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This essay commemorates the world’s 120 million living women who’ve been raped or otherwise sexually abused prior to age 20 years, according to a newly released UN report


“There may be a basis in the case of some individuals, as perhaps when a male prostitute uses a condom, where this can be a first step in the direction of a moralization, a first assumption of responsibility, on the way toward recovering an awareness that not everything is allowed and that one cannot do whatever one wants” -Joseph Ratzinger

This very Joseph Ratzinger, also known as Pope Benedict, was a Hitler Youth Corp member, Third Reich Army deserter and former director of the Holy Inquisition, these days called the ‘Congregation for Doctrine in the Faith.’

What do we know about this greatest living misogynist, a ‘Pope Emeritus’ who headed the organization, the Roman Catholic Church, historically and presently responsible for more rapes of children and women than the rest of aggregate mankind?

“In the 1970s, pedophilia was theorized as something fully in conformity with man and even with children” -Joseph Ratzinger

A ‘theory’ which can only have come from the ‘Congregation on Doctrine in the Faith.’ As well, no responsible scientist limits approval of Catholic condom use to male prostitutes. One might surmise Ratzinger’s ‘male prostitutes’ includes homosexual predatory priests, depending on another culture’s interpretation of Catholicism.

We also know following a viewing of the anti-Semite movie “Passion of the Christ” Ratzinger reversed the excommunication of and rehabilitated the fascist-catholic order ‘Pius X’ and this way brought fascist-misogynist Mel Gibson back into the church, yes, the same Mel Gibson who left threatening messages on his former girlfriends answering machine calling her a “pig in heat” and telling her she deserved to be “raped by a pack of niggers.” I would suppose the Pope had noticed Gibson has the kind of money necessary to carry out his misogynist and racist threats, not only make vastly popular right wing religious extremist movies.

What had the ‘Passion of the Christ’ inspired other than Ratzinger’s comment he found the movie “moving” ? Would you believe war crimes ??

““Jesus kill Mohammed!” Another head, another shot. Boom. “Jesus kill Mohammed!” Boom. In the distance, Humphrey heard the static of AK fire and the thud of Rocket Propelled Grenades. He saw a rolling rattle of light that looked like a firefight on wheels. “Each time I go into combat I get closer to God,” [extremist Christian special forces officer] DeGiulio would later say. He thought ‘The Passion’ had been a sign that he would survive. The Bradley seemed to draw fire from every doorway. There couldn’t be that many insurgents in Samarra, Humphrey thought. Was this a city of terrorists? Humphrey heard Lieutenant DeGiulio reporting in from the Bradley’s cabin, opening up on all doorways that popped off a round, responding to rifle fire—each Iraqi household is allowed one gun—with 25mm shells powerful enough to smash straight through the front of a house and out the back wall” [from Harper’s Magazine article “Jesus Killed Mohammed, the crusade for a Christian military” by Jeff Sharlett]

In the preceding incident, Ratzinger’s “moving” “Passion of the Christ” inspired an entire neighborhood to become insurgents against the Americans in Iraq in a matter of minutes, pretty heady propaganda, I’d say. Oh, and those Special Forces members of the American military’s “Officer Christian Fellowship” who managed the entire incident of flattening a city block with 25mm depleted uranium ammunition won’t ever be held responsible for war crimes committed in a military that shields epidemic rape of soldiers who happen to be women.

No differently, Ratzinger has not volunteered to the war crimes tribunal at the Hague the names of the Catholic priests across Rawanda who’d preached hate resulting in genocide by machete.. and so it would seem some things never change- going to today’s subject:

“The women are right in the way not to bow to the rules of today’s world, because men made them without asking women.” –Montaigne

Original Sin is a Hate Crime

Original Sin is a Hate Crime against women, which goes to the Roman Catholic Church, The Assemblies of God & Religious Right, et cetera, all fundamentalism across the spectrum of civilization. In effect, all male ego-centric and rigorously pursued religious philosophy that teaches women are dirty and inferior

Men and women both, suffer these attitudes from childhood in the sense of a collective mental illness or, as social progenitors of violence which underlie negative phenomena

This philosophical violence inculcates submission in women and, in males, underlie motivation of the rape of women generally, the rape of children of both sexes, the use of rape as a weapon of social terror in war and, ultimately the rape of our environment

This story of Eve having been tempted and seduced Adam with the forbidden fruit, the subsequent instruction for man to “Subdue the Earth”, right to the idea that Jesus’ resisting temptation (especially as implies resisting sexual relations with women) kept him pure, is monotheistic or male ego-centric based hate

The following quote from one of the early ‘church fathers’, Quintus Septimius Florens Tertullianus (Tertullian), shows these attitudes against women in the undisguised form:

“Do you not know you are each an Eve? The sentence of God on this sex of yours lives in this age: the guilt must of necessity live too. You are the devil’s gateway: you are the unsealer of that forbidden tree: you are the first deserter of the divine law: you are she who persuaded him whom the devil was not valiant enough to attack. You destroyed so easily God’s image, man. On account of your desert – that is death – even the Son of God had to die.” This was 1,700 years ago

In 1448, not much more than 500 years ago, the Roman Catholic Church issued “Summa Desiderantes” (Pope Innocent VIII) which declared women submitted themselves to demons and became witches, which made men impotent. 500 years is not very long ago if you stop and think about it

Today these attitudes persist, example given, the church refusing women the priesthood. This is precisely for the christian theological holding of Woman as responsible for Man being cursed and consequently Woman as the source of our world’s ills

Children across the world in monotheism or Judeo-Christian cultures learn from the story of The Fall (Adam and Eve) that Man is cursed because Woman was in collusion with a snake. That women are the cause of ALL evil. That women are dirty, guilty, and the original source of our world’s problems

Children are literal and impressionable beings. Teaching children women are filthy and the cause of our world’s illness is socially criminal.
It is time to call this causal source of RAPE exactly what it is. A HATE CRIME. It is the greatest Hate Crime ever committed

The Doctrine of Original Sin is a burden on Humanity, a deformed psychology which underlies; Child Abuse, Mental Illness, Domestic Violence, RAPE, the social costs of war, failures in education on social and environmental issues and religious ethno-centrism. Especially Religious Ethno-centrism. This is the socially malignant absurdity of inter-communal violence. The idea that because someone’s view of reality is different, that someone is inferior or less intelligent or less deserving

Religious Ethno-centrism underlies much of our world’s hate crime, whether in small communities of intolerance, or wars of nationalism on a large scale

This partners with the resource rape of our planet’s feminine nature (Mother Nature) for material wealth. In earlier times the spoils of war referred to not only the sack of cities but included the rape and enslavement of women. In the modern arrangement, this is become the purview of the corporate stockholder who profit from military conflict, arms trafficking and the associated rape of women in our world’s conflicts. In this modern military driven attitude of wealth acquired through War, the psychological ease with which rape is committed by Man is readily apparent: In the environmental rape of our planet feeding the violence of our industrial world and its associated rape of women and children across civilizations

The next should be a simple look at the related fable of Cain and Abel. The idea only Abel’s gift of Blood Sacrifice is suitable to God, Cain’s (feminine) gifts of fruits and grains grown from the Earth rejected by God. The subsequent image of the story’s Cain having murdered Abel is again Archetypal message of Cain or any man presenting the feminine offering of the gifts of Mother Earth being Sacred, is a threat to monotheism or male hierarchy. Only Abel’s ‘proper’ blood letting sacrifice to God is the accepted and desirable normative behavior

What are the children being taught? Through various memes of evangelism, whether Catholic, Protestant or otherwise, these Archetype imprints inculcated in children throughout the world are responsible for our devastating violence and social consequence

The logical progression would be to look at Mosaic Law underpinning monotheistic society. This is the source of prohibitions on Shamanism or, one should better say, the intrinsic fear modern male intelligence has of intuitive or female intelligence.
What is the shamanic awareness the western monotheism so fears?

Shamanic awareness does not draw the same clear line between dream and reality as in western culture or mentality. Or one could say, in the pre-western matriarchal Native America the mentality was organized for waking reality in the right hemisphere of the brain: opposite to western egoic thought structures organized in the left hemisphere. The result has been a reality invisible to western culture and the science of anthropology

This shamanic system of thought was the result of matriarchal social organization, where all males had been educated by women to average age ten years before they were exiled to man’s society. All of the men were trained to think by and, to think like women. However different to the thought of women in the modern culture’s left hemispheric egoic structures

This shamanic world was not a primarily rational or linear world however, it was a highly intelligent and civil world with a different grasp of our existence. It was a world where the highest law was Non-Interference, leading to a paradox to the western mind: Remarkably cohesive multiple valid realities functioning in a social rule where no one can know better than anyone else. The only method of being on the same page was to look at your surroundings and understand each of us can see the same things differently

Reality was perceived as a kind of Lucid Dreaming, where all experience can be shaped, not through the manipulation of matter as in finite constructions, but rather a fluid perception in which all is interconnected and related energies which must be negotiated rather than exploited. For 40,000 years it worked. People did not overpopulate, aggression was more often ritual than real, our world’s environment remained stable

As early as the 1920’s western scientists had noticed Native American languages described processes in nature that were easily adapted to describe the new phenomena of physics, Quantum Mechanics, concepts the western languages struggled with

What did Shamanic culture long ago realize that the modern world is running afoul of?

“In 1918 Christian missionary A. McG. Beede took Yale graduate Harry Boise to the Standing Rock Sioux and Turtle Mountain Chippewa reservations on separate occasions, where Boise explained scientific ideas to tribal leaders. Beede wrote in his report that both groups immediately understood the concepts without difficulty, saying:

“There is no difficulty in leading an old Teton Sioux Indian to understand the ’scientific attitude’ that the processes that give rise to phenomena may be more and more known by man and may be, to some extent, controlled by man, and that in this way the forces of nature may become a mainspring of progress in the individual and in the human race. The idea of atoms and electrons is easy and pleasing to an old Indian, and he grasps the idea of chemistry” [DeLoria]

The tribal leaders responded to Boise’s western science postulations after consultations among their native peers:

Rising Sun, Chippewa leader:

”The ’scientific view’ is inadequate to explain … how man is to find and know a road along which he wishes and chooses to make this said progress unless Manitoo by his spirit guides the mind of man, keeping human beings just and generous and hospitable”

Red Tomahawk, Sioux elder:

”The knowledge and use of any or all the powers of the objects on Earth around us is as liable to lead a man wrong as to lead him right. It is merely power, with no way of knowing how to use it correctly … unless Woniya [Spirit] is with a man’s spirit for the light”

The natural feminine intelligence of these Native men, who were ethical titans compared to the typical modern man, is prohibited by Mosaic Law’s social strictures. Forbidding trafficking with spirits, and consigning necromancers to death, primitive examples given, have socially evolved to modern man dismissing female intelligence as superstition or hocus-pocus. In fact these are but primitive prohibitions on a high expression of female intelligence in a framework of natural quantum mechanics.

These social superstitions lead to similar attitudes in the male egoic modern science and share underlying cause with past witch burnings and paranoia such as the Salem Witch Trials

The Native men, on the other hand, trained from childhood by women in the pre-western female intelligence of Non-Interference, knew a world that most of us cannot see. A right brain feminine perception shamanic world. An awake lucid dreaming’s interconnected relationships to all things: knowing alignment with the great living clockwork of our existence expressed in a single awareness. We tend to think of this in the simplistic monotheism’s psychology as creation

For the fact of it’s applied female intelligence, native civilizations, indeed Indigenous cultures world wide, have been and are being put to death through various social strictures which have now become the largely unconscious underpinning and motivations of Mosaic Law in western civilization. This ethnocide is no longer solely on account of the more overt church evangelism

The Mosaic Law founded on Original Sin, and its ancestral and other associated or related superstitions of the monotheistic male hierarchy, has demonized women and female intelligence. This is clearly seen in the archetype stories taught to children and, in the subsequent incredible abuse our world’s women and natural environment are subjected to throughout the modern male based hierarchy; abuse perpetrated by not only necrotic fables integrated to religions but abuse which can be inferred to traditions of western science, only now discovering Plato’s related misogyny is a complete error according to theoretical physicist Bernard d’Espagnat:

“The doctrine that the world is made up of objects whose existence is independent of human consciousness turns out to be in conflict with quantum mechanics and with facts established by experiment”

Consequently, those people who believe they have shaken off the primitive religious fantasies have fallen to alternative mistaken ideas (Plato) which have equally shaped our western civilization; pointing here to how society continues to be shaped by those very same forces via inter-generational habit. Your ancestor may have arrived at a rational decision not to believe in a  primitive religious dogma, but because of how the mind had been shaped at the meta-level, you’ve inherited a habit of identical structure; example given would be a secular god ‘science’ with a dogma reflected in a narrow rut of inquiry called ’empiricism’ based on Plato’s error of ‘objectivity.’ The fact is, you know very little of the nature of reality and this is reflected in the oxymoron of a ‘saved by science future’ belief in those very departments employing the scientists and producing the technology destroying us. The practical social IQ of university science is no higher than the practical social IQ of any seminary product.


This essay, in slightly modified form, first appeared in ‘Napi Mephisto



Releasing a live, plucked chicken at The Academy, Diogenes declared: “Here is Plato’s man.”

Diogenes (Ο σκύλος) alias Mephisto says:

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Arrange Sunni insurrection in neighboring Syria, where recently trained & presently unemployed Iraqis can look for a job.

Set up financing and arms to opposition in Syria via Saudi Arabia, courtesy of a Petraeus led CIA (financing by default to the Saudi favored Salafist fundamentalist groups, inclusive of al-Qaida aligned militia.)

Base your operations out of NATO’s Turkey & western democracies’ lap-dog Jordan.

Have your ally in Qatar broadcast a call to jihad in Syria, to millions of Sunni Muslims across the world (why, thank you al-Jazeera!)

Have the CIA, in concert with MI6, DGSE & MOSSAD, contract former special operations forces to assist the opposition in Syria.

Realize too late, fundamentalists who source their training to initial American efforts in Iraq and recently boosted by the new endeavors of western intelligence, have become the most powerful factions in Syria.

Replace psycho-killer Petraeus at CIA with psycho-killer John Brennan.

Freak out at your own anti-Assad effort in Syria upon realizing who will be in control if CIA led effort to overthrow the regime is successful (Salifist fundamentalists, in some cases so extreme as to be disowned by al-Qaida.)

Distract people from what’s happening with the world class CIA screw-up in Syria with new caper engineered by same CIA, in Ukraine.

As Assad reasserts control in Syria, see thousands of well trained fundamentalists pour out of Syria across the border into Iraq, rout the Iraqi army and capture countless tons of American supplied weapons.

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Popping in from the cold to post up ‘Boners for Beringia’, a reworked, updated version of my essay ‘Apple Indians & Anthropology.’  Boners for Beringia will perhaps (at first blush) disappoint those readers of who’re fans of my past work in geopolitical analysis. But this essay should be read by those very people for a simple, straightforward reason; it is a social analysis of self-deceit and denial endemic to contemporary western civilization, both of which happen to be root characteristics in geopolitics. Intelligence agencies both; exploit and suffer from these very same blind spots. In science, these social phenomena are demonstrated as a sort of crude narcissism:

19,000 year old stone tools have been found at precisely the wrong end of the Americas (southern Chile), so yeah, where were those ‘land bridge’ North Americans prior to 14,500 years ago? As well, several Amazon tribes have been discovered to be the most closely related (of all modern peoples) to the Austral-Asian peoples of Papua and Australia; with no comparable (or even remote) intermediate genetic relationships to the north of their Amazon location until you get to the Aleutian Islands and a population of late arrivals from Siberia. The most common sense explanation is the ancestral Austral-Asian type found in the Amazon tribes’ genetics journeyed to South America about the same period as Papua and Australia were initially peopled (40,000 to 60,000 years ago.) But, all those anthropologists with ‘Boners for Beringia’ have stretched logic (and inflated their credulity) by insisting these Amazon tribes genetics could only have arrived via Siberia within the last 15,000 years; while ignoring “New Evidence Puts Man in North America 50,000 Years Ago.”  There are numerous problems with the 15,000 years ‘mainstream’ postulate; it ignores evidence from linguistics, it ignores other cultural evidence, it ignores physical evidence, and most of all, it ignores the primitive and nativistic nature of western empiricism’s roots.

What began this rant is, an example of White on White denial. God forbid a handful of White people might have been in North America 12,000 years ago … because this would put a big dent in the ego of the White people who were concerned a mere 500+ years ago they might sail off the edge of the flat Earth. Never mind Copernicus and Galileo had some idea things like our planet might be round and rotating around the Sun a hundred or two hundred years before that. If White people had made it from Europe to North America in the ancient past, before earliest rise of so-called ‘Western Civilization’, what does that say about the White people whose science was killing their patients with blood-letting doctors as recently as 200 years ago? So, what is the example of recent hysterical denial of anthropology in relation to this? An 18 month old boy, found in Montana, who’d buried more than 12,000 years ago. Oh, and the fact he wasn’t White. This find, as posed by science, doesn’t square with Native Oral History and in the same moment, if you look at some facts conveniently ignored, suddenly it does square with Blackfoot Oral history but the anthropologists will flush this down the commode (like a junkie with the police at his door) at every opportunity. More on this, but first:

There is completely ignored (by physical & cultural anthropologists) linguistics study from the 1990s, pointing to Native American migration beginning in South America some 40,000 years ago indicating migration from south to north:

“When North America was an ice-age tundra, the first Americans were “cooking” their cultures in the tropical south, moving northward and settling as the glaciers retreated, according to new linguistic evidence from indigenous languages throughout the New World.

“The evidence suggests that humans have been in the Americas for a very long time, perhaps 40,000 years. It also suggests that most native American languages derived from Ice Age inhabitants who were isolated in the Western Hemisphere for many millennia.

“Only along the west coast do languages appear to come from immigrants who arrived after the Ice Age 14,000 years ago, a Berkeley linguist reports”

The linguistics study is consistent with Blackfoot Oral History.

But when advances in DNA supported this preceding study, physical and cultural anthropology couldn’t bring themselves to admit to the possibility, and so they invented ‘trapped in Beringia’ for 20,000 years:

“UF [University of Florida] scientists analyzed DNA sequences from Native American, New World and Asian populations with the understanding that modern DNA is forged by an accumulation of events in the distant past, and merged their findings with data from existing archaeological, geological and paleoecological studies.

“The result is a unified, interdisciplinary theory of the “peopling” of the New World, which shows a gradual migration and expansion of people from Asia through Siberia and into Beringia starting about 40,000 years ago; a long waiting period in Beringia where the population size remained relatively stable; and finally a rapid expansion into North America through Alaska or Canada about 15,000 years ago”

The problem with the preceding is, it does not take into account the languages requiring diffusion over a vast area and the evidence the languages provide pointing to a migration from the south with only the most recent languages making the Siberia connection, and in a limited West coast geography. Unfortunately, the UF “interdisciplinary theory” seems to lack inclusiveness with any study pointing to credible alternatives.

Then we have the Solutrean points of Western Europe:


Compared to the Clovis points of North America:

clovis Point

The proposal the Native American Clovis is derived from the Western Europe’s Solutrean… is also consistent with Blackfoot Oral History…

Working at multiple sites across the continent, researchers found nanodiamonds – microscopic particles thought to be found on comets – in a 13,000-year-old layer of rich sedimentary soil called a “black mat.” Beneath the layer with the nanodiamonds, fossils of the animals are abundant. After that layer, they disappear, West said.

“It’s extraordinary that tens of millions of animals disappeared synchronously at exactly the time when the diamonds and carbon layer are laid down across the continent,” said West, whose co-authors include DePaul University chemist Wendy Wolbach.

Arrowheads and other artifacts from the Clovis culture of humans – an early hunter-gatherer society – also vanish after the black mat was laid down 13,000 years ago

Read more at:

…but has been dismissed by anthropologists claiming the DNA Native Americans hold in common with Paleolithic Western Europeans of roughly the same era cannot have come via the Atlantic route because of another, 24,000 year old, boy found in Southern Siberia (a LONG ways from Beringia) with European genes also has DNA markers common to modern Native Americans:

“Genetically, this individual had no east Asian resemblance but looked like Europeans and people from west Asia. But the thing that was really mind-blowing was that there were signatures you only see in today’s Native Americans”

But the boy can’t be Native American according to land bridge worshiping anthropologists with this far-fetched logic:

“Willerslev’s team suggests that after the ancestors of Native Americans split off from those of east Asians, they moved north. Somewhere in Siberia, they met another group of people coming east from western Eurasia — the people to whom the Mal’ta boy belonged. The two groups mingled, and their descendants eventually travelled east into North America”

The automatic assumption is the South Siberian boy is the ancestral type which did not appear in North America until 10,000 years later, demanding the unique Native American DNA markers arrived via the Bering land bridge only 15,000  years ago. This stretch of the imagination presumes the boy from 24,000 years ago has a bloodline which had come from very far away from where would be expected (Western Europe) and yet absolutely no thought is given to the idea the modern, exclusively Native American DNA match also found in the boy could have originated with a population already in the Americas for 16,000 years prior to the Siberian boys death some 24,000 years ago. In effect, it is demanded by science that if you put a 24,000 year old uniquely Native American bloodline with shared DNA of Western Europe’s Paleolithic people, in southern Siberia, as far from its Western European Paleolithic roots as it is from uniquely Native American matched DNA, it has to be European/Asian precursor of people who later migrated to the Americans and cannot be Native American. The Bering land bridge is demanded to be a one way street and no one is allowed to live on the American side of the bridge prior to 15,000 years past. It never occurs to the anthropologists the Siberian boy might have Native American ancestry which had migrated from the Americas to Siberia within the past 25,000 or so years, no matter how much more sense this might make. It is (direct line) 4,000 miles from Portugal, where you would expect to find the Western European Paleolithic genetic makers (and from where a sea crossing might be made) to Florida and by far more distance overland (via Siberia) west to east than the direct (west to east) 10,000 miles from Portugal to near where the genetically related (to the Siberian) Montana boy was found. The anthropological assumption automatically denies people might have known how to make sea crossings between 12,000 and 40,000 years ago. This specific denial can only be founded on the ethno-centric bias of scientists whose own history indicates a belief in a flat Earth a mere 500+ years past (ok, so this last was a Washington Irving joke but it’s not far off the mark.)

And the insistence there could not have been an Atlantic crossing to explain the European genetic markers is hammered on:

“This new origin story helps to resolve several peculiarities in New World archaeology. For example, ancient skulls found in both North and South America have features that do not resemble those of East Asians. They also carry the mitochondrial haplogroup X, which is related to western Eurasian lineages but not to east Asian ones.

“On the basis of these features, some scientists have suggested that Native Americans descended from Europeans who sailed west across the Atlantic. However, says Willerslev, “you don’t need a hypothesis that extreme””

A simple but undesirable “hypothesis that extreme” of a 4,000 mile sea voyage has been replaced with a hyper-convoluted and much less likely hypothesis a more than the (direct west to east line) 10,000 mile overland trek requiring 20,000 years ‘trapped in Beringia’ to protect the land bridge theory.

Now let’s return to the boy from 12,000+ years ago found in Montana and identified with Clovis culture and the sweeping assumptions surrounding his discovery:

“another theory, supported only by archaeological evidence, was that ancient Native Americans came from people who migrated across the Atlantic Ocean from Western Europe before the last Ice Age—the so-called Solutrean hypothesis. “This genetic study provides unequivocal evidence that this did not happen,” said coauthor Michael Waters, a geoarcheologist at the Texas A&M University

“[the] genome also suggests that modern Native Americans are direct descendants of the Clovis population. The ancient genome is similar to those of peoples from both North and South America, suggesting that a single founding population migrated into the Americas close to the time of the last Ice Age” [in effect, 15,000 years ago]

More hammering by the anthros on killing the Atlantic crossing, they never tire of it but here’s a bit more:

A new DNA study has found sudden explosion of particular male Y chromosomes in the Americas about 15,000 years ago. This would fit nicely with the arrival of Solutrean (i.e. Clovis) technology from Europe…

“The best explanation is that they may have resulted from advances in technology that could be controlled by small groups of men. Wheeled transport, metal working and organised warfare are all candidate explanations that can now be investigated further”

…but the study avoids any mention of the possibility of a Solutrean source of this event in the Americas as though it were plague. But in fact the timeline bears investigating in this regard; if there were a single, small, incursion of Solutrean technology into the Americas around the end of that culture in Europe 16,000 years ago, a 15,000 years ago genetics impact in the Americas is not implausible; as it would take some time for the seed or understanding of the new technology to take hold in a demonstrated way. By 13,500 years ago Clovis has been established. This is not an unreasonable timeline to mesh 3 events; 1) arrival of Solutrean technology 2) associated Y chromosome explosion by those adopting the technology and 3) establishment of Clovis technology.

Going to the western science endemic denial and omission of possibilities, just for a laugh, let’s try this:

In the year 14016, precisely 12,000 years into our post-nuclear world’s future, archaeologists dig up a Native American in the uniform of the French Foreign Legion, in Africa. The automatic assumption could easily be ‘His genetic markers proves the French were Native Americans.’ Or, ‘Black Africans colonized the Central African Republic and exterminated the aboriginal [Native American] inhabitants’ based on a 10,000 years old previous [genetically Black African] find. These scenarios are no more far-fetched than the land bridge worshipers proposals.

The actual problem I’m pointing to here is, culture (and associated tools) are not necessarily race/genetic specific. A sweeping claim based on a single example, the Montana burial, is like determining a French speaking Black African cannot trace his cultural origin to Alsace or Normandy. Culture is not DNA, one cannot be categorically tied to the other. Widely divergent peoples borrow or swap ideas. Now, to a related controversy:

The Clovis culture was proposed to have been wiped out (together with the mega-fauna) by a comet impact, causing the so-called ‘Younger Dryas’ period in archaeology.

Working at multiple sites across the continent, researchers found nanodiamonds – microscopic particles thought to be found on comets – in a 13,000-year-old layer of rich sedimentary soil called a “black mat.” Beneath the layer with the nanodiamonds, fossils of the animals are abundant. After that layer, they disappear, West said.

“It’s extraordinary that tens of millions of animals disappeared synchronously at exactly the time when the diamonds and carbon layer are laid down across the continent,” said West, whose co-authors include DePaul University chemist Wendy Wolbach.

Arrowheads and other artifacts from the Clovis culture of humans – an early hunter-gatherer society – also vanish after the black mat was laid down 13,000 years ago

Read more at:

“Working at multiple sites across the continent, researchers found nanodiamonds – microscopic particles thought to be found on comets – in a 13,000-year-old layer of rich sedimentary soil called a “black mat.” Beneath the layer with the nanodiamonds, fossils of the animals are abundant. After that layer, they disappear

“It’s extraordinary that tens of millions of animals disappeared synchronously at exactly the time when the diamonds and carbon layer are laid down across the continent”

“Arrowheads and other artifacts from the Clovis culture of humans – an early hunter-gatherer society – also vanish after the black mat was laid down 13,000 years ago”

This is consistent with Blackfoot Oral History but the Bering land bridge worshipers scream ‘Fantasy!‘ …

“The theory has reached zombie status,” said Professor Andrew Scott from the Department of Earth Sciences at Royal Holloway. “Whenever we are able to show flaws and think it is dead, it reappears with new, equally unsatisfactory, arguments. Hopefully new versions of the theory will be more carefully examined before they are published”

“The theory has reached zombie status,” said Professor Andrew Scott from the Department of Earth Sciences at Royal Holloway. “Whenever we are able to show flaws and think it is dead, it reappears with new, equally unsatisfactory, arguments.

“Hopefully new versions of the theory will be more carefully examined before they are published.”

Read more at:

… concerning the comet theory, claiming, among other things, contaminated samples compromised the North American study but required ignoring this multiple continents study:

“We present detailed geochemical and morphological analyses of nearly 700 spherules from 18 sites in support of a major cosmic impact at the onset of the Younger Dryas episode (12.8 ka). The impact distributed ∼10 million tonnes of melted spherules over 50 million square kilometers on four continents. Origins of the spherules by volcanism, anthropogenesis, authigenesis, lightning, and meteoritic ablation are rejected on geochemical and morphological grounds. The spherules closely resemble known impact materials derived from surficial sediments melted at temperatures >2,200 °C. The spherules correlate with abundances of associated melt-glass, nanodiamonds, carbon spherules, aciniform carbon, charcoal, and iridium

Airbursts/impacts by a fragmented comet or asteroid have been proposed at the Younger Dryas onset (12.80 ± 0.15 ka) based on identification of an assemblage of impact-related proxies, including microspherules, nanodiamonds, and iridium. Distributed across four continents at the Younger Dryas boundary (YDB), spherule peaks have been independently confirmed in eight studies, but unconfirmed in two others, resulting in continued dispute about their occurrence, distribution, and origin. To further address this dispute and better identify YDB spherules, we present results from one of the largest spherule investigations ever undertaken regarding spherule geochemistry, morphologies, origins, and processes of formation. We investigated 18 sites across North America, Europe, and the Middle East, performing nearly 700 analyses on spherules using energy dispersive X-ray spectroscopy for geochemical analyses and scanning electron microscopy for surface microstructural characterization. Twelve locations rank among the world’s premier end-Pleistocene archaeological sites, where the YDB marks a hiatus in human occupation or major changes in site use. Our results are consistent with melting of sediments to temperatures >2,200 °C by the thermal radiation and air shocks produced by passage of an extraterrestrial object through the atmosphere; they are inconsistent with volcanic, cosmic, anthropogenic, lightning, or authigenic sources. We also produced spherules from wood in the laboratory at >1,730 °C, indicating that impact-related incineration of biomass may have contributed to spherule production. At 12.8 ka, an estimated 10 million tonnes of spherules were distributed across ∼50 million square kilometers, similar to well-known impact strewnfields and consistent with a major cosmic impact event”

This is also consistent with Blackfoot Oral History as explained to myself by Floyd Heavyrunner in a close association that spanned 37 years:

The Blackfoot precursor people arrived by sea in the very far south during the period of the mega-fauna. They migrated north where they encountered a race of Whites they had inter-married with, and these Whites taught them survival in their new land. Specifically, clearly, they were taught how to make stone points. There also was a celestial impact that destroyed their world together with the mega-fauna and left few survivors. These are the stories of two separate peoples who mingled into one people. What is not clear is whether they met and mingled pre or post impact. The White race they mingled with seems to have been a scarce minority or remnant people, and this fact tends me to believe it was post impact, but we actually do not know. What is clear, from the Blackfoot Oral historical view is, there had been inter-racial and inter-cultural mixing in the Americas. There was an impact event. And it follows, after the impact, there would be large areas of North America vacated of previous life and culture, opening these areas wide to migrants from the south, consistent with the linguistics study cited towards the beginning of this article and Blackfoot Oral History. And a stone point cannot be specific to DNA, no different to French language cannot be specific to the DNA of Northern Europe, millions of Black Africans speak French. Entire Native American tribes now only speak English, pointing to culture (language IS a cultural marker) cannot necessarily be definitively tied to any one populations bloodlines.

Thought provoking, but tangential and yet to be fully explored is the fact of Polynesian DNA found in South America:

“”Everything was both surprising and exciting from the very start,” Pena says. “The first thought that came to my mind was that we had the rule out the possibility of some contamination, although it would be difficult exactly of that kind, since there were no Polynesian individuals in the chain of custody.” Another lab ultimately independently confirmed these findings”

And Native American blood found in Polynesia:

“A team of scientists have tested the genetic make up of descendants of the original islanders and found it includes DNA that could have only come from native Americans.

“That means that some time before the remote islands – including Easter Island – were colonised by Europeans the locals had interbred with people from South America.

“The Polynesian islands are some of the most remote in the world – lying thousands of miles west of South America and thousands of miles east of Asia”

And then you pre-Columbian, American sweet potato migration from Ecuador and Peru to Polynesia:

“Using complementary sets of markers (chloroplast and nuclear microsatellites) and both modern and herbarium samples, we test the tripartite hypothesis. Our results provide strong support for prehistoric transfer(s) of sweet potato from South America (Peru-Ecuador region) into Polynesia”

And then, the bottle gourd is particularly interesting, cultivated in Mexico for 10,000 years:

“Domesticated bottle gourds have been identified in the Americas at sites such as Guila Naquitz in Mexico by ~10,000 years ago. DNA sequences of rinds discovered in precontact America are of the Asian sub-variety” *

Now, the problem with this (for the land bridge worshipers) is Asian bottle gourds are not likely going to drift across the Pacific to Mexico, the currents between subtropical Asia and Subtropical America are predominately the opposite direction:


And what are the chances a sub-tropical plant is going to find its way on foot from south Asia via Siberian climate, across the land bridge and down to Mexico? Pretty far-fetched. The most likely scenario is the bottle gourd came across the Pacific in the possession of a sea-faring people previous to 10,000 years ago. In fact these gourds are found across Polynesia.

And then, the pre-Columbian Polynesian chicken introduction to South America also suggests prevailing currents point away from the gourd floating to sub-tropical regions of the Americas:

“Computer simulations suggest that voyaging eastward from Polynesia in the southern hemisphere where the mid-latitude westerlies are more accessible, is a more likely prospect than a northern route to the Americas. These southern hemisphere voyages would have brought landfalls in the central and southern regions of Chile and could have introduced the Polynesian chicken to South America”

What is interesting in the preceding is, pre-Colombian peoples are acknowledged to have been all over the Pacific, from Polynesia to South America, beginning from the Asian side, up to 4,000 years or farther in the past. So, why not the Atlantic 12,000 years ago? Or the Pacific 40,000 years previous to present? The answer is as simple as looking at your hand in front of your face, it is the ego of a recently primitive culture, represented in Western Anthropology, demands no Native Americans, the peoples whose lives they had destroyed, got anything right, before Copernicus, Galileo and Western culture’s adoption of Plato. But don’t forget, these people’s ‘civilization’ were still burning witches when Columbus landed in the Americas. Solutrean isn’t dead, it merely isn’t proven. But then, neither is much of what is taken as gospel by science proven. I have a good laugh, time to time, when it occurs the people and culture who were burning heretics a mere 500 years ago, hold to anything considered to be a definitive or empirically proven or dis-proven ‘truth.’

How about a ‘litmus test’ of self-veracity for western science? The human appendix was faithfully described by science as a ‘vestigial organ’ for what seemed like a very long time (how many decades? Centuries?) and then an ‘Eureka!’ moment came along within the last decade; the human appendix is a perfectly modern, functional organ whose purpose is restarting the gut flora, following a case of dysentery. It follows, it is immaterial whether Solutrean people were White or Black, whether they possibly walked over ice via Greenland or possibly arrived by sea, or didn’t arrive at all. What is material is, the culture that produced western science, that is to say science itself, in a sense, is still burning heretics.

Meanwhile, the ‘anthros’ discover Australasian blood in Brazil and the Aleutian islands, and (grudgingly) push the ‘first’ Americans arrival back to a possible 23,000 years (whilst ignoring the 50,000 years find), recalling:

19,000 year old stone tools have been found at precisely the wrong end of the Americas (southern Chile), so yeah, where were those ‘land bridge’ North Americans prior to 14,500 years ago? As well, several Amazon tribes have been discovered to be the most closely related (of all modern peoples) to the Austral-Asian peoples of Papua and Australia; with no comparable (or even remote) intermediate genetic relationships to the north of their Amazon location until you get to the Aleutian Islands and a population of late arrivals from Siberia. The most common sense explanation is the ancestral Austral-Asian type found in the Amazon tribes’ genetics journeyed to South America about the same period as Papua and Australia were initially peopled (40,000 to 60,000 years ago.) But, all those anthropologists with ‘Boners for Beringia’ have stretched logic (and inflated their credulity) by insisting these Amazon tribes genetics could only have arrived via Siberia within the last 15,000 years; while ignoring “New Evidence Puts Man in North America 50,000 Years Ago.”  There are numerous problems with this ‘mainstream’ postulate; it ignores evidence from linguistics, it ignores other cultural evidence, it ignores physical evidence, and most of all, it ignores the primitive and nativistic nature of western empiricism’s roots.

Relevant to this immediate preceding, it is clear from a BBC article the anthros with Boners for Beringia will never allow for a European (Solutrean) presence as they continue to deny, equivocate, stretch the imagination (in most close minded ways) and otherwise stick to the land bridge ‘scientific’ orthodoxy:

“[So] the fanciful ideas that somehow the Americas were populated by people coming from Europe and all kinds of other places are wrong”

But now that we have Australasian commonality (recalling culture transits populations entirely independent of genetics), close your eyes and have a listen to the music of the Malind tribe of West Papua; it is little different to something you would hear at a Blackfoot celebration on America’s Northern Plains:

* Since I’d published an initial version of this analysis as “Apple Indians & Anthropology” (February 2014), the linked article on the bottle-gourd story has been amended to omit the “Asian sub-variety” (dna) quote and changed to emphasize a larger study that essentially buried the result of the study finding pre-Columbian rinds with dna pointing to the Asian variety. What appears to have happened is, by adding in study of modern gourds found in the Americas, the people who insist the bottle gourd floated from Africa to the Americas, essentially are inferring the ancient rinds found with Asian dna are somehow irrelevant because they could not recover some of the genetic information the previous study had identified (one gets the impression there was little motivation to accomplish this), as well the new study shows other problems (an analogy would be to be bury the odd facts that don’t fit the new study as an anomaly within the numbers.)

In the new study, there are several glaring stretches of possibilities on top of the fact the ancient dispersal model does not even consider the possibility of human transport of the gourds by sea; the largest stretch postulates the rare African wild gourd varieties made multiple ancient crossings of the Atlantic on their own in a 10,000 years past window of time that does not appear to have been repeated before or since. Also overlooked is the ‘coincidence’ these gourds had been domesticated in Asia and the Americas for 10,000 years plus but only in Africa much later.

The real conclusion supported throughout is, when it comes to protecting one’s turf, science is as dirty as politics.

I saw in this land an Indian woman and a child who would not stand out among white blonds. These people [of the upper class] say that they were the children of the idols” [gods] – Pedro Pizarro, chronicler of the Spanish conquest of Peru

“The remarks made by Pizarro as to the skin- colour of the Peruvians are very important and, probably, truthful. Today one finds people who claim to be pure Indian in blood who are very light in colour, but it is not possible to be sure that they have not some white blood”  Note 139, page 528, The Discovery and Conquest of The Kingdoms of Peru by Pedro Pizarro in Two Volumes, Volume II, translated into English and annotated by
 Philip Ainsworth Means, The Cortes Society, New York (1921)


‘Apple Indians’ is a wonderful terminology for the not-so-politically-correct. It is a great term when applied to to the politically correct Western anthropology programs disguised with the euphemism ‘Native Studies.’ And here is why:

The term for a Black man translates from Blackfoot language as “Black White Man” and the thought behind this is completely alien to modern western ideation. The Blackfoot “Black White Man” derives from interaction with the Black cavalry regiment stationed north of Browning during the military occupation of the Blackfeet reservation (into the 1930s.) “Black” is descriptive solely in a superficial sense and when coupled to “White”, points directly to European mentality or state of mind and is not primarily concerned with skin color. This is reinforced with the Cree translation for White Man (from ‘moon-e-yas’) being essentially identical concept: “Not like us” in a sense of thought process. This again loops back in identical sense in the proper Blackfoot term for a White Man per se: ‘Napi Kwan’ or “White Man” refers to someone who is crazy from a cultural perspective and figures in the Blackfoot proverb “Everyone knows the White Man is crazy.” All of the translations taken with the proverb point to color as superficial or descriptive only, with the emphasis on state of mind or thought process. Old Man the fool, Napi to the Blackfeet, and the ‘Napi’ in the Blackfoot expression ‘Napi Kwan’ that translate as White Man, are one and the same. In the present times, when we see modern academics discuss Race in relation to Native America, particularly when those academics skins are Red, we are witnessing European mentality co-opting original Native thought, because in the old native way of thinking, there is no concept of race. Humanity is expressed solely through thought process and resultant behaviors. And for this reason, I think the term ‘Apple Indians’ is absolutely apropos in relation to the oxymoron of ‘native studies’ in the Western education. No different to ‘Black White Man’ accurately portrays Spike Lee from an ancient Native point of view.

Now, the western culture, having taken over our native peoples, will never admit they have created a politically correct academic program as another step in the cultural assimilation of native peoples, employing Western anthropology to accomplish what amounts to utilizing people with so-called ‘Red skins’ in ongoing ethnocide, and certified it as ‘academic science.’ Why? Because they are too busy self-inflating over their superiority to the so-called ‘primitives’ with investigation into man’s origins in the Americas. Forget Oral History, forget Native applied, practical philosophy, forget any thought that might be a threat to the Western sciences’ ethno-centric bias and Plato. Platonic-Cartesian thought (Western science) is a self-worshipping god with a narrow rut of inquiry and a dogma. Essentially a self-perpetrating lie.


My question to my Native sisters and brothers in academia is, what do you think you could ever accomplish learning from these people? Forget it, toss your degrees in the trash, go home and preserve the language and stories, there really is nothing better out there.

Related: Life in Indian Country

Collected stories, folklore and anecdotes concerning my many years life with Blackfeet Indians and traversing Native American territories



For years informed people (includes myself) had been pointing out a known principle of social physics in relation to the western democracies aggressions abroad; ‘force escalates violence’ also known as ‘blow-back.’ In the military application of this principle, if you are a line officer, you are well aware when increased force is committed to assaulting an enemy position, the cadence or pace of firing increases. The immediate effect will be increased destruction & casualties, and the aftermath will be either control of the enemy position or having been repulsed. In either case, the attacking force might then see a counter-attack, depending on the battlefield resources and one side’s superior ability to recover manpower and munitions (logistics) in relation to the other. In past times, this micro-cosmic battlefield phenomena reflected a larger social reality in outcomes; States and societies enforcing one’s will upon another. The evolution of the resultant laws of war is primarily based in European history and can trace its roots to Imperial Rome and beyond, to the time of Plato and Alexander.

The larger European culture had exported this social aggression to the world abroad, to feed its own intra-cultural aggressions via the wealth exploited from the so-called ‘uncivilized’ or  ‘undeveloped’ world (colonialism), such as the silver mines of Peru funding the Spanish Armada. Colonies funding European cultural aggression has been their primary function despite self-justifications such as bringing ‘civilization’ to those (Europeans historically presume) less culturally developed than themselves. Such attitudes are not far beneath the surface as cultural driving forces to this day and we see it not only in the Euro-centric history our children are taught but also in the images and rhetoric. Whether in the inter-cultural aggression monument to Columbus at Barcelona:


Or the intra-cultural aggression in a monument to the defeat of Napoleon at Leipzig:


Or Napoleon’s so-called ‘burial’:


Or Germany continuing celebration of historical warmongers such as Prussian King Frederick II who put Germans on the path to become the nastiest regime in modern history:


Or ‘American exceptionalism’ where Obama states: “I believe that America is exceptional. In part because we have shown a willingness, through the sacrifice of blood and treasure, to stand up not only for our own narrow self-interest, but for the interests of all.”  The NAZIs believed they were exceptional as well:


All of these elements celebrate European cultural aggression, whether inter or intra-cultural aggression, in a sense portrayed with pride. What is missing from the imagery and rhetoric in the European (includes USA) cultural experience is the utter lack of any examination of repeated and compounded consequence of pursuing empire:


Whether a ‘Reichstag fire’ or an event manipulated to same effect by perpetrators of imperialism, ‘blow-back’ is real, from reactions to war-profiteering enterprises (Lockheed-Martin, General Dynamics, JP Morgan, et al) capitalizing on 9/11 to an Afghan national who only the other day put his finger in my face and stated “I have a problem with you” because I’m an American and Americans are unnecessarily blowing up women and children in Afghanistan with airstrikes and drones.

So, what is imperialism? It is a concept central to European mentality in ways they are not even aware of. I don’t agree with every motive for and proposed solution to imperialism in this following video but I do agree with the fact imperialism is the most destructive force on earth, that it is Euro-centric cultural mentality and that it must be contained, reversed and ended. I do not believe Euro-centric mentality is race based White Supremacy, I believe this is only one self-justifying rational for manifestation of a cultural mentality that employs religion, science and more, to justify an infectious, ego-based narcissism and attending aggressive, violent greed that ultimately transcends race. North Korea’s Kim, as well the Black kleptocrats who’ve hijacked South Africa, or for that matter, Obama, are little different to any European Whites in their narcissistic motives and behaviors in my view. Kim would probably join the capital club tomorrow if the USA would give up hypocritical demands of democracy & human rights and pull the war games out of North Korea’s face, and South Africa’s new Black oligarchs seem to believe they can snooker South Africans indefinitely with the USA turning a blind eye because they have become ‘players.’ Obama’s policies look like the policies of George Bush on steroids, except covered up by media allowing Obama to be a convincing liar and Obama can actually speak decent English, two things Bush could never really master. But it is easy to see how White Supremacist motive would be interpreted as the progenitor of imperialism, because imperialism as we know it in these modern times not only originated with, but has been largely sustained by Europe and consequent aligned Euro-centric cultures and mentality, particularly the USA. We know from history that White captive children raised Native American never wished to return to the White community (mentality.) It’s just White people’s (and consequently the world’s) bad luck the mentality behind imperialism took root in Europe, in my estimation.

All that said, I challenge everyone who has read this short essay to watch this video in its entirety. It is multiple voices hammering on a single theme … attempting to define imperialism. I know some of these people and respect them a LOT. Not because we always agree (we don’t always agree) but because they care immensely about pulling our world out of its downward spiral and that is a noble goal we all should share:


Note on the video: The included ‘double tap’ footage from Wikileaks is the only leak of Private Manning (as an armed forces member) I feel was legally justified, because it is a war crime of murdering people who’d arrived to evacuate the wounded, on top of it is obvious from the voice recording the attack helicopter crew had no clear knowledge of who they were firing on. For the record, I am a staunch supporter of Snowden.

Afterthought: The USA and Western Europe aggressively pushing Russia into a corner with the destabilization of Ukraine (latest in a long list of provocations) on behalf of present (Yulia Tymoshenko, example given) and future oligarchs in a push for world-wide American corporate ‘manifest destiny’, may become the case of intra-cultural European aggression that forces Russia, with a LOT to lose, to end the ‘great game’ once and for all.

Something to think about in a nuclear armed world…


Last update March 2021: The wikiwatchdog online search tool has finally gone out of existence after long or intermittent periods of downtime, with the William ‘Bill’ Colby article edits previously documented and discussed in this following piece having vanished from the database (the CIA finally has its desired result.)

A 2007 Wired Magazine article on wikiscanner (taken down shortly after this article’s initial publication) exposed the CIA (among others) as anonymous editors of Wikipedia. Deliberate, professionally engineered disinformation (information operations, psy-ops) is a long used tool of intelligence agencies, with a military history to ancient times. Other than CIA, with its’ extensive history of modern media manipulation, other organizations editing Wikipedia would certainly include the the USA’s Defense Intelligence Agency, British MI6, Israeli MOSSAD, other intelligence agencies and numerous corporations. A sort of ‘you are what you eat’ philosophy applied to ‘you will be what you think’ on behalf of CHEVRON, Diebold, Booz Allen, Westinghouse, General Dynamics, the International Chamber of Commerce, NATO and too many more modern gods worshiped at the temple of western military industrial capital to be named.

On the CIA anonymous edits of Wikipedia, there is one of particular interest. The entry on William ‘Bill’ Colby, a former Director of Central Intelligence, had some particularly damning information deleted (information that was never restored.) Using the wikiscanner replacement ‘WikiWatchdog‘, I was able to track down this following CIA edit. The Bold text is text deleted by the CIA:

“Shortly thereafter, an OSS friend offered him a job at CIA, and Colby accepted. Colby spent the next twelve years in the field, first in Stockholm, Sweden. There, he helped set up the stay-behind networks of Gladio, a covert paramilitary organizations organized by the CIA in order to prepare an eventual Soviet invasion, as he later described in his memoirs. According to a November 25, 1990 article by the Danish daily newspaper ”Berlingske Tidende”, quoted by Daniele Ganser in his 2005 book on Gladio, a source named “Q” confirmed William Colby’s revelations in his memoirs about the setting-up of stay-behind armies in Scandinavia

“Colby’s story is absolutely correct. Absalon was created in the early 1950s. Colby was a member of the world spanning laymen catholic organisation Opus Dei, which, using a modern term, could be called right-wing. Opus Dei played a central role in the setting up of Gladio in the whole of Europe and also in Denmark… The leader of Gladio was Harder who was probably not a Catholic. But there are not many Catholics in Denmark and the basic elements making up the Danish Gladio were former WW II resistance people – former prisoners of Tysk Vestre Faengsel, Froslevlejren, Neuengammeand also of the Danish Brigade.

“William Colby then spent much of the 1950s based in Rome, where he led the Agency’s covert political operations campaign to support moderate anti-Communist parties. After World War II, Italia was the first ground for the CIA covert operations to stop the Communist from legally taking power, in a strategy later dubbed ‘strategy of tension’ by the Italian press.

“On April 27, 1996, Colby died in a supposed boating accident near his home in Rock Point, Maryland. He reportedly did not mention any canoeing plans to his wife, nor was it normal for him to go boating at night. Colby had left his home unlocked, his computer on, and a partly eaten dinner on the table. Colby’s body was eventually found, underwater, on May 6, 1996. The life jacket his friends said he usually wore was missing. The body was found 20 yards from the canoe, after the area had been thoroughly searched multiple times. The subsequent inquest found that he died from drowning and hypothermia after collapsing from a heart attack or stroke and falling out of his canoe. There is no evidence that Colby went canoeing. There is no evidence that Colby died on April 27, 1996. Colby disappeared April 27, 1996. His body was recovered on May 6, 1996. Hence, the date of Colby’s death is somewhere between these two dates. The Internet Movie Database states Colby died on May 6, 1996. Colby was laid to rest at Arlington National Cemetery on May 13, 1996.

“Conservative news reporter Christopher Ruddy (as part of the Arkansas Project) has claimed President Clinton had Colby murdered because Colby was going to write about a conspiracy between Clinton and Vincent Foster.

“The former CIA director acknowledged to Nebraska State Senator John DeCamp that the scenario described in the documentary, ‘’Conspiracy of Silence’’, is real, which tells of a sex ring that had links to political conservatives in Washington D.C. Not long thereafter Colby turned up dead under suspicious circumstances. John DeCamp has since authored The Franklin Coverup. This all came to public view on the morning of June 29, 1989, when the ”Washington Times’ headline was “Call Boys Took Midnight Tour of White House.””

Bearing in mind this is a single editing incident (according to the WikiWatchdog program) “edit on 2006-06-20 at 18:32:45 by (” [20 June 2006 at 6:32pm] it should be noted since, in a subsequent, unattributed edit (not shown in bold in the preceding), this additional information had been deleted:

“He reportedly did not mention any canoeing plans to his wife, nor was it normal for him to go boating at night. Colby had left his home unlocked, his computer on, and a partly eaten dinner on the table. Colby’s body was eventually found, underwater, on May 6, 1996. The life jacket his friends said he usually wore was missing. The body was found 20 yards from the canoe, after the area had been thoroughly searched multiple times. The subsequent inquest found that he died from drowning and hypothermia after collapsing from a heart attack or stroke and falling out of his canoe. There is no evidence that Colby went canoeing. There is no evidence that Colby died on April 27, 1996. Colby disappeared April 27, 1996. His body was recovered on May 6, 1996. Hence, the date of Colby’s death is somewhere between these two dates. The Internet Movie Database states Colby died on May 6, 1996.”

This second edit had been made since the CIA had learned to cover its tracks, as the edit of 20 June 2006 had been made before the tracking software referred to in the 2007 (now deleted) Wired article had been developed and released. The new ‘WikiWatchdog’ is a subsequent development to the original software which appeared to have been sabotaged. With the WikiWatchdog, this is perhaps a short lived opportunity, WikiWatchdog most certainly will be attacked to prevent articles such as this one (indeed the life of wikiwatchdog does seem to have been short, I notice the links to wikiwatchdog are dead, as this article took off with numerous reads on 15 July 2014, the link has been subsequently restored, but tool’s functionality appears to be disabled; author’s note)

There are several ‘hot button’ issues buried by the noted CIA changes to the Wikipedia article on William Colby, circumstance of Colby’s death, Opus Dei’s involvement with ‘Gladio’, the death of Vince Foster and the ‘Franklin Scandal.’

edit on 2006-06-20 at 18:32:45

by (

– See more at:!search/en/

edit on 2006-06-20 at 18:32:45

by (

– See more at:!search/en/

We can use this following, related, short Wikipedia article (disinformation) on the Franklin Scandal as a point of reference:

“The Franklin child prostitution ring allegations took place between 1988 and 1991 and involved an alleged child sex ring serving prominent citizens of the Nebraska Republican Party, as well as high-level U.S. politicians. The allegations also claimed that the alleged sex ring was led by, “a cult of devil worshipers involved in the mutilation, sacrifice and cannibalism of numerous children.”The allegations centered on the actions of Lawrence E. King Jr., who ran the now defunct Franklin Community Federal Credit Union (FCFCU) in Omaha.

“State Foster Care Review Board submitted the results of a two-year investigation into the physical and sexual abuse of foster children to the Executive Board of the Nebraska Legislature, who were investigating reports of child sexual abuse linked to the credit union. Authorities launched a probe, interviewing a number of claimed abuse victims who said that children in foster care were flown to the U.S. East Coast and were abused at “bad parties.” After investigation, a grand jury in Douglas County (of which Omaha, Nebraska is the largest city and county seat) determined the abuse allegations were baseless, describing them as a “carefully crafted hoax” and indicted two of the accusers on perjury charges.The grand jury also suggested that the abuse stories originated from a vindictive employee terminated by Boys Town, the famed refuge for troubled youths. Later, a federal grand jury concluded that the abuse allegations were unfounded and indicted 21 year old Alisha Owen, an alleged victim, on eight counts of perjury. The same grand jury also indicted multiple officers of the credit union, including King, for crimes related to the embezzlement of funds from the credit union. Alisha Owen served 4-1/2 years in prison.

“Historian Philip Jenkins explored how hot topics such as the Franklin allegations, whether or not they are worthy of attention or credible on their own merits, are seized by political opportunists for their own purposes. He also described how cases such as the Franklin allegations can acquire credibility, even if they lack any credibility inherently, when reported in various media in a credulous voice. Numerous conspiracy theories evolved and persist, claiming that the alleged abuse was part of a widespread series of crimes including devil worship, cannibalism, drug trafficking, CIA arms dealing and links with the first Bush Administration.

This preceding is the entire text of the Wikipedia article on Wednesday, 5 February 2014.

Of the several problems with this article, including the missing fact the lead investigator’s private plane disintegrated in mid-air and the grand jury had been mislead by prosecutors, most remarkable is the omission of any reference to the “Conspiracy of Silence” documentary film funded by the Discovery Channel and produced by Yorkshire Television of Britain. This suppressed film contains video testimony of several of the professional participants in the investigation, absolutely refuting the Wikipedia article, as well detailing how the FBI engineered a cover-up of the Franklin Scandal (Author’s note: this video was killed at youtube on 15 July 2014, when this article took off with hundreds of hits. Fortunately, vimeo provides an alternative site to watch)

And then you have:

“What you have to understand, is that sometimes there are forces and events too big, too powerful, with so much at stake for other people or institutions, that you cannot do anything about them, no matter how evil or wrong they are and no matter how dedicated or sincere you are or how much evidence you have” -Former CIA Director William Colby to “Franklin Coverup” author John DeCamp.

Further refuting Wikipedia is the work of Nick Bryant, a journalist who not only penned “The Franklin Scandal” but has unimpeachable credentials:

Nick Bryant’s writing has recurrently focused on the plight of disadvantaged children in the United States, and he’s been published in numerous national journals, including the Journal of Professional Ethics, Journal of Applied Developmental Psychology, Journal of Social Distress and Homelessness, Journal of Health Care for the Poor and Underserved, and Journal of School Health. He is the co-author of America’s Children: Triumph of Tragedy, addressing the medical and developmental problems of lower socioeconomic children in America”

What more do you need to know? The Penn State child rape [Sandusky] scandal has ties to the Franklin case:

“The Penn State Sandusky scandal is getting weirder by the day. Besides the delays in reporting a serial child molester for years, in the past week conflicts of interests in presiding judge as well as Penn State investigating committees, we have learned that Sandusky’s lawyer impregnated an underage teen in the past, and a bizarre Sandusky interview with Bob Costas made news. The most amazing link however has been identified by researchers into [Penn State President] Graham Spanier’s past. If it is not odd enough that Mr. Spanier was complicit in not reporting the Sandusky rape to the police, Mr. Spanier has a direct link to the sordid “Franklin Scandal” in Omaha, Nebraska (child kidnaping for sexual abuse and trafficking scandal). Looking at Mr. Spanier’s biography, one can easily see that he served as Chancellor at University of Nebraska-Lincoln from 1991 to 1995 right towards the end of the Franklin scandal. Please note that Lincoln Nebraska is a short drive away from Omaha where most of abuses occurred. If the proximity is not creepy enough, Mr. Spanier’s long time friend and associate Ronald Roskens (former University of Nebraska chancellor and president) was directly linked to the Franklin Scandal as well as its ringleader Lawrence King. Roskens was fired in 1989 from his post when his involvement in various orgies was reported on (incl. surveillance photos of nude young boys in Rosken’s home) . It is shocking to realize this link when one knows of the abhorrent and deviant abuses which occurred in Omaha during this time and which in a similar fashion to the Penn State scandal was able to persist for too many years”

In fact Sandusky’s children’s charity, “The Second Mile“, was one of George H.W. Bush’s “1,000 points of light” This fact had not been killed by edits at Wikipedia (yet.)

“U.S. President George H. W. Bush praised the group as a “shining example” of charity work in a 1990 letter, one of that president’s much-promoted “Thousand points of light” encouragements to volunteer community organizations. Citing Sandusky’s work with The Second Mile charity to provide care for foster children, then U.S. Senator Rick Santorum honored Sandusky with an Angels in Adoption award in 2002″

Organized child rapes spanning three decades focused in Republican religious right circles with ties directly to the George H.W. Bush White House (children were given private White House tours prior to being raped by DC power brokers) cannot seem to be sorted by Wikipedia scholarship. And this is because you have CIA (among other organizations) editing Wikipedia. It does well to remember here, George H.W. Bush is a former Director of CIA.

Child Rape also has been authorized by ‘The Family’,  the organization sponsoring “The National Prayer Breakfast” (with stellar personalities like former NATO Supreme Commander General James Jones giving keynote speeches, not only Presidents of the United States) , also the group spiritually advises persons no less than U.S. Senator John Ensign, et al:

“David Coe, Doug Coe’s son and heir apparent, calls himself simply a friend to men such as John Ensign, whom he guided through the coverup of his affair. I met the younger Coe when I lived for several weeks as a member of the Family. He’s a surprising source of counsel, spiritual or otherwise. Attempting to explain what it means to be chosen for leadership like King David was — or Mark Sanford, according to his own estimate — he asked a young man who’d put himself, body and soul, under the Family’s authority, “Let’s say I hear you raped three little girls. What would I think of you?” The man guessed that Coe would probably think that he was a monster. “No,” answered Coe, “I wouldn’t.” Why? Because, as a member of the Family, he’s among what Family leaders refer to as the “new chosen.” If you’re chosen, the normal rules don’t apply” 

Other ‘family’ members:

“Sens. Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, and Jim DeMint and Lindsey Graham, both R-S.C.; James Inhofe, R-Okla., John Thune, R-S.D., and recent senators and high officials such as John Ashcroft, Ed Meese, Pete Domenici and Don Nickles. Over in the House there’s Joe Pitts, R-Penn., Frank Wolf, R-Va., Zach Wamp, R-Tenn., Robert Aderholt, R-Ala., Ander Crenshaw, R-Fla., Todd Tiahrt, R-Kan., Marsha Blackburn, R-Tenn., Jo Ann Emerson, R-Mo., and John R. Carter, R-Texas. Historically, the Family has been strongly Republican, but it includes Democrats, too. There’s Mike McIntyre of North Carolina, for instance, a vocal defender of putting the Ten Commandments in public places, and Sen. Mark Pryor, the pro-war Arkansas Democrat responsible for scuttling Obama’s labor agenda. Sen. Pryor explained to me the meaning of bipartisanship he’d learned through the Family: “Jesus didn’t come to take sides. He came to take over.” And by Jesus, the Family means the Family” –Sex & Power inside the C Street House by Jeff Sharlet

The leading ‘liberal’ light under the guidance of ‘The Family’ ? None other than Hillary Clinton according to Mother Jones Magazine:

“in Living History, [Hillary] describes her first encounter with Fellowship leader Doug Coe at a 1993 lunch with her prayer cell at the Cedars, the Fellowship’s majestic estate on the Potomac. Coe, she writes, “is a unique presence in Washington: a genuinely loving spiritual mentor and guide to anyone, regardless of party or faith, who wants to deepen his or her relationship with God””

In case you miss the the significance of Ed Meese belonging to ‘The Family’, Meese mentored Antonin Scalia to the Supreme Court of the United States. Meese went on to found ‘The Federalist Society’, a corporate cesspool of religious right personalities loaded with both George Bush (father & son) associated personalities reading like a who’s who of the military-industrial rich and powerful and minions like Condoleezza Rice and torture lawyer John Yoo. Since, The Federalist Society has provided us with Supreme Court justices Clarence Thomas, Samuel Alito and Chief Justice John Roberts. These religious right darlings then handed the USA to corporate entities via unlimited media spending with the decision ‘Citizens United.’ You are what you think.

“PAO (Public Affairs Office) now has relationships with reporters from every major wire service, newspaper, news weekly and television network in the nation. This has helped us turn some “intelligence failure” stories into “intelligence success” stories, and it has contributed to the accuracy of countless others. In many instances, we have persuaded reporters to postpone, change, hold, or even scrap stories that could have adversely affected national security interests or jeopardized sources and methods.” -Robert Gates, CIA internal memo (1991)

Jesus and Satan seem like twins here. One  of the biggest complaints surrounding the religious right is they take the bible too literally. Maybe the human sacrifice ritual ‘communion’ isn’t merely a ‘metaphor’ for all of these so-called Christians on Sundays, after all, Christianity, taken literally, compares well to Satanism. In this  case, Wikipedia doesn’t really need to take sides, eh? One’s lies are just as good as the other’s lies.

“The Central Intelligence Agency owns everyone of any significance in the major media.” -William Colby, former CIA Director, cited by Dave McGowan in “Derailing Democracy

More than CIA, I wonder how many Wikipedia editors are employees of the FBI. Or the Defense Intelligence Agency. It’s doubtful child rape is the most pressing reason the Pentagon’s poster child, the National Security Agency, has the USA’s director of Intelligence James Clapper, backed by the FBI & Defense Intelligence Agency, begging in front of Senators for Snowden to return documents, many of which must yet be unread. In fact the journalists in possession of the documents, Snowden himself and admittedly, the intelligence agencies themselves, can’t yet know the full content of the NSA [Pentagon poster child] leaks, the amount is said to be vast. Nevertheless the USA’s top intelligence people and extreme Christian Dominionists running the Pentagon are freaking out and clandestine Wikipedia editors will have their work cut out for them for quite some time:


There’s more truth in the above illustration than in many articles at Wikipedia. If you closely follow what is actually happening, it’s a more accurate portrait of western democracies military-industrial complex war profiteering responsible for social order breakdown and associated worldwide child rape phenomena than any pornographic image, considering:

“You could get a journalist cheaper than a good call girl, for a couple hundred dollars a month.” -CIA operative cited in “Katherine The Great” by Deborah Davis

And you shouldn’t dare trust Wikipedia for information on the so-called ‘Mena Conspiracy’

A number of allegations have been written about and several local, state, and federal investigations have taken place related to the notion of the Mena Intermountain Municipal Airport as a CIA drop point in large scale cocaine trafficking beginning in the latter part of the 1980s. The topic has received some press coverage that has included allegations of awareness, participation and/or coverup involvement of figures such as future president Bill Clinton.

An investigation by the CIA’s inspector general concluded that the CIA had no involvement in or knowledge of any illegal activities that may have occurred in Mena. The report said that the agency had conducted a training exercise at the airport in partnership with another Federal agency and that companies located at the airport had performed “routine aviation-related services on equipment owned by the CIA”

Rather trust what had actually been reported on but is widely suppressed by present mainstream media, not only suppressed by Wikipedia:


“There is quite an incredible spread of relationships. You don’t need to manipulate Time magazine, for example, because there are [Central Intelligence] Agency people at the management level.” -William B. Bader, former CIA intelligence officer, briefing members of the Senate Intelligence Committee, From ‘CIA and the Media’, by Carl Bernstein

“The Agency’s relationship with [The New York] Times was by far its most valuable among newspapers, according to CIA officials. [It was] general Times policy … to provide assistance to the CIA whenever possible.”CIA and the Media by Carl Bernstein

With the media having become an internet entity, it follows the several corporate entities fused with military and intelligence entities making up our western democracies ‘deep state‘, media is ever more easily manipulated by those whose capital and stocks benefit from the mass killings taking place planet-wide on daily basis. All of this destructive profiteering is engineered in the name of ‘terror’ and ‘security.’ This social engineering of violence catering to the insatiable greed of the western world’s institutions of leadership and associated corporate weapons profiteering personalities, requires a ‘you are what you think’ populace conformed to supporting the world’s greatest criminal endeavors. Wikipedia (not only the New York Times and Washington Post) is an excellent platform for these criminals to produce result on a grand scale.

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Ronald Thomas West is a former U.S. intelligence professional

Drone strikes for Jesus. Christian Taliban. The Pentagon. If you don’t believe in literal Armageddon, you’re “not Christian enough.” These people control the USA’s military arsenal. This is scary stuff folks.

“You’re telling me 28 to 34 percent of our military want 7 billion people to die” [believe in literal Armageddon] … “The simple answer is affirmative”

Between 28 and 34 percent of the USA military has embraced “Christian Dominionism” according to the six time Nobel Peace Prize nominated Military Religious Freedom Foundation.

For my friends on the left, my message is, knee-jerk rejection of Mikey Weinstein for the fact of his being a former White House attorney in the Reagan administration, is one of the dumbest things you could ever do-

Fifth in the series on original Plains culture (matriarchy)




I had stated I would be giving away ‘medicine secrets’ in this series initial essay. Here is something almost no one knows or understands anymore.

The bird you have affinity with is the one that ‘talks to you.’ You can make a small experiment to determine this. When you walk in nature, allow your thoughts to be free, to roam where they will with no concentration to control. A little bit like daydream but no specified subject. If it happens there is a bird calls at that very moment a point is made, seen or discovered in your wandering thoughts, a sort of conclusion, this bird has just spoken to you (in the mind, not only the ear.)

The birds are the messengers who can pass understanding of events to you, to (among other things) know if a thought is correct.

If you can learn to do this in such a competence as to become ‘easy’ or ‘natural’ with the experience, it is the bird most often speaks to you, is your affinity. There you have it, how people were integrated to nature in times past. This is example of what had been ‘normal.’

To learn to accomplish this in practical reality would be difficult for many within the modern mindset. Men, particularly, would experience difficulty with this exercise in ‘female intelligence.’ The reason is, Judeo-Christian cultural shaping, mental stricture and taboo on the exercise of a feminine understanding of reality in Western Civilization (which has taken over the world.) In order for there to be a ‘rise’ of civilization, people had to come under the control of male dominated thinking or ‘hierarchy.’

Mosaic law is one example, where there is prohibition of sorcerers and necromancers, a crude demonizing of female intelligence to preserve the male hierarchy. Examples related to this sort of control would be (about equally) Saudi Arabia executing women as witches and western science panning any understanding of female intelligence that cannot be achieved via the constricted logic of empirical method; both science and religion are firmly rooted in a cultural system that fears and condemns or persecutes anything which threatens the ascendancy of male thought (and hence male hierarchy.) Civilization and ‘civilized man’ are both determined this understanding of the female ‘Nature’ is not to be acknowledged because it is a threat to male dominance. In the greater male hierarchy’s endeavor to suppress the feminine, the gynophobic Plato and the God of Abraham are peers, little different to the misogynist Confucius who serves this same purpose.

So, to understand the birds is tricky, it is important not to fool oneself, with how this works. The most common mistake (in the modern mentality) is when the bird makes its call, this can evoke another thought instantly from the self (not the bird) and you miss what the bird said, the thought the bird has brought has already been pushed aside by your thought and the real information is missed. This mistake is consequence of male oriented culture shaping the modern mind (regardless of skin color, we’re nearly all ‘apple indians’ these days.) Simply put, the alien (to original native thought process) ego won’t shut up and will be in your way. Why thank you, Jesuits and the boarding schools, for making the males, nearly all of us Native males, into modern whore-boys who, when we’re not busy chasing skirts while trying to get our dicks wet, only know how to run our mouths and cannot know how to listen. The consequence likely will be males who think they actually get this, are only hearing what their subliminal ego entity wishes them to hear. Those women with less male shaped mentalities, particularly those women less educated in science and least indoctrinated in religion, will have better outcome in overcoming the modern mentality obstruction, and more likely achieve understanding of this natural phenomena.

It cannot hurt to recall here, the modern ego construct mentality, considered normal in western culture,  is a construct which had been diagnosed and treated as a mental disorder in the ancient Plains culture. Modern Indians who most suffer from the modern mentality are least aware they suffer the problem and this is ultimate irony because it is those Indians who most loudly strut the proposed idea they are ‘traditional’ are those who most suffer from the modern mental disorder (and you can forget about the western anthropology program euphemistically named ‘native studies’ altogether.)

Another mistake is to expect you can discover something you wish to know with this. This second one is a mistake because it is not about what we think is important to know, but rather what nature (the spirit) thinks is important for us to know. This is again, the western culture’s male ego issue, unknown in the native past. This is why the point is made to NOT control the direction of thinking, for the process to actually work.

As for broadcasting versus receiving (the modern mind is stuck in broadcast mode and mostly cannot receive) et cetera, there is much, much more to know, but I expect this is challenge enough and will end it here, renamed ‘Birds 101’


Essay 1 ‘Tobacco’

Essay 2 ‘War

Essay 3 ‘Women

Essay 4 ‘Conflict

Essay 5 ‘Birds


Life in Indian Country

Collected stories, folklore and anecdotes concerning my many years life with Blackfeet Indians and traversing Native American territories

Second essay in the series on original Plains culture (matriarchy)


The sa-ar-si (Sarsi, Sarcee) people don’t like their Blackfoot name. It means something like ‘doesn’t listen’ or ‘stubborn’ in a sense a native grandmother would be irritated with an out of control child. It never bodes well to irritate the women.

There is one clan of ‘Sa-ar-si’ that claims no Blackfoot descent (due to their pure luck of absence from the area during a particular incident) in the history of the tribes the outsiders never hear about because “Us Indians don’t air our dirty laundry in public” as one Blackfoot had put it to me. So these people stereotyped as ‘noble red savages’ are burdened with more typical human frailties despite the romantic view. Maybe certain Indians are not proud of everything that has happened in the case of the Sa-ar-si, and perhaps they just don’t care to share history the outsiders would not understand, in the case of the Blackfoot.

Related to this ‘suppressed’ history and attending underlying behaviors, there is an incident of a grandmother’s discipline of a male Pikuni (southern Blackfeet or Piegan) child that stands out in my memory. Indians allow children to learn from making mistakes, and one of the biggest mistakes you can make, is to piss off the women. This little kid (by his own admission, when relating the story to me as an adult) was a real terror who simply would not listen. After the ‘fourth’ warning from an old lady (his grandmother), she suddenly grabbed this four year old by his ear and pulling him to his toes with iron grip, she shoved her large buckskin stitching needle through his outstretched ear and kept him like that for a long moment while she explained to him the practical function of learning to listen.

Sort of like the Cheyenne women who guarded and refused to allow Custer’s body to be mutilated, but put their buckskin sewing awls through Custer’s ears, so he would ‘learn to listen in the afterworld’ (to his own words, Custer was related to these women by a child he’d had with a woman of the Cheyenne southern branch and had promised he would never make war on his relations, the Cheyenne.)

When the Sa-ar-si people encroached on Blackfoot territory, they not only refused to listen, they were misbehaved. The record of this is sketchy but a few things are known. The Sa-ar-si broke away from their main group in the north because they had no choice in the matter. A small tribe cast adrift in hostile territory which does not belong to them, is invariably a group of miscreant exiles. They had been expelled.

Reinforcing this is, when they necessarily entered into a hostile relationship with the Blackfeet subsequently, the main group in the north did not come to their aid. The Blackfeet finally, after the ‘fourth’ warning, killed every Sa-ar-si male from puberty and up, every one of them (except for an extended family group that happened to be absent.) After, the Sa-ar-si women were given Blackfoot husbands, Blackfoot Sundance (Okan) and were told ‘now you can stay.’

When the one small group of Sa-ar-si who’d been absent showed up and discovered what had happened, they had no choice but to adopt the Blackfoot cosmos, with a decision taken ‘I guess we had better behave, we see what happens to people who don’t listen.’ For whatever reason, this  entire event had been engineered at the insistence of (ordered by) the Blackfeet women, the Sa-ar-si must have done something that really made the Blackfeet women angry.

Pointing to the practical aspect of matriarchy, the Sa-ar-si, although now entered into the Blackfoot cosmos via Okan and Blackfoot tipi designs reflecting this, a requirement of residing in Blackfoot territory, they did not adopt Blackfoot language because it is the women educate all the children to the age of puberty, at which time the male children are exiled to male society. Thus, the Sa-ar-si kept their distinct identity but now as a related people and hybrid cultural entity.

Previous to this, there was a near identical reverse circumstance relating to the Blackfeet and Crow. The ‘Small Robes’ were an expatriate Blackfoot speaking band, belonging to the Crow tribe. They had no choice but to adopt the Crow cosmos to occupy Crow territory, excepting language. Because they had been rehabilitated as Crow Indians and because of the indisputable rights of women in matriarchy determining they would keep Blackfeet language, the relationship to the greater Crow tribe in relation to the greater Blackfeet tribe, was one of circumspect enemies with a great deal of respect. They recognized they were related. It was the women of both tribes, determined this relationship. In the present day, if you go to a meeting of the Crow council, it is yet clear who runs the show and it’s not the men. These people had been allowed to keep a more traditional form of government (likely their reward for being ‘army scouts’)

If it was the women who sent the plains nations to war, and it certainly at times was, no Blackfoot man wished to endure the public shaming they would receive from the women if they did not do so, so far as the women would, in extreme case of male reluctance, sometimes threaten to make up their own war parties and the men knew this would be followed through. It was also the women made these men humble themselves in a case of a (senseless) war gone wrong, such as when the Amskapi Pikuni (South Piegan branch of the Blackfeet) became embroiled in a hard hitting war with the Atsina (Gros Ventres, Arapaho speaking former allies.)

This war had begun with a patent male stupidity, some members of the old Mutsaix (previous incarnation of the Crazy Dogs, the old Brave Dogs warrior society) had made fun of an Atsina warrior ritual and this caused a war of male pride. When the Blackfeet women had become utterly exasperated with it, as a war that simply went on and did not wind down, they intervened and the Blackfoot males were forced to adopt the ritual they’d made fun of, as an honorable gesture to bring peace with the Atsina. This is the ritual dance you see to this day, at the Blackfeet Crazy Dogs society events.


The ‘mythical woman’ who humbles the Blackfoot male


Essay 1 ‘Tobacco’

Essay 2 ‘War

Essay 3 ‘Women

Essay 4 ‘Conflict

Essay 5 ‘Birds


Life in Indian Country

Collected stories, folklore and anecdotes concerning my many years life with Blackfeet Indians and traversing Native American territories

First essay in the series on the original Plains culture (matriarchy)


“The ones who complain and talk the most about giving away Medicine Secrets, are always those who know the least” -Frank Fools Crow, Lakota

I’m glad Frank stated this, because I am going to give away some ‘medicine secrets’ in this essay of what is intended to become a series (in which I will be giving away more so-called ‘medicine secrets’)

First off, there were no ‘secrets’, only a reluctance to share knowledge with people who live stupidly. In today’s world, where the majority of MANKIND is living  stupidly, including many so-called ‘traditional Indians’, the native principle of paradox comes into play. That is to say, when an old habit has come to be counter-productive, the old habit must be turned on its head.

The old native world was never ‘traditional’ in present day context or in the way people seem to think this definition applies, because the native reality was fluid, dynamic, evolving, the dream changes. New dreams revealed themselves and life adjusted accordingly. Within this context, there were some immutable rules, including exceptions to immutable rules! The rules of ‘tobacco’ were not an exception except in the case of a law-breaker chief, an accepted (but rare) phenomena. So, turning this all on its head (again) I will point out the rules of tobacco should be kept in the old way, mostly without exception. And these rules are not what many people might think.

The ‘Sacred’ is Sensual

So, tobacco goes into a pipe, correct? Well, not in every case. But in the same moment, yes, it all does, or should, sooner or later. Am I speaking in metaphor? Maybe, it all depends on how far ‘tobacco’ has taken you in understanding or negotiating reality, which is multi-layered, multi-faceted.

300 years Jesuit poisoning of Native American mentality might jolt some of you (Indians particularly) when I point out the stone appendage jutting out from beneath the bowl of the MAN pipe is your boner (that’s right, a man’s erection.) A woman’s pipe does not ‘sport’ this. So right off, sex is integral to the ‘sacred’, which has absolutely nothing to do with those modern cretans or so-called Medicine Men or Holy Men who use the power of their position to gratify themselves sexually, by preying on their female students. In fact, ‘traditionally speaking’ men did not have female students until a woman had reached menopause, and then only if a woman wished to exercise her ABSOLUTE right to enter into the male knowledge. Men did not, DID NOT, on the other hand, have any ‘right’ to enter into the women’s knowledge but only arrived there by invitation of the elder women and this invitation only extended to man reaching the women’s knowledge in a limited way and was highly restricted. Got that? The point is, this was matriarchy (which is different to matrilineal, don’t confuse these two.) The main point of these initial paragraphs are to point out the rules of tobacco originated with the women, and the man’s pipe (ancient tribal law for men) originated with women. A woman might exercise her right to smoke a man’s pipe but a man had no right to smoke a woman’s pipe. A woman smoking a man’s pipe is not recommended in these modern times because most women would not know (have the cultural teaching) how to properly do this (something where even the men often come up short, regarding the present times.)

Recalling an old Indian healer stating “the only worthless person is someone who cannot appreciate a good joke”, I’ll close these initial thoughts with a real life joke I pulled on a ceremonial leader; he is gay, no big deal, celibate gays were among our tribes most effective shamans, historically. This guy was sitting outside his sweat lodge, cleaning his man’s pipe. When he began to suck on the opening where the stem goes, to clear it, I told him, “No, the other end” and he snorted his laugh through his nose.

If you are a so-called ‘traditional’ Indian and you have a problem with these preceding paragraphs, well, indeed you do have a problem, it is called a Christian cultural mentality, pointing to the Jesuit poisoning of your cultural understanding.

The Rules of Tobacco

The ancient native world was separated into what I will call the ‘heavy’ (when the women sent their men to learn, to be healed, to war, the hunt, to council and to perform ceremony) and the ‘serene’ (which is supposed to be everything else.) Tobacco is central to the ‘heavy.’

  1. Modern people seem to think they can own a native person of knowledge (get what they want) by giving tobacco when in fact in the old way, the person you give tobacco to, actually owns you. Lets’ do a hypothetical circumstance with healing, learning or ceremony employing the old rules, as I have both witnessed or participated in, many times, here is example of seeking a healer:
  1. In the old way, when approaching a person of knowledge/healer (man or woman, if a woman is the healer you employ a woman’s pipe you will not smoke with her if you are a man, this is set in stone, if a woman recruiting a male, the reverse is generally but not always true), you bring certain gifts, typically ‘smudge’, a blanket, prints (uncut cloth) of specified color(s) and you have to ‘catch’ them. If you can catch them (find them, if they know you are coming, it is perfectly permissible to hide from you), they will sit and you must kneel and plead your case. To initiate the relationship of healing, ceremony or learning, et cetera, the prints are to acknowledge ‘spirit’ and the blanket is about ceremonial respect for the earth, or ‘sitting on the ground.’ This must be acknowledged with gifts. The tobacco itself is communion and the ‘smudge’ (typically sweetgrass, proper cedar or a special pine) is communicating through spirit.
  1. If the healer accepts (they are not required to) the pipe you have pointed at them, wedged into the blanket and prints, they OWN YOUR LIFE. You have already failed in your own knowledge to solve the problem by this time and this is why you seek out the healer. The healer will perhaps give physical remedies (especially if a medicine woman, less typically a man), and look at your life, make some changes and return it to you with a new rule or set of rules (the anthropologists might call these ‘taboos’ but they really don’t have a clue.) And you MUST live this, to honor what you have set out to do. This same ceremonial surrender is required to initiate finding a teacher, a trained ceremonial sponsor or person (for the duration of the ceremony beginning with the ‘acceptance’) and much more.
  1. What you see today, simply handing tobacco to someone, to get what you want, is patent bs. How this came about is likely mixing up the ‘giving tobacco’ ceremony (utilizing the pipe) with the sincere native ‘thank you’ gift of tobacco to someone you felt grateful to for some reason.

All that said, if you had example of someone come in looking for an elder, perhaps to ask advice, you might see something like this: an old woman in a room apart, talking one on one, alone except for the one other person. A new arrival might ask ‘are they smoking’ which is an inquiry into whether they are in deep discussion or ‘council.’ It is a figure of speech alluding to more formal proceeding on a larger scale of ceremony. If the answer is ‘yes’, they will not invade. Maybe that person only brought tobacco. This would be like ‘thanks in advance’ and is only permissible within extended family or intimate associations with close relationship of longstanding and does not apply to interaction as pertains to formal learning, ceremony and healing. And there is so much more… things are not as they were and ‘traditional’ in the modern day is a complete misapprehension of reality in too many cases to count. If by chance you know how to submit yourself to women and are culturally in contact with some strict old ladies who are willing to kick your butt until you can get it right, count your blessings… because you might become a real Indian in authentic sense of ‘traditional’


My life of many years, it is truly good-


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Life in Indian Country

Collected stories, folklore and anecdotes concerning my many years life with Blackfeet Indians and traversing Native American territories

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