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Narcissist & Goon

^ The Narcissist and the Goon ^

In the New York Times photo (August, 2008) you’re looking at two useful idiots. If everything Condoleezza touched, turned to shit, it is the criminal piece of shit on the right of the photo, represents closing out Condoleezza’s career with a classic, utter failure, typical of the Bush administration. Today, we’ll profile this idiot, a New York lawyer named ‘McHeil’ Saakashvili, for purpose of showing just how counter-intuitive it is, to shove purportedly high IQ type personalities, without an iota of decency or common sense, into positions of leadership.

Mikheil Saakashvili’s trajectory:

Attended Ukraine’s Kiev University Institute of International Relations towards the end of the Soviet era. Subsequently, Saakashvili was educated in the USA, on a Department of State sponsored fellowship (attended Columbia University law school as an Edmund S. Muskie Fellow) in the early 90s and then practiced commercial law at Patterson, Belknap, Webb & Tyler, in New York City. No doubt was recruited by the CIA during this period, concerning his next career move.

Returned to Georgia and was elected to parliament.

Came to power as President of Georgia through a CIA sponsored coup in 2003 (the Rose Revolution.)

Had been entirely outsmarted, in a geopolitical game of provocation-counter-provocation, as instigator-pawn in the hands of NATO, resulting in the Russia-Georgia war of 2008.

Prematurely initiated what would become a suicidal provocation of Russia, when ordering sniper and mortar attacks on South Ossetia on 1 August 2008, killing six people including a Russian peacekeeper, as NATO sponsored war games were wrapping up, with the USA military participating. The ‘Immediate Response 2008’ NATO war games including 1,000 U.S. troops had just ended and elements of US special forces (acting as CIA paramilitary) remained in Georgia. The Russians did not take the bait with an over-reaction, but simply continued preparations to counter what they saw coming.

Six days later, as the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games was underway in Beijing, where George W. Bush was sitting with then Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, Georgia launched an all-out assault on the South Ossetian capital of Tskhinvali, ostensibly to bring a nominally Georgian region, that is ‘lawless’ South Ossetia, under control of Georgian sovereignty. This is a region which had refused to align with Georgia with the breakup of the Soviet Union but attached itself to Russia instead.

President Medvedev ordered the Georgians militarily engaged, Russian forces promptly rolled over the Georgian offensive and by the time the war ends, five days later, much of Georgia has been occupied.

Condoleezza. She Makes Phone Calls.

On the USA side, it was Condoleezza Rice coordinating public relations with Saakashvili, finally managing to beg a ceasefire from the Russians, just prior to the very near, and complete, collapse of the Georgian military. Prior to capitulation, most of this western intelligence engineered media scrum refers to, or portrays, images of Condoleezza on the phone, like a maniacally barking Chihuahua, insisting on world condemnation of Russian aggression. The red bear yawns.

Meanwhile, the U.S. had provided military transport planes to bring 2,000 Georgian troops back from Iraq post-haste, for the fighting, too late, the USA trained, supported and advised Georgian military, replete with CIA paramilitary (USA special forces), had been humiliated.

The Georgia ambassador to the USA stated “No one predicted it would go this far”, giving up this had been a plan in collusion with the USA from the beginning. Five months later, the Bush administration ends and Rice leaves office with an absolutely failed legacy, from Afghanistan to Iraq, with Georgia the exclamation point.

One year later, in September 2009, a European Union investigation of the war came to conclusion there was no question whatsoever it was Georgia had initiated the major hostilities in South Ossetia (never mind Wikipedia reads like a peculiar personality at Stanford’s Hoover Institution dictated what amounts to a blatant, self-excusing revisionist history.)

Saakashvili remained the USA’s [now not very] useful idiot, as President of Georgia (accused of reelection electoral fraud), until forced out by term limits in 2013. Shortly after, he leaves Georgia, with the opposition in power, investigating Saakashvili’s abuse of office. Eventually a warrant is issued for Saakashvili’s arrest concerning:

1) shielding his interior ministry’s murder of Sandro Girgviliani;
2) embezzlement of funds from the State Protection Service for personal use, a total of 9 million Georgian lari (3.37 million US dollars);
3) complicity in the beating of Georgian MP Valery Gelashvili;
4) ordering the raid and seizure of Imedi TV, which had exposed and criticized the Saakashvili regime’s criminal behaviors

In 2014 Saakashvili is one of many CIA associated co-engineers of the Maidan coup in Ukraine, deeply invested in the sniper action, resulting in murders of nearly 100 police and protestors alike. In May of 2015 he is rewarded with the governorship of Odessa Oblast [a region] by Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko (with a push from the USA.) Awarded a Ukrainian passport, Saakashvili’s citizenship is revoked, by Georgia, for taking Ukrainian citizenship.

Some might wonder how it could be a Georgian could leave his own country and be immediately appointed to high office in Ukraine (Governor of Odessa.) The short story is, this generation of politicians all held a common Soviet citizenship, prior to the 1990s, and there is not nearly the same sense of ‘foreign’ between the former Soviet states as one might typically experience in western countries. Saakashvili’s initial higher education had been at university in Kiev, Ukraine, as an ordinary citizen (not a foreign student) of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR.)

Meanwhile, Saakashvili’s USA handlers actually expected him to clamp down on Ukraine’s runaway corruption and this idiot actually tried to do so (the corrupt attempting cleaning up the corrupt, geopolitics is rife with incompetent oxymoron) and alienated the Ukrainian administration across the board, up to and including, his candy oligarch mentor, Poroshenko. Saakashvili resigned before he could be fired by Poroshenko, in September 2016. Poroshenko then revoked Saakashvili’s citizenship while McHeil was abroad, effectively deporting him, rendering Saakashvili a stateless exile in Poland.

By this time, with 2017 approaching, the Ukraine conflict is simmering and not nearly ‘hot’ enough, to please the western intelligence agencies. Poroshenko, who gives lip service (political fellatio) to western intelligence agencies’ (read NATO) desire of cracking down on the Donbass ethnic Russian rebels, but only that, understands reigniting all out war will only result in his loss of control over (and administration’s looting of) whatever remains of Ukraine’s resources. What Poroshenko may not fully understand is, the NATO states’ intelligence agencies, having given up on stabilizing Ukraine as a NATO aligned state, are not only perfectly willing, but by this time probably determined, to altogether destroy Ukraine, if necessary, to provoke Putin.

Re-enters the picture, in 2017, the moron Saakashvili. Banned from entry to Ukraine, he ‘manifests’ (a paid) crowd and the border guards ‘fail’ (read were bribed) to prevent his entry. Repeat a near identical scene in Kiev, as though scripted; Poroshenko’s police break down his apartment door, McHeil Saakashvili retreats to the roof and shouts down to people in the street “I’m McHeil Saakashvili, save me from the candy oligarch’s police!” As if the average Ukrainian would care, Saakashvili’s polling popularity registers at 2%. But like magic, a (hired) crowd manifests to intercept the police van taking him in. National guard troops sent to secure the van (read were bribed) ‘fail’ to stop the crowd setting McHeil free. At last glimpse (prior to posting this), McHeil is living in a tent pitched in front of Ukraine’s parliament, untouched (read the candyman’s security apparatus is bought off.) All of this will have cost NATO intelligence (read CIA, MI6 & Germany’s BND, primarily) what amounts to pennies in a Ukraine where people are near to subsisting on the air one can breathe, since neo-nazis were put into power by the same.

Message to the candy oligarch Poroshenko? ‘We own you, so start playing ball, and raise the violence levels in Donbass, so we can point the finger at Putin, or else you’ll get what’s coming to you.’

McHeil Saakashvili’s future? Well, this prognosis is quite interesting. My best educated guess would be, based on decades observation and study, is McHeil is being  set up for assassination, to be blamed on either Poroshenko (to push him out) or more likely, Putin. This useful idiot, Saakashvili, with his history of failures, is to be sacrificed for cynical but practical reasons. Number one, he’s a persistent failure. Number two, he is a recent embarrassment, not so much for his flamboyancy, but because he has been compromised and dead men don’t talk. The propaganda methodology is straightforward; in the case of blaming Putin, motive will be ascribed to revenge linked to the 2008 war. Saaskashvili is probably not aware…

…investigative reporting has very recently interviewed 3 Georgian snipers who were part of initiating the Maiden massacre (80 dead) and these snipers have not only been tied directly to Saakashvili’s connections in the Georgian security services, but have admitted as much. If Saakashvilli knew this, there is no way he’d be camped on a public square in Kiev. Unlike the related Odessa massacre documentary, which had been almost immediately banned (by the CIA’s friends) at youtube, this documentary has been allowed to remain up. The ‘right’ people in Ukraine will eventually stumble across it.

The preferred outcome of the western intelligence agencies would be a Ukrainian opposed to the 2014 ‘color revolution’ (coup) will take their chance (while feeling very justified, in the absence of legitimate institutions) to deliver vigilante justice and take Saakashvili out (to be blamed on Putin in western press.) If this doesn’t work out, a ‘patsy’ will be employed to same effect. If the candy oligarch has half a brain, he’ll find a way to arrest McHeil and hand him to Georgia. Meanwhile, in present circumstance, McHeil Saakashvili is a dead man walking.

9 December 2017 update: Saakashvili was finally arrested last night and brought into pre-trial detention center. Now, the candy oligarch still has a dilemma. If he hands Saaksashvili to Georgia, does the Saakashvilli complicity in the 2014 Ukraine coup, that is providing snipers, see more light of day, exposing the current Ukrainian regime? Moreover, if candy-man keeps McHeil in a Kiev dungeon and there were to be another ‘regime change’ with McHeil once again free, he no doubt ‘knows too much’ about candy-man’s corruption. On the other hand, if the candy oligarch does keep Saakashvili in a Ukrainian prison, to keep the idiot’s mouth shut, and McHeil somehow dies in custody, that looks bad too.

Maybe Poroshenko should ask Putin what to do (laughs.)

12 December 2017 update: Yesterday the court freed McHeil, opening the dunce to  assassination, certainly the CIA’s preferred outcome, anything but extradited to Georgia where he might ‘sing’ or be faced with credible witnesses and evidence of his political crimes, not only corruption. The prosecutor appeals but in a totally corrupt Ukraine, it is clear who holds the upper hand and it isn’t Poroshenko. Oligarch Gas Princess (CIA Orange Revolution asset) Tymoshenko embraces McHeil like a Black Widow spider, oh yeah, that’s auspicious. Break a leg, as the thespians say…


Note on the preceding: Condoleezza Rice has been floated within the Trump administration as a possible ‘special envoy’ tasked to ‘stabilize’ the Balkans, only going to emphasize the willingness of Trump to employ a previously proven ‘reverse Midas touch’ will see his administration surpass all the years of near total idiocy of the consummate moron ‘dubya.’ The ‘other’ side of that coin is, insofar as useful idiots, Condoleezza’s incompetence has been responsible for generating conflict enriching the arms dealers in multiple hundreds of billions. A useful idiot, indeed.

Observation: ‘Dr’ Rice, as well the highly educated Mikheil Saakashvili, only go to prove ‘education’ is not a defining point of good leadership; ethics and common sense are the by far better qualifications. We are, sadly, lacking these latter two qualifications, perhaps altogether, in the western democracies present leaders. It has been said ‘cream rises to the top.’  Surely it does, but as a metaphor, only in a sanitary environment in institutions of government. Much more true in present circumstance is ‘flotsam rises to the top of the sewage pond.’


Have you seen the little piggies
Crawling in the dirt?
And for all the little piggies
Life is getting worse
Always having dirt to play around in

Have you seen the bigger piggies
In their starched white shirts?
You will find the bigger piggies
Stirring up the dirt
Always have clean shirts to play around in

In their styes with all their backing
They don’t care what goes on around
In their eyes there’s something lacking
What they need’s a damn good whacking

Everywhere there’s lots of piggies
Living piggy lives
You can see them out for dinner
With their piggy wives
Clutching forks and knives to eat their bacon

-George Harrison

 Merkel, Piggies & the 2nd Minsk Peace Accord

Noting the Germans claim they have no obligation whatsoever to make right having bled Greece dry during WW II … and noting the Germans are insisting on bleeding Greece dry in the present with inflexible demands of ‘privitization’ and ‘austerity’, it’s not difficult to see Angela Merkel, Wolfgang Schäuble, Thomas de Maizière & friends haven’t shed Germany’s Nazi spots; particularly when considering Ukraine.

Firstly, Germany has been hand in glove with the USA in ‘civil society’ projects (read subverting to western interests) in Ukraine, exhibit one:


Konrad Adenauer Foundation, Ukraine (screenshot)

In fact it was the Merkel Christian Democratic Union (CDU) aligned Konrad Adenauer Foundation had liaised with Ukraine’s Nazi Svoboda party and in fact groomed Svoboda party members at Adenauer foundation ‘democracy’ projects:

“the Ukrainian right wing has also received instruction [in Germany] financed by German taxpayers. Party members appeared at events hosted by the Konrad Adenauer Stiftung, the German political foundation affiliated with Chancellor Angela Merkel’s conservatives. Examples include the conference entitled “Lessons from the 2012 Parliamentary Elections,” the seminar series called “The Higher School of Politics” and a discussion on the 2012 elections”

This, despite the German government’s official position of condemning the German Nazi party, the NPD, a party the Ukrainian Svoboda party has a known relationship with. So, what’s wrong with this picture? Adopting a position ‘actions speak louder than words’, we can look at a short history of Merkel’s ‘peace efforts’ relating to Ukraine.

The thumbnail sketch is, each time Germany has backed a proposal for peace in Ukraine, Merkel has rolled over when the USA spurred Kiev to sabotage it. Very early on, John Kerry had ‘lip serviced’ (sort of like a blow-job) an European peace proposal and Kiev had stopped shooting but that was because they were too stupid to understand the game yet and they quickly reversed themselves when an American visited and explained what geopolitical theater is all about. A case of ‘this is to make Russia look bad when it fails, so whatever you do, don’t stop provocations that draw separatist ire.’ Whether it was Joe Biden or John Brennan or some other American political prostitute, most recently John Kerry in Kiev as Merkel visited Putin in Moscow together with Hollande, the American message delivered to the Nazis in Kiev has been consistently proven to be one of ‘keep the provocations up and we’ll have your back.’

Here is how it plays with Merkel. She gets on board with with every European peace endeavor but then takes advantage of its intended failure. After endorsing a Russian-French transition plan for Ukraine that was immediately foiled with the American backed putsch, Angela Merkel promptly fell into line with the Americans and the result was ultimately responsible for Crimea reunifying with Russia. Did Merkel demonize the Americans for this backstabbing? No. She demonized Putin. Following this, when Poroshenko did not deliver on the autonomy for the east of Ukraine promised at Minsk I, rather instead declaring the autonomy provision invalid, insuring the rebellion would continue, did Merkel pressure Poroshenko? No. She upped the pressure on Putin instead, while toeing the American propaganda line. As well, Merkel has been leader of the European Union sanctions intended to punish Russia with damage to its economy.

Now, Merkel had exited a meeting at the White House, prior to traveling to Moscow and then to Minsk II, with a telling message; ‘friends can have differences of opinion’ or that is to say Germany is not going to put up a fuss over the Americans delivering lethal weapons to Ukraine and John Kerry immediately heads out to Kiev as Merkel heads to Moscow.

Here’s what’s up; Each ceasefire has saved Kiev’s butt from a determined rebel force that is by far better motivated and seen superior tactical success. Each ceasefire has seen the beaten Ukrainian army rearm, resupply and regroup for a new offensive. Each ceasefire has seen consistent shelling of civilian areas held by the rebels, a deliberate provocation, drawing reactions from rebel forces determined to knock out or push back Kiev’s offenders. Each ceasefire has seen a consequent propaganda blitz by the western democracies accusing Russia and the rebels of sabotaging any progress towards peace. All of this treachery by Kiev has clearly been encouraged behind the scene by the USA, in an ongoing, undeclared, proxy war imposed on Russia. Angela Merkel not only goes along with this, she is complicit. Germany has, all along, baited Putin along with the Americans. And this man knows the story very well:


^ BND’s Gerhard Schindler (sleeps with the Americans)

Gerhard Schindler, Germany’s top spymaster, who answers directly to Angela Merkel, presented what has to be called a falsified report, on the downing of MH 17 in secret session with the German parliament, presenting evidence that has never been made public (certainly because it would not stand up to expert scrutiny.) Here is the better MH 17 assessment. Previous to this, Schindler presented what was almost certainly a false report on the Assad regime’s use of sarin gas in Damascus, claiming the rebels did not possess the technical ability to deliver the chemical weapon but that had already been disputed by UN investigator Carla Del Ponte in an earlier case. The BND led by Schindler has a long litany of criminals and crimes for legacy, not least complicity in, and covering up, Operation Gladio. The BND was created by the CIA, staffed with ex-Gestapo and other former Nazis, put under the charge of Hitler’s expert Soviet spymaster, war criminal Reinhard Gehlen, and then handed over to Konrad Adenauer as West Germany’s foreign intelligence service. This is a nasty, Nazi legacy infected, organization. And so is the Adenauer Foundation and it’s parent Christian Democratic Union. These are Merkel’s clandestine bayonets operating in Ukraine.

Here’s my prediction for Minsk II .. more of the same, Poroshenko’s Nazis will have taken John Kerry’s off the record advice to heart, the new ceasefire and peace agreement will be sabotaged with full German complicity, even as Merkel makes a show of geopolitical ‘restraint’ for domestic political consumption, again buying time to rearm and train Kiev’s forces. Meanwhile there will be ongoing provocations by Kiev to undermine the process in its entirety. Germany will fall into line with the USA, pointing the finger at the Russians as the responsible party and sooner or later, the entire business will again be a hot and more intensified conflict. This has been the working model, in consecutive iterations, why would anyone expect to see anything change?

Ukraine for Dummies


A Sociopaths & Democracy Project


Updates appended at article’s conclusion, particularly noting the 27 January 2019 update concerning recent Russian propaganda on the Ukrainian Buk surface to air missile –

This article sorts through the initial waves of disinformation in the days immediately following the downing of MH 17. The ‘BUK’ surface-to-air missile shoot-down scenario is closely scrutinized and ultimately discarded as a propaganda ruse; by the end of July, 2014, inside of two weeks of MH 17’s demise, media should have foreclosed on the surface-to-air missile story and directed their efforts to investigating a Ukrainian fighter jet, instead of parroting what clearly are official and egregious lies.

‘Noise’ & the shoot-down of flight MH17

Propaganda |ˌpräpəˈgandə|
1 chiefly derogatory information, esp. of a biased or misleading nature, used to promote or publicize a particular political cause or point of view.
• the dissemination of propaganda as a political strategy.
ORIGIN Italian, from modern Latin congregatio de propaganda fide ‘congregation for propagation of the faith’

Black propaganda is false information and material that purports to be from a source on one side of a conflict, but is actually from the opposing side. It is typically used to vilify, embarrass or misrepresent the enemy” -typical definition

A Noise Attenuator is a device necessary for a military radar to set aside ‘clutter’ and guide a missile to its target.

The only noise attenuator that can be applied to propaganda is human counter-intelligence measures. It’s early to determine what is actually going on with the ‘shoot-down’ of Malaysia’s Flight MH17 but there is ton’s of propaganda ‘clutter’ or ‘noise’ that can be attenuated, so let’s have a go.

The Boy Who Cried Wolf

“Nobody believes a liar…even when he is telling the truth!” -Aesop … is the main problem Obama and U.S. intelligence have to cope with, in relation to flight MH17. Am I saying Obama has it right this time? No, because no one can believe a liar and how many times have Obama and the NSA & CIA been caught lying recently? For a reasonable picture of the USA’s recent lies, trust Glenn Greenwald at The Intercept. I’m only saying we have to look in a highly critical manner at whatever claims the USA might be making now. Exhibit A:


So, Obama has “increasing confidence” the plane was downed by ‘rebels.’ What does Kiev claim that Obama endorses? Exhibit B:


 The SA11 (also known as a Buk) was allegedly smuggled out of Ukraine and into Russia overnight. This mobile missile system is reported to have been captured by the rebels on June 29th and had been reported by both Kiev and the rebels to be non-operational. Exhibit C:


This would make perfect sense, because retreating Ukrainian soldiers would be trained to disable the machine as a high priority; as simple as removing a critical part, such as the attenuator. But wait! The SA11 system isn’t just one track vehicle launcher, but three additional track vehicles required to function as a battery. Exhibit D:


So, how is it the numerous internet photos of the suspect SA11 missile launcher purportedly in the hands of the rebels is missing 75% of its necessary components, i.e. radar command and control system (track vehicles) necessary to guide the missile? Exhibit E:


And then you have a video allegedly taken by a Ukrainian spy, supposedly showing the culpable launcher traveling with no attending radar, command & control vehicles in allegedly ‘rebel’ held territory and there is another problem; the video appears to have been taken from a camera in a low flying helicopter at hover (vibration) and if you freeze the video at the proper millisecond (during the 9th second of the video), it captures what appears to be a fleeting drop of water on plexiglass (been there, seen that.) In the image the drop appears as a small blue smudge about 25% into the photo from left, mid-distance between top and bottom. This video could have been recorded at anytime by regular Ukrainian forces in possession of a SA11 launcher. Exhibit F:


Does a Buk launcher have a rudimentary, stands alone radar integrated? Yes, presuming there were a functioning system in the hands of the ‘rebels’ which it would seem there was not. Any professional technicians allegedly provided by Russia would absolutely understand a stands alone launcher would be too dangerous to use for target engagement because it would be firing ‘blind’ .. because this rudimentary detection component would be a ‘range only radar’ that can tell you practically nothing about a target other than distance. And most certainly they would inform any ‘rebels’ asking for technical assistance the launcher could not be used in this state.  Would Russian technicians endanger Russian (and other) civilian flights, OSCE flights, treaty over-flights, et cetera..? Excuse me, but the parody of Russian mentality engendered in western propaganda does not apply in reality, because unlike the neo-nazi forces controlling Kiev, these are not stupid people. Additionally, one would have expected any operational SA 11 system in rebel hands would have been previously exposed, if it were so much as to have employed its radar to lock onto (‘paint’) aircraft, because Ukrainian (or ‘other’, such as USA ) surveillance or military aircraft in the area would have detected this with built in electronic counter-measures. On top of this, anyone qualified to operate the SA 11 would realize Flight MH 17 was not a Ukrainian military flight for the simple fact of altitude. At 10,000 meters height, it would be clearly obvious this plane could only be continuing on to Russian airspace, any military cargo flight intended to resupply Ukrainian forces in the close proximity Ukraine/Russia border region would have been maneuvering for landing, already at much lower altitude.

Having trained on a similar system (Improved Hawk) to the Buk or SA 11, I tend to agree with the experts doubting the rebels have this capability.

A question should be asked; did Kiev keep this airspace open above 10,000 meters and Ukrainian air traffic control send the flight into area where rebels had downed planes in the preceding days, as a false flag? There certainly are historical precedents. Or was it simple stupidity, such as Ukrainian SAM units recently moved into the area had been testing the system after set-up (this would be routine procedure) and launched because the personnel were not competently trained to take the critical steps differentiating between a test exercise and a live launch … with the Malaysian flight the unfortunate victim of a test of the system gone totally wrong. Ukraine’s military had been neglected for over two decades prior to present. Without sufficient resources for training, professionalism, the related, necessary, keen edge required to operate a SA 11 system competently, cannot be sustained. It certainly doesn’t help Kiev’s case they had shot down a civilian passenger jet previously. Exhibit G:


At the end of the  day, I don’t think it much matters where any allegedly ‘missing’ ‘rebel’ missiles went, if there is no functioning radar and command & control present to guide the system. Kiev had admitted the captured Buk launcher was non-operational and any Russian technicians would, based on simple, sensible rationale, refuse assistance to repair, deploy and operate a stands alone ‘blind’ Buk launcher. We can infer consequently, where the launched missile(s) came from (Kiev forces.)

Black Boxes & Chain of Custody

Civilian flight ‘black boxes’ can only rule out a mechanical failure and can lend nothing to determining who might have fired a missile bringing the plane down, other than the recording the blast, because civilian airliners do not have electronic counter-measure capability. Flight MH 17 would never have seen the missile coming and could record nothing relevant to what sort of missile it was and could not record a launch location. The pilots almost certainly would not have time to react with any relevant conversation, prior to near instant target incapacity (depressurization) in the case of a civilian plane. The boxes would be largely limited to information such as determining whether there had been instructions to deviate flight path and rationale/reaction. This brings up the flight control records in Kiev and a report the Ukrainian SBU (secret service) had immediately confiscated this information critical to (impartial) investigation. Exhibit H:


This now bears on what information might be in the black boxes, where the preceding two hours conversation between the pilots, and between the pilots and Kiev, would be recorded. Whoever has the black boxes, has the information seized from the flight controllers, and additionally, the pilots internal (cockpit) conversations. What might have been a rationale for diverting Flight MH 17 into overflight of a combat zone by the controllers in Kiev? What did the pilots express between themselves, concerning this?

The ‘rebels’ wanted the Russians to have and analyze the black boxes because they don’t trust the western democracies and their corrupt intelligence agencies. The Russians didn’t want the black boxes because they’d be accused of manipulating the data. Who then could be trusted with custody of this critical information? The OSCE? Don’t hold your breath waiting for any impartial party (or analysis) because of Exhibit I:


Not only has there been a longstanding de facto ‘unconditional surrender’ demand by the western democracies to the rebels, with their support of Kiev, now the OSCE has already tried and condemned Russia as the guilty party for allegedly arming the rebels, enabling the shoot-down of MH 17. The only question is, who COULD be trusted to safely deliver and analyze the information in a manner satisfactory to all parties? Likely answer? No one. Because at the end of the day, someone has to take responsibility and that someone will do anything in their power to prevent the truth coming out. If it is (and likely is) Kiev’s forces shot down Flight MH 17, the western democracies (and the USA particularly) will bend over backwards to prevent the unthinkable; having never pressed the Ukrainian government for a honest ceasefire, the possibility looms they will be held accountable for the crimes of Kiev.

Dark Arts

“The end and aim of spying in all its five varieties is knowledge of the enemy; and this knowledge can only be derived, in the first instance, from the converted spy. Hence it is essential the converted spy be treated with the utmost liberality” -Sun Tzu, The Art of War

Deception of the enemies’ public is one of the objects of war. When corrupt rulers treat their own public as the enemy, the state will not, cannot endure. What can become of any creature that devours itself? History does not forecast a kind reckoning for the rulers in Kiev. Or for the western democracies backing a regime devoted to killing its own people in Ukraine.

In the art of modern war, black propaganda is mass media pinning responsibility for some nefarious act on an innocent party, in their own words. And then running with the story for as much efffect as possible. If you are a Ukrainian ‘rebel’ and you use social media (the western democracies ‘armchair rebels’ should pay attention to this), you are setting yourself up for black propaganda. Exhibit J:


Happen to be a ‘rebel’ commander with a facebook page? Recently in stark disbelief its everywhere in western media your page showed you claiming credit for shooting down a civilian aircraft and the posting was almost immediately deleted, before you ever saw it? And you hadn’t even logged in? To quote a 1960s Black comedian from the era of vinyl records, ‘you have just been fugged‘ (by GCHQ or NSA, your choice.) Exhibit K:


Considering the USA & allies have depended largely on social media for ‘evidence’ to now, a relevant list of western democracies social media manipulation programs run by corporations, intelligence agencies & military can be found at this link.

A dry observation would be, since I’d begun this piece, over the course of several days research of the hysterical officials claims in western press, the narrative of the morons in Kiev claiming the rebels had sneaked a Buk launcher out of Ukraine overnight, has only been exceeded for lunacy by John Kerry who thinks the Russians had sneaked a Buk into and out of Ukraine overnight .. oh, and that must have something to with the rebels volunteering the inoperable, captured Buk for inspection by international monitors. And that’s it folks. Except for the fact the plot thickens –

post 20 July 2014 information: Russia has released radar information and satellite images pointing to Kiev in the shoot-down of Flight MH 17, while the USA’s Department of State is relying on social media to point the finger at Russia. There’s a problem with relying on social media in any quest for truth; the NSA & GCHQ have programs dedicated to employing social media for disinformation purposes (see the ‘dark arts’ section towards the conclusion of this article)

In blatant disregard of any appearance of neutrality in the ‘international’ investigation, Russia is stabbed in the back by the Dutch & British. Having just previously signed on to an ‘impartial investigation’ at the UN Security Council, Kiev aligned western democracies (Netherlands & Britain) unilaterally decide British experts will analyze the ‘black boxes’ for the ‘international’ investigation. Exhibit L:


If it were to have been the case the recordings would demonstrate Kiev air traffic control had ordered Flight MH 17 to deviate directly over the point of its shoot-down, likely we will never know (noting it had been reported Ukraine’s SBU, or secret service, had confiscated the air traffic control records in Kiev.) Noteworthy in the reporting is the inverse of factual reality presented to the reader; the boxes are represented as a possibility to shed light on a ‘rebel’ shoot-down of MH 17 when in fact the boxes could reveal nothing of a missile strike’s launch location but air traffic control instructions could point to Kiev. Malaysia is not even mentioned in the (AP source) breaking news… bringing into question the Malay leadership in regards to their (former?) Dutch and British colonial masters-

U.S. intelligence surpasses its previous evasions with a new propaganda onslaught; Whereas Russia had produced satellite images of SA 11 vehicles in Ukrainian forces control and invited the USA to release its images of precisely the same areas on those dates, instead the USA merely denies Ukraine had SA 11 Buk systems in the area and produces images in Russia of a military base, claiming these images are proof of a military buildup in the border region. It’s called bait and switch pulled on the western media readers. Insofar as the actual shoot-down geography, the Americans produce a mock-up (map) together with the satellite images taken of Russia. Exhibit M:


In fact the satellite images could actually reflect where Russian forces had withdrawn to insofar as we know, considering the disingenuous record of the USA intelligence community. In any case the USA would not appear to be willing to produce its satellite images of the area in Ukraine (subjecting them to any honest forensic investigation), rather prefers parroting the same social media ‘evidence’ and pushing previously debunked photos of a missile launcher provided by Ukraine’s SBU (secret service.) Message to the Washington Post readers who’ve bought into this .. ‘there’s a sucker born every minute’ .. because “You could get a journalist cheaper than a good call girl,  for a couple hundred dollars a month.” -CIA operative cited in “Katherine The Great” by Deborah Davis

RT Live has rebroadcast a BBC correspondent’s interview of on the ground witnesses, indicating there was indeed a military jet in the immediate proximity of Flight MH 17. These on the ground witnesses had reported seeing a jet making a sharp turn maneuver and departing, when immediately looking up at the sound of explosions. This would seem to confirm the Kremlin reports of military radar tracking what is presumed to be a Ukrainian Sukoi 25 in attack range of the Malaysian flight downed by missile(s). The BBC had fairly quickly deleted this report filed by its employee on location (third party transcript here.) It is this last fact indicates to this reporter (myself) a suppression of evidence on behalf of the authorities in Kiev; as I’d a previous encounter with BBC suppressing facts embarrassing to the western democracies.

Tangentially related, an Interpol arrest warrant has been issued for USA coup ally Dmitriy Yarosh. Yarosh had been instrumental in uniting extremist elements & the Maidan protesters turning violent, resulting in the (USA applauded) overthrow of Victor Yanukovych. It took nearly five months for the Russian request to be acted on but at the end of the day, substantive evidence must have required action by Interpol; pointing to the sort of bedfellows the U.S. Department of State (nee CIA) has engaged in Ukraine.

Russia had been complaining Ukrainian troops had been firing into Russian villages in the border region, and now the USA releases ‘satellite images’ claiming Russian artillery is firing at Ukrainian military units across the border. This would be perfectly justified if it were true but there are problems with the USA’s attempt to distract from the issue of Flight MH 17. Former Reagan administration official and veteran journalist Paul Craig Roberts lays out the case. Exhibit N:


The Russians note:

“Publishing charges on the US ambassador to Ukraine’s Twitter and using them as a basis to argue that Russia is firing at Ukrainian territory is ludicrous and unprofessional

“In serious cases like that, I would recommend for the US to look into briefings, such as the recent briefing by Russia’s Defense Ministry. In it, everything was clear: satellite images were presented, they were decoded, and the pictures were as detailed as possible; everyone could make out the details

“In addition to satellite imagery data, the satellite control and electronic intelligence were attached. There were also maps, plans, and diagrams included. On the US ambassador’s Twitter you cannot make anything out, even with a magnifying glass

“This is not serious at all, it is low-skilled work. What was published by the US ambassador is part of an information campaign to force European countries to agree on anti-Russian sanctions”

In the meantime, new USA satellite photos are (quite reasonably to this veteran  intelligence professional) alleged to be fake. Exhibit O:


Very noteworthy is, the USA still has not met the Russian invitation to match Russia by producing the satellite images of a Ukrainian army unit in possession of a SA 11 ‘Buk’ missile launcher in the vicinity of the Flight MH 17 at the time of the shoot-down. Russia has produced these images. Why won’t the USA?

Meanwhile, Kiev forces have launched an offensive to take control of the Flight MH 17 crash site in violation of earlier promises to keep a ceasefire in the area. The USA has been shouting propaganda the ‘rebels’ are hindering access to the site and impeding investigation when it is the regime they support actually complicating matters. Exhibit P:


A simple observation on this immediate preceding would be, if the USA disapproved the Kiev combat push for control of the crash site, it wouldn’t be happening. Additionally, were it to be the case a Ukrainian Sukhoi 25 combat jet (alleged by the Russians to have been seen in close proximity to the Malaysian flight by military radar) had shot down Flight MH 17, Kiev would be desperate to take control of the crash site and dispose of evidence consistent with a Sukoi 25 shoot-down of MH 17. Exhibit Q:


Can the SU 25 ground attack combat jet achieve the 10,000 meters altitude necessary to validate the Russian claims? According to the aviation website Red Star, the short answer is yes. The Ukrainian air force had, in 2012, undertaken a major upgrade program to modernize their SU 25 aircraft. Exhibit R:


According to specifications, the SU 25-M1 (upgraded) model can achieve 10,000 meters, depending on its armament load. Without carrying a bomb load, rather armed with cannon and air to air missiles, the Russian claim is demonstrable. Exhibit S:


At the end of the day, it seems perfectly plausible the entire ‘Buk’ episode consists of Kiev forces parading a SA 11 system, subsequently attributed to an alleged shoot-down of the Malaysian plane by ethnic Russian ‘rebels’ in Ukraine, as a cover story; on account of Flight MH 17 had in fact been shot down by a Ukrainian forces Sukoi 25 combat jet.

Of course none of this proves anything, but only goes to show holes can be poked in the Kiev claims endorsed by Obama. So, will the USA (directly, not via stooges in Kiev) provide high quality, properly dated satellite images backing up the official line? They probably can’t. A closing thought would be, had Obama not written into history his proven track record as a liar, we would not need be as disturbed at his claims concerning Ukraine as we are at the actual shooting down of MH17.


Post July 2014 addendums:

21st Century Wire assessment of Flight MH 17

Link to English translation of Russian Engineers Union MH 17 analysis

19 October 2014 note:

Der Spiegel has put up an article reporting German intelligence (BND) has determined a Ukrainian separatist militia was responsible for the shoot-down of MH 17 using the captured Buk, which seems thoroughly discredited. The BND did not make public the evidence it claims to back their report to the German politicians. I left this comment at the article:

In the present geopolitical climate and Angela Merkel’s ‘tough guy’ stance with Russia on Ukraine, it would do well to recall the history of the BND from its inception and the person of Reinhard Gehlen. This would be especially relevant to subsequent social phenomena of Gladio and the several NATO aligned western democracies intelligence agencies interfering with police investigations resulting in no accountability for some considerable crimes; when those crimes did not reflect well on the incumbent authorities. With the NATO nations heavily invested in a certain propaganda line in regards to Russia juxtaposed to recent events in Ukraine, any BND reporting should be viewed with a philosophy of ‘caveat emptor’

There is relevant information on the formation and political alignment of the BND in my intelligence assessment: Deep State IV (NATO & Gladio)

20 October 2014 note:

Read my letter to German parliamentarians on the matter here:

>Letter to German Parliament<

29 October 2014 note:

In the months since the shoot-down of MH 17, what should be clear is, a preponderance of the evidence shows the Buk surface to air missile scenario has been a ruse is overwhelming. Continued reporting in media on a line of evidence that has by now become thoroughly discredited, rather than foreclosing on the surface to air missile possibility, points to intelligence agencies’ professional information engineering to detract attention from the fact it was a Ukrainian combat jet downed MH 17:

Poison Fruit Encore 1

10 November note:

The German Foreign Ministry backs down in a diplomatic note to the Russians on BND (German CIA) claims Ukrainian ‘separatists’ shot down MH 17

29 November note:

Malaysia cut out of the investigation

6 December note: several families are demanding (via a lawyer) the MH 17 investigation be surrendered by the Dutch and turned over to the UN.

7 December update: Kiev refused a request from European air traffic control to close the airspace over the Donbass conflict region:

12 December update: Malaysia has been included in the investigation after preparing to send high level officials to demand explanations:

But it may be too late on account of the USA’s FBI has its fingerprints on the ‘evidence’

Recalling the CIA & FBI has never been held accountable for planted evidence framing Libya for the Lockerbie bombing:

12 December update 2: A website aligned with the ethnic Russian separatists reports on evidence they say came from Russian air traffic control:

Unreported: Rostov’s MH17 flight data

21 March 2015 update: A reporter ‘finds’ BUK fragments which are lab tested BUT this recalls FBI & CIA involvement in Lockerbie; when evidence had been planted. The suspect story here:

The Lockerbie story (again) here:

By this time the evidence site had been severely compromised in a highly charged geopolitical circumstance where after eight months suddenly there is BUK evidence recovered, tested and made public; against overwhelming preponderance of circumstantial evidence the plane had not been brought down by a BUK missile. Contrast this ‘public evidence’ with a “non-disclosure” agreement where any one party to the investigation, including the likely party responsible for downing MH 17 can block evidence release to the public:

The Causes of the MH17 Crash are “Classified”. Ukraine, Netherlands, Australia, Belgium Signed a “Non-disclosure Agreement”

This bears remarkable resemblance to classic intelligence agency ‘information operations’ where there is conviction in the public forum even as evidence pointing to the actual perpetrators is arranged to be with-held

April 2015 update: The Dutch investigators are so short on evidence of a BUK missile shoot down of MH 17, they have advertised a call for witnesses; practically inviting mentally unbalanced attention seekers and professionally prepared false testimony from Kiev:

6 May 2015 update: Reuters reports a ‘leaked’ Russian military assessment at odds with the overwhelming circumstantial evidence of a combat jet had downed MH 17. False Flag journalism? Geopolitical play? My assessment here:

If Russia Were To Back Down on MH 17 ? False Flags & Geopolitics

1 June 2015 update: ‘Empire News’ (ABC) picks up blogger Eliot Higgins ‘crowd-sourced’ Bellingcat ‘Russian’s faked photos’ story on MH 17. How strange is it, when ABC News (or any other western outlet) refuses to carry a story on the head of STRATFOR calling regime change in Kiev the ‘most blatant coup in history’ but will pick up information no competent intelligence agency should have missed (and none reported), presented 10-1/2 months after the fact from a group founded by an amateur? My assessment at:

Elliot Higgins on MH 17

3 June 2015 update: Russia states they have a Ukrainian witness to back up the SU 25 combat jet shoot-down of MH 17:

14 July 2015 update: Phil Giraldi’s assessment questioning the ‘Russia did it’ narrative (I think he is too generous to the western democracies but worth a read nonetheless)

23 August 2015 update: ‘The Saker’ notes essentially nothing has changed in competently/honestly developed information on MH 17:

13 October 2015 update: American mainstream media (and western press generally) sucks up to what amounts to a faked investigation and release of a falsified report:

14 January 2016 update: Russia sends a letter to the Dutch on the use of speculation in their MH 17 crash reports as well as ignoring/excluding evidence provided by the Russian side

24 February 2016 update: Russia Insider Magazine publishes an analysis of problems facing the Dutch prosecutors after the fact of their report; again pointing to an  air to air missile downing MH 17

2 March 2016: Covering new disinformation disseminated by Bellingcat, Off Guardian points to the regressive nature of the MH 17 investigation:

30 January 2017 update: The Dutch investigators “can’t decipher” the radar data provided by the Russians. As well, Dutch police have confiscated from journalists raw footage of new witness interviews that will no doubt be shared with Ukraine as a party to the investigation, endangering those persons who provided the information on condition of confidentiality:

30 December 2017 update: A professional defense blog in Pakistan recaps the MH 17 shoot down, incorporating what are asserted to be leaked documents out of the regime in Kiev, confirming it was Ukrainian jet fighter(s) brought down the civilian flight:

19 March 2018 update: Man identified as pilot who shot down MH 17 ‘commits suicide’

18 September 2018 update:

27 January 2019 update:

There is a preponderance of the evidence MH17 had been brought down by a Ukrainian SU-25 combat jet as attested to by the Russians, who handed the relevant radar data to the Dutch-led investigation. This evidence had been at first stonewalled and finally ignored. Meanwhile (quite sometime later) the Western led investigation produced fragments of a (Soviet era) Russian manufactured Buk surface to air missile. The Russians declassified the Soviet era documents showing that particular missile (custody established by serial number) had been delivered to and should have been in the possession of (post-Soviet inheritance) Ukraine.

Now, where I have a problem with the Russian side is, the Russians finally saying (metaphor) ‘if you want to own the Buk, go ahead, because if you claim that particular missile brought down MH17, Ukraine owns the crime’ (no one is accusing neo-nazi led Ukraine of being particularly intelligent, especially when producing Buk fragments that can be traced directly back to the Ukrainian military.)

Here’s the evidence backed by witnesses on the ground and apparent actual circumstance:

“A Ukraine Air Force military jet was detected gaining height, it’s distance from the Malaysian Boeing was 3 to 5km,” said the head of the Main Operations Directorate of the HQ of Russia’s military forces, Lieutenant-General Andrey Kartopolov speaking at a media conference in Moscow on Monday.

“[We] would like to get an explanation as to why the military jet was flying along a civil aviation corridor at almost the same time and at the same level as a passenger plane,” he stated” [1]

Here’s the Russian side’s weasel words that follow the Dutch-led investigation producing the Buk fragments:

“I’ll again go back to the beginning. From the very moment of the crash, Russia was very determined to assist in the investigation. That is why Russia was providing all information that emerged about the disaster, including the testimony of the Ukrainian military, since the evidence of a second aircraft in the sky was around at that time. Verifying the accounts [of the incident] is the task of the international investigation.

“Later, more weighty arguments and evidence began to emerge in favour of the scenario of a surface-to-air missile, which, as a matter of fact, was confirmed by an experiment by the Almaz-Antey concern back in 2015. They identified the type of missile — it’s an old modification — the trajectory of its flight and, therefore, the place from which it was launched. This account, as well as the type of missile and the launch site, which were originally established by Almaz-Antey, were finally confirmed by the data of the Ust-Donetsk radar station, which Russia also handed over, and by the debris of the missile found by the JIT, which helped to establish its Ukrainian origin” [2]

Preceding is what appears to be irreconcilable accounts (noting the second Russian version does not claim placing the SU-25 at the scene was a mistake) if one attributes “including the testimony of the Ukrainian military” to the Ukrainian air force mechanic who defected to Russia, fearing for his life, after overhearing the (just landed) pilot of the SU-25 (the mechanic had armed with air to air missiles) appear to claim he’d shot down the MH17 civilian flight. It is also noteworthy the Ukrainian SU-25 pilot later ‘committed suicide.’ [3] [4]

The Buk scenario creates a picture of Ukraine forces would risk downing their own combat plane in immediate proximity to MH17 at point of destruction. It makes no sense. What does make sense is, the Ukrainian Buk could have been exploded in controlled circumstance to ‘create’ evidence. What also makes sense is, the Russians taking an attitude if the Dutch-led JIT [Joint Investigative Team] wants to claim it was that particular Buk missile brought MH17 down, Ukraine owns the responsibility, so let them. This also allows for a future picture painted it was incompetence, not malice, downed MH17, avoiding the otherwise indisputable ‘act of war’ where the civilian liner had been deliberately destroyed for purpose of falsely implicating Russia. Opening the door for the Ukrainian Buk points to Russia pre-positioning to allow for a ‘graceful exit’ from the crime (assigned to Ukrainian forces incompetence), were the Western democracies ever to wish to mend relations with Russia; nevertheless a case of ‘doing truth no favor.’

Insofar as Western (or Western aligned) intelligence agencies murderous behaviors concerning shoot-down of airplanes, there is a recent analysis of the assassination of Dag Hammarskjold that shares traits with the downing of MH17; the absolute refusal of certain countries (Ukraine re MH17’s air traffic control records, USA re MH17 satellite photos & USA re Hammarskjold’s DC-6 flight) to release records in their possession. [5]

26 March 2019 update: Ukrainian SBU (intelligence officer) defects to Russia, and points his finger directly at Ukrainian military intelligence & one of Petro Poroshenko’s top aides as complicit in bringing down MH17:

31 May 2019 update: Malaysia prime minister states the MH17 investigation had been intended to frame Russia from its inception:

20 February 2020 update: Leaked documents point to the JIT had known it was likely a fighter jet, not a Buk missile, brought down MH 17:

MH17 properly investigated?

18 June 2020 update: New interviews with witnesses stating it was fighter jet(s) brought  down MH 17:


Follow John Helmer’s blog for the MH 17 Dutch trial farce:


Ukraine for Dummies

Deep State IV (related)


“One thing you can’t hide, is when you’re crippled inside” -John Lennon

The Washington Post and Double Think

When, in the span of six weeks, the Washington Post both; gives a soap box to Zbigniew Brzezinski and receives a Pulitzer Prize for reporting on the Snowden leaks, a thoughtful person might be inclined to ‘think twice.’

Brzezinski’s ‘service’ to the USA has included advising figures from Jimmy Carter to Barack Obama, including the first USA [CIA] involvement in Afghanistan in 1979, and he is one of the architects of policy that has resulted in the rise of militant Islam. It is interesting to me a media outlet that provides platform for world class criminals, is lauded as a giant of journalism. The prize might have better been awarded solely to the Guardian journalists who met with Snowden and passed on the material to secondary outlets in media. Instead, we have an oxymoron; purveyors [The Washington Post] of criminal wonks [Brzezinski, among others] and their vicious ideation responsible for incalculable social damage world-wide, lauded as heroes of journalism.

George Orwell’s original term was not ‘double speak’ or ‘double talk’ but actually is ‘double think’

“Doublethink means the power of holding two contradictory beliefs in one’s mind simultaneously, and accepting both of them” -George Orwell

‘Simultaneous’ & ‘accepting’ points to a complete lack of normal brain function. The normal reaction [in a healthy mind] should be ‘cognitive dissonance’, perhaps best explained as ‘grotesque reflex’ of mental state or distress caused by mental apprehension of irreconcilable phenomena.

A comprehensive lack of cognitive dissonance, in face of irreconcilable ideation, points to a clear mental disorder. This mental disorder patently manifests in narcissist sociopath personalities, lacking any sense of taking responsibility for consequence.

For instance, Brzezinski’s replies to the questions…

Q: And neither do you regret having supported the Islamic [integrisme], having given arms and advice to future terrorists?

Brzezinski: What is most important to the history of the world? The Taliban or the collapse of the Soviet empire? Some stirred-up Moslems or the liberation of Central Europe and the end of the cold war?

Q: Some stirred-up Moslems? But it has been said and repeated: Islamic fundamentalism represents a world menace today.

Brzezinski: Nonsense! It is said that the West had a global policy in regard to Islam. That is stupid. There isn’t a global Islam. Look at Islam in a rational manner and without demagoguery or emotion. It is the leading religion of the world with 1.5 billion followers. But what is there in common among Saudi Arabian fundamentalism, moderate Morocco, Pakistan militarism, Egyptian pro-Western or Central Asian secularism? Nothing more than what unites the Christian countries.

…altogether ignores the fact of Brzezinski, as Carter’s National Security Advisor, dispatched USA support to rebels in Afghanistan in 1979, an endeavor put into hyperdrive by [Obama’s first Secretary of Defense] Robert Gates during the Reagan administration, resulted in the rise not only of the Taliban and al-Qaida but turned Afghanistan into the world’s leading supplier of heroin.

“Political language — and with variations this is true of all political parties, from Conservatives to Anarchists — is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable, and to give an appearance of solidity to pure wind” -George Orwell

In any ‘healthy’ mentality, there would be some sense of contrition in having initiated the policy that had, over the ensuing years, resulted in the 21st century global jihad. Brzezinski experiences no indication of contrition [taking responsibility] and he experiences no sense of cognitive dissonance either. Now, let’s look at the Washington Post providing Brzezinski a soap box on Ukraine:

“Regarding the Russian aggression against Ukraine, much depends on what Vladi­mir Putin does next. But what Putin does depends on not only his calculation of the likely NATO (and especially the U.S.) response but also his estimate of how fiercely the Ukrainian people would respond to any further escalation by Russia. And, to complete the circle, the Ukrainian response would be influenced by citizens’ reaction to any repetition of Putin’s Crimean aggression and by whether the nation believes that the United States and NATO are truly supportive.

To begin with, career Russia hater and author of ‘The Grand Chessboard’ demanding Russia be cornered and isolated to the benefit of USA world domination, casts Russia as the instigator in Ukraine, following a USA supported putsch placing neo-nazis in power in a nation Putin had been telling the western democracies for six years to stay out and not meddle.

“Putin’s thuggish tactics in seizing Crimea offer some hints regarding his planning. He knew in advance that his thinly camouflaged invasion would meet with popular support from the Russian majority in Crimea. He was not sure how the thin and light Ukrainian military units stationed there would react, so he went in masked like a Mafia gangster. In the event of serious Ukrainian resistance, he could disown the initiative and pull back.

Anyone who’d acquired a C+ in the history of the former USSR would know the Russian ethnic majority of Crimeans would welcome a return to Russia with open arms. Putin knew this. Where Brzezinski lies with a clear conscience is in regards to this is, Crimea was the territory of Russia for two hundred years, to 1954, when Khruschev made a technical transfer of Crimea to Ukraine to put work on a canal under a single administrative body. The Crimeans not only celebrated their return to Russia, two thirds of the Ukrainian military stationed in Crimea defected to Russia or changed sides. Crimea had been historically, linguistically, culturally and factually Russia/Russian in everything but name. There was ZERO chance of ‘serious Ukrainian resistance’ but Brzezinski cannot pass up a chance to pose Putin as a thug and coward. The man knows no sense of shame.

“His initial success may tempt him to repeat that performance more directly in the far eastern provinces of Ukraine. If successful, the conclusive third phase could then be directed, through a combination of political unrest and increasingly overt use of Russian forces, to overthrow the government in Kiev. The result would thus be similar to the two phases of Hitler’s seizure of the Sudetenland after Munich in 1938 and the final occupation of Prague and Czechoslovakia in early 1939.

Here, Brzezinski projects a nonsensical historical comparison; the government in Prague was not toppled by forces threatening to Hitler, nor were the ethnic Germans being persecuted by a non-existent power hostile to Germany on its borders … and Putin is not the leader of a NAZI state, rather the reverse is true. The neo-nazi regime installed by the USA in Ukraine, on the other hand, has demonstrated extreme hostility to the large ethic Russian population, and the new leadership in Kiev has demonstrable NAZI roots represented in the five ministries held by the neo-nazi Svoboda party. Notice Brzezinski demonstrates no sense of cognitive dissonance, nor does he blink an eye over this next shameless lie:

“Much depends on how clearly the West conveys to the dictator in the Kremlin — a partially comical imitation of Mussolini and a more menacing reminder of Hitler — that NATO cannot be passive if war erupts in Europe. If Ukraine is crushed while the West is simply watching, the new freedom and security in bordering Romania, Poland and the three Baltic republics would also be threatened.

If Ukraine is ‘crushed’, it will consist of Putin doing exactly what he has stated will be his intention to do, were the nazis in Kiev to follow through with a large scale persecution of Ukraine’s ethnic Russians … put a stop to the nonsense unleashed on Russia’s very doorstep. Russian will go no further than push the Ukrainian military out of the majority Russian areas of a nation [Ukraine] with unnatural borders, deeply dividing a populace with a historical split, western Ukraine’s sympathies are with western Europe and eastern Ukraine’s sympathies are with Russia. The parties behaving like Hitler are the western democracies who’ve been fanning the fires in Ukraine and tossing a civil war in Russia’s face. These are problems Putin does not need or want but also problems he cannot ignore.

“This does not mean that the West, or the United States, should threaten war. But Russia’s unilateral and menacing acts mean the West should promptly recognize the current government of Ukraine as legitimate. Uncertainty regarding its legal status could tempt Putin to repeat his Crimean charade. The West also should convey — privately at this stage, so as not to humiliate Russia — that the Ukrainian army can count on immediate and direct Western aid so as to enhance its defensive capabilities. There should be no doubt left in Putin’s mind that an attack on Ukraine would precipitate a prolonged and costly engagement, and Ukrainians should not fear that they would be left in the lurch.

Brzezinski, who is proud he was able to draw the USSR into Afghanistan, bragging he’d handed the Russians their own Vietnam, is promoting a repeat, and the Washington Post has provided the soap box. There can be no doubt in Brzezinski’s mind that Putin will be forced to act in the circumstance of chaos delivered by the USA’s geo-political sleight-of-hand and then the finger pointed at Putin as the aggressor. Brzezinski is a shameless liar and no matter war breaking out could lead at some point to escalation including tactical nuclear weapons, were NATO to become involved, this is good in the mind of Brzezinski, if it serves his ‘Grand Chessboard.’

“Meanwhile, NATO forces, consistent with the organization’s contingency planning, should be put on alert. High readiness for some immediate airlift to Europe of U.S. airborne units would be politically and militarily meaningful. If the West wants to avoid a conflict, there should be no ambiguity in the Kremlin as to what might be precipitated by further adventurist use of force in the middle of Europe.

Brzezinski is saying here, throughout, goad, lie, provoke, lie, call names, lie, arm up, lie, escalate, lie, and call for peaceful accommodation:

“In addition, such efforts to avert miscalculations that could lead to a war should be matched by a reaffirmation of the West’s desire for a peaceful accommodation with Russia regarding a joint effort to help Ukraine recover economically and stabilize politically. The West should reassure Russia that it is not seeking to draw Ukraine into NATO or to turn it against Russia. Ukrainians themselves can define the depth of their closeness to Europe and the scope of their economic cooperation with Russia, to the benefit of peace and stability in Europe. And after their May elections, they can revise some of the arrangements for a special status for Crimea, but they should not do so under duress or attack from a neighbor driven by imperial or personal ambitions”

And so, our soap box protagonist, Zbigniew Brzezinski, author of his personal imperial ambition named the Grand Chessboard, closes with pointing to Putin as the imperial ambition, when Putin has actually been placed in impossible circumstance demanding action on behalf of the ethnic Russians of east Ukraine, by the geopolitical engineering of the USA, with Putin cast as the boogeyman. This is really very much like the schoolyard bully, USA, smashing the smaller kids [Ukraine’s Russian minority] face and then crying to the neighborhood ‘look what little Billy [lying on the ground bleeding] did to my fists!’ And expect Putin would stand back and do nothing? This is messing with the wrong man. Europe should rethink its relationship of political fellatio to USA and NATO because ‘war is peace’ & ‘newspeak’ freaks like Brzezinski and his numerous fans at USA Department of State, CIA and NATO have no sense of reality. They are neither ‘normal’ nor ‘healthy.’

“For America, the chief geopolitical prize is Eurasia… Now a non-Eurasian power is preeminent in Eurasia – and America’s global primacy is directly dependent on how long and how effectively its preponderance on the Eurasian continent is sustained” -Zbigniew Brzezinski writes in ‘The Grand Chessboard

This immediate preceding Brzezinski position on projecting USA empire is at odds a full 180 degrees with what he professes (blames/projects) onto Russia in his Washington Post editorial on Ukraine. Here he admits the USA is the region’s imperial aggressor. If Orwell were here to ask, I would ask him if what he had noticed in people is the phenomena I have noticed; some people seem to have ‘cellularized’ sets of mutually exclusive ‘facts’ they (consciously or unconsciously) shift between, with no noticeable level of psychological discomfort. Brezezinski strikes me as one of these people.

In the end, a media outlet, in this case the Washington Post, giving platform to such depraved criminal mentality, should be disqualified from any journalistic recognition other than propagandist for the criminally insane-

“In the case of a word like DEMOCRACY, not only is there no agreed definition, but the attempt to make one is resisted from all sides. It is almost universally felt that when we call a country democratic we are praising it: consequently the defenders of every kind of régime claim that it is a democracy, and fear that they might have to stop using the word if it were tied down to any one meaning. Words of this kind are often used in a consciously dishonest way” -George Orwell

Meanwhile, think about it … in regards to media, do the western democracies geopolitical propaganda and depraved acts, promoted by the Washington Post and other outlets, meet Orwell’s description of ‘words used in a consciously dishonest way?’ Methinks: yes.

At the end of the day, it would appear that in any democracy, ethics, self restraint, tolerance and honesty will always play second fiddle to narcissism, avarice, bigotry & persecution, if only because people who play by the rules in any democracy, are at a disadvantage to those who easily subvert the rules to their own advantage.

Ukraine for Dummies




Ronald Thomas West is a former U.S. intelligence professional


3rd Reich monument at Lindau (Bodensee)

denazification |dēˌnätsəfiˈkāSHən|
the process of bringing the leaders of the National Socialist regime in Germany to justice and of purging all elements of Nazism from public life.

Denazification didn’t actually happen in Germany folks, I took the photo of the Third Reich eagle (NAZI monument) at Lindau myself, in 2008. Germany still harbors deep NAZI sentiment widely, particularly in the south. Many Nazi criminals were quietly reintegrated to German society and lived out life unpunished with rationale such as:

“the West German Supreme Court overturned the judgment .. saying Rehse and other judges of the [NAZI] People’s Court had only been abiding by the laws of the time”


“The Americans and the British turned over the denazification program to the Germans, who made a mockery of it by electing or appointing some Nazis back into power”

It is only recently, with the most serious offenders dead of old age, a few lowly camp guards have been prosecuted in what amounts to a token expression of social responsibility. Insofar as Angela Merkel’s present government in coalition with Social Democrats, together with her Christian Democrats and their ideologically aligned Christian Social Union, this points to a wider tolerance of the German past than could even be imagined only a short time ago. But first:

On 24 March, in Ukraine, Oleksandr Muzychko, neo-nazi leader of the ‘Right Sector’, was assassinated by interior ministry elite special operations police of the new regime in Kiev. He was without doubt a nasty man, a killer, criminal and terrorist. And because he was incredibly stupid, he also died a ‘patsy’ or that is a used and discarded stooge.


Oleksandr Muzychko

This man led the skinheads who provided the ‘muscle’ behind the violence that brought the new regime to power in Kiev. Now, his CIA supported putsch having been accomplished, he became an embarrassment. Can’t have people running around openly proclaiming a NAZI agenda. Muzychko, having been used to provide a service, was then shot dead in a demonstration of the new regime asserting ‘law and order.’ The Western media spin will be all about tamping down on the criminal NAZI element in the Kiev uprising and all  the USA’s sheep will sleep better at night, knowing Obama, Cameron, Hollande, Merkel and ‘friends’ aren’t doing business with NAZIs (and couldn’t be more misled.)

It is beyond question the USA’s intelligence (CIA, primarily), having utilized Muzychko to optimal putsch effect prior to demanded he be eliminated (the more likely story) for appearance sake. In today’s game, you cannot be openly NAZI, you have to conceal the fact in order to qualify for support from the western democracies leaders. But in fact a neo-nazi party, Svoboda, holds five ministries in the new regime at Kiev, putting down the ‘Right Sector’ is a smokescreen. Check this out:

“One of the “Big Three” political parties behind the protests is the ultra-nationalist Svoboda, whose leader, Oleh Tyahnybok, has called for the liberation of his country from the “Muscovite-Jewish mafia.” After the 2010 conviction of the Nazi death camp guard John Demjanjuk for his supporting role in the death of nearly 30,000 people at the Sobibor camp, Tyahnybok rushed to Germany to declare him a hero who was “fighting for truth.” In the Ukrainian parliament, where Svoboda holds an unprecedented 37 seats, Tyahnybok’s [Svoboda’s] deputy [member of parliament] Yuriy Mykhalchyshyn is fond of quoting Joseph Goebbels – he has even founded a think tank originally called “the Joseph Goebbels Political Research Center””

Kind of puts this next photo in perspective:


Far-fetched? Perhaps not

Can anyone explain how Merkel would not know this following?

“The European Parliament in 2012 condemned Svoboda’s racism, anti-Semitism and xenophobia as “against the EU’s fundamental values and principles”

Especially considering

“In [the 2011] commemoration of the 1918 Battle of Kruty, Svoboda, accompanied by a substantial number of so-called autonomous nationalists, organized a huge torchlight parade, rife with Nazi symbolism.

“On April 28, 2011, Svoboda celebrated the 68th anniversary of the establishment of the Waffen-SS Galizien. Octogenarian Waffen-SS veterans were treated as heroes in a mass rally, organized by Svoboda and the “autonomous nationalists”” -quoting ‘The Return of the Ukrainian Far Right’ by Swedish academic Per Anders Rudling (2013)

I hold Germany responsible for the NAZIs put in power in Kiev, not the USA. Why? Historic responsibility, plain and simple. Merkel has a historic responsibility to call out the the facts of a NAZI regime and refuse on principle to do business with killers laundered into power by the CIA. If a German leader had the personal courage to do this, it would have stopped the nonsense in its tracks and we’d have a whole new geo-political game. But in fact German politicians are cowards (or worse.)

Think Merkel doesn’t know this next?

“Der Spiegel is a mainstream German news source with a generally centrist orientation. It has the most prominent English language presence on the internet of any German source. It is most definitely not a radical left wing publication. It is reporting an interesting story about ties between the German National Democratic Party  and the right wing Svoboda Party that holds ministerial posts in the present Ukrainian interim government. The NDP has long been described as Germany’s leading neo-Nazi party”


Svoboda party leader Oleh Tyahnybok

Without a doubt, despite CIA media laundering, German intelligence certainly knows the facts about Svoboda, and nothing is done. I wonder what that has to with the preceding noted article going on to mention…

“[Svoboda] Party members appeared at events hosted by the Konrad Adenauer Stiftung, the German political foundation affiliated with Chancellor Angela Merkel’s conservatives”

… considering who have been the German interior ministers of the past several years, responsible for domestic intelligence. All are Merkel appointments from the German right. You think these Merkel Christian Democrat, and their affiliated Christian Social Union political appointments, don’t know the Merkel aligned Adenauer foundation is associating with and sponsoring NAZIs?

“Adenauer’s determination to integrate the right-wing nationalists who supported the Nazis into the CDU and thus into an acceptance of democracy explains much of the apparent paradox between his dislike of National Socialism and his willingess to accept men who had been very active in supporting the National Socialist dictatorship”

What’s more is, Bundesnachrichtendienst (BND) or Federal Intelligence Service (Germany) reports directly to Angela Merkel. This German counterpart to the CIA had been born out of the USA’s rescue of Nazi intelligence at the end of World War Two. Initially organized by the OSS and subsequently CIA as the ‘Gehlen Organization’ under Hitler’s veteran Soviet spymaster (Nazi war criminal) Reinhard Gehlen, the BND came into existence when the Gehlen Organization, staffed with Nazi Party & SS veterans, as well as more than 100 former Gestapo officers, was transferred by the USA to the Federal Republic of Germany (then so-called ‘West Germany’) to be under the authority of Chancellor Konrad Adenauer. And so it was Hitler’s top intelligence people became Germany’s post-war CIA. One can only imagine Reinhard Gehlen’s smirk when he’d stated his organization employed a lower percentage of former SS & Gestapo than most ministries in Adenauer’s Federal Republic of Germany government

Following on this historical political fantasy of a leopard shedding its spots in post-war Germany, of these three recent interior ministers, Hans-Peter Friedrich is from the Christian Social Union’s ‘unreconstructed south’ of Germany, de Maizière and Schäuble are from Adenauer’s Nazi integrated Christian Democrats (Merkel’s CDU.)

Wolfgang Schäuble, 22 November 2005 to 28 October 2009

Thomas de Maizière, 28 October 2009 to 3 March 2011

Hans-Peter Friedrich, 3 March 2011 to 17 December 2013 (boss when files likely incriminating police relationship to neo-nazis were shredded)

Thomas de Maizière, 17 December 2013 to present (2nd term)

These interior ministers, ostensibly responsible for denazification, are more likely example, actually, of why a monument to Hitler, in the form of a Reich eagle, still stands at Lindau, Bodensee:


The frosting on the Adenauer empowered Nazi cake would be this next:

“Arrested by the Canadian Army in 1945 Alfried Krupp was tried as a war criminal at Nuremberg. He was accused of plundering occupied territories and being responsible for the barbaric treatment of prisoners of war and concentration camp inmates. Documents showed that Krupp initiated the request for slave labour and signed detailed contracts with the SS, giving them responsibility for inflicting punishment on the workers.

“Krupp was eventually found guilty of being a major war criminal and sentenced to twelve years in prison and had all his wealth and property confiscated.

“On 5th December, 1950, Adenauer wrote .. a letter urging clemency for Krupp.

“In January, 1951, [it was] announced that Alfried Krupp and eight members of his board of directors who had been convicted with him, were to be released. His property, valued at around 45 million, and his numerous companies were also restored to him” (45 million in 1951 is 410 million 2014, adjusted for inflation)

Denial aside, Adenauer’s Nazis integrated to the party in charge of present day Germany, could explain a lot about Germany’s strongly supportive relationship with the new NAZI regime in Kiev, you think?

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Ronald Thomas West is a former U.S. intelligence professional

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