Beginning with the oldest articles on the intelligence agencies mischief, to  the most recent, covering intelligence agencies relationship to organized crime & radical religious sects, as well includes disinformation operations (psyops) which includes all Western mainstream press and what should be called ‘alternative mainstream’ press, where mainstream false narratives are attacked with alternative false narratives to misdirect those alienated to mainstream. The spooks influence in our small world’s social context is pervasive. In what follows, intelligence agencies have their fingers in, or in one way or another have influenced, all of it. Don’t let the age of any articles put you off, the criminality developed here is mostly timeless and highly relevant to this day.


USA’s ‘dirty war’ in Iraq

Complaint To The International Criminal Court 

Arab Spring: A Modern Fable

Wikileaks & Spy Agencies

America’s Deep State (1)

Crusaders & Complicity

The DIA & Shamanism

Death of a MOSSAD Agent

Heroin, Bags of Cash & The CIA

Fear of Minor Debris (9/11)

The Greatest Criminal Endeavor

God’s Chosen is a Dumb Idea

America’s ‘dirty war’ in Iraq

Conspiracy of Silence

David Ignatius’ Body of Lies

Our Vital National Interests

Blackwater Holy Crusades

Spy Craft for Hacks

The Renditions Project

USAID in Central Africa

Stooge TV

Dirty Wars

America’s Deep State (2)

Color of Law, Star Chamber, FISA & PRISM

Should I be a Spy Novelist?

Ron’s Conspiracy Theory

Intelligence Agency Dissident Voices

PRISM & My Exile

Reflections on a Snowden Rally

USAID in Ethiopia

MOSSAD & Jews for Jesus

John LeCarre’s A Delicate Truth

The Arab Spring for Dummies

Syria’s Chemical Madness

The Company

The Mojahedin-e-Khalq

The Obama-McCain-al-Qaida Alliance

Letter to US Senator Jon Tester

Robert Seldon Lady, CIA Slime-Bag

The Navy Yard Reporting Smells Wrong

Of Nukes, Courage & Cowards

Letter to the EU Parliament

CIA vs JFK, Fifty Years After

Uncle Sam, Dominionist Puppet


The NSA’s Egregious Liar

Drone Strikes for Jesus (!)

Erik Prince & Pedophile Priests

Intelligence Agencies & Wikipedia

Empire & Blowback

Tactical Nuclear Weapons for Dummies

A Whistle-blower’s Odyssey of Survival

Obama’s Ukraine

John Kerry’s neo-nazi Snipers

The New Great Game

Victoria Nuland’s Wedding With Christian al-Qaida

Germany’s Martyrs of the Maidan

Dominionism’s Fingers in Kiev

The Washington Post & Doublethink

Military Sock-Puppets, NSA Trolls & CIA Shills

Sociopaths & Democracy

Noteworthy Information Operations (PSYOPS)

Poison Fruit (Robert Parry)

Evil Cynics, Stooges & Dupes

Counterfeit COIN

The Disinformation Nation Bob Dreyfuss

Above Top Secret or How (not) to Leak

Hydras & Hydrophobia

The Ascension of the Morons (Ukraine)

Black Boxes, Dark Arts & Geopolitics (MH17)

“We Tortured Some Folks” Senate investigation limited hangout

Saki & Barf: Killer Women of the State Department

Hillary Clinton in Two Short Paragraphs

Ukraine for Dummies (compendium)

Arab Spring for Dummies (compendium)

Intelligence Links (compendium)

Spy Novel Reviews (compendium)

Palace of Cowards (letters)

Intelligence Sites (mixed bag)

NATO & “Gott Mit Uns”

What Do Putin’s Advisors Know?

The Islamic State for Dummies

NATO’s Three Chihuahuas

NATO, God & Military Mafia

Democracy & The Nazi Meme (compendium)

Stupid is as Stupid Does ‘moderate opposition’

Disruption & The Fantasy (climate change)

Poison Fruit Encore 1 Robert Parry

Counter Intelligence (compendium)

Laura Poitras’ Myopia

Votes & Vanishing Acts

Poison Fruit, Encore 2 Robert Parry

Poison Fruit (collection)

Reorganizing Murder Inc (!)

Metadata & Panorama (militarized police)

Square Pegs in Round Holes (renditions math doesn’t add up)

The Paranoia of Dianne Feinstein (ms fascist)

Alfreda Bikowsky & The Definition of Stupid (on torture)

CIA & Covert Coup d’état

American’s Deep State (series compendium)


Opus Dei & Christian Dominion

Edward Bernays & Propaganda

USAID & Chevron

Holocaust & Narrative Perversion

On Israel (compendium)

People Who Behave as Stupid as They Look

Mutti, Piggies & The Minsk Peace Accord

The Intercept Takes a Dive

Profits of War Iran-Contra & MOSSAD

The Intercept Takes a Dive, Episode 2

Boris Nemtsov (assassination)

Farewell to the Black Whiteman

Raphael’s Paradox

CIA’s Maidan False-Flag

The CIA & A Liar’s Fast-Track

If Russia Were To Climb Down On MH-17 ?

Why The NSA Wants Your Metadata

Elliot Higgins on MH-17 (Bellingcat, the dead intelligence cat)

The Myth of Daniel Ellsberg

Denial (!)

The Christians (compendium)

Bilderberg Attendees

Greek Hubris Tsipras sells out Greece

Kiev’s Nazis

Bitter Frosting, Poisoned Cake (CIA’s al-Qaida project evolves)

Truth Jockeys (alternative mainstream media)

No Snowflake in an Avalanche Christian Taliban

Litmus Test (on the Wikileaks psyop)

Reuters & A Fixed Verdict (on MH-17)

Greek Comedy Tsipras sellout of Greece part 2

Winning Ugly The dirty Dutch character (MH-17)

Western Democracies, Salafist Militia & Syria

Greek Tragedy Tsipras sellout of the Greeks (3)

ZeroHedge Drinks the Kool Aid (on disinformation)

Lies by Omission (on Syria)

Vice & The CIA (criminal officer/killer Sabrina DeSousa)

CIA & Public Relations

Friday the 13th in Paris

The Real Intelligence on Our Leaders

Season of the Lemmings on colonial borders & endless wars

WTEOYFIYFF Erdogan’s Islamic State bed-partners (& more)

Why The FBI Will Never Investigate The Biggest Criminals

Defense One media & political armaments profiteering

Machine Pistol the unexplained Paris terror weapon

Fletcher Prouty & The Secret Team Today

Catholic Fascism

Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity (meet the fockers)

Seymour Hersh & Mythology

Throwing Stones From Glass Houses


The CIA & Non-Violent Resistance

Bild Interviews Vladimir Putin


Letter to The President of Italy

The Masks of The Revolution Ukraine Exposé

Letter to Doctors Without Borders penetrated by intelligence

NATO’s (not at all) Free Press

The Logic Behind The American Vote

Where Militarized Cops Equals Dead Blacks

About Those NATO Nukes in Turkey

The Coe Cult & The Donald Election Scam

Pentagon Papers, CIA & The Lies of Daniel Ellsberg

If The Donald Were A Real Man?

VICE, CIA & I.R. Baboon

Concealing Alliance With Terrorism ‘for the welfare of the state’

A Most Unlikely Story ‘Never Trump’

Syria: The Pipeline That Hasn’t Happened (yet)

Mike Flynn & Turkish Silver

Nero Fiddles While Empire Implodes

On Fake News

Propaganda: Spy vs Spy

Rick Perry to Run Trump’s Department of Cocaine

Liar, Liar, With Pants On Fire! ‘the Russians did it’ (hack bs)

Friedman & ‘The Narrative’ Greater Israel (Yinon Plan)


Ron’s Conspiracy Theory (updated)

A Satan Sandwich social decay & job (in)security

Analyzing Fraud in Democracy Movements

Agent Assange on the Wikileaks urban legend

Bin Ladin & The 4th Estate

Trump’s DNI: A Dire Wolf for Jesus

Intercepted @ The Intercept where leaks = arrest

Wikileaks (compendium)

Trump’s Ban: The CIA Shit Hit The Fan

Ciao Chao taking money from terrorists

The Cell(s) deep state infighting

English Philos & Meryl Streep Hollywood’s geopolitical creepiness

Odds-makers, CIA & Treason ‘the Russians did it’ is about the money

On Trump (compendium)

It’s The Sauce designer drugs to break down the will

The Poisonous Toad misdirection, Gulen, Erdogan & coups

Watch Your Back Closely assassinations

The CIA’s Amazon Books Bezos suppresses a killer’s story

Truth Telling Perversions Robert Steele’s limited hangout

When a Rooster Thumbs Its Nose more on how we’re lied to

Mighty Mouse (MOSSAD)

Calling Out Corbett Report misdirection on sarin gas in Syria

No Alliance Too Obscene NATO & the enemy of my enemy …

Of Sultans, Spooks & Sarin NATO’s terrorist buddies

The Sultan’s Sleaze Circus Erdogan’s USA ‘butt-buddies’

NATO’s Turkey(s) (compendium)

On The FBI’s Comey criminality at the top

The Coup Progresses internecine fighting in the deep state

Deep State Reprise Mueller’s ‘connections’

The Lynching money, war, morons & hypocrites

The Joke & The Punchline the real al-Qaida founders

Pineapple Face Dead Noreiga obituary (info-satire)

June Notes (1) skank Megyn Kelly & more

Miscellaneous Stuff intelligence links (mixed bag)

FBI’s Fae Wray everyone in DC is a thespian

June Notes (2) Blackstone & veteran CIA criminals Armitage, Carlucci

June Notes (3) DC back door deals where everyone screws everyone

On The FBI criminals at the top run law enforcement

June Notes (4) renditions & ghost prisoners

July 17th, Then & Now MH-17 false-flag

July Notes Mike Pence at the head of the fifth column

Constitutional Thumbnail for Dummies Trump’s missed opportunity

On Charlottesville it ain’t just ‘black & white’

The Gentleperson’s Guide to Forum Spies the hasbara recipe book

August Notes or ‘Joint Enablers’ on weapons profiteering

The Worm Mike Pompeo is the worm

9/11 al-Qaida is the patsy

Syria Plan B (1) creating the state of Kurdistan

Incompetent Espionage & Wikileaks on DNC insider Seth Rich

‘eye-wash’ when the CIA lies to its own

This Is, In Three Minutes corruption at the United Nations

Robert Baer CIA officer criminally complicit in 9/11

Melvin Goodman CIA naif extraordinaire (extreme case of eye-wash)

September Notes knuckle-draggers & the Pentagon (Korea)

Jews in the News Mel Brooks & ‘geopolitical correctness’

Trump’s Generals the Pentagon is a ‘queer’ place to be

Gladio false-flag terrorism is alive and well in the USA

Christian anti-Semitism religious roots of geopolitical insanity

Devolution Part 1 EMPs, Western culture & cockroach evolution

On Water on the road to a science fiction “Dune” scenario

Devolution Part 2 propaganda, children & social decay

Catalonia Paradox yours truly surviving assassination (and more)

When The Moon Is … The Intercept fronts up intelligence agency lies

Cyber-War & Google Robots

Just Another Confederacy of Dunces ‘the Russians did it’

Fall Notes black billionaires, white mentalities & colonialism

Maidan Snipers the CIA’s laundered trigger-men confess

Useful Idiots … CIA’s McHeil Saakashvili

Jerusalem apocalyptic bed partners (Pence & Netanyahu)

The Western World’s Joke: Decolonization

Hired Killers, CIA & The New York Times state sponsored assassination

Incompetent Espionage & Wikileaks (IV) more on the urban legend

The Hypocrite John Brennan

General Neller’s “Big-Ass Fight” itchy trigger fingers at the top


Closing a Loophole: 9/11 Addendum more on the false-flag

Spengler Couldn’t Smell a Pogrom clueless Jews who love Nazis

How Dumb is The CIA (compendium)

Concise History of a Failure thumbnail history of empire

The Wheel is Indeed Empty CIA (dis)information asset Marcy Wheeler

Bob Manson & Charlie Mueller Robert Mueller compared to Manson

February Notes Melania Trump’s White House exorcists (& more)

February Notes (2) CIA media fellatio (& more)

February Notes (3) CIA & ‘the Russians did it’ (what a month!)

The Fruit of Incalculable Moral Mischief an empire of morons

March Notes DNC lawyers: election rigging is a ‘protected right’

Who Are The Sloppy Assassins?

Spook Soup on Christopher Steele (info-satire)

A Criminal Magic Act Pence, Pompeo, Haspel, the Pentagon

Equinox Notes typical criminal soup du jour

John Bolton Bibi’s Christian Zionist choice (Le Cercle)

An Immoral Disgrace Op-Ed by Col Richard Black (Syria, false-flag)

March Notes (3) Rand Paul admits there is a ‘deep state’ (& more)

NATO’s April Fool Award Serbia & Kosovo

April Notes Serbia, Kosovo (& more)

April Notes (2) empire’s special operations forces in 149 countries

What Can Be Known … sarin gas sourced in Europe (Syria)

April Notes (3) poison gas, false flag, geopolitical soup du jour

Loud & Clear Russian radio swallows a baited CIA hook (Kirakou)

Beware the Perception cultural Marxism? bullshit. it’s sociopathy

May Notes Ukraine, religious fascism, peppa pig (& more)

May Notes (2) religious fascism = war profiteering (& more)

Fraidy-Cat Russ Baker limited hangout revolts at history’s big lie (9/11)

June Notes ‘shadow’ president pence

A Tribal Perspective concerning a world with head-up-ass syndrome

Intelligence Agencies & The International Criminal Court

Brett Kavanaugh member of the Bush ‘enterprise’ criminal cabal

Maria Butina a case of ‘it’s bad luck to be Russian’ in the USA

Summer Notes the Balkans attract spies like poop attracts flies

The Plot to Capture The White House (1)

The Plot to Capture The White House (2)

The Plot to Capture The White House (3)

Russian Propaganda’s Rank Fail on MH-17

Fall Notes ‘the Russians did it’, Syria, false-flags (& more)

Russian ‘meddling’ in Macedonia just f’ing unbelievable

38 North’s Korea Problem is the ‘shadow government’

NATO’s Takfiri Laundromat

October Notes John Bolton & impunity

A Breaking Point in Geopolitical Torsion impunity + cowardice = ?

Khashoggi’s Turkish Wrap it hasn’t been disproved… (yet)

The Gift Horse, Haspel & Fidan NATO’s Trojan Horse(s)

November Notes Haspel, Fidan, Merkel, Takfiri Trojan Horse

German Press, Lying Silence nazis on the inside (police)

November Notes (2) ‘the Russians did it’, Assange (& more)

November Notes (3) EU’s Juncker (drunker) in mismatched shoes

From Behind: RollingStone Bends Their Readers Over (CIA)

Nation vs State: Midget Macron & Mini-Merkel Europe’s leaders suck

December Notes empire’s provocations in Asia (& more)

December Notes (2) spies in the Balkans (& more)

USA Really & Robert Mueller + yours truly in ‘the Russians did it’

2018 End of Year Message about that happy holidays bs …


The year of deconstructing the Western culture’s character; in the five preceding years of this blog, if anything should be apparent, it should be insanity is ‘normal’ in the ‘civilized’ world. Why?

A + B = C (1) Plato, Nassim Taleb and Daniel Kahneman

A + B = C (2) rationality the progenitor of chaos

Just Another Geopolitical Head Louse William Barr & the deep state

Obscenity Hymn of The Republic American culture wars & treason

Kid Gloves (1) false-flags & propaganda

Kid Gloves (2) the assassinated Seth Rich is radioactive (Wikileaks)

Reality Check on a culture that believes in virgin birth

Zion for Jesus the religious fanatics surrounding Trump

Israel & The Right to Exist Yinon Plan in not in the UN mandate

The International Criminal Complicity rank cowardice at the ICC

Mental Midget Macron & His Straw-Man Israel and blackmail

Leadership In Time Of Crisis you won’t find it where you’d expect

Spring Notes Greenwald, Omidyar & the New York Times (and more)

The Moron-o-Meter & Craig Murray on the Wikileaks limited hangout

Privatization for Dummies no food sovereignty = no sovereignty

StickyLeaks & Another Deceit Assange’s chief editor liar

April Notes & #MeToo a case of the world’s oldest profession

Assange Arrest possible outcomes

Assange Arrest (2) Trump’s lawyer to Wkileaks ‘let’s make a deal’

Chip Tatum & His Odd Internet Afterlife ‘neutralized’

The Scam Foreign Policy Magazine & ‘the Russians did it’ BS

How Mueller + Barr = Trump’s Reelection deep state internecine war

Meduza Magazine’s Integrity Struggle

Pentagon Pedophiles

A Conundrum Of Evil pedophilia & intelligence agencies

Russian Election Meddling? Naw. It’s Google

Ayatollah Ratcliffe’s Theocratic Republic on the DNI appointment

American Gladio El Paso terror

CIA-Mossad Cluster-F**k: Neutralizing the Epstein Case

Geoff Bozos Awards & Queer-Anon ‘info-satire’

9/11 Chickens Are Coming Home To Roost

False Flag Flatulence Syria & sarin

All caught up, be certain to visit the A + B = C page for the really interesting/challenging stuff

Sundry notes:

Ray McGovern: On the surface, his case is straightforward enough, he’s not particularly bright, is incapable of shaking off the ‘shape’ of his psychology (like John Kirakou) and so the psychological process is in a sense internally stilted in a way that he cannot escape thinking like a careerist. Throw onto that he has a conscience and is guilt ridden and trying to do penance and that makes him a perfect channel to feed disinformation through. He’ll trust the wrong people feeding him ‘inside’ (dis)information and in the meanwhile be trusted by the simple, common folk who see his religious sincerity and remorse. In this regard, McGovern had been a major prop for Consortium News & Robert Parry (who was a master ‘false alternative narrative’ disinformation snake.) There is nothing unique in this, simply look at the alternative news personalities (includes McGovern) who uncritically worship Wikileaks, despite Wikileaks had been a critical gear in the so-called ‘Arab Spring’ propaganda exercise on the road to the overthrow of Gaddafi and the Syrian civil war. A case of the blind leading the blind.