dobavljača. Tamo gde takva oprema već postoji, obe strane se obavezuju na njeno blagovremeno uklanjanje i na druge potrebne korake.

Obe strane će pojačati kontrolu putnika u avio saobraćaju, razmenu informacija međusobno kao i u okviru šire saradnje sa SAD na Balkanu, i posvetiti se unapređenju tehnologije u borbi protiv nezakonitih aktivnosti, primenom skrining i informacionih sistema obezbeđenih od strane SAD, uključujući PISCES, APIS, ATS-G i SRTP.

Obe strane se obavezuju da će štititi i promovisati slobodu veroispovesti, uključujući obnavljanje međuverskog dijaloga, zaštitu verskih objekata i sprovođenje sudskih odluka koje se odnose na Srpsku pravoslavnu crkvu, i nastavak restitucije jevrejske imovine žrtava holokausta bez naslednika.

Obe strane se obavezuju da će ubrzati napore na lociranju i identifikaciji posmrtnih ostataka nestalih osoba. Obe strane se obavezuju da će ustanoviti i primeniti dugoročna, trajna rešenja za izbeglice i interno raseljene. Obe strane se obavezuju da će u okviru svojih ministarstava imenovati osobu koja će predvoditi te napore i biti zadužena za koordinaciju Beograda i Prištine, i da će dostavljati ažurirane informacije na godišnjem nivou o broju rešenih i nerešenih slučajeva.

Obe strane će raditi na tome i podsticati da u 69 zemalja u kojima je homoseksualnost nezakonita dođe do njene dekriminalizacije.

Obe strane se obavezuju da će Hezbolah u njegovoj celini označiti kao terorističku organizaciju i da će u potpunosti sprovesti mere za ograničavanje poslovanja i finansijskih aktivnosti Hezbolaha unutar svoje nadležnosti.

Kosovo (Priština) je saglasna sa primenom jednogodišnjeg moratorijuma na podnošenje zahteva za članstvo u međunarodnim organizacijama. Srbija (Beograd) je saglasna sa jednogodišnjim moratorijumom na svoju kampanju za povlačenje priznanja (nezavisnosti Kosova) i uzdržaće se od formalnog ili neformalnog zahteva bilo kojoj naciji ili međunarodnoj organizaciji da ne prizna Kosovo (Prištinu) kao nezavisnu državu. Obe saglasnosti o prestanku aktivnosti stupaju na snagu odmah.

Srbija (Beograd) pristaje da otvori kancelariju privredne komore i državnu kancelariju u Jerusalimu 20. septembra 2020. godine i da prebaci ambasadu u Jerusalim do 1. jula 2021. godine.

Predsednik Aleksandar Vučić
4. septembra 2020.
















First published at Fort Russ News.              Čitajte na srpskom

“I Said No”
The Self-Deceit & Defeat of Aleksandar Vucic

“It is impossible to calculate the moral mischief, if I may so express it, that mental lying has produced in society. When a man has so far corrupted and prostituted the chastity of his mind, as to subscribe his professional belief to things he does not believe, he has prepared himself for the commission of every other crime” -Thomas Paine

Serbia’s President Vucic met Trump at the White House and came away with a ‘small victory.’ Or so he seems to think. This self-annointed, clueless king needs a new vizier:

“I said ‘no’ at the toughest place in the world.

“Now I can officially say that I said what I said regarding recognizing Kosovo at the most difficult place in the world. In the room where I was sitting, there were Pence, Kushner, Johnson, Grenell, O’Brien, a hundred times more powerful people than me. This was a problem for them. I’m not interested in form and chairs” -Aleksandar Vucic [1]

Well, I think Vucic should have been interested in the visual message of the ‘chair’ he’d sent around the world when his “No” had (in actuality) multiplied into entirely too many cases of ‘Yes’ recalling this next image:

^ Aleksandar Vucic meets ‘Trump in drag’

In short, Vucic was out of his league and got ‘played.’ Now he has to explain away what he had signed:

What Trump’s cabal of criminals perfectly understood when they invited Vucic to Washington was, that Vucic would absolutely be required (a small matter of domestic politics) to say “No” to the constitutionally prohibited explicit recognition of Kosovo as an independent state. [2]

After the Americans placing precisely that (recognition of Kosovo as an independent state) in the initial draft, the ‘bait and switch’ was delivered; Vucic got the ‘Point 10’ or explicit recognition of Kosovo independence removed, only to be provided a document with thinly concealed recognition of Kosovo as an independent state or (that is to say) a document with multiple cases of implicit recognition of Kosovo independence. Then, our ill-advised King Vucic was so relieved at Point 10 having been removed, he signed it. His Vizier failed him.

Now, let’s have a bit of a closer look.

Implementation of joint infrastructure agreements (highway, railroad ect) with a political entity that presently controls, and seeks the independence of Kosovo, equals implicit recognition of an independent Kosovo; the legal point here is, this act confers legitimacy on a political force in violation of the Serbian constitution but nevertheless subjects Serbia to principles of international law. Much of what follows would be subject to the same principle where one cannot do any ‘de jure’ business with an entity and subsequently claim that same entity has no legal competence (the international law’s ‘rule of reciprocity.’) [3]

Joint operation of the Merdare ‘common crossing point’ will be read (in future) as a strong indicator Serbia recognizes Merdare as an international border crossing per the principle laid out in the preceding paragraph (reciprocity) for the simple fact the administration on the Kosovo side considers itself an independent state.

Serbia and Kosovo separately joining the ‘Mini-Schengen Zone’ is outright de facto recognition of Kosovo as an independent state. In a case where Serbia did NOT recognize Kosovo’s independence, Kosovo could only enter the ‘Mini Schengen’ as a part of Serbia with Mini Schengen consisting solely of Albania, Macedonia & Serbia. Mini-Schengen is proposed as a trade association of independent states. Serbia agreeing to sign on to Mini Schengen as a peer to Kosovo is practically a recognition of independence given to Kosovo.

Accepting the US Department of Energy to draw up plans to “share” Lake Gazivoda is a strongly implicit recognition of Kosovo’s independence, because as a matter of fact a nation-state does not ‘share’ its water with a territory on peer terms except that territory were an independent state. If Serbia were sovereign over Kosovo, it would not ‘share’ but ‘assign’ water to that province.

Agreeing to refrain from any action communicating to other nations that Kosovo should not be recognized as an independent state speaks for itself.

Other points:

Diversifying energy supplies, example given, sets up possibility of taking business concessions from state controlled corporations like Gazprom and giving them to utterly uncontrolled and ruthless outlaw Western corporations like Chevron (the language is too broad & non-specific.) [4], [5]

Giving an “An international, US International Development Finance Corporation full time presence in Belgrade, Serbia” accomplishes two things, neither good for Serbia. 1) this will give the American corporate oligarchs an inside track on the privatization of what remains of Serbia’s state owned assets and 2) will give the Central Intelligence Agency a parallel track to penetrate every aspect of Serbia’s economy; pointing to the US International Development Finance Corporation is a USA government subsidiary of USAID. USAID is at the nexus of American ‘color revolution’ policies and firmly grounded in CIA history where the clandestine ‘Operations Division’ does NOT support American democratic principles (the USAID cover story) but in actuality supports acquisition and control of resources & markets by major American corporations. [6], [7]

Demanding Serbia dismantle its 5G is the USA using Serbia to stick a thumb in the eye of China.

Enhanced airline passenger & crime information sharing with the Pristina criminals who should be in a cell at the Hague, together with the entity (USA intelligence services) that created al-Qaida, is nothing short of a bad cosmic joke. What crime groups will that information be shared with? How will it compromise Serbia’s security structures?

The next bad joke is the idea there can be sincere “interfaith dialogue” with Salafi & Wahhabi radicals, currently free to proselytize throughout Kosovo. [8]

The bad joke after that is a double: concerning locating missing bodies, do you suppose ‘Pristina’ is going to locate and repatriate bodies of Serbs disappeared and harvested for organs? Who would believe that? The other problem with ‘reconciliation’ is the idea dislocated Serbs are going to be welcomed back and their properties restored; this had already been a demand of the UN for two decades with practically nothing more accomplished than ongoing abuse of those Serbs who did not (yet) leave Kosovo. [9], [10]

^ It’s not the ethnic Serbs in helmets & masks with weapons

The Western model that legalizes homosexuality practically demands ‘gay evangelism’ that radicalizes conservative societies into opposition. Serbia should be careful with Richard Grenell’s pet point; it is one thing to be tolerant, it is another thing altogether to push homosexuality in a culture’s face, a habit of numerous Western societies. Serbia risks unnecessarily alienating other nations with this agreement’s paragraph made with a gun pushed against Serbia’s back. And the joke element: what fool would believe for one millisecond that Kosovo’s growing Salafi society will do anything but de facto criminalize homosexuality in actual social practice? [11]

Certainly Serbia’s nasty reputation for trafficking weapons to proxy terrorist organizations should not benefit Hezbollah (or otherwise benefit any de facto warring party in the Middle East) but there is a magnificent hypocrisy in the demand by the USA that Serbia must ban Hezbollah, when it was the USA created al-Qaida (which splintered, one faction becoming Islamic State), with the USA now dictating who is a terrorist organization. [12], [13]

Finally, Serbia’s reward that came with Vucic agreeing to move Serbia’s embassy to Jerusalem was delivered within the hour of his signing; when Israel recognized Kosovo as an independent, sovereign nation and the humiliation was complete. [14]

















NATO’s April Fool Award

Serbia vs Kosovo:

Squatters crossed Serbia’s property line, threw out the caretakers and claimed the farm for their own. When Serbia had reasserted title over what had been rightly their farm, bandits roused others, jealous of Serbia, beat the rightful owner up and kicked him off the land.

This was a robbery.

Spain vs Catalonia:

One family of Romans became two families with a divided farm. The brother, Madrid, has always treated the sister, Barcelona, with arrogant, forceful contempt, and continues insisting on dictating her affairs.

This is a habit of domestic violence.

If Madrid, a fraternal brother of NATO, does not presently wish to be associated with responsibility for this (hint: it’s not the ethnic Serbs in black uniforms) …

…almost certainly the real reason is because it closely resembles this…

…in circumstance where Madrid is exploiting Serbia having been robbed, to justify Madrid’s habit of domestic violence in Catalonia.

There are two victims in these circumstance, Belgrade & Barcelona, and one of those victims might easily become a public relations fool, as European Union institutions will be slowly turning on Madrid; because the present manifestation of Spanish fascism relating to Catalonia is too crude, by far, to be sustained and maintain a public relations illusion of democracy. The end result could easily be, Serbia embracing Spain’s friendship in the matter of Kosovo, will become a wide public perception Serbia had embraced what amounts to the legacy of Francisco Franco.

Meanwhile, going to ‘friendship’, has Madrid compensated Serbia, together with issuing a formal, public, apology for this next?

“F/A-18 Hornets of the Spanish Air Force were the first NATO planes to bomb Belgrade”

No? I didn’t think so. Friend of geopolitical convenience? Certainly.


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